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tv   Early Today in Iowa  NBC  November 24, 2015 4:30am-5:00am CST

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let's check on your weather now with storm track 7 meteorologist eileen loan. good morning. temperatures are running mostly in the 20s this morning and the winds are light to only about 10 mph, so we have some areas of fog. the towns that are not showing fog have a few clouds tracking through, which is enough to keep the fog from forming. we will end up with quite a bit of sunshine today, but i think we will have a few clouds sticking around or tracking back in this afternoon. we will return to the upper 30s to low 40s over much of the area with even more snow melting today. that will lead to more fog tonight and the next system tracking in will bring a chance of rain for the thanksgiving holiday. i'll have that forecast for you in a few
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our top story today -- will the u-s change its strategy against isis. today, france's president is at the white house -- not long after the paris attacks. he's urging the u-s to support its military campaign against isis. the big question is: how far will the u-s go? tracie potts says that's one thing they'll talk about today. french president francois hollande meets with president obama today. the white house says they'll talk about how to destroy isis: " france can continue to ramp up their contribution to our counter-isil effort including in the category of military contributions france is prepared to make." with a new pre- holiday travel alert mentioning the paris attacks... the u-s - and more recently france and russia - have launched thousands of attacks from the air... britain's prime minister - just back from france - will ask his parliament again to join those ground. "we need a strategy to much more aggressively roll back isis." who's willing to commit ground
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troops? that's part of today's meeting. "no one that i've talked to and i've been around the country is saying 'yeah saddle me up let's sign up for another military engagement in the middle east.'" the u-s is trying to saddle up more support: from the middle east - secretary kerry met with saudi and u-a-e leaders monday. and even from russia: "if russia is serious about taking its fight to isil than we can see a cooperative roll for it." but the biggest risk - putting people on the ground in syria - remains unclear. from here, hollande heads to moscow to coordinate isis strategy with russian president vladmir putin. i'm tracie potts in washington, now back to you. holiday travel is already hectic. the state department is adding something else to your list if you're flying overseas. it's a new travel warning because of the number of threats. the u-s groups like isis are planning attacks in different parts of
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the world. "what we do tell people to do is the best advice for travelers... i know things can feel a little bit tense or different." even before this new warning, airports all over the u-s were stressing awareness and security. continuing coverage this morning: his family says moe sed left without his medications. he's a student at waterloo west. police say they're following up on leads and they're looking everywhere for him....even outside of waterloo. they say they have entered his information into the national database. if you know anything that can help police -- give them a call. the reward for a missing man from hampton is renewed two years after he disappeared. there's a one- hundred thousand dollar reward to help find ethan kazmerzak. call police if you know anything that can help them in that case. five people are in the hospital this morning. they were shot near a protest in
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minneapolis. police believe their injuries are not life threatening. we don't know what led to the shootings... but we do know it happened near protests that have been going on for more than a week. people are upset about the shooting death of an unarmed man -- jamar clark. authorities say clark was shot during a struggle with police, but some witnesses claim clark was in handcuffs. tonight, the n-a- a-c-p will host a concert in minneapolis later today -- in memory of clark. some city leaders will speak -- as protesters continue to call for police to release all of their video from the investigation. this morning, police are investigating a tragedy inside a home. three people -- from the same family -- shot to death in ohio. the victims include a seven- year-old. a 12-year-old was also shot -- and is in critical condition this morning. the suspect -- a 50-year-old man -- is dead. police shot him. it's unclear how he was connected to the family. police plan to interview a person they believe was inside the home at the time of the
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an arrest has been made in the shooting of a tulane medical student. police say the suspect confessed to shooting peter gold --- who stepped in last week -- when a woman was being robbed and possibly kidnapped. the entire thing was caught on tape. gold is being called a hero because of what he did. he's now in the hospital recovering. an eight-year old dies in a crash --- and in a strange twist -- it appears the little girl was driving. the crash happened near troy, kansas on sunday. investigators say the girl's grandfather was also in the car -- but in the passenger seat. apparently the girl was driving home and lost control of the car which went down an embankment. a three-year-old boy is safe -- after being found wandering in the cold in evansdale. around two yesterday morning -- the boy was found outside without a jacket or shoes. at the time, it was 24 degrees. police say a man called saying the boy was crying for his mother.
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he brought the boy inside his home and wrapped him in blankets police say the mother was frantic when she was reunited with the boy -- having no idea he got out. police are searching for two people who stole cash registers from a store before getting into a shootout with a witness. it happened in miami at a walgreens. the two come in -- and make a bee-line to the checkout area. they take the cash registers out and then make a run for it. before they leave, they spot a witness who they think is an officer. one suspect starts shooting. the witness fires back. no one was hurt. old glory is back where it belongs -- with a dubuque business owner. two large flags were stolen from the owner of envision sports design several months ago. police helped recover the flags and now they're back at the business. police won't say where the flags were found yet, because they were found as part of an ongoing investigation.
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arrested for bringing a clock to school -- wants an apology and millions of dollars. you might remember the story of this teen in texas. his teacher thought a homemade clock was a bomb. the student was arrested. now, they want the school district, mayor and police chief to apologize -- and they also want 15 million dollars. "the entire public apparatus from two different governmental units made so many conscious deliberate decisions to ignore somebody's rights." the boy and his family moved to the middle east -- saying they're afraid to come home -- because of threats being made. a few days before thanksgiving -- volunteers line up to help those in need with a big meal. mike and leona adams started the meal thirty-three years ago. it's now a long- standing tradition in waterloo. the meal serves hundreds of people. "dad was like, he liked to help, and that" as you can tell -- there's a lot
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work that goes into this meal a similar one will be held on thanksgiving day by the salvation army. we have more information about that on our website -- kwwl-dot-com. a serious hit on the field has the n- f-l investigating. it happened sunday when the rams were playing the ravens. st. louis quarterback case keenum takes a hit. his head slams into the turf -- he immediately grabs for it -- and appears to be shaken up. despite the extra attention on concussions now -- he was not taken out of the game by any coach, referee -- or even a designated spotter -- who's supposed to be watching for things like that. he's a coach known for wearing his emotions on his sleeve -- and that's exactly what we saw when he talked about his firing. paul rhoads spoke for the first time publicly after being let go as head coach at iowa state. the final straw may have been saturdays loss to kansas state.
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"most of all i want to thank cardinal and gold." rhoads will be on the sideline coaching this weekend as the cyclones take on west viriginia in their season finale. the outlook is much brighter for the mens basketball team in ames. the cyclones are now ranked fourth in the country. they hosted chattanooga last night -- and cruised to an 83, 63 win. iowa state is now three and oh. the two fan bases are starting to get fired up -- just days before a huge showdown between iowa and nebraska. iowa is 11 and oh -- ranked third in the country. cornhusker fans would love nothing more than to spoil iowa's perfect season. the hawks will play in front of a nebraska crowd that's been selling out every home game since 1962. the iowa ticket office say it ordered 23 hundred tickets for the game in lincon and sold out. we caught up with one iowa fan who had this to say.
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"i've got to tell them that iowa "pretty confident." kickoff for the iowa nebraska game in lincoln is at 2:30 on black friday. we still have a lot to get to this morning... they're making a list and checking it twice... but this time -- santa doesn't want to know who's naughty or nice. someone else does... to keep shoppers informed. and students will never forget this education. see how their using a printer to improve the life of a goat. a few clouds are tracking through the state this morning,
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have fog. we will have more fog "now your storm track 7 from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team. see the screen for your
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complete weather information. here is additional forecast information from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team: more melting snow today and then even warmer temps track in with more moisture for tomorrow and thursday. rain showers track through tomorrow with rain likely on thanksgiving day. we have some fog out there this morning with all the moisture... stormtrack7
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live weather network cameras will be able to catch that as the morning goes on, but they could be wet by this time tomorrow. temps are running mainly in the 20s this morning in our area, but stretch from the teens to the mid 30s to our west. winds are light here, but are 5 to 15 mph to our west. they will pick up to that speed here and stay from a southeasterly direction today and tonight. we have a few clouds tracking through as well, although the fog is
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forming where it is clear. a warm front will not quite be able to track through the state as the cold front to the west pushes it farther south. but we will have more moisture streaming in... drizzle is likely in the morning with rain showers in the afternoon and the potential for fog all day cool today to mid 40s with southeasterly highs will climb into the mid the time now is... and it's almost time for wisconsin to welcome back an n- f-l legend. this week, fans will tip their
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plus -- you can have courage and a heart... but you need more quite a bit of cash to take home one of the most iconic costumes in movie history. so how much did dorothy's dress sell for? you're watching kwwl. we've got you covered in monona, maynard, mount vernon and all of eastern iowa
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this is a different kind of list. santa didn't make it. consumer reports did. the list gives shoppers an idea of which companies take good care of them. those making the "nice" list this year include c-v-s... which already boasts almost one- thousand walk-in medical clinics and plans to expand its wellness commitment. jetblue -- also on the list -- for its fly-fi service which offers free broadband. and target... which expanded its price-match policy to include all major in-store and online competitors. sprint and verizon made the naughty list for billing customers for unauthorized third-party premium
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text messaging services." here's an n-h-l goal -- sure to impress both hockey and baseball fans alike. boston bruins at toronto. watch what happens. the rebound bounces high in the air, and brad marchand is there to swat the puck out of mid-air and into the back of the net. a line drive that would make any major league baseball player proud. thanksgiving will come with a little added flavor for football fans in green bay. the packers are retiring brett favre's number. many fans can't wait to see him return. "have a good time watching him come back. he belongs here." the packers play the bears on thursday night -- a game you can remember the dress judy garland wore in the wizard of oz? take a guess at what it sold for. how about one and a half million dollars. dorothy's dress went on the auction block yesterday. this is one of only two dorothy costumes still around. another one sold for 480-thousand dollars.
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the record price for a costume from the movie is more than three million. someone paid that price for the cowardly lion costume. 3-d techology -- once again -- helps an animal in need. we've been seeing this a lot lately. students in virginia are now using it to build a wheelchair for a goat. lilly was born without her right front and back legs. "i saw that they had a two legged goat that they were the perfect class for this." before the wheelchair is made, they have to take pictures from all angles and then scan them into the computer which makes life size measurements of lilly. the time now is... convenience comes with a risk. this morning, we're learning about a scam right at the gas pump that could cost you. that story next.
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filling up. police say they're seeing a spike in gas stations being targeted with a hidden scam.
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gabe gutierrez shows us, the next time you swipe your card at the pump your personal information could be at risk. on the hunt...for a device secretly planted in gas pumps! skimmers... the criminals...breaking into the pumps...with master keys...they buy online... look at this man - secretly attaching a skimmer, in less that a minute. it's as simple as pulling this wire off here, attaching the skimmer, attaching this wire back to the end of the skimmer, and closing it. your transaction goes through as normal, unfortunately at the same time it's also capturing all of your in texas...charlotte hessey lost nearly three thousand dollars. "it was a tremendous nightmare. it puts your life on hold. you can't pay bills. you can't buy groceries." last year...the devices cost consumers two billion dollars and - it's not just gas stations that are vulnerable. and major retailers are also on alert. "the problem is you have employees , usually low-level
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being coerced by gangs to bring these skimmers into places of pennsylvania dubbed this alleged crime ring "operation gucci". watch this video of a cashier...swiping a credit card at the register. then...police say on a skimmer that is out of sight - as she grabs a receipt. the technology is easy to acquire and its smaller than you would think- it can fit in the palm of your hand , its not some to protect yourself experts say...avoid gas pumps furthest from the attendant's view. pay inside...or use cash. and monitor your bank account...often. "what we're finding/ has just really blown our mind." a spreading with credit cards in high demand news, williamston, michigan. you're looking live at storm track seven live doppler radar. today in iowa continues in a moment with the forecast from
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partly cloudy today with more fog possible tonight. we will have morning drizzle, afternoon rain and fog all day on friday morning before drying out for the weekend. it's and coming up on today in iowa. a bakery owner has taken a stand against political correctness, but the owner's statement of his beliefs is leaving members of next hour of today in iowa.
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we've got you covered. now on today in iowa: fighting back against a deadly disease. a young woman from eastern iowa is doing what she can to dance all over cancer. plus... this week is called the busiest travel week of the year.. but extra security following a terrorist attack may have you waiting a little longer. and... it's not just a job, it's an adventure. an officer's daring effort to help a skunk in trouble. good morning, i'm ally crutcher. and i'm jerry gallagher. storm track seven meteorologist eileen loan is here now with your storm track seven
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