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tv   Early Today in Iowa  NBC  November 9, 2015 4:30am-5:00am CST

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i'm jerry gallagher... let's check on your weather now with storm track 7 meteorologist eileen llan. good morning. temperatures this morning range from the upper 20s to the upper 30s... southerly winds are calm to around 10 mph and we have mostly clear skies. some patchy fog may form, but isn't widespread this morning.we will stay pretty clear today with high pressure ststl tracking through the region. we will also stay a warmer than normal with highs the low to id 50s over most of the area. helld out by southerly winds. we keep the southerly winds tomorrow, but strong winds and somstorms are headfd our way for the middle of the week.
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i'll have that forecast for you in a few the immediate future of a college football program in the midwest -- is up in the air this morning. the plplyers are threatening to boycott their next game saturday. a special university meeting will happen this morning at missouri -- where a group of football players say their school has not done enough to combat racism on campus. andrew spencer has theeatest on the controversy. "in the name of..." "jesus!" "in the name of..." "jesus!" "in the name of..." "jesus!" students gathered at the university of missouri this weekend to higgight complaints of racism on the overwhelmingly white campus. now, in a tweet posted by missouri's "legion of black collegians," more than two dozen football players have joiied the calls for the university system's president to resign. the players said they would not until he does so. players met with their coaches, as the team canceled its scheduled practice on ssday. most of them were tight-lipped about the meeting
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and about the protests. "we're not allowed to comment on much, so... like i said, we're just going t/ stay together as a team, and we all madethis decision as a team to not talk to media, so you're not going to hear much from the players, so..." mizzou coach gary pinkel wrote online, "the mizzou family stands as one," posting this picture of the team. the move comes after ggaduate student jonathan butler started a hunger strike last week. he accuses the university's leadership of not doing enough to address racism on campus and push mizzou in a positive direction. "i'm in this, because it's thht serious. we're dealing with humanity here, and at this point, we can't afford to continue to work with individuals who just don't care for their constituents." university of missouri system president tim wolfe issued a statement saying, in part, that he is "dedicated to ongoing dialogue to address these very complex societal issues" -- giving no sign that he intends to resign. i'm andrew spencer,,reporting a spokesman says a university
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will meet in closed session today. forornow, missouri is scheduled to host b-y-u on saturday night. this morning, we have many questions about a crash in waterloo. witnesses say they heard gun shots before the crash. it happened at the intersection of courtland and vinton. the car you see here --- appears to have slid off of courtland and inxo a tree. one witness tells wl saw four people running from the car when they heard the sirens. we've been checking with police for more information -- and have been told -- to check back once again later this mmning. later today, the funeral for a six- year-old boy shot during a police chase in louisiana. jeremy mardis was shot when two police officers were chasing an s- u-v driven by his father. police are still investigating what led up to the shooting, but for now -- the two officers have been arrested and face second-degree murder charges.
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others hurt -- when a trucuc and church van crash. it happened in maryland. three people in the church van died -- including a child. the driver of the pickup was also killed. eight people are in critical condition -- including four children. firefighters believe the pickup ran into the back of one vehicle -- before losing control and crossing into the path of the van. as you h ht the road this morning, you're being urged to watch out for deer. a few car-deer crashes happened ovr the weeked -- including one near the intersection of eastonald street and north elk-run road in black hawk county. we spoke with people at a truck stop in evansdale. they say they've seen a lot of deer in eastern iow. many of them dead on the side of -- and keep close eye on boboh sides of the road. "just got to be looking way now. that way i am parked at night. i take less risk." "if i really don't have to drive, i wouldn't even be out here, right now. tell you the truth, i
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wouldn't even be out here." if you know you're about to hit a deer -- donont swerve tooavoid it. you could lose control -- making the situation worse. one investigator says they're "90 percent sure" the noise heard in the last second of a cockpit recording was because of a bomb. that's the latest as the investigation continues into a russian plane crash in egypt. in russia, the bells of st. petersburg cathedral tolled 224 times - one for each victim of the disaster. rescue crews are digging through the mud -- searching for victims after two dams collapsed at iron ore minin. it happenededin brazil. 28 people are missing -- 13 are mine workers. the cause of the disaster is still being investigated. customers inside an ihop say they heard a series of booms, then the power went out.
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they couldn't believe what they saw once they stepped outside. a sinkhole swallowed about 150 cars. this video is out of mississippi -- where investigators are trying to figure out what happened. they've had a lot of rain in that part so far, no reports of anyone being injured. two trains derail in tto days in one state. about 10 cars went off the tracks in watertown, wiscons yesterday. that's in between madison and milwaukee. the train was carryiig crude oil and some of it spilled. canadian pacific says the car that was leaking has been sealed. dozens of homes were evacuated -- as hazmat teams were called in. it's the second derailment in wisconsin in two days. on saturday, a b- n-s-f trail carrying ethanol derailed in western wisnsin -- near alma. about 1818 thousand gallons leaked into the mississippi. no one was hurt, but two highways northern does their regular inspections but you do always
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have that concern, there is a would probably happen at some time. b-n-s-f says it hopes the tracks will reopen this morning. thanksgiving is just 17 days away. before the big dinner is served -- we're getting a better sense of where our food is coming from. the new pioneer food co-op in coralville hosted a holiddy sample fair over the weekend -- bringing many of vendors and farmers into the store. "it should be iowa made and taste better it's part of our tradition to shop locally for thanksgiving." many vendors and farmers tell us they see a spike in sales this time of year. a similiar event is planand at the cedar rapids new-pi location next week. we have more information on our website at kwwl dot com. a half marathon is in the books
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-- and a runner wants police to hahae his medal. that runner fell about a half a mile from the finish line in georgia. a police officer saw what "i felt the need to help him finish this race so bad i would have carried m if i needed to. it was a connection and experience the officer says he'll never forget. now that act of kindness has taken to social media -- withh thousands o o people liking the pictures they've seen. few iowa fans pictured the hawkeyes having this kind of football season. iowa wins again -- and moves up totonumber eight in the in the a-p college football rankings. the hawkeyes are now the second team in school history to begi nine and oh. they return home to face minnesota on saturday night --- - and the atmosphere should be electric at kinnick stadium. the football game follows grapple on the gridiron -- an outdoor dual wrestling meet between iowa and oklahoma state. one unusual ssopper is spotted
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trying to get a leg up -- or a tail up -- on the holiday season. a 12-foot alligator showed up tside a shopping center in texas. ryan korsgard tells us who watch this! alligator hunter christy kroboth and an officer try to tie up this giant, 12 and a half foot, 800 pound, 50 year old alligator. his eyes are covered up. but he wanted nothing of it.. "we tried to do a front catch with him where you hold jaws and get him taped. but he was so she says she is licensed with the state and got the call there was a big alligator near oyster creek...behind a strip center on 59 near williams trace. a big gator close to people. "we tried several different attempts on how to catch him. finally,,we thought we had him wore out enough to put two people on the back of him and hold his mouth that way and kinda outweigh him which clearly did not work." the alligator is so big that they nick-named it wrapped up, and his legs tied
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lift from the home depot nearby to load him up. "he still had some fight in him. obviously, he just did a couple swats of his tail, no deaththroll or anything like that. so we were all able to get off safely then he was able to swat me with the tail." "keep in mind all of this was playing out, back behind this shopping center, as people out here were going about their by the jaws and get him taped taken to an alligator farm in el this dental assistant by day is gladdto still have er life. "are you crazy? everyone always thinks that. i don't think so. i just love the animals." the woman works for gator grabbers and s sys this is one e f the largrgst gators she's ever wrangled. "godzilla" was taken to a nearby sanctuary and is no longer a
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threat to other shoppers. we still have a lot to get to this morning... he imagined a world with no possessions... but one of his most famous -- has been sold for two million dollars. us -- customers just want a slurpee. instead, they get a message about aa cerrin star quarterback printed right on the receipt. another pretty nice day as we head off to school and work today. highs back into the low to mid 50s with another great day for tomorrow. but a strong system will track through
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may ffect som from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team. see the screen for your complete weather information. here is additional forecast information from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team: plenty of sunshine in store for
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next couple of days, but we have a strong system that will track through the midwest on wednesday. right now, our stormtrack7 live weatherrnetwork cameras are pretty calm... not much going on and temperatures range from the upper 20s to the upper 30s in our viewing area with some 40s in the northwestern part f the state. southeey winds will help keep our temps a little above normal today and tomorrow. and we are keeping the mostly clear the entire midwest, rerelly, as we continue toosee high pressure slowly tracking through the area. a strong low is winding itself up to our west and will track our way over the next couple of days. this will bring some clouds our way by tomorrow night and rain and storms to the region for wednesddy... and
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of wind, especially on thursday. it will stay mild until then... highs in the 50s and 60s in the midwest today and tomorrow with some cooling in north dakota tomorrow. we will have highs back in the low to mid 50s today with sunshine and southerly winds. lows totoight will drop into the low to mid 30s and we will be in the mid to upper 50s for tuesdy with more sun and southerly winds. that system will track through on veterans day bringing showers and storms and wind to the state. some storms will be strong and some will have locally heavy rainfall through wednesday night. rain tracks out early thursday, but winds will be sttngest then... and we may have falling temps that day. breezy conditions continue into friday with warmer temps for the
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weekend. it's coming up on today in iowa.... are gas prices changing direction? we'll have the latest on prices at the pump as many of y yu begin to make holiday travel plans. plus -- a creative way to stir up a rivalry. one store owner doesn't care r tom brady -- and you get the message -- if you buy anythinn there. you're watching kwwl. we've got you covered in robins, garrison, garber and all of eastern iowa
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attention these days. that's because gas prices have fallen for 19 weeks. but they've now increased about a penny over the past two.
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crude oil costs are up -- so refiners are raising wholesale prices. here's a silver lining -- no spike in gas prices is expected expected unless oil costs go up dramaticaay. and there's this: the average e rice is 70 cents lower than last year. this is a first of its kind -- partnership between a gas station and a pot dispensary. a gas and grass bbiness opened in colorado springs over the weekend. colorado state law does not allow pot shops to sell non-marijuana products. so the gas station and pot@shop have separate doors. "if the weather holds up we'll have gas attendants outside help out washing windshields and pumping gas for people while they come in and look at what we have to offer." medical marijuana patients who shop there get discounts on gas -- similar to a store loyalty program. a legendary guitar sells for millions of dollars at an auction.
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sold for two- point-one million. a san diego an says he had no idea it was lennon's guitar when he bought ititat a music shop for 175 dollars. he says the legend is -- the guitar went missing after a beatles performance in london in 1963 and didn't resurface until decades later. he says he'll donate half of the rofits to yoko ono's foundation. they don't have their leader back yet, but they do have another superstar on the field... and he gave all cowboys fans quiteea thrrll. last night -- it's dallas and philadelphia right here on kwwl. fourth quarter, cowboys down seven -- when matt cassel avoids the rush and heaves a hail mary into the endzone. look at the catch by dez bryanan it's his first touchdown catch of the season after sitting out seven weeks with a foot injury. the cowboys lost in overtime -- their sixth loss in a row without injured ququrterback tony romo. a denver broncos player can expect to hear from the league office this
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week. look at what he did tothe colts tight end dwayne allen. aqib tabil goes up to him ---and pokes him in the eye. the colts would knock denver from the ranks of the unbeaten -- winning 27-24. denver will host new englann later this month -- and when they do -- patriots fans will probably avoid a slurpee from one 7-11. look closely ... the wors "tom brady's a cheater" are typed on receipts given out by the ssore in colorado. the funny thing is ... it's been on the store's receipts for about six months, and very few people have noticed t. the owner is a die-hard steelers fan and thought it would be clever affer last season's "deflategate" scandal. "there's banter all the time on with me, you know? just one team might not aree with me from the northeast. " tt broncos taae on the patriots on november 29th -- a game you can watch right here on kwwl.
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the time now is they're simpleend practical... many people buy gift cards for their loved ones for the holidays. this year, the competition could make it an even easier decision for shoppers. that story next. a popuur gift that's expected
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be even more popular this holiday season... is still going through some significanan changes. chris clackum fills us in. cards is expected to soar this year over 25-percent...if not by ... of those who sell gift cards found something else. "this is a very competitive marketplace and people providing gift cards understand that" bankrate's claes bell says that 'something else' includes enhanced features on gift cards... reducing or eliminating fees.. "it's even to the point noo where some retailers are rewards that translate into discounts on purchases made with gift cards. there's also better security...for lost or stolen cards.s. which brings us to
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are the most likely to lose it. "4 in 10 millennials said that they haddlost a gift caa before being able to use the whole thing" security codes are now being assigned to each gift that recipients can be assured of getting all that's coming to them chris clacacm nbc news. checking out storm track seven live doppler radar right now... meteorologist eileen loan has the forecast for us next. eileen loan is back with another
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nice today and tomorrow before a showers and storms to the state windy conditions thursday along with falling temperatures for the end of the week.
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police are investigating after a mother and son are found dead in side a children's hospital. plus.s.. we'll shoo you what soo eastern iowa boy scouts did to honor veterans. that story and much more when "you're watching kwwl.
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now on today in iowa... a
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