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tv   KWWL News at Five  NBC  November 11, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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could get a track on that here, let's see if i can get that. looks like we have that tornado warning, it is going to be allowed to expire here for iowa county. >> we are now getting to the 5:00 hour. look at the warnings for a second. you will see the number of warnings from black hawk county to cedar rapids, iowa city and towards washington, that'soing to be an update here, for some of those areas and cancel some of ththe ones totords the south and wes. it is 5:00 -- to the south and west. 5:00 the official time of our kwwl news at 5:00, and amanda and ron are sitting at the set. we will start the newscast here right now. >> let's go back to the forecast center. we have had some damage
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the kwwl viewing area. you had the picture from the des moines airport of the tornado ere. tracking activity all afternoon. >> we have been ready for this. ee we talked about this yesterday. the timing has been right on. we've saw this yesterday coming, and the timing was between 2:00 and 7:00, and we are right on thehe nose here, across eastern iowa as the showers and thunderstorms push on through the region. we knew it was going to come through as a line, and the southern portion was going to be the best chance of any severe weather. damaging straight-line wind was going to be the primary threat, isolated tornado, yes, a possibility with the best chance farther to the south and west, and that's what's panning out with the rain across our northern counties, storm track 7 live doppler radar showing rain moving into the area. there's t lightning associated with some of the storms running from waterloo to cedar rapids, down towards iowa city. area highway 20 southward, that's going to be your chance for any severe weather, and now we are talking about jusust primarilily a daging
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as we get into evening hours. tama county, showers and storms taperining off for you over towards iowa city, thunderstorms pushing on into the region within the next 10, 15 minutes. washington has been dealing with these storms right now, heavy rain continues to move to the east. dubuque, probably going to see this closer to the 7:00 time frame, as this continues to track east towards the mississippi river. as it gets towards you in dubuque,ooking at heavy downpours, some gusty winds, maybe up aund 40, 45 miles per hour, but i anticipate these storms to continue to weaken, now that the sun is down, it's getting dark out there, losing instability, or whatever we had during the day today. we still have the watch, that mains in effect through the evening hours. mainly 9:00, but this will get cancelled soner than 9:00 hour in the southwestern counties. all righgh we have a tornado warning now issued for black hawk county. we will switch over to radar,
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newest warning, 5:45 for black hawk county. so that's the new warning. it looks like all of black hawk county. radar indicated or spotted? again, rar-indicated tornado. a possibility through b black hawk county. >> six miles southeast of hudson, eight miles south of waterloo. moving quickly northeast at 45 miles per hour. >> so the possibility of a tornado, so you need to be taking shelter now. if you live in black hawk county. we have the possisility of a tornado, and, again, that's along the same line that we have been tracking all afternoon long. we haven't had any reports of actual confirmed tornadoes, but we have had damage just outside of our are because of the strong winds with these thunderstorms as they pass on through the region. so here's waterloo, here is eagle center. there's hudson right there, and that's the spot that they are talking about. on the radar, not stew impressive. -- not too impressive. this won't be a spot where
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thunderstorms and these massive thunderstorms producing the super cell kind of tornados. these are going to be along the lines of thunderstorms, and along that line, a lot of times you get a littlepin up, a possible tornado. very, very hard to pin down exactly where it is unless it is spotter-indicated. that's a whole different story. but when it's radar-indicated, little bit hardeto do. again, this thihg is racing. we have been talking about half. we have been talking a couple days how this storm when these pass on through, they will be running about 50 miles per hour, and then the wind tomorrow, by the way, that wind tomorrow, about 50 miles an hour, with some of these gusts and no thunderstorms. we will see sununshine tomorrow. so looking at these storms eventually to push on in. heavy rain a possibility. quick half inch, maybe an inch and a half across the area. putting a track on th, as it moves to the north and east, i i can hear the thunder from downtown waterloo, where we are dealing with the thunderstorm.
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down towards iowa city and a bit farther to the south; dunkerton, buchanan county, you will see the wind increase across the region, as well as the intensity of the rain. this is officially a tornado warning for black hawk county.. combination of two things here. one, it is dark outside because the sun is now set. two, also have a thunderstorm passing on through the region. that light that lights up there, there's the lightning strike from o our camera. we can do the hawkeye community college camera. that one will be maybe a little better than the one in cedar falls for the time being, as the storm is a little fartherer to the souou and west. as a possibility. let's see. right now, yes, we have got thunderstorms passing on through the region, as we look at the tornado warning that's in effect until 5:45. it's for black hawk county. it does have the potential, this is radar-indicated.
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this does actually materialize to a tornado that does include all of black hbwk county just about, waterloo, cedar falls,s, laporte city, and then tapers off, or ends as you get into bremer county. so the western portion of black hawk county not under that tornado warning, but waterloo, cedar falls, over towards dewer, you are under that tornado warning. no -- fog -- nothing for independence, the storm is tracking to the north. the most intense portion of the storm sits right there.e. zoom in a little tighter, if we could. frp waterloo towards laporte city and areas to the south on max 2, if you could, throw that up there. max 1? okay. max two. there we go. appreciate that. waterloo, the storm there, laporte city, again, tornado last reported somewhere in this vicinity.
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northeasterly direction. not a ton of lightning, but a fair amount of lightning out there. there's 380 in terms of continuing on, hudson, eagle center, waterloo, down towards laporte city. heaviest rain down 218. 380. if you know anybody traveling down 380, zozo out if you could on that, from waterloo all the way down to cedar rapids, this will be a very tough go. it runs right along interstate there, if you know of anybody that -- or if you have any plans to go either sth or north on 380, stay put. you are going to run into some really heavy rain for a period of time. these storms are racing quickly northeast about 50 miles per hour. you got maybe about 15, 20 minutes if y y want to just hold onto that, before you get outside, and head out. that will be grabbing the steering wheel, going to be tough going there. so be cautious, because the wind is also pretty strong, as well as you will have ponding on the roads with some of the
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along highway 20 here, waterloo, dewer, jessup, there's somef the storms tracking northeast. >> radar indicated for johnson in linn county until 6:00. >> okay. >> severe thunderstorm that was located over tipton, 10 miles northwest of iowa city, moving very fast, northeast at 55 miles per hour. >> not surprising -- >> cld you switch over to max 2? >> we have been doing the same thing throughout the day today, this line of thunderstorms, and within that we mentioned that the damaging straight line wind the primary threat. an isolated tornado is a possibility. better chance of actually producing a tornado was if these thunderstorms in fans of this line developed early this afternoon. that -- in advance of thi line. that happenenein central and western iowa, where they did have some damage. so far we haven't had that situation, and now these
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congealed into a line of orms, and the potenal for an isolated tornado or spin-up along tha line.. skoe even if we -- so even if we don't have a tornado within this area, we do have the potential for seeing winds in excess of 60 miles per hour, as the storm moving to the north and east. so it will be approaching right now nororth liberty,y,ver towards iowa city, oxford, you are just about done. that storm now moving away from the area. yes, officially in the tornado warning, but the threat for any severe weather is probably a bit farther to the north and east. over towowds solon, as it continues in towards southeastern linn county. not officially for cedar rapids, maybe southeast side a possibility, but, yes, showers and t thoms off to your west -- thunderstorms to your west. still under the thunderstorm warning at this hour. some gusty wind, in excess of 60 miles per hour expected. haven't had any reports of any
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mainly heavy rain, or -- so putting it right in this vicinity along high bay 3 -- excuseme, highway 6 there, that would be the potential where the tornado is. so between tiffin and oxford, areas south and west, doing okay as the storm moves further to the north and east. we have a live picture from iowa city. if we could go to that, wherever the director wanan to throw it up on the screen. there it is. live picture from iowa city, looking at the rain pushing on into the region. there's your lightning in the background there. with some thunder. camera is getting wititthth obviously y getting wet. obviously it is in a safe area. you need to be cautious with the thunder and lightning with our repoers out there. be very cautious. let's take it back inside onto the radar and see what's going on. there's dunkerton, dewer, tornado warning for black hawk county.
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air. we will take this right through 5:45. so no -- at this point, doesn't lookokike we'll have any of the regular news at this point, since the warning is until 5:45. go ahead. >> righttnow, possibility around highway 63 and the 20 interchange, that's kind of where we get the rotation, north of orange in the area around san marnen, there could rotation withinhe storm. going to zoom out to get a track within that storm. it is moving quickly out around 50 miles per hour, moving to the northea. let's put a track on the possibility of rotation. 50 miles per hour. you see if you live in waterloo, you need to be taking shelter now. within a sturdy structure in the basementntr the center of your room. again, that's in the waterloo
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river front said yum, 5:15. valley high school since it isssibility of the waterloo area, i am g waterloo right now to see. a lot of lightning associated withito be the possibility of a tornado on the ground. this continues to just be a radar-indicated storm. no r rorts of a tornado on the ground, but radar kated possibility of a tornado -- radar indicated possibility of the tornado. if we could switch to what you should do during a warning. waterloo area, take shelter insi a sturdy structure, go to the lowest floor underground, basement is the best area to be, if you do not have a basement, get into the inside, interior of your bblding, a great place to be is bathrooms, just get to the tub, throw something over your
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mattress, and get under@ something sturdy if possible. stay away from windows. ven if tre is no tornado with this storm, there is straight-line winds, you could have trees coming down, branches blowing@around. stay away from windows, and if you are in a mobile home, we urgeou to plelee get out of that mobile home, and find a sturdy structure. take cover somewhere where you know it is going to be safe. we go back to the radar here. there are that tornado warning also continuing black hawk. going to go down to the soutrn shot down there towards the south. get another view on that one. national weather service still continues to just say thunderstorms, wind damage coming out of these storms. haven't had any reports of tornadoes on the ground, but these continue to be radar-indicated storms. this one looks really messy.
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hook echo or any rotation possible within this one. right now, they are puttingng the tornado warning north of the north liberty area. >> north of iowa city as well. let's go over to hawkeye community college cacamera. from ourur waterloo camera, storm track 7 live weather net camera. we are looking off from the distance to the west, max point. there it is. there's the distance. as we look at the camera there, now that it's dark, and we try to look for the lightning. that's our flashlight for our spotters. we look at the storm off in the distance, do we see anything once we get that quick glimpse of lightning. and do we see that quick glimpse of a sort of cloud structure that would be of concern. you can see the lightning again, that's again att night, it's dark, this is our, you know, mother nature's flashlight to help us see
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this is a live picture, heavy rain falling, thunderstorms, storm track 7 live weather nenetwork camera, hawkeyeye community y llege on the south side, waterloo, we are looking at a lot of clouds, again, don't see a whole lot that would be of any concern when it comes to a tornado in this direction. we were looking to the west, unless they have changed the direction ofofhe camera, but we are looking right into the storm as it pushes on into the region. we take another camera shot, see if we can get one, let's go back to the radar, we will change it over andnd see if we can get another camera shoot of cedar falls or waterloo, looking towards the west and south. that will give us another vantage point, maybe we can look at our skycam on top of our building, maybe we can set that up and look towards the west and southwest and see how things are shaping up. there's janesville, cedar falls, waterloo. we look at the storm maybe off to the north and east, because that will be moving away a you can see, the threaeat for any severe weather, probably not going to be in the waterloo, cedar falls area. my concern would be more over
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well as gilbertville, right in thaticinity over towards jessup, as it continues to track in the 5:45. sg o roi continue to monitor thete update as thecross the region. again, these will continue to track to the northeasterly direction, track on that again, the leading edge of this red-shaded area, granted we are looking ax rain in advance of that, but this is the area of concern, so that's the time track on that, olin 5:34, dunkerton 5:16, pretty much right there. maynard at 5:41, fayette a 5:49, west union at 5:55. valley high school at 6:03, and postville at 6:13. again, that goes well beyond
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it is going to give people advance notice if this little area of the line of thunderstorms passes farther outside that warning, and heads in that direction, a a holds together. >> getting an updada on this warning right now, the one in black hawk county. zoom in just a bit on it, so we can get an idea of where the national weather service is looking on this warning. go to the -- what they have coming in, moving northeast at 45 miles per hour. possible rotation, possible tornado indicated with radar rotation, that's four miles northwest of evans daley or four miles -- evansdale moving quickly at 45 miles per hour. also capability of th storm producing strong winds,e have had reporor coming i i across the area of around 50 to 60-mile-per-hour winds, and some reports coming out of western and central iowa from the storms earlier today, had
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blown over, this is the report up around the boone county area, reports of trees being knocked over, because of strong winds associated with the storms. >> i notice that what makes it interesting will be here as we get closer to the storm as it starts to exit black hawk county, we start get to a fferent mindndset, forecast opposites, the one covering black hawk county the storm here, dunkerton, evansdale, oak run road there, and just areas to the north and east where the heaviest of that storm is. but once that storm now moves into northeast and it gets into buchanan county, that's a different coverage area for the national weather service, that coverage area is for the national weather service out of the quad cities. so they, if they are going to issue any warnings, they are going to issue the ones for buchanan county. then you get into fayette county, that's another
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another mindset they are looking at. all three offices are watching this here, because they are going to figure out what's' going to happen as you get into buchanan, as well as into fayette county, as i it moves to the north and east. here's a picture. looks like a live shot from our storm track 7 live weather network camera in cedar falls. hard-pressed to see what direction. is that the dome right there? that may -- that might be the dome. hard to say. clouds therer can't really tete what that is. probably not much clearing. hard pressed to see on that. the sun is down, so that's not going to be the issue. and you are looking towarards the dome there. that's on the west side, so i think that's a westerly direction. i think that was the dome in the dips -- distance. showers afd thunderstorms here. there's thunderstorms right now, cedar rapids and iowa city, vere thunderstorms
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again, we do have this one tornado warning, and again along that line, could be a little spin-up or isolated tornado a possibility. starting to see some of these counties drop off, severe thundndstorm warnings, anan again, once that line passes by, we are not looking at much in the way of any severe weather at this point, so, ain, it is just along that line that we have some severe weather. so run down the warnings, this one for 5:45. black hawk county, mainly the northeastern part of black hawk county, north and east of waterloo until 5:30, about another 10 more minutes. also have a severe thunderstorm warning for johnson, linn, washington county, just about all of the county, and -- all of those counties, that's until 5:45, for another 25 more minute. and one tornado warning here, still in effect, that's along the line of the thunderstorms, little spin up a possibility, and an isolatethunderstorm in there -- isolated tornado in there. damaging straight-line wiwi, primarthreat whenn it comes to the thunderstorms as they
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dubuque, we have been tracking these. we are still looking at them. widespread, new warnings. all new warnings being issued. national weather service knowing this is going to continue well out in advance, doing two warnings at a time now, off in the distance, as it gets towards the quad cities. they have no this line is going to stay together and it is goingngo continue to track towards the east, and again, the potential for some severe weather. this is exactly what we were showing you last night during our 5:00 and 6:00 newscast, updated at 10:00, through the morning, today at noon, all the model guidance was indicated the strongest storm potential across our southern counties, with general rain across our northern counties, with a few thunderstorms. so the new warnings now, just to the east o ojohnson, as well as washington county. those would include cedar and jones county, as you get over, assuming scott county in there, and --
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some of the history that these storms, this line that just was issued underneath that new severe thunderstorm warning until 6:15, the reports that we have coming out of this line of storms, they are delayed just because the storms are moving so fast, but around henry county, there was a report from a train spot - trained spotter 65-mile-p-p-hour winds. trained spotter in iowa city reported 60-mile-per-hour winds out of this. some reports of pea-sized hail, but the hail reports have stayed well below warning size. they have been nickel or less, but reports of wind have been anywhere from 50 to 65 miles per hour. that's the latest reports coming in. switch over to the 12-hour reports, and you can see some of them coming in, most of them are those wininreports, so if i switch over to read some of those reports coming in, johnson, 70-mile-per-hour winds, coralville earlier, 4:55. also, 55-mile-per-hour winds in johnson county, then oxford had the report of a 70-mile-per-hour wind, and
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from iowa city of 60-mile-per-hour winds. so very significant possibility of very strong winds with these storms. good news, looks like johnson county has been dropped from the tornado warning. linn vfw mains under a washing until -- remains until 6:00. >> that includes springdale, bertram, those areas would not include the downtown area of cedar rapids or marion or hiawatha, that would all be to the south and to the east, and the threat for any of that severe weather would be southeast of bertram, including ely and solon, which the storms are rolli through those communi^ies at this point. the storm now starting too wind down near tiffin, coralville starting to see the storm move to the east. iowa city, it is coming down in buckets there, i am assuming, with the heavy rain, as well as some of that gusty wind, as it continued -- continues to the move to the north and east. that would be the potential
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continues to track to the northeast, so areas southeast wf cedar rapids, a possibility of a tornado. and thatatarning is in effect until 6:00, and you can see back up to the north here, center point, showers and thunderstorms. now a look towards black hawk county where the tornado warning was. look where the storm is. now it's across our norththst parts of the county, moving into bremer county and again now we are starting to get into different forecast coverage areas, and we will see how they play out the situation as the storm continues to move northeas so we will deal with thehe rain now, and then a thunderstorms moving away from waterloo. manchester, yes, rain, but here come the thunderstorms. let's put track on this right here. get some folks in manchester a time frame there on arrival time for those areas, as the storm pushes in. if we could put a track on that right there, from buchanan, say independence to center point, north and east. folks delaware county, you will be able to see the storm
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manchester in particular, 5:47. and winthrop at 5:31, elcader, 6:03, prairie du chien 6:23. that's the time frame, 7:00, as we get into the far eastete counties, galena, dubuque, belleview, little cell to the east of machlqoukda. maybe you have some lawn chairs in your backyard. mine is now halfway across the yard because of the strong wind that passed on through the area. my wife sending a picture of the lawn chair, the deck chair knocked off the deck. weather wise, the possibility. some things get knocked around in some of these thunderstorms as they past east. cedar rapapids to thehe south, gusty winds. again, it is this narrow line. every time you get a bend in
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may be a little spin-up of seeing a tornado. >> right now, the only tornado warning we have is for black hawk hawk. its a -- >> let's see what's going on across the area. watches and warnings and such. again, northern counties, it is rain. as you s@e on the back edg of this -- let's do something a little different, denise. let's stop the radar for a second. give me a track from the back of that yellow line, and then take the whole thing. do the entire coverage area, move to the northeast. this is an idea. these numbers in these areas are going to be the times that the heaviest of t rain ends, so this is not a track of when ititstarts, this is a track for when it's going to come to an end of the heaviest of the rain. so waterloo, rain again should be tapering off fairly
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storm passes by, which it has, cedar rapids, 5:39, 5:42 again, t ts is when the heaviest of the rain will end in your area, and still have some showers there as you can see, but it is the back edge of that line. so this gives you an idea of when the heaviest of rain will stop if you have any plans you need to head out, when you want to hold off til. 5:51 in olin, new hampton, 6:02. this is the back edge, the end of the heavy rain or end of the thunderstorm, as they move east. anchester 6:04. monticello at 6:13, and elcader 6:20. this is the back of that line of thunderstorms. not the leing edge, like we normally show you, this is something different.. kind of like when i comes to an end for these storms, and then because i say that, because look at this. all the way back west of des moines, we are dry. mayb a little drizzle or patchy drizzle in here, but nothing lili this area of rain. this is rain; this is snow.
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so we have got this that will swing through, then we have this window of opporortunityf dry weather across the area during the evening hours, the rest of the evening hours, because we are only at 5:30. this will all be out of here roughly, southwestern counties by 6:00, maybe 7:00, 8:00, across our northeastern counties, and then we will be dealing with this by closer to midnight. a couple of warnings that have show up, that's down towards the quad citi@s. so not anticipating any of these warnings. the national weather service out of lacrosse or des moines -- excuse me, des moines passing the baton over to davenport and lacrosse. they have not issued warnings as the storms continue to track to the north. not anttipating any warnings at this point. maybe from that or that, but this up here, that is just rain. that's just going to be rain for you guys across our northern counties.
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prairie du chien, decorah. ponding is a possibility. a quick inch, inch and a half some locations. not anticipating severe weather at this point. and really not -- the closest lightning is the southern part of that map there. olin southward. this is the lyon right here -- the line right here, that's the one that has the possibility of seeing severe weather. also maybe something embedded in here, maybe an additnal warning may pop up as it gets closer. there's dubuque. let's put a time lapse, take it from right here. do a track here. take it up towards dubuque, if we can do that up to the north and east. so we are looking at that time frame moving to the north and east. and again, that should be impacting monticello 5:45, dubuque at 6:21. east dubuque at 6: 2. so we -- wf 22. we don't have any mlre warnings when it comes to tornado warnings. still have severe thunderstorm arnings. we will continue to track those warnings. we will also have a watch that remains in effect until 9:00, but the storm potential will probably be done with before
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continue to track these storms


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