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tv   KWWL News at Six  NBC  October 28, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm CDT

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a dubuque man is in the hospital tonight after he was found with a gunshot wound to the leg. police say 20- year-old phillip wilson was found outside of an apartment building on the 400 block of angella street wednesday morning. he was taken to a nearby hospital before being transferred to iowa city. kwwl's brad hanson on the scene for us this morning, and also talking to the property manager there. and brad, this must not have been a fun morning for her. no, it really wasn't. lisa hagen took over as the property manager of key apartments about five months ago, and has been working hard to turn things around. a 20-year-old found with a gunshot wound to his leg before ten in the morning at this apartment complex on angella street. yet another report of shots fired that brings the this building, is trying hard to been known to have problems, not just this complex. we want to make sure that we're safe. so if we have any problems with tenants criminal or otherwise, we are getting rid of
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better clientele here and make it better for my tenants." this latest incident helping her to focus on the task at hand. "now this is my priority here. we will have angella cleaned up within the next couple of months." a priority after a couple of other cleanup jobs now complete. (brad hanson, @bhansonkwwl) "here at the key apartments across town, an early success story for hagen. a number of tenants combination of getting rid of the trouble tenants, and improving the existing facilities for the ones who behave well and who have stayed." (becky benson, dubuque) "it's better. you get more people that are nice, neighbors and stuff like that, and you can come up and check your own mail, and come and go as you please." "my law-abiding citizens are extremely happy, and they support me one hundred percent."
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made possible because so many of the tenants she dubbed problem tenants were on month to month leases. that gave her the option to end a lot of leases without a lot of legal paperwork. we've got you covered live here in dubuque, brad hanson...kwwl news. as for the shooting, police say it's still under investigation, but don't believe the public is in any danger. it's going to be a cold and windy tonight for high school football - let's go to storm track seven meteorologist kyle kiel now for your first forecast. from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team. see the screen for your complete weather information. stormtrack 7 weather team:it's been a very raw afternoon, and that's how it is going to be as we head into the evening and overnight as well. temperatures
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after a cold front moved through ushering in blustery northwest winds. right now we are in the upper 30s to lower 40s. here are the wind speeds, they've been sustained between 20 and 25 miles per hour, with gusts above 30 miles per hour at times. here's the storm track 7 live doppler radar. we've been seeing some areas of light rain new details today in the benton county homicide investigation. the medical examiner has determined the cause of death of sabrina hustad. hustad died from multiple stab wounds and strangulation. her body was found in a driveway belonging to david miller on sunday. dci agents have not said whether hustad and miller are connected, but online court records show a paternity test was done in 2011
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to see if miller was the father of hustad's child. a man convicted of first degree murder of a two month old, is appealing his conviction. trevor smith says there wasn't enough evidence of malice to sustain the conviction. smith was convicted of murder and child endangerment in 2013. officials say the two-month old died from a brain bleed. a man is arrested after he allegedly punched a two- year-old in the chest iowa city police arrested 21-year- old tyshaun harris on tuesday night. criminal complaints say harris punched the boy after the boy started crying. harris is charged with child endangerment. the first ordinance for the minimum wage increase is set go into effect this sunday. the increase was approved by the johnson county board of supervisors back in september. out of all the towns in johnson county, four of them voted to
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opt out of the wage hike. those towns are shueyville, solon, oxford and swisher. but as sunday approaches, businesses, in the towns that accepted the increase, are getting ready for the change. kwwl's kristin rogers joins us live from iowa city and kristin what are businesses doing to prepare themselves for the wage increase? they're doing everything from preparing to raise prices, to preparing to cut jobs, but it's no secret here there is a change is coming, and it's a big one... buisness owners across johnson county are preparing for a minimum wage increase some owners tell me they will have to raise some prices for their goods while others say they may have to cut staff, despite debate on both sides, the johnson county board of regents stands by their johnson county supervisor) "if there's an oportunity and a way to help residents and do so county wide, and the board of
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cities were able to opt out of tthe ordinance, in fact nearly half of johnson county cities have chosen not to participate so far. i'm told things are still up in the air so far in tiffin as their council is split... i'm told they will not have a decision by november first, so at least temporarily, their wages will increase with we've got you covered live in johnson county, kristin rogers...kwwl news. the board of supervisors says it will ulimately be up to the county attorney to decide if the wage increase is legal, if the ordinance gets challenged. decision 2016... here's a live look at tonights republican debate. the undercard debate is being held right now. the main debate will feature ten candidates and for the first time this year, ben carson will be at the
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decision 2015 we continue our look at the cedar falls mayor race. three people will be on that november 3rd ballot. tonight kwwl's nikki newbrough speaks with candidate dave halterman. born and raise in cedar falls, dave halterman has decided to do the same with his family. "so i've held a lot of different hats but my last one was i went a licensed locomotive engineer, conductor, and brakeman." "halterman describes himself as a citizen activist. he says there are issues at city hall he'd focus on listening to the people in the city. "i felt that you were actually getting ostracized if you were citizens that watch the council. they've restricted out access, they've restricted us from actually speaking to the council." halterman says that's exactly what happened when it
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university avenue. he personally believes the decision to put six roundabouts within two miles on university avenue was made long before community information meetings. "i believe the majority of the citizens are not in favor of the roundabouts. they don't believe they're necessary. they think it's a waist of tax payer dollars. and i know the majority of businesses, i've talked to most of them along the corridor are extremely against it." in cedar falls nikki newbrough kwwl news. we will continue our profiles on the mayor candidates this week. tomorrow we will speak with long time cedar falls mayor jon crews. reminder-- you can catch all
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three candidates on the steele report sunday morning. the university of iowa is hoping to break an ncaa record this november by holding a dual meet outside at kinnick stadium. but today's weather change has people wondering if the meet will happen as scheduled kwwl's hillary maglin talked to the athletics department today. hillary what are they doing to increase the chances of things going as planned? amanda... while fans across iowa are gearing up for the big event...the university is doing all they can to pull off the feat. grapple on the gridiron was established and thought of by with the goal of setting the attendance record for a college wrestling match." with more than 30- thousand tickets sold, that shouldn't be an issue -- unless mother nature decides to be uncooperative. as unpredictable as iowa weather can be, there's a chance half of those who have already bought tickets, won't get to use them if the meet moves to carver- hawkeye arena which seats just
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over 15- thousand (sot. cg: nick kramer/ticket holder) "it's a bit agitating 'cause it's supposed to be a huge event and knowing the match-up wise, it's going to be a good wrestling meet, so not being able to go is kind of frustrating." (sot. cg: hillary maglin) "but in place to increase the chances of that happening." (sot) "the wrestling match will take place toward the south end zone of kinnick stadium, which is right near the locker rooms and the tunnel to the indoors, so everything has been addressed would really have to turn ugly to change plans. roe says if the event does move inside, the first 15- thousand fans that bought tickets will get into carver- hawkeye arena ... the rest can redeem their tickets for another wrestling match during the season. we've got you covered live in
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city... hillary maglin ...kwwl news. ticketholders will be notified if the event site changes as soon as possible. coming up on kwwl, taxpayers will find out next week whether voters decided to vote for helping maintain one iowa museum. and - here's a live look at kingston stadium in cedar rapids where high school football playoffs are underway. kwwl's mark woodley will join us live to break down the games. forecast on kwwl." from the kwwl stormtrack
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welcome back i'm meteorologist kyle kiel in for mark schnackenberg. it's been a very raw day. earlier we had our high temperatures in the 50s, but have been falling
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ever since. we will have a cold, windy night. there will be areas of patchy drizzle and yes even snow flakes. no need to worry about any accumulation, as the precipitation will be light. as we head into tomorrow, i am keeping some areas of drizzle in the forecast, but it will be mostly cloudy, cold, and windy. so another raw afternoon is expected tomorrow.
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then we see a bit more sunshine and seasonable temperatures as we head into the day on friday. here's the current temperatures right now. we are currently in the 30s and 40s across eastern iowa after seeing temperatures in the 50s earlier today. they have been falling ever since. here's the current wind speeds. they are blustery out of the west and
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whether to support a levy for the grout museum. organizers are asking for taxpayer money to maintain and operate the local staple. according to supporters -- the levy won't cost property owners very much. kwwl's macleod hageman catches up with a museum visitor -- and explains what the levy means for taxpayers. mac? ron -- according to supporters -- if the grout museum levy passes next week -- it'll cost the owner of a 100- thousand dollar home nearly 15 bucks a year. organizers say waterloo voters denied a similar measure two years ago. since then -- they've had to eliminate positions and limit certain buildings and exhibits. one museum visitor says the resource. "i bet people come here to do research, because there's so much here that's it's just so amazing. the quality and the quanity is just amazing."
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the last levy failed by more than 600 votes. so supporters say this time -- they're going door-to-door to ensure people are properly educated when headed to the polls. we've got you covered live in the newsroom -- macleod hageman -- kwwl news. thanks mac. and organizers say they plan going door-to-door until election day. coming up... a big ten head football coach abruptly retires for health reasons--- we have his emotional explanation... and we have a live preview of friday night heroes playoff edition----
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it's playoff time in the stand tonight we will have a special playoff edition of friday night heroes. we will be at 15 games around the kwwl viweing area including a double header at kingston stadium in cedar rapids. that is where we find mark woodley on this cold windy night---doing what he does best-- talking football. and mark you have some of the state's best tonight at kingston... it's cold and windy here in cedar rapids -- so seems about right for the first round of the playoffs -- undefeated cedar rapids kennedy kicked off against clinton about 45 minutes ago -- the cougars.... but as you mentioned we've still got that big all-mississippi valley match-up coming up in a bit -- cedar falls and cedar rapids washington did not meet up in the regular season -- wash comes in
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to the game with a solid passing attack led by t-j vogel -- his top target isaiah nemmers accouted for just about half of the warriors 19 touchdown receptions this season -- as for the 6 and 3 tigers -- the season was a bit of a roller coaster for a team that at one point was ranked number 2 in the state -- c-f's led by taylen alexander who threw for but the tigers need to find some momentum here tonight after dropping 2 of their last 3 games -- and again that game will get going -- hopefully sometime around 8 oh clock -- of course we'll have highlights tonight on friday night heroes -- today minnesota head football coach jerry kill announced he is stepping down effective immediately at the big ten school. due to health reasons. the 54 year old kill who has battled the effects of epilepsy since 2005 when he was head coach at
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southern illinois. kill who has suffered dozens of sezures over the years had two recent seizures which kept him from coaching practice with the gophers and this morning ---an emotional kill came to the painful conclusion that it is time for him to step away from the game. we'll be right back. " this is not the way that i some of those struggles have returned and i don't want to cheat the game." the iowa hawkeyes host minnesota in two iowa head coach kirk ferentz released this statement on jerry kill.... "coach kill has had a strong and
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for the coaching job he has done at minnesota and even more so for the manner in which he has done it. jerry is an outstanding person and i wish both he and
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with halloween coming up this week, many of you are wondering what time trick-or-treat will be in your town. all you need to do is head over to our site - k-w-w-l dot com. when you get to our home page just scroll down and click on the 2015 trick-or-treat times in the featured reports. there you will find the exact times and date for trick- or-treating in towns throughout eastern iowa. let's go to storm track seven meteorologist kyle kiel for a last look
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do you think when you are president you'll be paid as much as if you were a man-male... this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesn't happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same... the men who are doing that job. i'm hillary clinton
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