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tv   Early Today in Iowa  NBC  November 26, 2015 4:30am-5:00am CST

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now on today in iowa -- a day for family -- and to say thanks. and for some they're also scoping out the deals. if you plan to shop tonight or tomorrow -- you'll want to keep plus -- a story that has people talking all over the country. a newborn left in a manger inside a church. police say they found the baby's mother. and a sweet snack delivered as a gift. but underneath those sprinkles, a message from a big 10 football fan who says one game left a sour taste in his mouth. i'm jerry gallagher... let's check on your weather now with storm track 7 meteooologist kyle kiel. good morning. we are starting off with areas
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and light rain across the area. visibilities are reduced, especially across the northwestern third of the area close to where our cold front is. if you are traveling, you will likely run into some issues, especially late this morning and into the afternoon. water weather advisory is out from noon through this evening for bremer, butler and chickasaw county and points to the west, this is for eventual rain, snow and sleet mix later this afternoon. pinks are winter storm warnings. for the most part it will be rain here in eastern iowa. just a couple scattered showers right now and there could be a few delays at the airport hubs across the midwest. be sure to call ahead. rain will overspread the area todaa, as you can see from future track. then as cooler air filters in this afternoon, expect rain to transition to freezing rain, sleet and snow mixture, then eventually all over to snow. this is expected to occur between 3 and 7 o'clock to the northwest. as far as rainfall, could see widespread 1 to 2 inches. snowfall, however, looks to be from a trace to 2 inches, depending on when the ansition occurs. most snow
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you forecast details on the rain coming up in just a few minutes. our top story this morning: holiday travel -- for thanksgiving or for black friday. we're keeping an eye on the road. in cedar rapids - some shoppers hit our top story this morning: holiday travel -- for thanksgiving or for black friday. we're keeping an eye on the road. in cedar rapids - some shoppers hit lindale mall early to plan their shopping strategy -- so they can be first in line later tonight.
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"they're starting the sale at 6 p.m. so we'll get in line for want, so you wanna get it first, and then you get good deals on it." the mall opens at 6 tonight... and after closing for a few hours... will reopen at 6 tomorrow morning. many retailers are opening their doors tonight. we've got a list of what's open today and tomorrow -- from target to kohl's to best buy... and a lot more. the list is easy to find. go to kwwl-dot- com. it's right on our homepage. also, if you plan to wait in line -- you'll want to know the forecast. storm track seven meteorologist kyle kiel will have the latest for us in just a some of you might be up getting your thanksgiving dinner started right now. grocery stores have been working to keep up. the chef at the crossroads hy-vee in waterloo says at least 100 turkeys will go out for catering. "i've been working the holidays for you know 20+ years so i really dont give it much second thought" he says they still have about 60 more dinner boxes to send out
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and orders are still coming in. thanksgiving is all about the food, but there's another tradition that takesa lot of work. today is the 89th annual macy's thanksgiving day parade. this year's parade looks to top last year's and features performances by mariah carey. don't forget the big balloons -- and america's top high sccool marching bands. two girls from indepedence are getting ready for the parade. we caught up with madison and alyssa last week as ttey practiced -- other dancers. "i'm really excited to go. hopefully, i will meet some new probably be very nervous the day of the parade." you can watch the macy's thanksgiving day parade right here on kwwl this morning at nine o'clock. chicago is hoping for peace on this thanksgiving.
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their police department to be investigated. the fallout continues after police dash cam video shows an officer shooting a teenager. the officer has been charged with murder -- but many people are outraged that it took a year for police to release the video. demonstrations last night were mostly peaceful until some people in the crowd started vandalizing decorations near businesses. here's a look at what happened. from above, people could be seen pulling strands of lights from a christmas tree.. which had been lit earlier this week. at least two people were arrested. a couple survives after a car slams through a restaurant -- dragging them under the tables. a car comes flying into this restaurant in california -- hitting the man on the far left and the person sitting across from him. investigators say the driver suffered a seizure -- and hit the gas pedal by accident. nobody was seriously injured. new this morning: the mother of a baby found in a manger in new york
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this week, a custodian found the newborn in a manger at a church. the baby boy was wrapped in "god has a way of working mysteriously because i believe church, this empty home, this home in which we'll welcome jesus in just a few short weeks, i believe she found in it a home for her child." in fact -- police say they found the baby's mother. they say she followed the spirit of the city's safe haven law -- and thought the manger was the warmest place for him to be in the church. the manger -- wasn't even supposed to be set up for another two weeks or so. today pope francis is getting ready for his first public mass in africa. about 300- thousand people are expected to be there. it's his first tour of africa. he's in kenya and uganda, both victims of islamic militant attacks, and the central african republic, a country torn apart by muslim-christian
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divisions. russia plans to use anti-aircraft missiles in syria, after turkey shot down a russian warplane. andrew spencer tells us it comes as france pushes for a broader coalition against isis. the quagmire in syria -- in which isis has thrived -- got even more complicated this week... turkish fighter jets shot down a russia warplane, the plane and it's pilots landing in northern syria. turkey says the plane repeatedly violated turkish airspace, releasing audio of what appears to be one such warning: "unknown air traffic position to humaynim 040. this is turkish air force speaking on guard. you are approaching turkish airspace. change your heading south immediately. change your heading south." one of the two pilots died at the hands of rebels. the other was rescued. he appeared on russian
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state-run media, saying they never received a warning from the turkish military. "not via the radio. not visually. there was no contact whatsoever." the timing also complicates matters for french president francois hollande. after meeting with president barack obama on tuesday, hollande meets today with russian president vladimir putin in moscow -- just as syria at its air base along the one option could be for nato and russia to sign an agreement -- similar to the deal between moscow and the u.s. it would lay out the rules of engagement -- and try to make sense of the crowded airspace over syria. a sign posted outside a sheriff's office in georgia is turning heads. it reads: "warning: harris county is politically incorrect. we say: merry christmas, god bless america and in god we trust. we salute our troops and our flag. if this offends you -- leave!" "i spent 20 years in the army to years, i believe that the vast
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majority of my citizens here in harris county agree with what's on that sign." the sheriff says he paid for the sign with his own money. he says many people who live in that county want to buy the sign for their own yards. a hospital plays host to something it's not known for... a wedding. erica bryant shows us why staff members worked quickly for the walk down the aisle. inside the i-c-u. jubal kirby, bedridden and battling an incurable lung wedding. hospital staff all came together to help organize this ceremony, filled with joy, tears and emotion that doctor's say uplifted this patient. "you could see the gentlemen in there was happy. he was
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and all of us can relate to what he may be experiencing, and can sympathize with what he's going through." the bride says for her, it meant everything having her dad there to give her away. "real important, he's my best friend. daddy said that we should marry next month on the 25th because it's a good day. i alert and oriented." jubal kirby told everyone he's not giving up. he just wanted to do this to make sure he fulfilled one of his goals in life. his daughter is ready - making plans outside these walls - to do this all over again. "he's hopefully going to be there for the next wedding i plan on having so he can actually walk me down the aisle."
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this morning: we're looking for the wookie of the year. chewbacca would be proud of these star wars wannabees. plus: a gift of breakfast for an entire department... but this delivery was stamped with sarcasm by a football fan. i'm meteorologist kyle kiel. radar shows a few scattered showers. this will increase throughout the day. more in just a few minutes on today in iowa. "now your storm track 7
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from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team. see the screen for your complete weather information. here is additional forecast information from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team:
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from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team. see the screen for your complete weather information. here is additional forecast information from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team: good morning and happy thanksgiving. i'm meteorologist kyle kiel in for eileen loan. we have got a lot going on in the weather dpeartment so let's get right to it. threat tracker shows us in the
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rain at tiems throughout the day, fog early on, and the chance for a wintry mix later this afternoon, especially to the northwest. precipitation comes to an end early in the wee hours of friday, then we turn partly cloudy for friday and saturday. here's teh winter weather advisory. this is in effect for bremer, butler and chicasaw counties, as
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tama counties, from noon to 6 am thursday. more on the impacts in just a few minutes. storm track 7 live doppler radar shows scattered showers throughout the area. that will continue to be the case as we go throughout the day. the rain will get heavier this afternoon as energy follows this cold front. a large storm system will be causing travel
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headaches for many in the center part of the country, including here in eastern iowa. we will see scattered light rain through the morning hours, becoming more widespread and heavy at times during the afternoon and evening. rain totals through friday later this afternoon and (changing to all snow briefly). take much to cause issues on the travels. country, including here in widespread and heavy at times rain, snow and perhaps sleet in elkader. the time is still to come this morning -- a salute to all those who have to work on this holiday. plus a surprise delivery for police. dozens of donuts show up at the door
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so what's behind the gift? the answer coming up. you're watching kwwl. we've got you covered in farley, morrison, st. lucas and all of eastern
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this morning, i'm thankful fokwwl. millions of americans will be celebrating thanksgiving with their work family. about 22-percent of those surveyed across the country said they're working on this holiday. the survey found those in the health care industry will most likely be on the job today. we'd like to thank them, first responders, retail workers... and anyone else on the job today... get your roar on. but this is not a story about katy perry. nats of wookie noises it's a wookie calling contest for
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star wars fans in dallas. the prize -- two free tickets to a 3d showing of the new movie -- "star wars: the force awakens" which opens next month. the winner said he didn't practice for the contest at all. the dallas area happens to be the home of peter mayhew -- the actor who plays chewbacca. an upset football fan sends police a special delivery... 240 donuts were delivered to police in madison wisconsin. the gift apparently came from a fan thrown out of the northwestern -- wisconsin game on saturday... he was assigned a different section than his friends and when he tried to stick with the group, he was tossed out. police donated the donuts to a shelter. straight ahead -- a doctor says it's easy to tell when patients are suffering from holiday stress. her advice includes a message
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expert advice to help you stress
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less.. enjoy more... and give your kids a gift they'll cherish. "whether it's because of family just the cooking and everything they have to do that's doctor karen russell says it's not hard to spot her patients that are suffering from holiday stress. "their blood pressure is up. you can see that they're distracted during the visit. they haven't slept very well." russell says the anticipation of everything that needs to be done is actually the biggest problem. to counter that feeling -- start by making a list. "it allows you to plan it's ok not to get certain things done, recognizing that you're only one person." remember, it's o-k to say no sometimes. "prioritize it. you don't have to go to every christmas party. you don't have to go to every christmas banquet or dinner." it's also important to enjoy the process of getting things done. for example, involve
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baking. put on holiday music... and let go of the idea that everything has to be perfect. "the mistakes are what help create memories for the holidays." to ease financial stress -- set a holiday budget and stick to it. russell recommends shifting your focus to spending time instead of money... especially when it comes to your them is spending the time with them. having a game night, watching movies, my kids love bundle up and go out and build a snowman. run around with them. they remember those moments more than a gift that you can buy them that they're going to put down in a month." finally, don't feel guilty about taking a little time for yourself. "read a book, meditate quietly, go have a cup of coffee and look the time to do that." checking out storm track seven
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today in iowa continues in a moment with the forecast from meteorologist kyle kiel.
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here's the storm track 7 live doppler radar. scattered showers tracking through the area. storm track 7 day forecast has rain tracking out by tomorrow. 1 to 2 inches of rain evening. "you're watching kwwl. we've got you covered. this is
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