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tv   KWWL News at Five  NBC  October 23, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm CDT

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few more showers and storms during the overnight. here are a look at the current temperatures. they are cool because of the clouds and rain. here's the friday night dress warm as temperatures will forecast and hurricane patricia of the path of what is being called the strongest hurricane ever hemisphere... hurricane patricia is strenghtening and people are preparing for the worst... nats - 5 seconds... in jalisco, a country on mexico's west coast, government officials are driving through the streets with megaphones... warning residents to leave the community before the storm hits. the storm is nearing landfall... monsterous waves are building up on the pacific coast in front of the category five monster. the
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national hurrican center says patricia is "heading for potentially catastrophic landfall in southwester mexico." the storm has a maximum sustained winds of 190 miles an hour. the mexican government is making a series of emergency declarations. here's a picture of hurricane patricia from the international space station... nasa astronaut scott kelly snapped the picture which shows the massive size of the storm... the attack chopper overlooking a local veteran's memorial is getting a facelift. the cobra helicopter at dubuque's veteran memorial plaza being repainted to mirror how one actually looked during the vietnam war. kwwl's brad hanson speaking with the woman who did all the paint work today. he joins us live now from the veteran's memorial plaza in dubuque with the story. jennifer luedtke has spent quite a bit of time getting this chopper to
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while her work honors veterans, her connection to this project goes much deeper. this is no ordinary paint job for jennifer luedtke. (jennifer luedtke, helicopter painter) "it lets me get into was just six years old, from so now she's painting this helo, not only for herself, but for veterans and other family members affected by loss. "it just, it means that other veterans get to see that it means something when your family is left behind. even afterward." this cobra helicopter was flown by a man named wayne burk during vietnam. he was shot down in this one, but his second helo now resides permanently in dubuque. when luedtke was asked to paint this one to look like burk's first, she jumped at the chance---to honor her
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father, and burk. "i felt so connected to him it's not even funny. lots of tears while trying to paint at the possible because it means something to that pilot that you get this the way they saw it and luedtke about 18 hours from start to finish on this project. that includes starting it on paper, and ending it right on painting that far above the ground and your fighting fear of heights to be able to do it." a small sacrifice to honor her father and everyone else claimed by the vietnam war. the man who flew this helicopter, wayne burk, wasn't just shot down once---but four times. he'll be in dubuque to speak at this year's veteran's day
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we've got you covered live here in dubuque, brad hanson...kwwl news. luedtke used oil paint for the job, and says it should last about 15 to 20 years. new at five... police are investigating a report of shots fired near a cedar rapids community college. kirkwood community college stuents got an alert from the school after an incident of gunfire near the college park apartments around 10-30 this morning; that alert says there was no threat to campus. police say nothing was hit and no one was hurt, but they're investigating. dozens of vehicles vandalized in just one night in cedar rapids... all happening on the northside...75 people reporting to the police...they're cars were hit. kwwl's hillary maglin went to that neighborhood today and talked to some victims. hillary? a lot of people woke up to find their car was hit by a vandal... and whoever did this -- is still out there.
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more than 75 people reported their cars were vanadalized between midnight and three thursday morning. in most cases... side view mirros were cracked... shatterered... or dented. i talked to many of the victims...and they tell me they don't know if they should get the damages fixed on their own... or wait to see if the suspects are caught. (jesadae lafella/father of victim) "i'm really upset about it, you know? "cause my daughter, she's driving out there with a car without a sideview mirror right now, you know, which is a safety hazard." lafella said when he first realized what happened he went around his neighborhood letting everyone else know what happened so they knew it wasn't an isolated incident. this isn't the first case of vandalism in cedar rapids...i'm working on that for my story at six. we've got you covered live in cedar rapids... hillary maglin...kwwl news. all we know about who is behind the vandalism is he or she was driving a dark colored four door vehicle no charges will be filed against former irs official lois
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lerner... federal prosecutors announcing their decision in a letter to congress today. lerner was at the center of a firestorm after an inspector general's audit showed irs agents improperly singled out tea party and other conservative groups which applied for tax- exempte status in the 2010 and 2012 elections. decision 2016 coverage... another democratic candidate is dropping out of the race for president... "but after much thought, i have heard from the audience). thank you." former maryland governor lincoln chaffee ends his campaign this morning. this announcement comes just days after fellow canddiate jim webb dropped from the democratic side, and an joe biden saying he will not run for the highest office. among the other democratic candidates... hillary clinton regains her lead over bernie sanders in iowa.. the quinnipiac university poll released this morning shows that clinton's holding 51 percent of likely iowa caucus goers -- an
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eleven point lead over her closest competitor, bernie sanders... third in line is martin o'malley with support from four percent of voters. the newfound leader on the republican side holds strong -- taking first place in another poll. doctor ben carson is coming in with a nine point lead over donald trump in iowa, accodring to the new des moines register bloomberg polticis poll out this morning... this is a similar story to a quinnipiac poll out yesterday, with carson on top of the gop. carson will be in waterloo and dubuque tomorrow. drastic campaign finance cuts are coming to jeb bush's campaign, who tied for fifth in the des moines register poll... the bush campaign is slashing payroll by 40 percent... and reducing staffing at his miami campaign headquarters... he's cutting down his travel budget. the campaign claims it has 10 million dollars in cash on hand.. and has enough staffers to work in early voting states. the olewein community partners with mercy hospital and the northeast iowa food bank to help families in need.
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from the northeast iowa food bank will be brought to the mobile food pantry in oelwein. the new partnership kicked off last week and helped nearly 130 families. assist 200 families next month. food bank director barbara prather -- says everybody wins with the new partnership. "our job is not only to reduce community, and make sure people have access to an adequate nutritious supply of food. we are going to continue to make sure we do that with all the programs we have." the oelwein distributions will of every month. the oelwein distributions will take place the second wednesday of every month. coming up... new details about an attack on a wisconsin restaurant owner... and the railroad workers allegedly behind the whole thing... and... scientists make an interesting discovery about cheese that will make you say "you've gouda brie kidding me..." that's coming up in just a few minutes. here's a live look at the storm track 7 live doppler radar. storm track seven meteorologist kyle kiel now for your first
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and when you see news - or if you have pictures or video to share... you can do that by going to our page stay up to date on breaking news and weather information. --------- ---------
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welcome back i'm storm track 7 live weather
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network. you can see we have wet roadways and reduced visibility across the area from the rain that has been tracking through. just a few areas of drizzle left over but we have another threat for rain overnight. here's threat tracker showing that threat for rain. threat tracker showing no threat for severe weather, but as the cold front tracks through there could be a rumble of thunder or two. tomorrow, we'll see decreasing clouds and windy conditions. mostly sunny and pleasant as we head into the day on sunday. here's the storm track 7 live doppler radar. it's showing the bulk of the rain is off to our east, but there is a little more activity off to the west. this is along a cold front that will track through tonight. there are a few thunderstorms
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this front. as this tracks eastward, it will lose some of the energy with it, so i am not expecting widespread thunderstorm activity overnight. as we saw earlier in the newscast, hurricane patricia is causing major problems along the mexican coast. at one point this afternoon winds were as high as 200 miles per hour, the strongest recorded hurricane in the eastern pacific ocean on record. it has weakened just a bit early this evening, but still causing major issues, and could actually affect us later next week. more on that in just a moment. here's a couple pictures from astronaut scott kelly on the international space station. always great pictures of earth coming from scott. you can clearly see the eye of this strong
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hurricane. a little closer to home, temperatures are cool thanks to the gloomy conditions we have had all day long. we are currently in the 50s. with a warm front overhead, we could warm just a couple more degrees this evening. here's futuretrack. we are starting the clock early this evening. there could be a few light showers and areas of drizzle. fog will reduce visibility as well. so if you are headed out to friday night football, grab the umbrella and night, the front will track through the area. along that front is where we will see the chance for a few more scattered rain showers and isolated thunderstorms. that leaving us with decreasing clouds and windy
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allowing for a cool night on saturday night. here's the storm track 7 with the chance for rain overnight. lows will be in the throughout the overnight hours. it will also be breezy. for saturday, it will be 8 in the morning, otherwise sunshine by the afternoon. here's the storm track seven day forecast. sunday will we will see a few more clouds, on this weekend's edition of the steele report... ron's guests will be gunda brost, and immigration attorney, and monica reyes an immigration rights activists. they'll be talking about current immigration issues. that's this sunday at ten after meet the press and as always on kwwl dot com. coming up... food lovers can joke that they're addicted to cheese -- now, scientists say cheese addiction is for real... find out how an eastern iowa fourth grader is helping her classmates have a great
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you're watching kwwl. we've got you covered in lansing, --------- --------- --------- --------- who's toughest on spending? fox news did the analysis and jeb bush had the best record. billions in pork, vetoed. eight budgets, balanced. and tax cuts every single year. right to rise usa
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who has the plan for jobs? jeb. tax cuts for the middle class. eliminates special loopholes. an explosion in growth and new jobs. jeb: cut taxes. grow america. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. american solider who died, helping free dozens of isis hostages, has been released... 39-year-old master sergeant joshua wheeler, from oklahoma, was killed in the raid... he helped free 70 hostages, who were sure to be executed by isis -- mass graves for those people were already dug.
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master sergeant wheeler was the first u-s service man killed in action in iraq in four years... fourty two retirees are killed -- in what french officials are calling one of the worst bus crashes in decades. the bus collided with a trucky carying lumber on a remote road in bordeaux wine country... people on the bus were members of a retirement group, out on a one-day tour. at least nine other people were seriously injured. new details... three men accused of attacking a wisconsin restaurant owner, were allegedly out drinking with the victim earlier in the evening before the alleged attack -- this according to our coverage partners at t-h media... these three men, in prairie du chien working on the railroad, are charged with battery and burglary... they're accused of severely beating the restaurant owner, young su kim, and stealing money from his restaurant. kim suffered severe brain and head trauma from the attack... in response to a pharmaceutical ceo raising the price of a life-saving drug by five thousand percent... a competitor drops the price per
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imprimis pharmaceuticals is offering a low-cost version of the pill daraprim, the price of which was raised to 750 dollars a pill. the drug maker is selling their version for a dollar a dose you're gonna have to face it, you're addicted to cheese... researchers determine that you may not be eating cheese just because it's delicious -- there are actually addictive properties to the delightful dairy product... so what makes it so addictive? you'll have to find out in our full story, coming up tonight at six. still to come on the k-w-w-l news at five... no one's going to buy these. these are so expensive. a very practile little girl is helping her classmates who don't have halloween costumes... --------- ---------
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if you think storm damage is the only cost of climate change, think again. from the rising price of food to higher insurance rates for homes and businesses, the economic damage will only get worse. but with american-made clean energy, we can save money on electricity and spur innovation to create new businesses and jobs. it all starts with 50% clean energy by 2030.
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school is able to buy a costume for halloween... so she found a way to make sure with her. "and there's a little princess tiara..." avalon burns loves everything about halloween... especially the costume parade at lincoln elementary in cedar falls.... "every grade except 6th gets to march around the school in their costume..."
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but last year during the parade at .... she noticed not everyone had a halloween costume "i was having a lot of fun walking in the parade but kind of sad for the people that didn't have costumes." she also noticed the big these are so expensive. no one's going to have a costume this year." so she came up with a solution.... "she wanted to come up with a halloween costume drive that the kids..." "where kids can bring in their costumes or other costumes htey've used other kids can wear them.." and so far a lot of families have donated clothes to the drive.... "it makes me happy that people want to help other kids just like me." showing that it only takes one person to make a difference.... "no matter how old you are or young you are... you can still accomplish something as long as you have the drive... and the committment and the passion for something." nat: it looks like a cat in the hat hat but panthers. we've got you covered...
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in cedar falls.... amanda gilbert... kwwl news. all the costumes in the drive are free. and students can keep them after the parade on friday so they can have something to wear when they trick- or-treat. we'll be right back... --------- --------- ---------
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if you work hard, and you do your part, you should be able to get ahead and stay ahead. but the republicans... they want to go back to letting the super wealthy call the shots. they don't stand up for equal pay for women. they don't support paid family leave. they don't even really support refinancing student debt. we've got to get this economy working for the vast majority of americans, not just for those at the top. that's what i intend to do as president. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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mayoral race in waterloo. five people will be on the november 3rd ballot. tonight, kwwl's nikki newbrough speaks with long time businessman wayne nathem and why he wants to be the next mayor. storm track seven meteorologist
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look at your forecast. here's the storm track seven day breaking news tonight. the strongest hurricane ever, a category five monster making landfall with winds close to 200 miles an hour. urgent warnings and evacuations in mexico. entire cities could be
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