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tv   Today in Iowa  NBC  November 21, 2015 8:00am-9:00am CST

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than a fire overnight in waterloo. then digging out in preparation for the hawk ieye game at 11:00. how about that snow. let's go straight to check in with denise for snow fall totals. how is it looking? >> we are still tracking that snow here acroo eastern iowa, still coming down in many locations, we'll take a live look from the storm track 7 live doplar extending from dubuque into cedar rapids, you will see it come to an end in a while. heavy bands around the tipton area this is the back edge, its coming to an end across eastern
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elcadur. some areas go until noon, most of the area will see the snow 10:00 a.m. let's look at our storm track 7 weather network, snow coming down in dubuque looking over the downtown area, cedar falls roadways. you can see the roads, earlier snow. the plows have been out overnight clearing off the road, we are seeing improvement on the road conditions. here are the road conditions across eastern iowa, we've seen blackhawk improve with partial covered roadways and that extends out towards independ denials and towards cedar rapids. grundy, butler county still having advisories not to travel. if you don't have to be out try
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snow totals, waterloo coming in at 12.7 inches, dubuque around 10.2. cedar rapids at 7 inches and iowa city 8 inches. more snow totals coming up and more details coming up in a little bit. >> thanks, denise. a quick traffic alert, a crash earlier this morning on i-80 eastbound near oxford, that is closed. this is video of the back up from earlier. according to. d.o.t. that area is still blocked at this time. fire crews in waterloo working through the winter elementv overnight to fight a massive fire, this is home video of a viewer sent to us of the fire. look at that. warehouse of the fire is located 1500 block of@ grandview street. crews were called to the scene just before 6:00 yesterday evening and were on scene until about midnight, that's about six hours out in the snow last ght. the building is near the
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auto part but it wasn't their country. the fire destroyed the welding shop which was used to store metal storage racks, we are t td no one was in the building at the time of the fire. big thank you to all the firefighters out there. areas of waterloo and cedar falls reporting up to 11 inches of snow, crews have a big job. jessica is out with a look at the road conditions. jessica? >> yes, the crews must have donee a good job and been out here because a lot of the major roads, we will take a closer look are quite clear, you have a little bit of snow pack on them. any of the major roads and highways, you will start t t see a little bit of that pavement coming through as that high traffic starts to wear away that little bit of snow left. now, it's the smaller roads that you will have t t watch, those side roads, those are still really slick, the problem not
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snow but there's a layer of ice under there soyou need to take it slow because we did get stuck on our way out here to this live shot on a side road, so just take it slow, usus youou-- use caution and use your common senses because this snow, there's a lot of it and it's still a lot to be moved on those side roads by crewsws. so, we willleep you updated, kwwl news, jessica. >> thanks, jessica. the bulk of the s sw missisi the southern portion of our viewing area but clean up is underway. kristen is live in cedar rapids, how are things loooong out there? >> it looks pretty good, lauren. i'm in downtown cedar rapids and driving here the roads were better than expected, i was able to drivehe regulul speed limit on all the road however my neighborhood was a different story.
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this video was shot downtown within the last half hour. as you can see many plows appear to be out,t, downtown sidewalks i've seen have been shoveled and shape. the wind are blowing, that's something to keep in mind as far as drifting and flurries arre still coming down. i'm working to get in touch with those in charge as to whether the plows have yet to reach most of the neighborhoods and side roads. i will keep you updated a a i learn more. we have you covered live, in cedar rapids, kristen, kwwl. >> thanks. we are told the d.o.t. has 90 snowplows out today. to get the latest information head to our website for a full listt of cancellations, go there and check it out. something that is not canceled, we received a call from the general manager from
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operation. time is 8:06, still to come, the hawkeyesill play their first snow gam in nearly 25 years. a live report from iowa city is weather. >> snow is falling across portions of the viewing aea from dubuque to iowa city and washington, we will track the system as it tracks to the east, we will have snow totals and
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>> lauren: the snow is finally coming to an end. we will have clearing skies, i kept this in the low for the afternoon becauau the winin wilil pick up, they will be from the northwest 10 to 20, could have icy locations with the snow blowing around, for the rest of the weekend not too bad. mostly cloudy tomorrow, should warm up and see above freezing temperatures by monday. currently live doplar radar can
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backdge around elcadur, down towards cedar rapids, you will see it move out if the next h@ur or so, same story in iowa a t it. as we zoom in you can see man chester, you can see the snow letting up, you can see the darker bands around dubuque, tition seeing a darker band, a report of a few accidents along i-80, take it slow if you have to be out,dvice would be to stay in until the plows can clear off the roadways. across the state you can see there is clearing, we are seeing sunshine towards northwest and central iowa and i wouldh not be surprised if we see sunshine here across portionon of the viewing areaea as the clearing starts to work its way in. so, winter storm warnings are in effect this morning at least for the next hour for some locations, areas toward the south, it's been extended until noon because the snow is hanging on a little longer. i expect most of the area to see
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it out of hereby 10:00 a.m. you can see where the snow is falling with zero visibility in washington, snow has ended in the northwest. we had a record broken in terloo, midnight to midnight snow total yesterday of 10.5 inches. the previous was 2.6 set back in 1956, we shattered that record the waterloo a aa. here are more snow totals. fay heette, 11.3. aa few more reports, north liberty 6 inches, 5 inches in wellman. our storm track 7 live network video in waterloo showing the roads looking good, you can see we have mainly clearing along those roads, seeingome sunshinene across waterloo.
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looks like pretty good along i-380 but the exit ramp is lookinin slick so use caution. those road conditions still reporting in with partially to mostly covered roadways, still travel not advised in grundy county, up toward butler. if you live in the areas, see these areas with mostly covered roadways, you want to stay indoors until the road get treated. be aware if youave to head out slow down and use caution for this morning. we have great pictures come in, if you have been able to stay inside, this is from cedar falls, a nice layer of snow, maybe a footf snow from maureen in the cedar falls area. you can see pretty picture of the snow. we would love to see your snow photos, send to us by facebook or twitter or e-mail at weather at mperatures we are in the teens, 16 in new hampton, wind
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around 10 to 20 miles a hour, wind will stay strong throughout the day today. if you have to go outside and shovel, bundle up. with the wind it is feeling pretty chilly. feels like 7 in waterloo, 9 in the olwine a"ea. all the snow should be moved out by 10:00 or 11:00 t this morning, sunshine through the afternoon but wreezy, watch out, there could be areas with slick spots, some of the snow could be blowing aroumd. we'll start off monday cold, pecting temperarares to be down in the single digits, then we will see mainly cloudy skies. t expecting temperarares to warm up today, clearing skies in the afternoon, northwest wind 10 to 20 and it will be cold if you will be doing any tailgating or football games, the kickoff temperature of 25 degrees and you likely won't warm up much there, northwest wind 10 to 20. uni, if you are tailgating, the
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game is in the dome but the kickofof temperature only 20 degrees with northwest wind 10 to 20. the cyclones will be in manhattan expecting a kickoff temperature of 36 at 11:00. for tonight here in eastern iowa we will be in the single digits, clouds increasing with wind around 10 to 12 miles a hour. tomorrow cold, 20, but warmer than today. southwest wind 5 to 15 and that snow should start to melt by monday, expecting to see highs above freezing and chance for rain trackingg in, that will be wednesday into thanksgiving, watching chance of rain and snow possible friday but models aren't agring if that will hold together that long or not. it loooo like we will haveve rain here before thanksgiving. >> lauren: sunshine should help. >> denise: the road to t cleared. >> lauren: even my drive into work i w w slipping and sliding.
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are with the d.o.t. tracker.( the camer icons give you access to the plow cams for a loooo like that. look at that, that's conditions in the area, you can get the perspective of a plow driver, better look at theoad before you hit the streets. kwkw is live in dubuque, it hit later but still packed a punch. they got 10 inches of snow, shirley is here for more. how is it going? >> shirley: it definitely packed a bunch here. the snow total here hit 10 inches and att some point overnight it stopped but then it started again shortly before 7:00 this morning. i'm going to step out of the way so you guys can take a look at what it look like here in downtown dubuqueue you can see e erything out here is completely covered in snow, the roads are icy and very slippery. you can tell they have been
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i checkck the snowplow tracker and it says there are 260 trucks plowing the road throughout the dubuque area but it's still pretty s sppery. the dubuque county sheriff's office says they are responding to cars in ditches because of the weather. i, myself, on the way to work spun when i was trying to make turns at intersections. heading out to work you want to make sure you take it easy and drive slow. we have you covered live in dubuque. shirley, kwwl news. >> lauren: thanks. this storm hitting strong across the state. a suv slid off the road into a creek,k, it happened to the northeast of december moips. incredibly there were no serious injuries from the wrecks, another reminderlease take your time in these conditions. time is 8:17, still a lot to
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we will go live as the quick off approaches and for the first time in 36 years a top ranged baseball team will be playing
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more details after the ing. the snow can't stop footballlloureporter is live in iowa city, seen any tailgaters out there yet? >> not many tailgaters here so far. the weather down here is pretty cold, pretty windy, not very pleasant. i've been to warmer games, the drive down wasn't tlo bad. i-i-0 wasn't great but wasn't horrible, took me three hours to get from waterloo to iowa city, not too bad. crews have been working through the night trying to clear the parking lott and roads for t t tailgating, get the snow off
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kinnick stadium. as you mention the tailgaters, not very many here, a few brave souls setting up tents but not many. let's talk about the game and how the weather will affect it. it will body well for the iowa hawkeyes. they are number 2 in the big 10 in rush offense, number 3 in rush defense, purdue is dead last in both categories. on a day l lkeoday it will be tough to throw the football. iowa will run it. a history lesson, the last snow game november 23, 1991, iowa beat minnesota, made snow angelel in the end zone. that gave fry his 100th wi kirk would just like to get 11
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big 10 title game a few weeks in indianapolis. from a chilly kinnick stadium, i'll send it back to you, i'm zack grant, kwwl. >> lauren: thanks, zack, we want to see the snow angels in the d zone. inside kinnick, just a few hours before the game, but they have worked through the night to clear the snow. look at these amazing pictures from the iowa hawkeyes facebook page, truly tough work going on as different tractor equipment shoveled out the heavy snow throughout the night. the facebook page says it snow. hats off to the crew for all their efforts, looks great. it's a big day for the iowa
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in the first ever big 10 playoff.f. the questions how much snow will remain on the field come game time. the crews worked hard overnight but kinnick won't look like this t look at the stadium from november 23,1991, 24 years ago the last hawk eye snow game with 23-8 win over minnesota. and hughes making the snow angels in the end zone. they say being&this close to the perfect regulalaseason has been very, very special. >> it's actually to be able to win every game so far is actuly pretty crazy and, i mean,ust to know that you are only two games away from being undefeated in the regular season, it means even more.. >> lauren:n: kickoff is at 11:00,
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down to kinnick this morning. there were supposed to be three championship games friday but due to the weather those are postponed until monday. this headlining game will take place thls aftervoon in eastern iowa, this will beistoric. for the first time in 36 years a top ranked basketball team will be playing inside a missouri valley venue. they are set to take on number 1 north carolina. marcus page is out with a wrist injury. today's game won't be easy, babaling with an experienced team is exciting forehead coach ben jacobson. >> we've played against teams ranked up side the top 10,op 20 and handful of the guys on our team have been in those games. that helps. >> lauren: tip off is at 1:00
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best of luck too uni. let's look outside, looks like it is lightening up, how much snow are you seeing this morning? send us pictures on facebook. we have more weathth coverage coming up on the way. you are watching kwwl news, we
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eastern iowa, we'll be >> lauren: though h e roads en't ideal some people are braving them to head home. student from the university of northern iowa headed out for an early start for thanksgiving hoping to beat the storm. >> understanding me trying to get home for the holiday, they let me leave early and my dad sent me a picture of my grandma in the snow, they are enjoying it but want me to be safe.
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>> lauren: the parking lots at uni emptied out pretty quick as snow started falling yesterday. we have more live reports around snowy eastern iowa. we will check with our four reporters out in the snow in our second half hour. here's a live loo at i-80 outside of coraville thanks to iowa d.o.t. cameras. if you see any news, if you have pictures or video to sharere we love them, keep them coming. you can like our page, to stay
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>> lauren: now on today in iowa crowds gather to honor those in paris. plus a train rolling through iowa, an event that had a handful of candidates in the state this weekend. then plenty more weather coverage on the way, a live report from all four of our reporters coming up. welcome back to today in iowa, happy saturday, thank you for joining us, i'm lauren moss. i bet you know what'm about to talk about -- snow. let's talk t t denise about the snow totals. >> denise: we are starting to see an end of the snow, you can see on doplar radar clearing from new hampton to waterlolo here is where the snow is
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falling as we zoom a bit into where the snow band is located. slight to moderate snow in dubuque area, also around iowa sit, cedar rapids still seeing snow. manchester through cedar rapids but this is the back edge ofhe storm, the storm is ending, behind it maybe a few flurries but waterloo is seeing sunshine. that will help the roads get cleared off here across eastern iowa. we are still underr winter storm warnings in the eastern half of our viewing area, because the snow is still falling there is limited visibility. our camera in dubuques falling snowalling in dubuque, roads don't look too bad, crews have been out in the overnight. decora not lookiki too bad but outside decorah the wind are breezy, road conditions right
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now across eastern iowa, light blue indicate partially covered roadway, the darker colors through most of the area is completely covered but the good news is we have seen the travel advisory bands issued toward grundy, butler, reamer, that has been lifted, that's good news. of the snow totals are impressive, we have seen ranging fr three to a foot of snow. waterloo coming in around 12.7 inches, dubuque over 10 inches, sr. 8 inches, more snow totals coming up. >> lauren: thanks, denise. with areas of waterloo reporting up to 11 inches, road crews have a big job this morning. jessica harmon is out, how are things looking? >> jessica: they are looking good considering themount of snowe got, road crews clearing
8:30 am
off the major roadways. look at broadway, traffic, not any real traffic coming by but if there is you would see that they are getting along just fine. the road just have a little bit of snow left in that pavement is starting to peek out where the traffic has been constantly moving. now, if you c can g g out of yr driveway, get off the side roads your commute will be easy to get around the major road being pretty well cleared off. now, t sun i i out and there is a little bit of melting going on as i'm seeing cars that are starting to melt some of the snow away so as the sun continues to come up, hopefully you have an easier time clearing off your cars and getting out for the day. the snow is pretty fluffy, so, unfortunately if you were thinking today was aood day to build a snow man, it is not. that snow is really fluffy and just not packing down.
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amouou of snow we got here overnight. live in waterloo, jessica heartman, k wpwl news. >> lauren: thanks. we are covering the whole k kl arar, we are heading to cedar rapids next. kristen is joining us. you said roads are in better condition than you expected? >> kristen: much better than i expected. i was told a play was out overnight -- i was told a plow was out overnight working. it is very coal. i was told there was a call for all plows, the city has between 90 and 95 plows and they have been working since 4:0:0a.m. this morning they have started to move into the neighborhoods and side streets to assist the plows people are asked to follow the odd-even rule. since today is november 21st they would like people to park on the side of the road with the
8:32 am
odd house numbers. i got in touch with the cedar rapids police department, they id there were a couple minor extends on the interstate but nothing seriwus as things started to clear. kristen rogers, kwwl news. >> lauren:hanks, kristen. the snow hit late fler dubuque but hit later in dubuque but stilll packed a punch. shirley, tell us about the conditions there. >> shirley: the snow totals hit 10:00 and then it stopped but at 7:00 it started snowing again. will step out of theay so you can see downtown dububue. everything is covererein snow, the roads have been plowed but it's still icy and very slippery and i checked a what
8:33 am
plpl.tracker and it says there are over 200 plows plowing roads in the dubuque county. the dubuque sheriff says they are responding to severalal cars in ditches because of the weather. word of advice if you are heading out, use caution and take it slow especially when approaching intersections. i, myself, o othe way to workk spun a little bit when i was trying to make a few turns and that was a little scary, so just drive safe out@ there. reporting in dubuque, shirleyey kwwl news. >> lauren: be safe. you may remember dubuque was in the middle of a s sdding controversy because of liability fears. in may the city lifted the ban in part because of a bill signed into law by the governor, it relieves the city liability if somebody is hurt sledding on
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get out and enjoy some sledding.g. many t tngs are canceled, to get the latest on cancellations head to our website the list is long. >> lauren: turningng to a major international story unfolding, security continue to assess a hotel in mali after a deadly attack. we are told extremists armed with rifles and grenades, they stormed the hotel killing 20 and taking hostages. one american was killed and a dozen americans were among the hostages saved. mali government declared a 10 day state of emergency and 3-day mourning period for those killed.
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suspected in turkey. they were detained on suspicion on aiding isis. in paris more crowds gathered in the streets of paris to pay respect to those who were killed in last week's terror attack. people i ithe french capital started clapping to honor the dead one week after the violence started. the prime minister is saying the death toll is now up to 130 peopop. in new zealand seven people were kill this morning when a helicopter crashed on a g gis glaisure. you can see the wreckage. they say the location of the wreck and weather conditions will make it extremely hardd to get to so recovery will take place tomorrow.
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atatnded the presidential family forum in des moines last night. ben carson, mike huckabee, rand paul and others wewe together. donald trump was not in attendance but still on the mind of many at the forum. crews spoke on having muslims register in the u.s. >> listen, i'm a big fan of donald trump but not a fan of government registry of american citizens. the first amendment protects religious lilirty and i've spent the past several decades defending the religion of every american. what i do support is the federal governmente far more vigorous going after radical muslim
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carson. >> denise: clearing occurring in
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will have sno totals and a a few >> denise: the s sw is coming to an end across eastern iowa, we are expecting clearing skies and even some sunshine and the wind will be a little breezy, that's y i have us in the l l area because we will have some areas with drifting snow, blowing snow could create slick spots because temperatur are not expected t get above freezing today. the rest of the week end is looking quiet after we get through the rest of this morning with the snow, should have quiet conditions for the rest of the weekend.
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the snow is coming to an end, monticello a slight snow fall, iowaity, slight snow fall. still have heavy snow around the quad city area. as we zoom out to the state we can see clearing sky, sunshine reportededround iowow city and decorah, sunshine around western iowa, sun is moving in and that will help the cloud to clear the roadways. winter storm warnings s e in effect, they are in effect in areas still seeing the snow, i think we will see it chopped down in the next couple hours, likely having some of these canceled or expired as the snonow tracks to the east. looking at visibility, this indicates where the snow is falling, heavier snow from dubuque to iowa city with zero visibility in washington but improvement in cedar rapids and pretty clear skies around portions to the northwest.
8:40 am
wadena 10.5, atkins 8.5 and 8 inches in the loudcn area. 7 inches in amana. most of the areas saw between around 3 to 11 inches, a few isolated amounts around 12 inchesesike t waterloo area where the report was 12.7. let's look what is going on in coraville, light snow, roads don't t ok too bad, that car is traveling pretty well. this is looking onto i-380 from iowa d.o.t. camera, you can see the roads looking pretty nice out there but likely s sme slickck spots here and there. you will have to use caution, there could be slick spots on the bridges, overpasses, road conditions coming in with the light blue indicatingg bar partially covered roadways.
8:41 am
plows are out, they need some time to clear the roads. use caution if you are travelingng this morning. this is from waverly, you can kind o o see the sun rise off to the distance, beautiful pictures with the snow fall across eastern iowa. send us your snow totals, we'd love to see them, through facebook, twitter or through our e-mail. let look at temperatures, we will not warm up much today, temperatures will fall and only rise a couple degrees in the afternoon. right now the temperatures in the teens from decorah, other locations in the 20s, wind are a little breezy 10 to 20, even 25 miles a hour, so that will create some of the blowing snow that could create slick spots on the roadways and are creating wind chills feels like 7 in decorah, same in waterloo, 6 degrees in the olwiwi area.
8:42 am
out by 11:00 a.m. or sooner, mostly cloudy skies, bit breezy at times. wonight it will get cold, we will have some cloud cover tracking in late inin the night but still expecting temperatures to get down in the single digits for sunday morning and sunday afternoon a few more clouds tracking in the afternoon with partlyloudy t mostly cloudy skies but quiet day for sunday. highs expected to be in the 20s, not expecting to warm up much from where we are, we will have the northwest winds arood 10 to 20 miles a hour, will be cold for any tailgaters throughout the state of iowa, throughout the midwest, expect a kickoff temperature of 25 at kinnick, northwest wind 10 to 20. bundle up. uni temperatures 20, tailgaters will be cold. the footbalal fororast for the cyclones, they will be in kansas, temperatures in the 30s. overnight tonight we will be in
8:43 am
the sing digits, very cold night with west-southwest wind around 10 miles a hour. tomorrow in the 20s with mainly mostly cloudy skies, southwest wind 5 to 15. some of the snow, then some rain will help clear off the snow. later wednesday, thanksgiving looking like a ptetty good shot of rainn showers, models indicating a possibility to see a rain-snow mix if that system hangs around but that will have to be monitored in upcpcing forecasts. >> the sun wille taking care of it. >> denise: it's good to see the sun, that helps work the salt and briri. >> lauren: last week you asked me if i was ready to build a snowman, i didn't expect this. you told me. >> denise: i told you to be prepared. >> lauren: thanks, denise. today in iowa cononnues in just
8:44 am
as we look at our hawk eye sky >> lauren: it's been a while sincncwe've seen this, heaea snow at kinnick stadium. i'm not a fan of heavy snow but this is pretty cool. zack ic out side the stadium. any tailgaters yet.t. >> iee a couple people behind you. >> zack: yes, a few more have showed up, conditions haven't changed, snow s sill coming down. i keep seeing truckload after truckload coming out of kinnick stadium trying to put it in the corner of the parking lot buu it is coming down faster than they can get it out. these fans are tough, the
8:45 am
person had dean martin blaring out over the snow, they have a sense of humor. talking to the seniors we said the conditions might be like this. the neighborhood kids said growing up playing gamam you play in this, they aren't excited but they have experience even if it was back in fifth grade. hopefully the snow stops, the hawkeyes can get the number 11 win and it would secure a spot in the first big 10 playoff. back to you, i'm zack. >> lauren: i know there's a delay, you are bundled up, but is there a lot of excitement over there? you might be the onlnlone. >> zack: i'm always excited on game days.
8:46 am
picnic tables set up, playing music. i think the song they played is getting every one fired up. every one is getting excited. >> lauren: we will call it 11 and snow for the hawkeyes. thanks, zack. crews worked overnight inside that stadium to help make sure the stadium is ready for kickoff. go hawks. still to come, new research suggests maybe money can buy happiness if you spend it right. we'll explain it after the break. and when you see news, ifou have a a pictures or videos to share you can do that by going to our facebook page. keep sending the snow pictures, we love it.
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>> lauren: get this, maybe money really can b b you happiness, at least that's the claim of a harvard professor, he says it's
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new research says people get more happiness spending money on experiences like vacations rather than electronic things like gadgets. he says anticipation can make you just as happy as the situation. i believe it. >> lauren: every year the president pardons a turkey. mike was there as the winner was plucked. here's his report. >> reporter: the goggle, the strut, the glare. these are the contestants in a different kind of beauty pageant. >> we call this super thursday, all the turkeys are in the running. >> (reporter) super thursday because today is the day a turkey was chosen to be the one turkey nationwide that the president of the united states will officially pardon for thanksgiving and it wasn't just any turkey, itas a california turkey that bested all others in
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this pageant has important things as far as assessing turkeys including posture, personality, plumbmage and patience and poise. >> we are looking for the best manners. >> reporter: you don't want a president. >> absolutely not, that would be a bad deal. >> reporter: now the moment you've been waiting for. before the watchful eyes of elementary students. it is one frfr modesto. >> it's a honor, to do it once is great and twice is a great honor. >> reporter: we are asking about the turys that aren'tt picked in the pageant. good news is all will head out in the sun set, live out their lis somewhere else and not end
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>> lauren: we have a wrap upon what you can it's called a rigged economy, and this is how it works. most new wealth flows to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections.
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people like you who want to fight back. the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message.
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>> lauren: all right, denise, we saw quite a bit of snow, can we see more? >> denise: we are seeing it come to an end, from dubuque to washington, that's the back end of the snow and trackininto the east. road conditions partially to completely covered roads but they are improving as the sun is coming out. your seven day forecast chilly for the day today and throughout the weekend but we will s se a warm up that snow starts to melt monday with more rain in the forecast wednesday into thursday. looks likes a ot of rain expected for thanksgiving. >> lauren: bundle up. we expect to see you back here tomorrow morning. - ruff-ruff. - tweet. - and dave. [song] - ruff-ruff tweet and dave what a wonderful way to spend your day with ruru-ruff tweet and d ve what a fun day here we go yay ruff-ruff tweet and dave the spin again will take us on another great adventure
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