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tv   KWWL News at Five  NBC  November 8, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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that lowe's chevrolet in 2015. >> rick: so familiar with this sight in texas. jimmie johnson. we'll have it when we come back.mated voice: to file a claim, please state your name. carnie wilson. thank you. can you hold on? hold on for one more day really? hey, i know there's pain. why do you lock yourself up in these chains? this would be so easy if you had progressive. our mobile app would let you file a claim and help you find one of our service centers where we managee the entire repair process. things will go your way if you hold on. [ sighs ] someday somebody's gonna make you wanna turn around and say goodbye. say goodbye
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>> rick: coming up on nbc sn is nascar post race show. krista, kyle, d.j. two hours of coverage from what was an incredible finish at texas motor speedway between the two champions. one of them really needed the win here. standing by with kelli. >> kelli: after leading 312 laps
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of this race,e, brad, what more could you have done at the end of it? >> the 48 car had made the turn in the run and i couldn't keep the turn. i kept pushing real bad. he kept turning andnd turning. i did everything i wanted. he was way faster that last run. their team did a hell of a job. my team did a hell of a job. led 3030 some laps. it wasn't our day for them to favor us. still a lot to be proud of with the wurth ford fusion. you know, we'll have a great shot of winning next week. we r rally needed to win this one but i know i gave it my all. >> kelli: you immediately made a beeline to go find martin strooukstruex jr. what did you want to say to him? >> i didn't know if i came up to him and it probably didn't help either of us. i thought he ran a great race.
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he'll have too win one in phoenix. >> rick: one of three drivers that may have to win when they go to phoenix. the last race before the championship at homestead, miamam jimmie johnson, his fifth win of 2015. he is still the only driver to win a chase race every single year he has run fothe championship. >> steve: i don't know what selowski could have done different. jimmie johnson was so much faster at that point in the race. >> jeff: i thought keselowski did all he could. he's trying to take his line away. he did everything he could. he had -- he held a faster car off. >> steve: there's been conversations about how guys need to race 50e67 other, aggressively. that right there was the perfrft
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two per stata in nascar doing everything within their power trying to win. in the end, i feel the better car in the last run of the race was the 48. that why he's in victory lane. i agree, brad did alle c cld hold thh position. >> rick: this again shows the difference between sports. in nascar everyone continues to go even in the playoffs. everyone continues to dpeet. a situation where brad keselowsws could have pup muched his ticket into the championship four at the end of the season but it was a non-chaser that was able to get the win and go to victory lane. now brad keselowski may be in a must-win situation when we go to phoenix next week. celebration about to take place in victory lane again fl we'll have all of the other interview aside from victory lane on nbc
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let't' go now to dave byrnes. >> dave: jimmie johnson has rolled into victory lane. he grabs a beverage. he puts on the hat. he is the winner here at texas this afternoon on a crazy, crazy day! the 48 had no issues and a lot of speed right there in the end. jimmie, as you were battling brad for the win there, tell us how you did it. was there anything going on in the back, this is a chase guy, i'm not. >> maybe when the restart happened, you get so caught up and i like to race guys clean anyway. i kept working on him, working on him. i could see he was tight. car wasn't ideal. he moved up and had the high lane covered. he was loose off of two and i eldora.
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gatorade. everybody back at hendricks motorsports for digging deep. nice to get the 48 back to victory lane. >> dave: 20 lanes since he's won and he takes homethe sweep at texas. >> rick: all smiles once again for jimmie johnson. i'm sure he's talking to mr. h now as he's in victory lane. tune in to nbc sn for complete post race coverage including interviews and full results from here at texas motor speedway.
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two hours of coverage on nbc sn.worse in eastern iowa -- according to drivers. plus -- a new option for your turkey day meals. and the hawkeyes move up in rankings -- but what's next? thanks for joining us tonight. welcome to the k-w-w-l news at five e 'm macleod hageman. we're following breaking news tonight in waterloo. police are investigating a car crash -- that may have resulted from a possible shooting at the intersection of courtland and vinton. kwwl's jesesica hartman was on scene moments after the complaint. jessica -- what can you tell us? waterloo police are still piecing together the timeline at this point. the car you see here - appears to have slid off of courtland street and into a tree. witnesses say they heard the crash - - after hearing gun shots. one witness tells me she saw four young adults running from the car when theyeard sirens approaoaing. officers searching the car - -
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paying close attention to what looks like two bullet holes in the passenger's side of the black mercedes. other officers - - canvasing the area around the wreck. we've got you covered in thank you jessica -- and we will be checking in with waterloo police tonight to see if there is any now let's check in with storm track seven meteorologist kyle kiel for your first forecast. how's the rest of the weekend looking kyle? information. here is additional forecast information from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team: we had high temperatures today in the lower to middle 50s, and we are already falling back stern iowa. t t winds have been out of the south from ten to twenty miles per hour. the wind will begin to die down later this evening. here's a look at the storm track 7 live weather network camera. we are going to see another quiet night across the area. satellite and raddr shows clear skies. there are some changes as we head into
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the details in just a few minutes. thanks kyle -- the iowa hawkeyes move to number eight in the in the a-p college football rankings. this comes after last night's win agianst the university of indiana. the hawkeyes are now the second team in iowa's hitory to begin a seson with a nine and oh record. we'll explplin more about this ranking -- later in sports. it's that time of year -- where drivers need to be extra cautious of deer. a second accident is reported this weekend. this one happened last night near the intersection of east donald street and north elk-run road in black hawk county -- one of many across eastern iowa this fall. local drivers at a truck stop in evansdale say they've seen a lot of deer in eastern iowa. many of them dead on the side of
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the road. a reminder to stay focused -- and keep a close eye on both "just got to be looking way ahead, but at night; you know, i really don't have to drive, i wouldn't even be out here, right now. tell you the truth, i wouldn't even be out here." a lot of deer movement this time of year is due to harvest season - however, truckers say the deer problem will likely continue until december. a 9-year-old girl is in critical condition after she was attacked by a pitbull. police say she was attacked by the dg in a long island backyard in new york. the dog was hot and killed by a police officer. police say the cirumstances of the attack were unclear. one man is dead and three others wounded tonight -- following a nightclub shooting in dds moines. the polk county sheriff's deputies responded to a fight
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outside the evolution nightclub just before two this morning. when authorities arrived -- they heard several gunshots. and 20-year-old dashwan smith was taken to the hospital where he later died. at last word -- no arrests have been made in connection to this crime. the search for a missing service dog -- gains momentum. latham -- a black lab - went missing last sunday near parkersburg. the dog was part of the retrieving freedom program -- and was being trained to become a service dog for a veteran or child with autism. if you have any information that could lead to his wherabouts -- please call the program -- the number is on our website. at last count -- the reward for latham is 10- thousand dollars. before you know it -- thanksgiving will be here -- which may have you thinking about your turkey day meal. the new pioneer food co-op in coralville hosts a holiday sample fair this weekend -- bringing many of the local vendors and farmers into the store. kwwl's kristin rogers attends the fair this weekend.
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saying -- and are they looking forward to the holidays? mac, we know how important food is on thanksgiving -- and custommrs tell me it's also important to know where their food is made. that's why on the big day -- they say they're shopping local. tradition to shop locally for all the time that they really want to support our neighbors, is who we're supporting when we purchase local." (nats) farmers w provide the food, see a spike this time of year "we see an increase in orers often will sell like a ton a thanksgiving." those who provide hard apple cider notice it's another item on the holiday menu "a lot of people have actually just t oday have saiddi'm gonna take a bototle of this to the local food but they believe it taste better as well." "i live in iowa and this is
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something i enjoy doing, you know and it's, i don't feel that i'm compromising on quality at all in fact i feel like it's a whole lot better." customers told me they like knowing where their food is coming from, especially on tanksgiving. i am tasting of holiday meals here, we've got you covered live in cedar rapids -- kwwl news. the new pioneer food co op has three locations, cedar rapids, iowa city and coralville. they work with 136 local venders throughout the year, coming up... al roker is headed to our neck of e woods for his rokerthon we'll tell you ere he will e and,, veterans day is coming up- how some eastern iowa boy scouts honored some local veterans today. you're watching kwwl,
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we've got you covered. and when you see news - or if shaa... you can do that by going to our page on facebook. you can also "like" our page to stay up to date on breaking news but first -- heres a look at the stormtrack seven live doppler got you covered, with macleod hageman, meteorololgist kyle kiee and sports with mark woodley.
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news at ive." "now your storm track 7 forecast on kwwl."
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from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team. see the screen for your cooplete weather information. here is additional forecast information from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team: welcome back i'm meteorologist kyle kiel. it was a pretty nice day across eastern iowa. we did have some areas of patchy dense fog this morning on the mississippi river. here is the time- lapse of that fog on our storm track 7 live weather network camera in dubuque. the fog lifted around 8 o'clock this morning. it was a very shallow layer of fog in the downtown, and you can see it wasn't widespread. storm track 7 live weather network right nono shows a cleaaevening in dubuque. same can be said in cedar falls, where the sun has set just about 15 minutes ago. threat tracker shows a clear and cool night tonight. that leads to a mostly sunny day on monday. temperatures will be very similar to where they were today. as we head into the day on tuesday, we
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will see an increase in clouds, but will remainndry. it's wednesday that we are looking at the chance for showers, and perhaps a few thunderstorms as well. temperatures right now are pretty seasonable for this time of year. we have temperatures in the upper 40s and lower 50s. temperatures are falling quickly now that the sun has set. the wind is still out of the south b btween about 5 a ad 15 miles per hour. these winds will die down as we go throughout the evening, between 5 and 10 miles per hour. storm track 7 live dppler radar,r,of course, is dry across eastern iowa. as we take a wider view of the midwest. not much is going on. we have a large area of clear skies with the high pressure off to the east. we are expecting quiet conditions tonight with a clear sky. and even into
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day on monday. we can show you that with futuretrack. starting this evening, we will have a clear sky. and notice as we go throughout the next 24 hours, there isn't much change with futuretrack. we aren't going to notice much in the way of cloud cover on monday, similar to what we saw around here today. and even as we head inin monday night we will have a clear sky, but that will begin changing tuesday with increasing clouds. here's the storm track seven forecast for tonight. we will have a clear night with miles per hour. tomorrow, sunny
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show weatherman al roker is goingfor another one. billed as rokerthon twoo-- al plans to set the fastest time ever for reporting the weather from all 50 states -- going coast-to-coast and everywhere else in a week. he startededin hawaii on friday. tomorrow night he'll be in dubuque -- on the riverwalk giving us the forecast for iowa... you can join us tomorrow night at ten -- to see him right here on kwwl. coming up... what some eastern iowaoy scouts did to honor some local veterans and, the hawkeyes are moving up in rankings -- what this means for the undefeated team --coming vp in you're watching kwwl. we've got you covered in jesup, keystone, littleton and all of
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the son of a polish immigrant who grew up in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public schools, then college, where the work of his life bega-- fighting injustice and inequality, speaking truth to power. he moved to vermont, won election and praise as one of america's best mayors. in congress, he stood up for working famili and for r inciple, opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans. now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system funded by over a million contributions,
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fighting for living wages, equal pay, and tuition-free public colleges. people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather, an honest leader building a movement with you to give us a future to believe in.
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kw-wl's shirley descorbeth attends the ceremony -- and joins us now with the deils. shirlee they're known as quilts of valor... and fifteen local veterans were awarded the aborately dessgned quilts. the quilts of vaar are pieced together and sown by quilters in the community. family members and friends came out to carnegie-stout library in dubuque to support their local vets that are being awarded quilts of valor. the receipients are fifteen veterans that have served in various wars. local boyscouts were present and p pssed out the q qilts. they're not only meant to honor have served. when i got out life just went on. so it's kinds nice to be recognized, put in some time atleast."
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givvn along with he quilt. the quilts of valor foundation say organizers say these quilts are's not just a blanket. the different parts represent mething. for example, the backing that holds the quilt together...also represents the strength of the vet that receives the quilt. we've got you coveredlive from the t-h media newsroom in dubuque...shirry descorbeth... ...kwwl news. sosofar -- more than 125-thousand quilts of valor have been awarded across the country. to learn how to honor a vet wit a quilt -- you can visit kw-wl dot com. next... we'll hear from the hawkeyes as they matched the best start in team history on saturday in indiana -- plus -- it's a bg honor for one uni player after their third ststaight win kept the panthers in the playoff hunt --
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