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tv   Early Today in Iowa  NBC  November 17, 2015 4:30am-5:00am CST

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let's check on your weather now with storm track 7 meteorologist eileen loan. good morning. areas of rain and a few thunderstorms will continue to track north into and through the area today. with all that extra moisture in the air, we have some fog... visibilities have been as low as a mile in some of these locations, so be aware you may have to slow down this morning. temperatures are very nice... still in the upper 40s to low 50s and should go up as warmer air streams into the state, although, southeast winds are 10-20 mph, gusting to 30 mph already this morning and will keep a damp chill in the air. we will also keep the chances of rain in the air today... with some heavy stuff off and on,
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especially this afternoon and into the evening. some rain could be heavy at times and we may hear thunder. highs will be will eventually taper off, but it may breaking news overnight: russia says terrorists blew up a plane in egypt last month. all 224 people on the plane -- most of them tourists from russia -- died. russia said this morning -- the plane was brought down by a homemade explosive. isis says it's behind that attack. add that to the one in paris last week -- and there is a greater sense of urgency this morning to go after isis. tracie potts tells us president obama's plan is drawing criticism... as more than a dozen governors say no to syrian refugees. secretary of state kerry in paris this morning... assessing the damage. "a strategy has to be sustained." president obama is promising more airstrikes. a u-s carrier is on the way. but he's getting plenty of criticism for no boots on the ground to go get it." "he's not interested in
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america winning. he said i don't have time for that." "how infuriating that mrs. clinton and president obama cannot call this evil what it is" "the right number of boots on the ground is whatever the pentagon says." on capitol hill, lawmakers question whether diplomacy will work to end the conflict in syria: " experience tells us that hostile forces don't reach political agreements if they're winning on the battlefield." "let's face it... europe hasnt been exactly out there on the front edge with us" and back home: pushback. at least 18 governors are rejecting syrian refugees in their states... fearing isis could slip in. "we can't take that chance." "i will not roll the dice and take the risk on allowing a few refugees in simply to expose texans to that danger." all but one of those governors
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tracie potts, nbc news, washington. governor terry branstad joins a growing list of governors closing their states to syrian refugees. i don't want people coming here without a very careful vetting. make sure that there's no isis operation. he says he wants no syrian refugees should come to iowa until there's a federal review. that comes after a syrian passport was found near one of the paris attackers. a dubuque woman who started a go "it's our moral and ethical, and involved with that, and a lot of letting more refugees into
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those who support the governor's plan say the u-s doesn't have a formal relationship with the syrian government, meaning it could be easier for a terrorist to slip through the cracks. today, national security is the focus of a meeting on capitol hill. members of the senate and house will be part of a hearing on homeland security. the u-s secret service direction is expected to testify as lawmakers ask questions about protection at home in light of friday's attacks in paris. people in new york can expect to see more security after friday's attacks. the city's new critical response command team is being activated. "france was our first ally as a well that also underscores the urgency of your mission-how important it is and how timely it is." the mayor says he believes there is no safer city in the country than new york city when it comes to
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countering terrorism. lights flashing, dozens of squad cars on the interstate... but not for a crash. protesters shut down part of i-94 in minneapolis. they're upset about a shooting involving officers. police shot a man sunday morning. he was a suspect in a domestic violence case -- and officers say he interfered with paramedics and fought with them...which is why he was shot. the officers involved were not wearing body cameras and dashcam video has not been made public. fifty one people were arrested after protesters shut down part of interstate 94 in minneapolis for more than two hours monday night. the city of baltimore is taking heat this morning over the way it handled protests earlier this year. a law enforcement think tank says police were not prepared to deal with it. they didn'thave the right training and equipment. many people rioted after a man died from a spinal injury -- an injury he suffered in custody. six officers have been charged in connection with his death. dozens of college students walk
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out of class in protest. they're calling for changes at their school. the walkout happened at the university of south carolina. one thing students want is more "i'm here today because our demands are not new. we've we're tired of just working on it. we're trying to let them know that we are here. we will not be silent and we still have things to do." the group has a list of demands -- which the university says it will meet. new this morning: we're seeing some of the damage caused by tornadoes on monday. tornadoes ripped through the texas panhandle -- downing power lines and damaging buildings. the national weather service says five tornadoes touched down. several business -- including a halliburton plant -- were damaged. the plant was closed at the time.. but the company says the storm caused a chemical leak at the plant. no reports of any major injuries. it's not tornadoes -- but snow -- causing problems in other parts of the country.
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saw several inches of snow yesterday. drivers were forced to deal with whiteout conditions. other people are excited about it -- saying it's a boost for the economy -- as two ski resorts could open. a gruesome discovery at a campsite. six bodies have been found. on sunday -- police found a man and a woman dead in a trailer about 100 miles southeast of dallas. deputies learned four other people had also been at the campside -- and were missing. their bodies were later found in a pond. one man has been arrested and charged with murder. in a kwwl follow-up this morning: a man is behind bars in eastern iowa -- accused of murder at a motel. we first told you about this investigation yesterday on today in iowa. the linn county sheriff's office was called the ced-rel motel. investigators found jimmy-john lint on the floor of a room. he had been stabbed. he later died. police later arrested and charged this man -- michael lehman -- with first degree
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murder. lehman made his first court appearance on monday. the judge week. a man from raymond is going to prison for a long time for causing a deadly crash. joshua dunt pleading guilty to vehicular homicide. his car collided head on with warren van wie's car last year in washburn. van wie died. "warren made a huge impact on a lot of people....he had a lot kid" toxicology reports show dunt was under the influence of xanax and another prescription drug. he was sentenced to 25 years. iowa state is investigating whether an act of vandalism was motivated by race. someone sprayed shaving cream on the statue of george washington carver. he was the university's first african american student.
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"we're looking into this now, that captures that area, we're putting things out on social media, and seeking input from the public to help us identify who may have done this. iowa state's president says the motive is unclear -- but says the school takes this act of vandalism very seriously and will investigate it. decision 20-16 coverage this morning. the gop field is still very crowded -- but that doesn't bother an iowa lawmaker. he knows who he's backing. republican congressman steve king made the announcement on monday -- telling everyone who "i believe ted cruz is the god will use to restore the soul of america." cruz was not there for the announcement as he was campaigning in south carolina earlier in the day. recent polls
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in iowa have cruz behind ben new this morning: a democratic presidential hopeful plans to pay more attention to iowa. martin o'malley is shifting staff and resource to iowa -- as his campaign struggles to raise money. the former maryland governor is behind hillary clinton and bernie sanders in the polls. this morning, another message from the state to get a flu shot. this -- after two men died because of the flu. the two men who died were from central iowa -- and were between 40 and 60 years old. the cdc says iowa, oregon, and rhode island have the highest rates of the flu in the country right now. each year, 300 thousand iowans get the flu. about one- thousand die from complications -- including pneumonia. a first for fast food. by the end of next year, taco bell says it will serve exclusively cage free eggs exclusively by the end of next year. taco bell isn't the first national fast food chain to announce the switch, but the company says it'll be the first to get it done. we still have a lot to get to this morning... including technology giving us a new look at how
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firefighters do their job. they also hope this will help them solve crimes. plus a big youth movement on the basketball court. they're battling for playing time... showers and thunderstorms continue to track through the
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weather information. here is additional forecast information from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team: showers and isolated storms will track through today and tonight with more rain and drizzle tomorrow. it will also be breezy,
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on thursday as we get in between systems. we only had a little rain yesterday with most of us only getting a quarter inch or so, but we have a lot more rain heading our way for today and tonight. stormtrack7 live weather network cameras will show mainly gloomy, wet conditions today... and probably some fog off and on. it is warm this morning with temps in the upper 40s to low 50s in our area... and even a few upper 50s to low 60s in southwest iowa. southeast winds are 10-20 mph, gusting to 30 and will stay strong today through tomorrow and even into thursday as this system will slowly track through the region. lots of rain is headed our way as the low tracks
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through kansas... and then heads north toward sioux falls. the front it is dragging through iowa will keep rain and drizzle, and maybe a few storms, in the state through tonight. there is a lot of moisture with this system, so we could see some locally heavy rainfall... most of us will see a half inch to around 2 inches, but some could see more... just depends on how the rain and storms track through. today will be the best day for the heavy rainfall with showers and isolated storms. highs in the mid 50s to low 60s will drop only in the upper 40s to low 50s tonight with southeast winds continuing at 10-20 mph. we stay breezy tomorrow and we will keep a 50/50 shot of rain in the viewing area. highs will be in the low
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to mid 50s and may drop as the front tracks through the region. thursday will be dry, but windy and cooler with highs in the mid 40s.. probably early with the potential for falling temps for the afternoon. a disturbance tracking through on friday could bring some rain and snow showers, but it will bring cooler temps. highs for the weekend will only be in the mid 30s. it's still to come this morning: an extra set of eyes for firefighters could help them solve a playground fire. plus -- a five- year-old helps save the day -- and has a dream come true at the same time. a police department steps in to salute a boy fighting for his life. you're watching kwwl. we've got
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marion, new albin and all of eastern iowa
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have. a firefighter in ohio was wearing a camera on his helmet friday night when he started spraying water on a playground fire. the fire itself was small, but it was big enough to destroy the town's only only playground designed for smaller children. arson is expected... and that's where the helmet cam comes in. investigators will use videos like these to help them analyze fires... to see if there are patterns that can help them pinpoint where the fire started or any other clues that will solve arson cases. a well-known actor will make a revealing announcement later this morning. it's an interview you can see right here on kwwl. charlie sheen will be interviewed by matt lauer on today. there's no word yet on the specifics of that interview -- but we know sheen will make -- what's being called a revealing personal announcement. you watch today right after today in iowa. college basketball already has
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its share of early-season excitement -- including a big upset. a raucous atmosphere in our nation's capital as george washington hosted the 6th ranked virginia cavaliers. g-w hadn't beaten virginia in 40 years -- so they were ready to celebrate when the upset was official. at a different basketball game -- no one is talking about the final score. instead, they're talking about a halftime treat. check out the baby race in sacramento. the rules are simple: the first baby to crawl from one parent to the other is the winner. one baby got a huge jump on the rest of the field and it seemed like it was her game to win, but she chose to take a break just a few feet from the finish line. another baby in purple storms across the court to score a come-from- behind victory. we all know the police motto -- to protect and serve. police in one state are taking the service part to the next
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true for a boy battling state four cancer. the five-year-old wants to be a police officer -- so one department in massachusetts delivered. he's now an honorary officer after being sworn in. "my whole goal in wearing this taken over me emotionally -- i'm almost at a loss for words when i'm with him." the boy was given the full tour of the station, even saved the day. police say he tracked down a suspect -- so they told him -- still to come this morning: a calendar of savings. what are the best days to shop over next.
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they're checking things off their list quickly. don't worry if you're still waiting it out... some of the best deals -- are coming up. mary moloney explains what days will save you the most money.
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federation says -- more than but according to the adobe digital index -- there's still time to shop -- and save --- if you plan. looking for toys? pick them up on the saturday before thanksgiving. you'll get about an 18 percent discount. an extra perk -- shopping early may mean those popular toys are still in stock. get those electronics the monday before thanksgiving. and you'll save on average 18 percent. want something sparkly? jewelry savings are the best on thanksgiving day -- with an average discount of 25 percent. make sure you shop soon -- because typically jewelry prices go up closer to the holidays. if someone on your list needs clothes -- you can wait. usually those big discounts happen the closer you get to the holidays. for consumer watch -- i'm mary moloney today in iowa continues in a
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eileen loan is back with another
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forecast. showers, drizzle and isolated storms today/tonight with locally heavy rainfall. rain ends wednesday but temps will fall into the 40s for thursday with windy with much cooler temps for the "you're watching kwwl. we've got you covered. this is
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now on today in iowa... students and staff continue to voice their concerns about the university of iowa's new president. so what do they want now? plus... they continue to pop up everyday -- all across the internet -- baiting people in. this morning, we're taking an inside look at beating the scam. and the u-n-i panthers are set to tip off bright and early this morning at the mcleod center. we'll have a live report on that coming up. good morning, i'm ally crutcher. and i'm jerry gallagher. storm track seven
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