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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  November 3, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm CST

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tonight, final moments, strange sounds caught on the cockpit flight recorder that doomed jetliner that plunged out of the sky. new clues tonight to lve this mystery. nbc news exclusive. our new poll redeveloping the one republican who stands the best chance clinton. and our conversation with president obama on the 2016 campaign and what season. high stakes. the biggest swing state of all. is it a tipping point for the nation. a big money fightht with famous singer caught and a big reality check have a social media star taking a stand against living your life online. her message to girls,
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behind those glalarous pictures. "nightly news" begins right now. good evening. the unidentifying sounds investigators have heard on the cockpit voice recorder of the jetliner have doomed thehe intrigue over how and why it crashed over the sinai desert. whatever it was scattered the wreckage for miled and killed 220 people aboard a plane millions have traveled . american satellite data is discounting one theory as investors turn some of the focus now to who was on board the plane. nbc's tom costello has late details on the investigation. >> reporter:r:ew video from the crash site in the sinai tonight as u.s. intelligence sources said none of the passengers or crew were on any u.s.
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u.s. satellites did detect anir far red flash heat signature at the same time and altitude as the plane's last known lotion but there is no sense of a missile strike. russia saying they have been combing through the debris field scattered over ten miles. >> our experts have amined the crash site and the state of the flight data recorders. >> reporter: the russia news agency said the recorders captured sounds uncharacteristic of a standard flight before the plane disappeared from radar. and tonight russia media report no signs of trauma on the bodies of the victims. question was there a bomb on board or did a catastrophic mechanical failure occur in mid-flight. >> if you have a pressureized cabin, a fracture is very serious and could potentially bring the aircraft down. >> reporter: so did a repair job after the tail sdruck the ground 14ears ago play a
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role? former ntsb investigigor graeg >> this is the tail section separated from flight. the area of the tail strike and this entire where the major performed. >> reporter: the plane was registered in ireland and operated by metro jet with russian oversight. authoroties told nbc news as of last may certification were all in order. so tonight, four days after the crash, the two key possibilities on the table are a mechanical failure that led to a fire or possibly an explosion in flight or a bomb. security teams are now reviewing the procedures at the airports in cairo and sharm el sheikh. russia and egypt have a lot to losif they determine terrorism played a role here. >> tom costello, thank you. now to the raceeo the president and the new "wall street journal" poll showing if the election were held today, hillary clinton would beat all of the gop candidates by one.
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shows in a head to head match-up would be tied with the democratic front-runner. now one year from the election, carson has begun to open distance betwee himself and the rest of the republican field. chris jansing is traveling with him. >> reporter: in tampa, florida, a ben carson book signing that feels more like a pep rally. fans lining up at 5:00 a.m. for a 2:30 event. and tonight in lakeland, easily a thousand more. >> i believe in his principles. >> he is forth right and honest. >> reporter: they like what he says and how he says it. >> you don't have to yell and you don't have to belittle people. >> he is notot career politicians. >> fans, not potential voterize. >> younger family people, younger christians, women usually the age of 45 and up. and that is our core base. but we have a pretty broaoa appeal. >> reportete carson is raising the most money among republicans. $10 million last month with the most donors and social media followers.
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4.5 million now on facebook alone. his super-pack is at the book event handing out leaflets and collecting e-mail addresses. more potential donors. the soft-spoken improbable candidate. >> is this what you thought about for retirement. >> this is not tirement for me. i was going to relax and enjoy life. >> and now the more improbable republican front-runner surpassing donald trump who today is out with a new book of his own. >> i think that ben just doesn't have the experience. we're going to run the military properly. i'm going to take care of the vets. ben can't do those >> reporter: but he loses to hillary clinton, stronger than any republican. because o o hisppeal with independents for carson. a 13 point advantage. and clinton's lower score, only 27% give her high marks for honesty and 55% likee her knowledge and carson's inexperience he wears proudly. >> let me tell you
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something, the ark was built my amateurs, the titanic was built by professionals. >> that line works great on the stump but he will have to address the experience sue. in the meantime they are working to build on his momentum, more fundraraers and visits to battleground states because a poll in november doesn't mean much unless you get folks like these to come out and vote four. lester. >> chris jansing, thank you. > and with the countnt down clock for the election down to 12 months. president obama is taking pointed jabs at the republican field. in the second part of my exclusive interview with the president during his visit to new jersey yesterday, he offered a candid assesement of this campaign season and engaged. >> describe the climate to me. is it any different, the political, the election climate than when you ran eight years ago? >> you know, politital season is always a little bit of a silly season. i do think that what's different this time is
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the republican party u have, think, the most disgruntled, or suspicious of washington portion of the electorate that is driving the process. but there hasn't been, maybe because of super-pacs, a windowing dow of the areeorced to talk about the issues in a more serious way. i suspect that will change over time. >> all of the people want the oval office. give me a reality check of what it is like to final be there. >> i would say this is a big, diverse country. and that is a good thing. and democracy is messy and that can be frustrating as president. but what you want to be able to do is to stay with it and have a -- have a sense of want to go. the most important
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this election, though, is just encouraging participate. if you are sick and tired of gridlock, regardless of what your party is, you have to get involved. you have to listen to what folks are saying, way, make sure that the candidates are being willing to take tough questions, and i've been interested in seeing some of the republican candidates say they are so tough, they are going to stare dowow the chinese and the russians and somehow cnbc scares 'em. you have to be able to field difficult questions and that is what citizens should expect. and if people are paying attention and involved, i think they're going to make a good decision. >> president obama met with me in newark, new jersey. > new developments in the recall of more than 19 m mlionaire bags with the deadly flaw. feds hitting the manufacturer takata with what could become a record fine.
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and as nbc news peter alexander explains, even more recalls could be on the way. >> reporter: after the largest auto recall in u.s. history, today the federal government fined takata $70 million, that could rise to $200 million. what would be the largest penaltytyver imposed by the nagt highway traffic safety administration. >> delay, misdirection and refusal to acknowledge the truth allowed a serious problem to become a massiviv crisis. >> reporter: the defective airbags have lin linked to eight deaths and 100 injuries. this government test shows what could happen when ammonium niniate, the proponent in the faulty airbags explodes disputing deadly fragments. brandy lost her left eye. >> i don't see an airbag. i see just what was left of my steering wheel after everything basically exploded in my face. >> today takata will phase out the use of the night rate.
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recalled already 19 million made by as dozen automakers could grow, including new models. safety advocates say the federal government should have acted years ago. >> this becomes a crisis because the investstators an looking at this problem let it go as long as they did. >> tonight in a statement takata said we deeply regret the circumstances that led are committ to being part of the solution. aftete aevice designed to save lives put them at risk instead. that controversial chemical ammonium nitrate is being phased out but they could use it through 2018, that m mns it is possible s se recalled vehihies will need to have their replacement airbags replaced again. lester. >> peter, thanks. a new headache for volkswagen today, reeling from the emissions test cheating scandal involving some 11 million cars. the company said today an internal investigation revealed unexplained inconsistencies in the
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could cost the company other $2 billion. and while vw is taking a hit. most automakers reported huge sales gains today, including gm, up 16% in october over a year r o. fiat chrysler u u 15%. and ford up 13%. nissan up 12.5%. experts say low gas prices and an improving economy could push automakers to break a a a aual sales record set 15 years ago. they say as goes, ohio, so goes the nation. and that is why there is attention from across the country tonight wit legalized pot on the ballot in the buckeye state. it is a big fight involving big money and wealthy investors, including a famous music star caught in the middle. nbc's kevin tibbl is there. >> reporter: the yes campaign hasas spent some $25 million, promoting the legalization of marijuana for medical and recreational use in ohio.
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>> i'm nick lachey, ohio is my home. >> reporter: one of the biggest supporters is realist tv and boy band star nick lachey. >> i'm proudo be part of a movement that will create jobs and rein vigor ate our economy and improve the safety of our communities. >> but it is part of a group of ten wealthy investors that stands to profit considerably should the ballot pass. >> for the ten, is it going to be a license to print money. >> no, it is a license to grow marijuana and create thousands of jobs. >> supporters claim pot money will soon be used to fill potholes in the buckeye state. critics counter the investors will be filling thehe popoets. >> it will be a constitutionally sanctions monopoly. you don't use the state constitution to give yourself a corner of the market on anything and that is what this would . >> opponents created a ballot measure of their own. if successful, would prohibit the creation of monopolies in the state. should both issues pass it would wind up
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for other opponents it isisery simple. >> it is a very dangerous drug. >> for the gano family outside of columbus, the pickering over money is secondary. >> i don't care who makes the money. what matters to me is my son gets what h h needs and what could potentially improve his life. >> they want six-year-old read to have access to medical marijuana to control the seizures caused by his severe epilepsy. >> he is everything and this could be his miracle. >> and the experts say if marijuana can be legalized here in a conservative state, well voters in an off electi year, then it could happen almost anywhere in america. >> kevin tibbles in columbus columbus. thank you. chipolte said eight of the restaurants are now tied to the outbreak of e. coli that led the companan to voluntarily shut down dozens of locations in washington state and oregon. the number of people sickened has reached at least 37. northern california is getting an early taste of
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winter with the first major snowfall of the season at mammoth mountain. about a foot fell. so the ski resort decided to open a week early. and captured on camera in portland, oregon, a commuter train pushing throughgh high floodwaters a aer heavy rain over the weekend. video inside shows passengersup jumping up to avoid the water. the train agency has apologized calling the incidede an error in judgment. still ahead tonight, a star on social media calls it quits with a warning to thousands of her young followers with a new study reporting how much time teens are spending online. also for all of us who sometimim get lunch out o oa vending machine, we have a fr for adults with an advanced lung cancer called "squamous non-small cell", previously treated with platinum-based chemotherapy, it's not every day something this big comes along. a chance to live longer... with opdivo, nivolumab.
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is right f f you. bristol-myers squibb thanks the patients and physicians
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how much time are american teens spending in front of their screens? a new study said an average of nine hours a day with more than an hour just on social media. buttne hugug teen star onon social media says what a lot of kids are seeing on it is all a lie. as our joe fryer explains, she said it is time to come back to reality. >> a social media star has gone from selfies to self-reflection. >> i'm quitting social media and tell anyone and everyone who is still watching, i was miseseble. >> reporter: at 1 years old, o'neill had no shortage of followers. more than half a million on instagram
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tumbler and 60,000 on snap chat. >> you through being on instagram was amazing it. was for the day. but then -- >> her profile is titled social media is not real life. she deleted 2,000 captions. this reads not real life. took over 100 in similar poses trying to make my stomach lolo good. would have hardly eaten that day. >> [ inaudible ]. >> o'neill's statement comes as the group's common sense releases a study about teens and technology. girls on averagege spend an hour and 32 minutes a day on social media and 30% of teens who use social networking sites say their parents know little about what they do. experts are worried about the lack of persrsal connection. >> there is nothing better than face-to-face communication for understanding emotions and empathy and really being able to communicate with people.
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>> as for o'neill, she is gaining attention forrot wantingng attention. dumping her money making social media sites and starting a new website to discuss the issue to encourage teens to unplug more often. >> go out to a cafefe to a beach, to a park. just go walk your dog or do something and meet someone else doing the same. >> a life that can be social without media. joe fryer, nbc news, los angeles. we're back in a moment with a small plane in distress. the pilot forced to take desperate measures as it fal every insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. for those who've served and the families who've supported them, we offer our best service in return. usaa. we know what it means to serve.. get an insurance quote and see why
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a scary s sht caught on camera in the skies over arkansas today. a private plane falling out of the sky. but look closely. it is floating attached ton emergency parachute deployed after the severe loss of oil pressure. saving the lives of everyone on board, including the pilot, bill simon, the former ceo of walmart. police say all three
5:53 pm
people on boa had only minor injuries. amererans on the whole are less religious than they use to be according to the pugh research center. the number of of adults who are affiliated with a re lithon has dropped 77% since 2007. a quarter of millennials attend church service compared to half of americans born before 1946. but on the rise the nunuer of adults who el spiritual, up 7% since 2007. and a sea of royal blue, they waited 30 years for this day in kansas city. and boy did they turn out to celebrate. no firm numbebe. loke local reports suggest a million people congratulated the royals since 1985. in schools in the area just canceled classes altogether knowing students and teachers already had other plans for the day. when we come back, would you trade that
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finally, most of us have done it, gone for the quick and easy vending machine when we were hungry. but what it eating right didn't take any more time and effort than choosing your favorite candy bar. a new way that could revolutionize the way we eat. >> this is the new sound of lunchtime in chris christie. where a 29-year-oldent preenure is trying to shake up the definition of fast food. >> if healthy food is accessible and affordable, are people going to eat it? >> it is a question luke sanders came to him as a traveling salesman. fed up with high caloloe fast food, he decided to do something about it. frig. a small company that sells salads, out of machines around downtown chicago. >> my first reaction wawa yuck. >> if i'm'mhoosing between a salad and a hamburger, one has
5:58 pm
really delicious and savory, the other one is the thing that mom made you eat when you are a kid. >> b b he's trying to change that, using only the freshest >> black beans, roasted corn. >> and keeping the salads in the machines for just 24 hours. every morning the still yummy leftovers pantry. >> 360 without the dressing, 400 with. >> and healthy for sure but with a town famous for deep dish junk food. >> get past thehe stigma of the salad and the vending machine. >> we asked him to conduct a experiment. we made everything a dollar. candy, cookies and the chips and the salad. >> what do you see.e. >> we saw almost every single person in the line go for the salad. >> he charges $8 for the salad. and while he is not making a profit, he is getting closer. >> tell me what succccs looks like. >> if you could get a
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salad as easy as a coke, i've done my job. >> proving that healthy food cld be healthy too. nbc news, chicago. and that will do it for us on this tuesday night. i'm lester holt. for all of us at nbc news, thank you for watching and good night.stabbing his girlfriend to death in a hy-vee parking lot begins. lot begins. plus - tonight is the night most local politicians have been waiting for. we have multiple reporter live with the latest details for election night. and - a suspect is shot several times, followed by a police chase. "you're watching kwwl, we've got you covered. this is the news at six." a susp[ect is wounded in an


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