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tv   KWWL News at Ten  NBC  October 31, 2015 10:00pm-10:29pm CDT

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shut the door in the end -- desmond king with his nattonal beses 7th interception this season -- but he wasn't satisfied getting the pick -- king took it back 88 yards for the score -- these hawkeyes continue to roll -- and in seven daysshey'll look tt make that 9 and oh as they head to indiana -- of course we'll have much more from this game coming up a bit meanwhilil -- several iia city police officers -- taking special measures to keep people safe before, during, and after the hawkeye game. as kwwl's hillary maglin reports -- certain halloween costumes were not allowewe into kinnick stadium. (sot. cg: david visin/ui director of public safety) "we're just trying to give some people." kinnick stadium welcomes fans dressed in costumes for hawkeye games that ll on halloween... as long as they're not dressed as law they're ake. some fans think
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treat fake weapons as a threat. i just don't really see hat the dressing as law enforment should be prohibited. (sot. cg bradley herron/haakeye fan) "i tally understand how they wouldn't want people to be dressed as someone with power if they're not someone holding that power." game will be letting out right as young trick-or-treaters are hitting the streets." (sot) "there's gonna be heavy traffic leaving the stadium, andd we juss wanna make susue that people are aware of kids maybe walking across the street." but the majority of parents felt their kids were of trick-or-treaters) "we came here on purpose because of the game today and t ten the trick- or-treating after the game. because the iowa city police department, the university of iowa police, we're very happy to be here because we believe we're safe here." we've got you covered in iowa city... hillary maglin... kwwl news. authorities say only a few
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police say everyone was cooperative when they were asked to keep parts of their costumes in their cars. now let's check in with storm track seven meteorologist kyle kiel for your first forecaa. how's the rest of our halloween forecast looking kyle? from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team. see the screen for your complete weather information. here is additional forecast information from th kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team: skies are continuing to clear here acrcrs eastern iowa. here's the atellite and radar. the east overnight. a wider view shows the rain we saw last night and earlier today is well off to the east. temperatures right now are in the 40s across eastern iowa, with some locatins still holding close to 50 degrees where the clouds linger. storm track 7 live weather network camera in dubuque shows a pretty quiet and calm night. details on a warming trend coming up in your storm track 7 forecast in just a few minutes.
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nvestigate a house fire. the waterloo battalion chief reports the fire was called in after four p-m -- and nobody was home at 5-16 iowa street. the orignial complaint had firefifihters responding to the same address -- 5-16 iowa street -- in cedar falls. luckily -- both waterloo and cedar falls firefighters responded to the different 5-16 iowa street locations in both towns. and waterloo firefighters were able to contain the blaze. the battalion chief says the waterloo home experienced smoke, water and fire damage. the cause is under investigation. several stunts are evacutateefrom a univeeity of iowa dorm. students were told to leave the building -- following an early morning fire at slater residence hall-- a freshman and sophmore
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dormitory. fire fighters contained the fire to one room on the ninth floor. students on different floors say they were unsure at first if the alarm was a drill, prank, or drill. i thought it was kind of but we came down and there were move back and someone from the 9th floor said yea there is a lot of smoke and flames. its real." udents were let back in arouud three this morning. there was smoke and water damage to several floors of the building. the cause of the fire is under investigation. thousands turn out for the galena halloween parade. as kw-wl's shirley descorbeth tells us -- it's a big party for and old. in the enchanting, quaint town of galena illinois...people s`ent for ears, and becauaue of parade." people came out early...and set out chairs to
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perfect spot on main street. business owners along "originally it was a parade for little kids to walk down main street in costume. thirty-seven years later we're expecting beyond ten thousand people to attend this parade." is a true community effort, it is all about the businnses and the people of galena and surrounding areas coming together on halloween to have fun." parade goers say it's all about a good time. "it's fun, they got balloons, and the kids are dressed up in costume. they close the whole street down for the parade, they got flames that come shooting out, so it was just something we were looking forward to seeing." "there are literally thousands of people waiting in anticipation waiting for this parade to kick off. and once it did...about one hundred floats got the crowd excited for
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halloween night. we've got you covered the parade is a tradition that dates back to the thirties -- when the galena community used to celebrrte mardi grasasaround halloween. coming up on kwwl -- an iowa couple ties the knot tonight. we bring you the sights and sounds. plus -- one costume has president obama happy this ear. you're watching kwwl --we've got you covered. and when you see news - or if you have pictures or video to share... you can do that by going to our page on facebook. you can also "like" our page to stayayup to date on breaking news but first -- here's a look at the storm track seven live doppler radar.
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forecast on kwwl."
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7 weather team. see the screen for your complete weather formation. here is adaditional forecast information from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team: welcome back i'm meteorologist kyle kiel. here's a picture of the sunset tonight in waverly on this halloween. threat tracker shows clouds on the decrease during the overnight hours. we will eventually see decreasing clouds. there could be a few areas of patchy fog where the wind calms down. for sunday we will be mostly sunny`and warmer, and that trend will continue as we start thth work week. the rain has moved out just in time for the trick or treaters. the rain started last night and lasted through the latetemorning hours..ere are the rain totals across waterloo, dubuque, cedar rapids and iowa city. generlly a quarter to half inch of rain across eastern iowa. stoom track 7 satatllite and radar shows the rain well off to the east. we are just left with some
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lingering cloud cover.however, clearing is taking place in central iowa, and that will make its way into our area as we go throughout the evening. this is ahead of a very nice start to the month of ovember. current temperatures right now across eastern iowa are in the s.. our temperatures didn't warm up much today thanks to the low clouds anan the rain. here's the storm track 7 live weather network camera, showing the quiet conditions as we dry out from the rain that we had earlier today. let's time out the cloudiness with future track. starting early this evening, we will see a partly to mostly clcldy sky. as we head to about midnight, we will see a mostly clear
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sky. te wind will be light to moderate, so we could see a couple areas o o patchy fog, however i am not expecting anything widespread. here's your storm track 7 forecast for tonight. we'll see a decrease in clouds,,with a few patathy areas of fog treated at the white house. the president waveddand shoutedd "happy halloween" as he and the first lady passed out goodies. kids loaded up their candy bags with special white house cookies, chocolate candies and more. the president jokingly awarded best dressed to a baby in a pope costume with a pope mobile wagon.. more than 42- hundred people attended the event. coming up on kwwl -- this is more
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of a treat than a trick -- as an iowa couple ties the knot this weekendnd you're watching kwwll- we've got you covered. you're watching kwwl. we've got you covered in jesup, conrad, hiawatha and all of eastern iowa
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nbc's eric lightner takes us to the river music experience -- (nats music) well we both participated in the secound anual zombie pride parade that used to come we met um here as he said in his vows just about ten feet away from the stage it was the um zombie pride parade (nats: emotions zombies most comonly do not share) we locked eyes had a few words and spent the rest of the evening talking to eachother holding hands together andhe sent me a message 'couldn't stop thinking the holiday to beein with (nats; we areeaking promisis to eachother for the rest of our lives) it was kinda one of those things where i didn't and every apect of it and it
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made perfect sense to enjoy one of our greretest loves together being) grandma made me cry haha its just like any other wedding i think im all nerves and then im good then its nerves then im good (nats to love and to cherish until zombie appocolypse yes i do) we just love the hell (nats kiss you lady sean cheering) definitely not forgetting their anniversaryy -- congrats to them. next -- we'll have the highlights and reaction as the hawkeyes reached the 8 and oh mark for just the second time in history -- plus -- the cyclones would go for a first at jack tricc stadium as they looked to take down the texas longhorns --
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time in team history -- rick coleman was in iowa city as the pursuit for perfection continued today -- lot of excitement for the hawkeyes coming home to play a football gamm for the first time in 3 weeks. . ryland's the masters and british open received a loud ovation from the kinnick stadium crowd. and then the hawks put forth a championship effort. on its second possession iowa went 62 yards in 7 plays-- leshun daniels returning from injury scoring on a short run to give iowa a 7-0 lead. thh hawkeyes next scoring drive comes in the second finishes the drive with a dashing 11 yard run and his fifth touchdown in two weeks 14-0 iowa. after the hawks block a maryland punt .....errick mitchell closesesthe half becoming the third iowa tailback to score a touchdown. the hawks lead 21-0 at halftime. the loaded iowa backfield okay with sharing the
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sot/ derrick mitchell jr.:: it's not about a competition during the game, 's about going in there and getting it done. like when gets it done." the iowa defense pitches a shutout into the 4th quarter until maryland quarterback perry hills hittaivon jacobssith a 7 yard touchdown pass tt cut the iowa lead to 21-7. but with the terps driving for another score midway thru the 4th the hawks' desmind king grabs his 7th interception and using his return skills races back 88 yards to give the hawks an insurmountable 31-7 lead. sot/ desmond king: it's all about preparation during the week, watching film, dissecting the formations and then once you see the play, you know what's going to happen. rick standup: iowa's 31-15 victory puts them at 8-0 and in yet.
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sot/ kirk ferentz: i'm not worried about the playoffs. we're still 4 games from the and d orry about our next opponent tomorrow afternoon. the hawkeyes go back in the road next week at indiana just focusing on being 9-0. reporting from kinnick stadium in iowa city i'm rick coleman for kwwl news texas at iowa state -- the cyclones had never baten the lonhhrns at jack trice stadium -- tonight seemed about as good of a time as any -- mike warren scores from the three -- isu with the 7 point edge -- and the defense was outstanding in this one -- along the sideline -- that's jordan harris with the pick -- iowa state up 10, nothing at the halff
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-- second half -- adding to that lead -- joel lanning in his first career start -- hits dondre daley -- 19 yards -- 17, nothing iowa state -- and they shut the door in the fourth -- joshua thomas from the 2 -- 24, nothing ----only thing left to do was preserve the shut-out -- texas from the 5 -- five seconds left -- the pass is dropped in the zone -- nothing doing for the longhorns -- shut down tonight -- iowa state rolls 24, nothing -- panners going afttr two straighgh -- hosting south dakota in the dome -- down 7 in the second quarter -- off the play action -- aaron knots up the game -- and it got the panthers going -- bailey -- this time to cody mccoy -- mccoy just shy of the endzone -- ruled down at the one -- next play -- bailey on the keeper -- gets it across -- panthers would go to the half up 14, 7 -- now 17, 7 in the third quarter -- saeger's pass is batted -- and picked by deondre hall -- his 4th interception of the year for hall -- and it set up michaeeschmadeke -
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game -- this one from 50 -- and in the end the uni defense shuts the door -- panthers pick up another in 20, 7 -- runners from across the ststte took to fort dodge for the boys and girls state cross country meet. schools from eastern iowa were represented in all classes, but cj ray from aplington- parkersburg took but it feels good. iive been working so hard for this, and this has been the goal all season. it was just a great feeling. i just to forget that." the one local school that brought home a team title was mount vernon- lisbon, who finished in first place overall, with five runners placing in the top 17. on the girls side, cascade high school took home some team hardware, as becca mcdermott led the 2a cougars to a state title, after finishing as runners-up a each other. we've come o close as a team, that all of usus
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just wanted this so badly. i'm so proud of them." central high school of elkader also took home the championship in class 1a, which marks their first cross country title in
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sunny sky through the middle of the week with temperatures in the e and that brings us theeext storm systems as we head into halloween night. we had several facebook friends send in pictures of their costumes tonight -- and we leave you with
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