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tv   KWWL News at Noon  NBC  November 3, 2015 12:00pm-1:00pm CST

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city's former mayor are running for the office. we're also keeping an eye on a couple levy votes today. in wateloo -- voters must decide whetherrto support the grout museum district. it would mean an increase in property taxes -- but supporters say the increase would be small. a similar effort failed in 2013 and since then.. the museum has made cuts. and voters must decide whether to increase property taxes to pay for cedar rapid's libraries. supporters say the money would be used to keep them open seven days a week, buy new books, nd increase services. speaking of getting out to vote...there's no excuse not to, it's a gorgeous day to just get outside. lets check in with storm track 7 meterologist eileen loan for a look at our forecast, let's go to storm track seven meteorologist eileen loan now for your first fooecast. temperatures are running a
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little behind yesterday's readings, but we are still above normal tody with lots of 60s showing up. south winds are 5 to 16 mph and we have lots of sunshine, although areas of fog are very slowly lifting in grundy and tama counties. they will continue to burn off and we will keep sunshine for the afternoon. responding o a house fireeright now. they are at 517 west fifth street in cedar falls. we have a crew on scene and we will keep you updated once we learn more also new at noon...a jury could be selected today for an eastern iowa murder trial.l. 32 year old nicholas leurkens is charged with first degree murder...for allegedly stabbing 29 year old lynssey donald outside a marion grocery store. this happened in the parking lot of hyvee babak in april. we have a reporter in the court room
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now... and will bring you more information tonight at 5 and 6. the state agrees to a settlement, paying 2 hundred- thousand dollars to a woman who lived at the iowa juvvile home. she claims she was kept in isolation cells for 2 hundred 80 days. concerns over treatment at the branstad toclose it last year -- though many former residents cameeout in support their life. the keystone x-l pipeline is now hold. the company behind the pipeline is asking the u-s government to suspend its application. the planned p ppeline would run from canada to texas. trans-canada and nebrasksa are currently discussing a preferred route in the state, which is why they made the request to suspend the application at this time. a passenger seen on video punching an uber driver, has been fired from his taco bell manager position. this all happening in california. 32-year old benjamin golden was arrested last friday on
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misdemeanor charges of public intoxication and assault. golden was caught on dash cam video repeatedly hitting his 23-year old uber driver in the face. in a statement taco bell said: "given the behavior of the individual, it is clear he can no longer work for us. we have also offered and encouraged him to seek professional help." a dinner fight over who would have the last iece of chicken turned into a deadly brawl. now, one man is dead and another is in jail charged with murder. andy cerota reports. a fight over food ends in a deadly stabbing- now 38 year d (john mcdonald/rereident): "it's a shame. it really is" john mcdonald, a long time resident, heard the police sirens and saw the patrol cars flashing lights late friday night but had no idea what all the commotion was about. police say rivera and four other men were fixing dinner and drinking. they say rivera got angry when 34 year old darwin gonzalez took the last piece of chicken. lot- then fists started flying. investigators say at some point- rivera stabbed
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gonzalez with a knife and fled. (john mcdonald, resident) "a human life taken over a piece of police say he later returned to the apartment complex and admitted to officers that he stabbed gonzalez- who died at the scene. (elton mathews/resident): "the whole thing is senseless and i this complex is too big to have one or two people walking around." investigators say they recovered the alleged murder weapon, a kitchen knife, on the suspect. two members of a vatican commission are arrested, on suspicion of leaking confidential documents to the media. botwere members of a commission popeefrancis set up shortly after his election in 2013. the commission gives him advice on reforms in the vatican administration... "well, once again, people are trying to profit from stolen documents, and people with the pope trusted, and ttt's hardly ththway to help his mission."
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before two italian authors were due to release books that their publishers say will reveal new evidence of past scandals in the vatican. the mystery of what caused that crash of a russian passenger plane in egypt is only deepening. n-b-c's bill neely reports the heat flash was detectededover the desert at the exact time of the crash. but the brief, bright light seen by the us military satellite could have been caused by many things. it could have been a mid air... or even the plane trail so defense officials tell nbc news a missile is not the says one black box reveals routine conversations then unusual sounds in the cockpit but no distress signal. the debris fifild is also yieldinggclues. the russian news agency tass says investigators have found what are described as "elements not related to the aircraft dismisses that. the us is also cautious too about a ttrorist link. rule it out."
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working on the two flight recorders. extracting information but, still, releaing nonn the airline, metrojet, claims a technical fault couldn't have caused the crash, blaming an external impact. russian officials insist that isn't ased on fact. (on n m) s/ bill neely/ nbc news/ cairo, egypt 1:21-1:44 "so investigators are ruling out nothing at the moment, not mechanical failure nor mass murder as a result of terrorism. and still no official word on what those black box flight recorders reveal. thooe hints though suggest an event so sudden and unexpected that the crew had no time to do
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that was bill neely reporting. we will keep you updated with any new devopments, as the continues coming up on the news at noon.. its national sandwich day! theres a day for everything. find out how you can get a free sandwich today... plus, amazon introduces benefits for new moms and dads. eileen,
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on average, women need to work an extra two hours each day,
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join the fight for equal pay. join the fight for sara and women everywhere.
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we'll be right back with your storm track seven forecast. longer, though. i'll have that "nooyour storm rack 7 forecast on kwwl." from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team. see the ssreen for your complete weather information.
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from the kwwl stormtrackk weather team: more sun and more warmth for the next couple of days before rain brings&in cooler temps for the end o the week. stormtrackk live weather network cameras are showing another great day today with temperatures on the warm side. while we aren't quite as warm yesterday afternoon, we are still already 10 degrees above normal with the coolest temps where they are still dealing with some stubborn fog. south winds are running 5 to 15 mph and will keep that warm air pumping in. plenty of clear skies out there today, although we still have those areas of lingering fog and low level clouds... even
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is lifttng fairly quickly now. we stay mild and warm with breezy conditions tracking in for tomorrow ahead of that low pressure sstem. highs will be in the s and 70s over the midwest again today with cooler weather working into the dakotas for wednesday as that fronntracks throuuh the plains. our highs will be in the low to mid 70s today with sunshine and southerly winds. lows tonight will closer to our normal daytime highs... in the low to mid 50s
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a meteroloist attempts to give the weather forecast while holding his new babb. as you caa doesn't go so well. stay tuned. plus, america's beloved honored in a big way. more details on the way. you'reewatching kwww. we've got you covered in independence, marion , north liberty and all of eastern iowa. we will be right back, after
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just over a week old. this is his first forecast so we're going to go through this thing here . a meteorologist in oklahoma city doing his forecast holding a newborn baby. it's his son -- he wanted to introduce the boy to viewers. the baby does pretty well for a while but about a minute and a half in he starts to cry and dad hands him off to someone off cmera. it's suuprising this s asn't happened until now. snoopy finally gets a star on the hollywood walk of fame. charlie brown's legendary pet becomes the first animated beagle to get this honor. how does a sandiwch sound for lunch today? hopefully good because it's national sandwich day! the popular lunch item is
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the fourth earl of sandwich back in the 17 hundreds. and to celebrate, subway is offering a "buy one, give one" deal at participating locations today. subway is encouraging customers to give t t free sandwich to someone they love or to someone who needs it. still to come on the news at noon. soon you'll be able to get a taste of the holidays. details ahead plus...adele is "saying hello" record breaking numbers for her new hit. stay tuned for more details. as a reminder, when you see news - or if you haveepictures or video to share... you can do that by going to our page on facebook. you can also "like" our page to stay up to date on breaking news
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dear future, please help. the present is kind of a scary place. i have no money, no job, no clothes.
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but i hear good things about you, future. like i'll have hair, and iends, and books and music.
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fashion. her new single "hello" not only debuted at number one on the billboard ht 100... but the ong has beeme the first to get more than one- million u-s downloads in a week. and that's not all the song's music
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views in a single-day. ele's new albumm"25" hits it's a sure sign of the holidays... starbucks is rolling out the red cups and seasonal drinks. this year's cups design is a two- toneneombre style...less flashy than previous years. the coffee giant will start offering holiday beverages like chestnut latte, gingerbread latte, eggnog latte and peppermint mocha on november tenth h amazon announces a major overhaul to employees' benefits the new benefits include: up to 20-weeks fully paid leave for new moms... sisiweeks full sally for new dads... and birth mothers and primary caregivers can ease back to work on a flexible schedule. the new policies go into effect next year. coming up on kwwl, the mister food test kitchen....looking for a tasty gluten- free recipe? then stick around we've got a tasty idea that you'd never expect.
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years agogo we hardly knn what gluten was, never mind trying to avoid it. today, restaurants and manufacturers are rushing to tweak recipes and adjust labels to make sure they don't miss out on the multi-billion dollar gluten-free market. but rather than running to the store to get some off-the-shelf product, what if i told you that you can make freshly baked english muffins right in your microwave that are gluten-free, very low in carbs, and are downright tasty. all we do is mix some almond flour, ((hich is very popular r rght now) with a bit of gluten-free baking powder. once combined, we add in some canned pumpkin, a splash of milk, an egg and a little cinnamon. after this is smooth, we spoon it into a shallow
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minutes, or until the center sets. that's all therer is to it. when it's cools, we have single- serve, freshly baked treats that are full of flavor, not gluten. now, we can serve this up in place of our old standby hamburger bun (without all the guilt)...or toast it and it's just as welcome with a rise and shine breakfast. i do hope you'll go online and get the recipe for what we call, "easy english muffin," whhch is low in carbs and gluten-free. i'm howard in the mr. food test kitchen, where today we found a "heathier way" for many of you to say . "ooh "you're watching kwwl, we've got you coveredd this is the
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and`one group is using a mascot to get people to show up and support their side of the issue. plus, trump is flying gh in one city...literally. and, another fraternity is accused of racism. more details in just a moment. welcome back to the news at noon.. thank you for joining us.. i'm lauren moss, ally is off. a family is forced to evacuate their home after a fire starts. the fire took place at 517 westt 5th st. in cedar falls. according to cedar falls fire department, it was a small fire that started in the kitchen. the family got out safe but their dog got stuck inside. firefighters went ii and successfully rescued the dog. the family's cat is still missing but firefighters believe the cat is safely hiding in a different
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now to decision 20-15 coverage. today voters across eastern iowa head to the polls to choose new mayors and city council candidates. one of the races we're following closely is the waterloo mayor's race. ve people are on the ballot -- and it's an open office. mayor buck clark is not seeking re- election. all polling locations are open .... and will remain open until eight tonight. so be re to go out and vote! lets talk about this beautiful and unusually warm november weather..storm track eilleen loan has a look at our forecast. let's go to storm track seven temperatures are running a little behind yesterday's readings, but we are still above normal today with lots of 60s shhwing up. southth windssare 5 to 16 mphphand we have lots of sunshine, although areas of fog are very slowly lifting in will keep sunshine for the afternoon. with the cooler start today and those extra areas of fog close by, we won'get quite a
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70s. we have another very nice few minutes. that members instituted a "white girls only" policy at a weekend halloween party. nbc's stephanie gosk has more. this morning, members of yale's sigmaaalpha epsilon fraternity are defending themselves against allegations accused of allowing only white women into a halloween party last weekend. a yale student first drew attention to the algation with a facebook post saying in part: gfx: neema githere give a shoutout totothe member of yale's sigma alpha epsilon chapter who turned away a group of girls from their party last night, explaining that admittance was on a "white girls only" basis..." students across campus had strong reactions to the facebook post...
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rem-234h 151103-b108 (sot) mos -- simone policano/yale senior it's absolutely disgusting and deplorable and terrible yale s-a-e chapter president grant mueller denies the accusations...saying it was just before midnight friday when the police showed up and told the frat not to let anyone else in. white girls only yale frat party rem-234h 151103-b108 (sot) grant mueller/sae president, yale junior 01;28;32;12 the house its overcrowded itss over capacity its a safety hazard the yale chapter.... releasing a statement overnight saying in part: gfx: new sae /yale chapter statement released overnight the party as not "whitedgirls way describes our admission policy for social events. entry says it is still investigating the incident - adding gfx: new sae/national chapter statement please reador "...our leadership has zero tolerance for any behaviors or tions that deviate from our values, mission and creed." it's thhlatest accusaaion of the university of oklahoma chapter made headlines last march after a video was released showing members singing a racist chant.
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the university took swift action -- expelling two of the students caught singing... and national s-a-e officials quickly closed the chapter. the student who first posted on facebook about this incident was was party. she claimed in her post that she experienced a similar incident, in which she was turned away from s-a-e party last year. banning the box... it's a movement to have the question - "have you ever committed a crime" - removed from certain applications. the vooe on the wholl issue -- postponed in waterloo. if the question was removed from applications, an employer could still later ask a potential if they have ever commited a crime the director of the waterloo better this way.. but some employers don't agree. "its less awkward to be able to check the box and fill a brief just dont like the interviw to center around those types of
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things" the director of the waterloo human rights commission says the commission needs more time to educateehe public beffre they present it to thhcouncil. he doesn't have an exact time line of when that'll be. bill cosby will have to speak under oath in a lawsuit filed by model janice dickinson. he sued cosby for calling hee a liar after she accused him of sexual assault. dickinson is one of dozens of women who leveled similar accusations against cosby. some of them said he used drugs to knockckthem out before raping them. cosby has never been charged. people in ohio will vote on marijuana legalization today. this is the first time voters in a state election will decide whether to approve recreational and medical marijuana at the same time. under the measure, people living there would be able to grow their own plants for personal consumption.
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would be allowed on ten farms. and aheaaof today's vote, one organization is using this mascot to inform people about the vote. if approved, ohio would be the fifth state to legalize recreational marijuana. washington, d-c-chas also approved it. while about two dozen states already allow medical marijuana. you can say donald trump is flying high in one town in upstate new york. we're not talking about the polls... (mii mcbride, flies donald trump balloon/over vo): "we're lucky today, it's pretty good. nice day in rochester." in a crazy season.... natsot: "that's what it's all about." trump balloon): "so it's still a year away and these people are going after ach other." mike mcbridd decided to take political commentary... (mike mcbride, flies donald trump balloon): "gonna give away my tricks of the trade here."
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(mike mcbride, flies donald trump balloon): : it's just a little llvity among a stressful election coming up." where many may support their candidate... natsot car by planting a sign in the ideas.... (mike mcbride, flies donald trump balloon): "ladies and gentlemen, donald truup has gone to new heights." literally. a six-foot tall representation of the republican mcbride, flies donald trump "alloon): "he's a just imagine the (mary perry, rochester, ny this type of shennanigans isn't new to mcbride. (mary perry, rochester, (mike mcbride, flies donald trump balloon): "we've flown santa claus." (mary perry, rochester, ny trump balloon): "i've been flying the drone for about two years. i normally do m mre sophisticated work." mcbrrde says he's not necessarily a donald trump supporter. (mike mcbride, flies donald the presidential election...the circus isn't over. not by a long shot. (mike mcbride, flies donald trump balloon): "we might have hilary next holding a box
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that was seth voorhees reporting. quite a unique hobby. chipotle stock is taking a hit following an e-coli scare. the company temporarily shut down zens of restaurants in washington and oregon after 22- cases were reported. yesterday stock fell five-percent as soon as the market opened. there is no word from the company on when those stores will reopen. if you like salmon, you may want to ke a closer look the next time you order it. a new study reveals many retailers are not selling what's on the label. the study finds in many u-s cities, salmon was mislabeled as wild when it was actually farmed fifih....two out of three times. products labeled as wild fish can cost people 25 to 30 percent more than farmed fish... "it's unscrupulous bad actors that are trying to profit by misrepresenting and mislabbling an infereror product the study found salmon
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occured up to four times more in restaurants than in grocery stores. salmon is cononidered the largest selling seafood in north america. hotel giant hilton is under fire for allegedly blocking guests' personal wi-fi hotspots. the f-c-c fined hilton 25-thousand dollars this ek. hilton guests have complained for more than a year that the hotels block individual wi-fi hotspots unless guests paid a 5 hundred-dollar fee. hotels haa been known toose wi-fi jammers to force guests to use their networks which can be pricey as well. hilton has not commented on the allegations. coming up on the news at noon. a very large dog is getting some first class treatment stay tuned for that story. and stormtrack seven meteorologist eileen loan will be back with your storm track seven day forecast when wee returnn..
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forecast onkwwl." from the kwwl storortrack 7 weather team. see the screen for your complete weather information. here is additional forecast information from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team: more sunand more warmth for the next couple of dadas before rain brings in cooler temps for the end of the week. stormtrack7 live weather network cameras are showing another great day today with temperatures on the warm side. while we aren't quite as warm as yesterday afternoon, we are still already 10 degrees above normal with the coolest temps where they are still dealing with some stubborn fog. souu winds are running 5 to 15 mph and will keep that warm air pumping in. plenty of clear skies out there today,
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although we still have those areas of lingering fog and low level clouds... even though it s lifting fairly quickly now. we stay mild and warm with breezy conditions tracking in for tomorrow ahead of that low pressure system. highs will be in the 60s and 70s over the midwest again today with cooler weather working into the dakotas for wednesday as that front tracks through the plains. our highs ll be in the low to mid 70s todayywith sunshine and southerly y inds. lows tonight will be closer to our normal daytime highs... in the low to mid 50s and areas of fog by morning. breezy conditions take over tomorrow and we will have another r arm day beforor rain trtrks in by thursday afternoon. some thunderstorms will track through thursday night with locally heavy rainfall. a few showers may linger into friday, but we will definitely have cooler temps... be steady r falling with breezy north winds taking over. highs on saturday will only be in the upper 40s but be get back into
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hef bryan joins us and he's getting us in the thanksgiving spirit with some tips on cooking your
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on average, women need to work an extra two hours each day, to earn the same paycheck as their male coworkers.
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join the fight for sara and women everywhere.
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chef bryan is joining us from hy- vee for some tips on how to debone a turkey which can be bit prepare your work surface. this will be messy, and the de- boned bird will take up a large yourself. you can use a large trash bag to cover your countertop, with a cutting board on top. don't forgo the cuttinggoard parr you'll want something under the bird to hoist and turn it around easily. unwrap the bird. in the kitchen sink, remove the plastic wrapper the bird comes in. removeeny fastenerssolding the legs toggher, too. then, reach inside the body cavity and remove anything that is in there. many poultry processors put the giblets into a paper package inside the bodyhcavity. get rid of anything that isn't the ird, strings iicluded. you''l want t o use fresh nes when you tie it back up.
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on the cutting board. you can tell the breast from the back because the breast has a "valley" running down it, separating the right and left breast halves. on the back, you can feel the backbone. when the bird ibreast up, the legs (drumsticks) point upward the cutting boarar. you'll probably be able to tell which is the front and which is the back just fom the position of the wings and legs, too. but n case you can't, the valley the best thing to look for. cut through the skin along the spine. you may cut the skin in several places, then flip the knife edge up and cut through the skin from underneath. you may also find it easier to cut just to the left or thth right of the spine. through the rest of the deboning process, be careful to not cut through the skin. a clean, sharp knife is best. a dull knife will result in ragged cuts and be a lot harder to maneuver. . hat being said, be careful. you may find that you
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lurching for more force, putting yourself in danger. be careful and take your time. begin removing the meat froro the rr cage. grasp the skin with one hand, and (carefully!) cut the meat away from the bone. start by grasping the skin next to the spine cut furthest away from you. cut as close to the bone as you can. you will have to feel around to figure out where the bones are, and toward the beginning, you will encounter the wishbone. simply work around this as best you can. if you wish, you can bend the bone untillit breaks aww from the rib cage, and cut it away. you might find this easier. keep cutting meat away from the rib cage. slowly move down from the back, around the side, toward the breast. it's okay if you cut off bits of bone, cartilage or tendon along with the meat; you can easily fix that later. you want to remove as much meat as possible off the bones. work slowly at first, and
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@hank the tank is getting ffrst class treatment. jeannie moos reports on the extra large canine who is flying high.. . you are looking at hank'' good side...this is his not so good side... (jeanne moos, new york): "do you really call him hank the hank the tank but going to try to get the tank part down." hank was boarding an american airlines flight in los angeles when madeleine sweet snapped this photo.
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"i bleep you not. the dog is flying first class on my flight." well of course he was...owner kari whitman says hank is a frequent flyer. once this photo went viral, hank even got immortalized in animation... (unidentified speaker/over vo): "he travels first class all the way including his own seat aboard the plane." his owner kari buys him a ticket. she is a former playboy playmate from 1988 and is now an interior designer to stars like melanie griffith and kristen bell. she runs a dog rescue and hank is her certified therapy dog. kari suffers from optical migraines. hank alerts her when one is comig on, so she n take her mmdicine. (kari whitman, hank's owner): nobody believes omg sound like bird, does this kind of (she (nats) plus he has a thyroid
12:42 pm
condition. which is why he's and a half of raw food a day. as for his newfound fame... (jeanne moos, new york): "it's kind of been crazy has it not?" (nats) (kari whitman, hank's owner): "yeah" kari isn't crazy about that famous photo... (kari whitman, hank's owner): "he's not as fat as he looks there." this is a dog who sure sounds like he should fly. (nats) jeanne moos, cnn...
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finally this afteparis today. check this out: this 54-year-old man climbing his way up the 36-floor tower. dozens came out to watch the climb. this is his third time climbing the tower in six years. he first scaled the towerin 2009. he usese no climbing equipmenttxcept r a small bag oo chalk and a pair of climbing shoes. beautiful weather continues for
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newscast is tonight at five.
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