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tv   Early Today in Iowa  NBC  November 5, 2015 4:30am-5:00am CST

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now on today in iowa, the search for a service d in training.. the animal diiappeared in eastern iowa a few days ago -- plus -- a child missing for 13 years is found safe -- and a college application -- of all things -- helped solve theemystery. and it can be rude to drop in unexpectedly for dinner... but for bad manners. m jerry gallaggr... let's check on your weather now with storm track 7 meteorologist eileen loan. good morning. another mild morning with temperatures the low to mmd 50s. we have winds mostly at 5 to 15 mph from the southeast.. they will be southerly at 10-20 mph today and stay gusty through the evening. a few
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tracking through western iowa, but we are seeing a mix of clouds and clear skies. clouds will continue to track in and the chancece of rain will increase, especially this afternoon and evening. we have one more day with temps n the 60s, bbt today we will also be dealing with showers and aa few thunderstorms as a cold front tracks into the region. that brings cooler temperatures bacs to the viewing area. i'll have that forecast in a fe our top story this morning: no final word yet, but a lot of speculation this morning that a bomb brought down a russian jet in egypt. 224 people died over the weekend when the ple went down. tracie potts tells us -- the case raises new concerns abt isis terrorism.
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thiiis new videoowe just got last night - debris still smoking two hours after crash. now, a u-s official tells nbc it's likely a bomb may have brought down this russian jet... posssly planted byya baggage handler at the egyptian airport where the plane took off. " we can't rule it out but it's certainly premature to say that this is the case." britain suspended flights to o nd from that airport... calling the bomb theory a "significant possiblity" - perhaps retailiation by a wing of isis in the sinai peninsula. "russia recently has increased its presence in syria and so the fact that isis may want to respond is not unlikely at all." "getting an explosive device onto an aircraft in this region is just a real game changer for but not a huhue concern in the u-s, experts say, where security makes it extremely difficult to get explosives on board. and it's still possible this plane suffered mechanical failure "no matter what happened our
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hearts go out obviously to the families." 224 people died. the plane's black boxes will tell more. one is damaged. but so far, no evidence of a bomb has been found at the crash site. u-s satellites also detected a heat flash where that plane was last located but again - that could indicate mechanical failure... or a deliberate explosion. i'm tracie potts in washgton, w back to you.. again, it's not clear cut that isis bombed the russian jet out of the sky... but if that is wt happened... it raises the stas for the u-s led coalition in its battle agaginst the terrorist group. this morning, one man is behind bars after a six hour standoff -- that brought air traffic to a halt in a big city. when officers showed up after a domestic violeee call in ssn diego -- they say the suspect started firing. the man ended up on the roof of "as soon as they exited the narrowly missed one of our police officers."
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path used by pilots at the san diego international airport. the f-a-a then stopped all flights from landing. after several hours o negotiations,the man surrendered. new this morning... a man is in jail after leading waterloo police on a chase. they say it happened just before ten last night. the case started on m-l-k drive and ended about two miles awy at west cond and randolph. michael menton was arrested. he's now facing charges, including a controlled substance violation and one for eluding police. a tense day in one eastern iowa county. a chase forces a catholic school to be locked down. that happened after the winneshiek county sheriff says jefrey kuennen drove of. authorities were called to a home in spillville for what they described as an ongoing disturbance. it happened wednesday morning -- and had people in town on edge. "i just couldn't believe it, because everybody in town is so doing something like that is
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kuennen was eventually pulled over and arrested. he faces a number of charges -- including aggravated domestic assault and chchld endangereeent. a deadady hit and run c cash is being investigated in mississippi -- a crash that left a semi in the water. the driver in that semi died. & poliie say the crash also involved anher 18-wheeler that did noo end up in the water -- and a black truck. they're now searching for that truck. in 1010days, many eastern iowa troops will leave -- to begin their deployment to afghanistan. about 40 members of the 649h regional support group, based in cedar rapids, will head out november 15th.. as part of operation enduring freedom. they'll be in charge of managing facilities and security... a ceremony to see them off will be at
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a dog training for a very important job -- is missing in eastern iowa. here's a picture of the dog-- a black lab named latham he's part of f he retrieving freedom program in eastern iowa, he went missing from parkersburg at his foster family's home sunday morning. kwwl's oliviamancino tells -- they desperately want him& back. good boy juice is a service dog in training... "that was easysy one may even call him patriotic. "hi baby" retrieving freedom is an organiation that connects service dogs with veterans and children with auttsm. "yes!" juice is missing his friend and fellow trainee, latham. "i've had latham since he was farm in parkserbug-- she says she left latham with her other two dogs outside for a few miutes, wn she came back, he was gone. she's devastated. "he's very attentive, if im having a bad day he instantly knows somethings wrong" jenna has had a lot of bad days lately. she ws diagnosed with
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eventually causes nerves in the bodod to deteroriate or become permanently damaged. "retrieving freedom means a lot to me, and i've been told a million times by them, if anything happens itssot my fault, its myy responsibility, i feel really guilty" latham spent many days with jenna in the hospital comforting her. and though he hasn't been trained o help with m-s yet, it was decided latham would be her permanent service dog. "it would be this huge ability to just relax" scott dewey, founder of retrieving freedom in iowa says this ordeal is not jenna's fault he just wants to focus on finding atham and bringing know, and understand hes ok, not living forever wondering what happened to him, thats the part that scares me" for now, khyl says she'll continue her search, and juice will wai
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friend laaham latham is a very friendly dog and very approachable. an anonymous donor is offering a five thousand dollar reward for its safe return. we've got more inforration on our website -- kwwl- dot-com -- including a few specific numbers to call in case you see him. investigators call it a carefully staged suicide. they believe the officer who died aa hero -- was instead crooked. fox lake police lieutenant joe gliniewicz died in september. the illinois officer's death sparked a massive mannunt because he called for backup before he died... saying he was chasing three suspects. apparently, it was all a lie -- to cover up a crime. he was allegely stealing money used by gliniewicz for personal purchases, travel expenses,
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mortgage payments, perronal gym membershipssadult websitts, facilitating personal loans." hehewas just four r onths from retirement. a source close to the case says his wife and son are now the focus of theinvestigation. they have not been charged. they family says they're cooperating with the investigatiin. an organization that helps survivors of officers killed in the line of duty says it gave the family 15-thousand dollars. now they want their money back. a college application tips off the f-b-i about a missing person. a child who disappeared 13 years ago from alabama was f ound in cleveland this week. julian hernandez was kidnapped when he was 5. for more than a decade all officerr had tooo on was a picture... and one showing what he might look like now. that was until last month when he started applying to colleges.
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father gave him ccld not be verified. that's the break authorities needed. they think the boy was taken by his father. "he's a pretty cool guy. i had absolutely no idea this was happening." bobby hernandez has now been charged. thth child's mother now knows her son has been found safe after all these years. live from new york -- a protest of saturday night. republican presiintial candidate dononld trump is hosting saturday night live this week. this comes after n-b-c dumped him as host of "celebrity apprentice" following his comments about immigrants. now, people are protesting -- saying they have thousands of signatures -- demanding trump be i thinkkwhat donald trump continues to say about immigrants and latinos is distasteful, it's insulting... and bottom line; "saturday night live" should not be trying to make fun of what donald trump has said. a sskesperson for n-b-c declined to comment on the petition or the protest. if home where the heart is...
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sometimes the heart needs a huge flatbed truck. it did in thhs case. a home was moved about nine blocks in marion to make way for a project on 29th avenue. many watched as the home made "this is a great home, why pulled it off without a hitch and i'm glad kwwl channel 7 came by and wants to let everyone know what's up." the prprject on 29th will begin next april when a mini roundabout will go in. we still have a lot t/ get to this morning... including how a mega food deal could impact jobs and business in the midwest... including here in iowa. plus a coffee giant serves up a neway to take orders... that leaves one customer very grateful. showers are beginning to track througg the western half of the state. we will see our share later today and tonight, but it will also mean cooler temps leading into the weekend. i'll have details coming up.
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"now your storm track 7
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from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team. see the screen for your complete weather information. here is additional forecast information from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team: tracking through that will bring a chance of rain and thunderstorms to the state. stormtrack7 live look grey and with warm
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temps... we are still in the low to mid 50s over most of the viewing area with the colder weather just outside of the state to the weses. winds will be breezy from the south today ahead of the cold front, but will turn to the west and northwest by this evening as the front tracks through. clouds are tracking into the area, with some clouds still in our northern counties. rain to the west will eventually fill in as the system tracks to the northeast. the front will be the best chance of thunder and that will be mainly this
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we dry out for tomorrow, but the cooler air will stream in... rainfall amounts will depend on how widespread the thunderssrms are, but most of us will see half an inch or so, although some may see more. highs will stay above normal today as we head into the mid to upper 60s with the rain and the southerly winds. rain will end tonight with lows in the low to mid 40s and our highs tomorrow will likely occur in the mmning with temperatures then steady or falling the rest of the day. we will be dry through the weekend with highs around 50 on saturray and into the low to mid 50s for sunday. we will stay in the mid 50s through the middle of the week with another chance of
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tracking back into the area for veterans day. a spectacular sight over iceland. northern lights are a huge draw for tourists. the colorful lights ttat move an iceland tourist center said the best time for the northern lights there is between september to mid-april. speaking of the bright lights... and a big stage. an iowa native -- who's a college basketball star -- returns to iowa this month for a big game. but will he be able to play? that story next. plus -- look who's dropping in for dinner. an unexpected guest falls through the ceiling. you're watching kwwl. we've got you covered in readlyn, rickardsville, ryan and all of eastern iowa
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in the midthe newly merged d raft-heinz foodd company says it will close seven manufacturing facilities in the u-s and canada over the next two
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eliminated. one of the manufacturing facilities that will close is in madison, wisconsin. the company will also close a lunch-meat processing plant in davenport -- and relocate production to a new facility to be built several miles away. this is a bg step for customers in line at a drive-thru. a starbucks in florida is now taking orders through sign language. a customer captured her recent experience on her cell phone. shhis placing hehe order on the screenn using sign language. the employee realized she was hearing impaired -- and turned on the screen so she could communicate with her through sign language. she was so excited she put it facebook, and the video has now been seen by over a million people. the college basketball season starts in about a week -- and this morning, disappointing news about one of the most anticipated games. the number one ranked north carolina tar heels comeeto cedar falls later this month to play u-n-i. they're led by former linn-mar star marcus paige -- who
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seffered a fracture in his hand -- which means he'll miss the next three to four weeks. u-n-i and north carolina agreed to schedule the game so paige could play in front of his family and friends... so if that can't happen, that disappointing. now to the pro game and here's a play you don't see every day. end of the first half, boston at indianapolis. jae crowder taking the ball out..... and the pass goes off the back- board and in! of course,,ince no celtii tipped the ball on the long pass, the basket did not count. but still -- a strange sight. it's not always a pleasant surprise when somebody drops in for dinner. especially when you're out to dinner... and a burglar falls through the ceiling of the restaurant. police say a man went into the restroom at a florida restaurant... cut a hole in the ceililig... and headed to the office. but he made a wrong turn... and security cameras were rolling.. when ceiling tiles start giving way. he then falls through the
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ceiling. "as the manager was on the patron, unbelievable." police say the suspect told them he ran inside to hide from a woman who was going to call the police on ararst. the time is... coming up -- a very tough job for some kids. they have to test out... toys. what they say will carry some weigig. that story next.
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the holidays. preschoolers helped come up with a top ten list of presents they'd like to see under the tree. melissa beckmannntroduces you to sooe of the toy testers and their favorites. this young group of santa's helpers, along with tough job of playing with dozens of toys to pick their favorites. four-year-old addi likes the tumble trax magnetic marble run. "you put a ball and it goes down "the doctor one. tte building
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one" here's a look at what made the cut... the top ten preschooler approved toys for 20155 (sot: megan morton, goddard school) "these toys have all been tested by kids six weeks all the way to six weeks old. so it's tried and true. you know they will get educational for them as well" as part of the process the toy testers learned to vote. and now they're learning about giving. goddard will donate 100 of the winners to toys for tots. by the way -- one of the top ten toys is a john deere toy. today in iowa continues in a moment with the forecast from storm track seven meteorologist
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check forecast. rain and some thunderstorms will track through today and tonight. we will then see falling temperaaures on friday, chilly temps on saturday and climb back into the mid 50s for next week. it's and coming up on today in iowa. two ttenagers are facing charges after police said they got in the middle of a fight on a bus and hit police officers in the process. plus... nasa has a big announcement coming later today about mars. and a scientist from eastern
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