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tv   The Steele Report  NBC  November 9, 2015 3:35am-4:00am CST

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chief, this isn't about sanchez. gabriel, come on. what's it about? nothing, chiefef e-everything's fine. nothing. tatem did not kill his ex-wife. why do you say that? [ sighs ] 'cause we were goioi back through everything. and lieutenant tao and i took a look at tatem's computer. we were looking at the score that he was finishing up. lieutenant, the score? tao: the program he works on... [ slow music plays ] automatically set up to save changes every five minutes. could you open the list of changes, please, lieutenant? oh, boy. here we go. right. okay. [ music contntues ] if you'll notice the dates and times of these saves, you'll see they occurred during the evening of gina's murder,
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starting at 6:00 p.m. and continuing past 11:00. but that doesn't mean he was actually ththe. you u id the program saves automatically. only if changes are made. so he had to have been working on the score during that time, or it wouldn't have changed anything. exacy. chief, please. chief, we've already solved this case once. it's wrapped up with a bow on top. now, if you untie that bow, you know what will happen. this isn't the kind of decision we make on our own. detective gabriel, since this is still a custody case,
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have her grandparents bring her in, please. ththk you. yes, ma'am. [ bell dings ] we'll, uh, head down here. sorry for the inconvenience. thank you, commander. oh, no job too small. mr. and mrs. tatem, thank you so much for coming down here tonight. right this way [ clears throat ] seems like we're running our own little daycare here lately. $ um, detective sanchez here would be happy to watch cody while we talk, if you don't mind. cody, okay? okay. okay, sweetie. lieutenant flynn. thank you. flynn: come on, setheart. excuse me. excuse me. yes?
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you said that you had some questions about darren's death? yes. i have what i hope will be comforting news for you both. and that is that we've been able to establish that your soso was not respononble for the death of gina decker. what? i'm sorry. i fail to see how that's comforting news to us, considering that it was your investigation that forced darren to commit suicide! sir. ououinvestigation didinot force him to confess. which of you was he trying to protect by killing himself? what are you talking about? no one. that's -- that's ridiculous! we're -- we're -! we're not answering anything else. you will if you want to retain custody of your granddaughter. what? you wouldn't dare try to keep her here. i've done worse things. i'm beginning to think that you have, too. let's find out. you first. albert. provenza: sir.
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provenza: all right, you can have a seat right here, please. uh, it'll just be a few minutes. brenda: all right, now, mrs. tatem, i've gone around and around on this case, and, frankly, i'm tired of being lied to. so i'm gonna make this very simple. detective gabriel here has read you your rights. first i'm gonna talk to you, anh then i'm gonna talk to your husband. and if i believe that the two of yoyo conspired to kill your ex-daughter-in-law -- [ voice breaking ] no. wait. that never happened. ...then little cody, who's already lost her mother and her father, will also lose you when the department of children's services puts her into foster carar oh, god, no.please, please, please -- however, if i believe that one of you acted on your own, then the remaining grandparent will be awarded full custody and be able to take cody home tonight. are we done yet?
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mrs. tatem. darren was our only child. and when it became clear that he wasn't going to beat the cancer, the only thing we had to hold on to was that he would lili on with us throroh cody. and thursday morning, when darren told us that gina had tested clean and...after he was gone we were g-going to lose cody, too... had you tried to arrange it so that you and your husband would retain custody of your granddaughter? of course! we hired lawyers. but in california, when the mother is deemed fit... the grandparents have no custodial rights. t's get to thursday night, shall we?? my husband --
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and toldlder he wanted totoeet and that there would be a lot of money in it for her if she would just sign away her parental rights. but she -- she refused to meet albert. so i went instead. wait. you did? i brought our checkbook, hoping i could pay her enough money to get her to sign the papers. and you also brought a gun? yes. i did. mrs. tatem, let me warn you thth if your story does not match your husband's, i'll be forced to think that the two of you planned it together. my husband didn't do it. no. listen to me. i did it.
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tell me how you planned it. i didn't plan it. i just knew it had to be done. gina was surprised to see me. but i told her i just wanted to talk. she was s ngry, so i offerer to buy her dinner. i was low on gas, and gina's license had been revoked, so we got in wayne's car. but before we drove away, i-i asked gina where she was comfortable going, considering how she was dressed. and she -- she took that entirely t t wrong way. she ended up screaming at me. that's when she said that after darren died,
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there was nothing left to discuss. i got out of the car. she was so mad, she wouldn't even look at me. i reached into my purse for the gun. i leaned into the car. and i shot her in the head. where'd you get the gun? it was darren's. i'd hidden it from him. [ scoffs ] afraid he might do something stupid. i guess he replaced it. did he knono you killed ginin
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and what about your husband? heheoesn't know anything. i decided to let darren go... withthhe knowledge thth cody would be safe. but you took away all the time darren had left -- with cody, with your husband, with you. your son killed himself to protect you. and worst of all, mrs. tatem, blood work from our morgue shows that gina was still using. so she would have lost c ctody anyway. you only know that because i put a bullet in her brain. and what would have happened to cody if i hadn't?
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i had to do it. i had to. i'm gonna bring your husband in now so you can tell him yourself what you did. good luck to you, mrs. tatem. bringing the husband in now, chief. thank you. chief, you know, we could write this up as manslaughter. she brought a gun with her, lieutenant. and good intentions. this how you wantcustody battles dededed -- by knocking off everyone unqualified to be a parent? we'd have a world full of orphans.
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write it up as a murder. we'll let the jury decide. yeah, chief. [ sobbing ] do you want me to turn this off, chief? uh, no. can i borrow headphones, please? sure.
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rough day? [ sighs ] you could uay that. thanks. [ joel meows ] [ sighs ] you decide@to turn in your application for chief or not? no... because the only person in my division who's begun to share my priorities is gabriel, and he'd never even be considered because of his rank. and maybe his record. you knkn, pope went outside the department to find you. you could do the same. of course, you'd have to be chief to do it. i don't know. we'll see. maybe you're right. maybe...getting a little emotional distance wouldn't be such a terrible thing.
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mm. [ sighs ]
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it's monday, november 9th. republican candidates back in attack mode. donald trump scored big on "snl." >> they're great. they don't have my talent, my money, o o especially mymy good looks him but you know what they're not bad.
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