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tv   Early Today in Iowa  NBC  November 12, 2015 4:30am-4:59am CST

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today."now on today in iowa: strong storms. we're getting a look at the damage -- and we may not be out of the woods yet. more problems this morning... plus: a school bus ddiver in hot water this morning after video shows her distracted behind the wheel. and a brotherhood that extends beyond the battlefield. one veteran's kindness will now bond them togeeher forever in a different way. i'm jerry gallagher... let's check on your weather now with storm track 7 meteorologist eileennloan. good morning. the strong low pressure system continues to causs headaches over us... a few showers will continue for a couple of hours, but the main thing you will notice is the wind... a wind advisory is in effect for the
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entire area through today for strong winds... they are 20-40 mph with gusts to 55 at times this morning... temperatures are in the upper 30s to mid 40s, but wind chills are in the 20s and low 30s over much of the viewing area. we will keep the winds gusting to around 50 mph today and temperatures will likely be falling all day long. it will stay gusty through tomorrow and i will let you know if the winds die down in time for the weekend in a few minutes. the top story this morning: the
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as of now: power is the big issue this morning. at last check -- we now there are 700 without power in linn county, 400 in benton county and mmre than 100 in black hawk county. yesterday, the line of fast-moving storms left damage in central iowa. in des moines, a possible tornado s reported by the des moines airport control tower about 3:30 wednesday afternoon. in knoxville, part of the roof caved in at the walmart. then they made us go to the us all get out. some schools like west des moines and waukee keep students inside their buildings until the storms passed. neighborhoods were left without power in central iowa. big oak trees crumbled.
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wind gusts shattered the glass at an elementary school, and snapped a power pole at its base. today, a national weather service tam will examine everything too figure out if straight-line winds, or a tornado caused the damage. some trees couldn't handle the power of wednesday's storm. this tree was knocked over on gilbertville road in black hawk cocoty. no one was hurt. this video gives you a sense of how powerful the winds were. a sign in downtown cedar rapids is hanging on -- and again -- as we've been talking about wind remains a big concern again today. the storms forced many of you to take shelter. when those alerts roll in --- sometimes you don't have the luxury of being at home. in black hhwk county--they got creative at a grocery store to help shoppers. when a tornado warning hit -- employees at hy-vee had to think fast.... they moved people into the coolers to wait out the storm. "like being in there? oh it there so they were shivering pretty bad" store managers say the lockers
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the@most logical pce for customers to go since they're sturdy d far from windows. continuing coverage: a tragedy along an eastern iowa highway. a woman died when she was hit by a semi -- as she walkeddalong highway 30 in linn county last night. the sheriff's office says she was in the eastbound lanes when she was hit. the woman's name is not being released investigatorsay weather could be one reason why a plane crashed into an apartment building. the crash killed all nine people on the plane in ohio. no one on the ground was hurt. the n-t-s-b says it found the cockpit voice recorder. investigators will start recovering other parts of the plane later today. one man was killed and more than a dozen people hurt when a house exploded in new jersey. surveillance video from a building across the street shows the exact moment when the roof blew off the home -- sending debris high into the sky. two people are in critical
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condition with savere burns, including an 11- year-old child. man has a close call with aa school bus.. and says he couldn't believe his eyes when he caught a glimpse of the driver. he says the bs driver almost sideswiped his truck.. and didin't even notice. it hhpened in virginia. he says it apears thebus her hands -- as she was driving the bus with several students on bard. "i could've literally rolled the the bus, that's how close e got to us." a statement from the school system says student safety is a priority and they will investigate what happened. a standoff at a construction site is over. police say a gunman climbed to the top of a building in san francisco. a swat team was called in -- and police shut down some streets. police said the suspect robbed a sporting goods store earlier in the day and was carrying a rifle he had taken from the store. onc the suspect saw the
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officers, he pointed the gun at them. officers then shot him -- and the suspect died. college students walk out -- saying their own school is doing little to repond to racial incidents. the walkout at ithacaacollege in new yyk comes on the heels of the problems at missouri -- where the university president resigned. at ithaca -- students claim public safety officers said some things that were offensive -- and they're upset about an invitation sst by a mpus frat -- an invitation they call racially insensitve. this week, the student government association sent out an email asking for a vote of "confidence" or "no confidence" in the school's president. now to decision 2016: almost all the candidates will be in iowa or new hampshire today. all that policy talk from this week's debate is spilling over on the campaign trtrl. tracie potts is in washington with more on who's answering those policy questions, and who's not. tough policy issues that stumped the frontrunners in thi week's debate:
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"china's not part of this deal." continue in new hampshire. donald trump.. offering few details on how he'd humanely deport 11 million thing." ben carson - who now says he supports boots on the ground in syria - isn't elaborating on his deate comment that china is invved there: "i would have to refer you to some other people." ted cruz and marco rubio seem to be gearing up for a faceoff. this was cruz in new hampshire last night, on rubio and immigration: "when the fight was being fought, where did you tand?" rubio's doubling down on tough talk against russia's leader: "that's what he is - he's a gangster." jeb bush... who held his own amid struggling numbers... is targeting donald trump's promise to send syrian refugees home: "wow. i'm thinking, donald to their slaughter. is that the america that represents?" divisions highlighted in this week's ebate.. playiig out on thth
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bush was jusendorsed by former republican nominee bob dole. i'm tracie potts in washington, now bbk to you. the democrats are getting ready for a debate on saturday in des moines. today, a retired u-s army captain receives the military's highest honor. captain flo groberg will be presented with the medal of honor by president obama. he ws born in france and became a u-s citizen in 2001. he's being honored for his actitins three years ago -- whenn he put himself between his men and a suicide bomber. he is the tenth living medal of honor recipient from the wars in iraq and afghanistan. this week, as we spend more tte honoring those who've served -- some troops are getting ready to group out of cedar rapids will deploy as a part of operation enduring freedom. the unit will be goneefor a year but first, they're training... spending time at the armed forces reserve center in cedar rapids.
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afghanistan... they say working as a team is critical to their success. "we knknw at the end f the day and to come home safely to our families, our real, our big family back home. i mean, the army is our family too." a sendoffferemony is pllned for sunday morning at the armed forces reserve center in cedar rapids. a group of veterans touring the george w. buu library receives a big surprise. the former president showed up to thank them for their service. "one of the things i'm dedicated to for the rest of my life is he shook hands, posed for pictures, and signed books for the veterans. a 70-year old vietnam veteran is helping a fellow teran in a didierent battle now. meg baker tells us about the different bond they will now have. theirs is a lasting bond. "in march of '68, he walks in be kidding me,' and we trained
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together and went to vietnam brother henry "bill" warner in another battle. "for our troops, he would have given an arm and a leg, so why traveled across theecountry from washington state to donate a kidney to his old pal, who settled in brightwaters in suffolk county after the war. warner's kidneys failed after heart bypass surgery in june 2014, thrusting h hm into dialysis. after a relative and other donor possibilities didn't work out, middaugh didn't hesitate. "there's a lot of meaning to that 'brothers in arms.'" now, both 73, their friendship goes back more than 45 years, to fort carson, colorado, where they were training to go to war. both received purple hearts for their service, during months of fighting. when they got a break, they used to pass the time talking about what they would do after the army. both men married, raised two sons and a daughter, but have lived thousands of miles apart. "needless to say we'll be
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kept in mind a pririiple the army taught him: know your men and look out for their welfare -- exactly what he's doing now. "well, we've put out life on the line in other missions in he would do the same for me. there's no doubt in my mind." we still have a lot to get to this morning... including a veterans day ceremony that comes with a gift for a family they've been waiting 70 years for. a touching story... plus -- let's hope this family gets a discount on their groceries next time. what they say they found in a bag of grapes is hard to stomach. winds continue to gust to 50 mph
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from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team. see the screen for your complete weather information. here is additional forecast information weather team: a very strong low pressure system caused a lot of problemm yesterday with a lot of storm reports in iowa... we have several in our reports and wind gusts reported up to 70 mph as the line of storms tracked through the area.
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from yesterday... we get rid of the thunderstorms today, but we keep the wind. gusts will be around 50 mph much of the day today and won't die much for tomorrow. cuurent gusts aree running between 45 and 55 mph this morning with a wind advisory ctinuing `hrough this evening. stormtrack7 live weather netwwrk cameras will be shaking most of the day.... temps will have a hard time climbing, but may be able to gain a ffw degrees today. i hink they will be mainly falling, but it will feel cold no matter what as cooler air works into the arara and wind chills are in the 20s to low 30s over much of the state. winds are 20-40 mph over most of iowa with gusts to 50 over mossof the area as well. they stat
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night and will pick up a bit again for tomorrow. the low continueg to track through the area on a track that will keep the winds around through friday. winds will remain very strong today with gusts to 50 mph ffr much of the dayytemperatures ill most likely ll throughout the day. winds will stay gusty tonight, to 35 mph, and will create wind chills in the mid teens by morniig. gusts to 35 mph continue tomorrow with highs in the mid to upper 40s. the weekend looks pretty good, though, assthe winds c cperate ananhighs get back into the mid 50s. a series of systems track through next week keeping a chance of
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still to come this morning: this may describe what coffee lovers feel when they get that first cup this morning... ut it's also o art of a keeping a chance of rain in the forecast. still to come this morning: this may describe what coffee lovers feel whhn they get that first cup this morning... but it's also part of a holiday celebration. and it comes after another coffee giant stirred up a christmas controversy. plus -- this goes beyond sour grapepe. seeehat one family found inside its groceries. you're watching kwwl. we've got you covered in sumner, alburnet, arlington and all of eastern& iowa
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company is serving up.
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dunkindonuts unveils its holiday season coffee cup. e white cup has the word "joy" surrounded by a wreath. this of course comes after starbucks took heat for getting rid of its christmas- themed cups for blank red cups this year. starbucks says it did that so customers could get creative themsells -- and add their own holiday decorations. dunkin donuts says its cups are part of a holiday tradition and the world's two biggest beer makers -- make it officiall anheueuer-busch annooced a final agreement on to buy miller for 107 billion dollars. the new company will make almost a third of the world's beer. the combined company does not have a name yet. one family has its own take on the grapes of wrath. check out what they found in their groceries. a woman in pennsylvania says she found a black widow spider in the grapes she bought at a store last week. pliers, one of its legs, and i en you could see the little red hourglass. i was like 'you've got to be kidding me."
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the store says it's taking the matter very seriously -- but did inspect all other grapes -- and found no spiders or other insects. 70 years after making the ultimate sacrifice for his country --- a falls oldier's bracaclet is returned to his family. guy hawkins brother robert died when he was just 19 years old. the pilot was stationfd in germany when his plane had engine trouble and crashed. his long trip home. "it's something to remember my brother by and i am sure my family and iwill be very proud to have." he's a retired air force lilitenant colonel of the air force -- and he traveled from texas to his hometown in illinois for the vetererns day ceremony. the time is we are 43 days from christmas -- and already -- we're seeing some gifts flying off the shelves. find out
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thanksgiving. courtney reagan has some advice if you have a specific toy in mind to go under the tree this year. procrastinators beware, the national retail leaving many items already in short supply, even though black holiday season, the iconic l.l. bean bbots are "extremely limited" in supply...with some styles backordered until the end of february...20-16 jim silver ceo of consumer review sit t-t-p-m says many lego products are selling "phenomenally", as are the "paw patrol" toys. disney says star wars collectibles are early best the diecast figures sold at the disney store. the fisher price beatbo" baby toy is backordered until november 20th. so with early sell outs already making headlines industry watchers are telling shoppers: don't wait. "if there is a toy that your child really really wants err on the side buying that early." tech toys are hot
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too...the sky viper cera drone several days. according to a survey by fusionops, consumers say a shortage of in-demand smartphones will cause the biggest problems, followed by shortages for video games guitar hero live, call of duty black ops 33and star warr 4 americans surveyed by fusionops say they'd be willing to "play dirty" if that's what it takes to walk out of a store with the last hot holiday gift. here's a quick look at stormm track seven live doppler radar. meteorologist eileen loan has the forecast for us next.
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check of your storm track seven forecast. wind advisory continues today. verr strong winds wwll continue today with gusts to 50 mph.
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gusts to 35 mph will track through tonight and tomorrow with wind chills dipping into the teens by friday back into the 50s. a chance of it's and coming up on todayyin iowa. a police officer is injured after being confronted by a man with a gun. plus... the heated debate over a pipeline which would run through iowa continues today. more on that when ally crutcher joins us
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