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tv   KWWL News at Ten  NBC  November 22, 2015 10:30pm-11:05pm CST

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he gave him a lot of room on the out route. >> al: dalton 277 yards. the 32 yard line. pump fakes. nobody's there except linemen. pressure put on by minter. second down and ten. >> cris: good recognition by ka lay campbell. not always physical feats that win the day. he recognized the screen, jumps out in front of bernard and nowhere to throw the ball. >> al: at the 32. powers covers green. at the bottom of the screen. dalton throwing deep.
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and incomplete. flag is down. >> cris: powers just went right to the throat of a.j. green. >> al: flag down. >> referee: defense, number 25, five yard penalty. automatic first down. that's the two-minute warning. >> al: started to say just beyond the line of scrimmage, that's a first down. 1:58 officially the two-minute warning. that's what they give me at national car rental. i can choose any car in the aisle i want- without having to ask anyone. who better to be the boss of you... (patrick 1)than me. i mean, (vo) go national. go like a pro. comment vous allez l'appeler?
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>> al: as usual volkswagen postgame follows. bob, tony and mike breaking it down. a look to thursday night in green bay. first things first. first and ten. 37 yard line. cards 18 straight gains. they've won with a -- make it 28. longest current streak in the league. they keep that one rolling. bernard gets away. he's inside the 40. and to the 32 yard line. and already cincinnati in field goal range but thinking about a lot more right now.
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right there by giovani bernard, one on one against kevin minter. minter can get him coming out when he has to block him. but the other side, equally a mismatch. giovani bernard. you just wonder are they going to start thinking about too many blitzes. >> al: 30 yard gain. dalton goes over 300 yards. on the sideline intended for green. recovered there by bethel. second down. nugent keeping warm on the sideline. >> cris: mike nugent's not been one of the most consistent kickers. any more if your not over 0.500 you're not any good. >> al: peterson just can't get
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second down and ten at the 33. game clock at three. that is marvin jones making the catch about three yards shy of the first down. >> cris: well, there you are. now you've got the big moment in the game because you picked this up. you can basically control the clock the rest of the way out. if you don't, you got to try a long field goal. >> al: third and two. down the sideline and broken up and incomplete. bethel was there, got a hand on it. green is pleading his case. >> cris: a.j. green jchltj. green is on it. hit the pylon, though. >> al: bethel is there. he winds up with the ball.
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everything goes flying there. >> cris: yep. >> al: bounced off his shoulder pad, and then he's out. >> cris: good call. now big kick. >> al: so this will be a 43 yard attempt. cincinnati bench trying to get new york to look at it, but they already have. now you've got the play clock running out. did they get a time-out. >> referee: second charged time-out. >> al: they did. >> referee: 30 second time-out. >> al: you had the bench saying look at the green play, which they did. >> cris: once you kick that pylon, though, it takes care of that. peterson, nobody more competitive than that guy. here he is with the game on the line and he can't participate.
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>> al: everything flying around there, pylon, stuff inside the pylon pylon. 43 yard attempt to tie the game. kevin huber holds. mike nugent from 43. and that will tie the game with 63 seconds. arizona will get the ball, but they will not have a time-out. >> cris: like how do you practice for a three-foot putt to win the masters? you get in these situations, you're the hero or the fwoet. that was a really solid kick by nugent.
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>> al: 31-31. back come the bengals. no wax wings for these guys tonight. >> cris: now you know carson palmer would love to stick it to his old team one time here. he's going to have an opportunity. not an easy one without the time-outs. but this is a sophisticated offense and carson palmer a veteran player has been brilliant in these situations so far this year. >> al: bidwell, president of the team, steve keim, the gm. mike brown on the other side. all these guys through the wringer tonight. >> cris: wonder if mike had those ear plugs in when he was talking to carson palmer?
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. and the kick. run back by david johnson. good coverage. you can bring it back only to the 16 yard line peerman gets the tackle. 68 seconds and no time-outs. >> cris: you want to go down and get the field goal and win this game, but at the same time you don't want to take too many big chances. this is a time when maybe an andre ellington coming out of the backfield, get a couple of drive starters going, then hustle to the line of scrimmage. he is sort of their giovani bernard. >> al: ellington in the backfield. palmer. over the middle. out to the 34 yard line.
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j.j. nelson makes the catch on his breakout night. hustle to the line of scrimmage. to the 35 yard line. fires. fitzgerald. larry will get out of bounds throwing the ball out of bounds to stop the clock. and just like that, they're into cincinnati territory. catanzaro loosening up. >> cris: one on one against leon hall. they're getting close now. for the other guy to give credit to, bobbie massie. he's done a good job on dunlap on this one. >> al: at the 47 yard line. 34 seconds. fires. fitzgerald into field goal range. o to the 26. now he wants to spike the ball. stops the clock. clock ticking down to 20. and a first down at the 26 yard
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line. so already kattano would be a 18, 19 and 20 yard completions from the arm of carson palmer. >> cris: there are a lot of people who thought maybe larry fitzgerald was washed up. he had knee and various injuries the last couple of years and all of a sudden now, when it matters most, he's been huge this year. here's massie on the outside against dunlap. gotten it done tonight. >> al: eight catches tonight for him for 90 yards respect third and final time-out. cincinnati. >> al: its last time-out. i'll tell you what, he's given us a couple of throws. they win last night. 62 points total in this one as they try to get to 8-2. >> cris: and i volunteer to come back to arizona any time you want. >> al: you're in.
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here. >> al: and lewis has watched his team giving up 31 already tonight. >> cris: what about those plays called by bruce arians. one, two, three, right down the field in field goal range. >> al: take a kneel down here. and then he'll spike it here. good idea to try to kick a field goal on a third down. >> cris: oops. >> al: oh, boy, that's not what you wanted. but they're going to call this one on cincinnati. >> cris: they are. and i think they're gog say that they were simulating the count. >> al: that will stop the clock with six seconds.
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so this would make it about a 40 yard field goal if indeed the call is on cincinnati. >> referee: unsportsmanlike conduct, defense number 94, calling signals out. false start. halfway distance to the goal. >> al: more than a five yard penalty. half the distance here. simulated a count and that will make it a field goal for the win. >> cris: only because the umpire in the final couple of minutes moves in behind, he can hear what's going on. now, when he's on the other side of the ball. uh-uh. right away. he knew exactly what happened. he heard it. great piece of officiating. >> al: this makes it a 32 yard attempt for catanzaro to, in
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officially one second remaining in the game. >> cris: best offense in the league tonight against the best defense. and it was the best offense winning out. clutch kicks on both sides. >> al: fitzgerald's reaction. there's another big, big, big game for him. look at that. a.j. green can only look and watch his team go down to its second straight defeat after starting the season 8-0. >> cris: so close. a.j. green was so close to that tip by justin bethel. >> al: still need one more play to end the game.
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one of those bouncing kickoffs, you would assume. boy, that makes for a long ride home, doesn't it, you lose a game like that? >> cris: and that call was so significant. if it had been on ted larsen, then they're back there on the brink of field goal range. instead a huge penalty. and ends up like an extra point. >> al: a 44 yard attempt is what they're setting up for. and it winds up to be a 32 yard attempt. so catanzaro. will send a ground ball to the 30 yard line. now you see a bunch of laterals here. sanu has it. the forward pass. ruled a legal pass. bernard will try and throw it away. sooner or later you would think, but who knows? and they have now whistled it
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back at the 29 yard line. wild one. started out pretty slow first half, but the second half was crazy. and the cardinals go 8-2 and lead their division by three. the pittsburgh steelers are pretty happy about this. all of a sudden they're kind of back in the division hunt, down by two with a game yet to play against the bengals. volkswagen postgame report
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final score 34-31 cardinals. welcome to the volkswagen passat post game report. here now bob costas. >> another good one on sunday night. arizona wins it. virtually a last-second field goal. 34-31. they won four in a row. cincinnati has lost two straight for the first time in more than two years. both these teams are 8-2. here are the game balls. carson palmer gets one. the game started slowly for him. threw a couple of picks early but winds up better than 300 yards and 4 touchdowns.
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catches and they were all productive. deone bucannon. we'll also give a game ball to patrick peterson who did a good job on a.j. green but he's left out of the interview process because, after all, we'd like to clear out of here before midnight at least local time. so here's michele. >> michele: carson, congratulations. it was another, you know, nail-biter. on that final drive, the connections with larry. take us through that. what happened? >> well, you know, if there's a guy you're going to pick out and throw to when it counts, i think he's the one. he just did a great job getting open. his number happened to be called on those and the coverage dictated the ball went his way. made great plays. >> very different halves. bruce arians told me you were trying to push some things. second half not so much. what changed? >> just settled down, really. i just made two really stupid plays. just kind of got the jitters out
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>> you came into this game saying this is not just any game. you're playing against your former team. we all know the story there about how it didn't end well. how much sweeter is this one? >> well, it's just a great win. to stop that offense the way we did, get the ball and go down into the game we did, get the field goal, big hit for kevin to hit that ball. that's a great team on the other side of the field and just happy to get out of our own stadium. our crowd was amazing today. electric. the roof was closed, it couldn't have been louder. >> a great team win. but personally a little bit nicer? >> no doubt there's obviously a little extra on the game. but i couldn't be happier to win the way we did and move on to san fran. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> turn to one of your rookie, y.j. nelson who had your first
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what did it mean to you on a night when michael couldn't come up. >> coach said, we don't have no dropouts. i just rose to the occasion. i have big shoes to fill, michael floyd. i decided to pick up where he left off. >> indeed you did. congratulations. >> thank you. >> let's turn to deone bucannon who had a sack and fumble recovery. how difficult was this offense to match up with? >> first and foremost, an opportunity to play this game. and their offense is tough, you know. they have a lot of different weapons. their running back, had two different running backs that are both grade "a" running backs. one of the best receivers in the game. but we also have one of the best corners in the game. he did a great job on a.j. green all game. i feel like we matchup well.
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when andy dalton here, carson palmer here. >> a good team win. congratulations. >> thank you, appreciate it. >> bob? >> let's bring in tony dungy. after cincinnati ties the game at 31, with a little more than a minute to play and no time-outs, it takes arizona six plays to cover about 70 yards. how are they able to do that with such ease? >> well, bob, it would be easy to blame that on cincinnati having injures in the secondary, but that wasn't the case at all. as you heard carson palmer say they went to fitzgerald, leon hall was matched up on him. and twice in man-to-man coverage fitzgerald won. that's what this drive was all about. going to your best player when the game was on the line. fitzgerald delivered. he and carson palmer that made that drive happy. >> and larry fitzgerald didn't even get a game ball and he had a whale of a game. he really did. with arizona being the two seed
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ahead of green bay for the two seed as things stand in the nfc. panthers sitting comfortably at number one. how do you see it playing out? >> this was a huge win for the cardinals because it does keep them a game ahead of green bay and minnesota for that bye in the first round. arizona has the advantage because they play both minnesota and green bay later on in the season at home in arizona. so i think they're going to hold on and get that -- secure that number two spot, but this is a big, big step for them tonight. >> tony, thanks. over now to mike florio, pro football talk. mike, switching the focus to denver, where we will be next sunday night. the patriots will be in town for that one. what do you think the broncos are going to do at quarterback? >> after the win today in chicago, coach gary kubiak was noncommittal about who the quarterback would be, but then
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game. and no turnovers. osweiler with none in that victory victory. with peyton manning, the focus was to get as much as he could. at a time when plenty of people are assuming that this will be peyton manning's last season i'm told he currently intends to play in 2016 even if it's not for the denver broncos. >> i heard you say that earlier tonight. that raised some eyebrows. that's a story we'll be following. cardinals 34, bengals 31, al and cris to wrap things up after of course. don't forget grandpa. can the test drive be over now? maybe just head back to the dealership? don't you want to meet my family? yep, totally.
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a special reunion for a football feast. the bears and packers. and the wonder of tradition. honoring the past while playing for their future. >> oh, my goodness, touchdown. >> it all begins with "football night in america" on thanksgiving night brought to you by walmart. 8:00 p.m. eastern on nbc. welcome back to the volkswagen passat postgame report. here now al michaels and cris collinsworth. >> quite a 72 hours coming up for us. thursday we go green bay, chicago against green bay. great rivalry. huge win today knocking off minnesota to go back to a first place tie in the nfc north. brett favre has his number retired at half time. >> yeah, it's just right, isn't it? it's going to be a really exciting night. of course he's come back a few times now, but that crowd is going to be absolutely electric.
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and the nice thing is that aaron rodgers had the kind of day today that's going to silence a little bit of, oh, is his arm hurt, what's going on with this offense. so everything is back on track. >> we'll jump on a bird, not a turkey, we'll jump on a plane and our game in denver next sunday night. >> who knows. >> new england, they win tomorrow, they're undefeated against the denver broncos with all kinds of stuff going on. >> you just wonder did brock osweiler do enough, if in fact, peyton manning is healthy, to retain that job? it's crazy that we're sitting here talking about it, but in that offense with that mobility maybe os while ser the guy. >> could be brady/manning 17 or brady/manning 16 1/2. stay tuned. see you next week. until then al michaels, cris collinsworth, michele tafoya and our entire gang with fred godelli down in the truck and kelly hayes, kenny hurt, the whole gang, melissa horton.
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plus -- how recent terrorist attacks could affect the upcoming election. and -- big news at iowa state -- and when we'll see a change... thanks for joining us tonight. welcome to the k-w-w-l news after football. i'm macleod hageman. a change is coming in ames. after seven years as head coach of the iowa state football team -- paul rhoads will coach his final game next saturday. kwwl's mark woodley joins us with more -- and mark -- it sounds like this development isn't all that surprising... no mac -- it really isn't -- considering what we saw on the field yesterday -- when iowa state went from an almost certain victory at kansas state -- to a defeat in the span of a minute and a half -- maybe the only surprise here is that the school decided to make this announcement now -- rather than next week after the season finale at west virginia -- paul rhoads will get to coach in that game -- a bit of a swan song for a guy that led the cyclones to 3 bowl games in his seven seasons -- however the cyclones only
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finished with a winning record in one of those -- now both athletic director jaime pollard and coach paul rhoads will speak to the media tomorrow as iowa state prepares for that final game this year -- there will be a few more games for the hawkeyes however as iowa moved to 11 and oh -- and clinched a spot in the big ten title game yesterday -- and now following that 40 to 20 win over purdue -- iowa has risen to number 3 in both the a-p and coaches poll -- in fact one coach even gave them a first place vote -- the hawkeyes join clemson as the only remaining undefeated teams in the country -- we'll hear from the hawks coming up as they try and finish out a perfect regular season with a trip to nebraska on friday -- mac -- now let's check in with storm track seven meteorologist kyle kiel for your first forecast. how's the work week looking -- kyle? from the kwwl stormtrack here is additional forecast information from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team:
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temperatures, but first we have to get through a couple more chilly nights. here are the current temperatures right now. we actually aren't sitting too bad. but that is because we are under the clouds. once the skies clear, our temperatures will begin to drop. here's the wind speeds. we have winds out of the south right now, but a boundary passes through governors across the country -- who do not want syrian refugees in their state -- following the deadly attacks in paris. cedar rapids is home to the longest-standing mosque in north
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