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tv   KWWL News at Five  NBC  December 20, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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shock after-- a high schooer wrestler collapses and dies during a thanks for joining us tonight. welcome to the k-w-w-l nes at five i'm amanda goodman a high school wrestler dies after collapsing during a totornament. senior austin roberts went to spencer high school in spencer, iowa a small town of about 11-thousand... this tragedy happened at the tournamennon saturday ---- kwwl'ssristin rogers has been digging into this today, kristin what do we know? amanda many people are obviously shaken up by thiseath the news has been trending on facebook nearly all day... we know spencer high school opened up at ten this morning to offer grief counceling during this time... according to the spencer high school facebook page senior austin roberts collapsed on the mat and later died at spencer hospipial. berts placed eigth in the 2a state wrestling tournament last season. the athlete is also listed on the school's football roster. following the death, a youth wrestling tournament was cancelled in spencer today due
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a go fund me page is now set up to support the family... we talked about the outpour of support... the go fund me page set up for the family had recieveddore than 15 thouand dollars as of an hour ago.... we've got you covered, kristin rogers ...kwl news. we are unsure of the exact cause of austin roberts death, we have reached out the spencer hospital, but have not heard back at this time. an eastern iowa community gathered to remember the life of a young man gone too soon the visitation for waterloo west student moe sed was this afternoon at the first united methodist church in waterloo... you're seeing video of a gathering in sed's honor earlier the teen's body was found in the cedar river a little more than a week ago. his funeral will be tomorrow at 10:30 in the morning at the first baptist church in waterloo. for more tails head over to our website now let's check in with storm track seven meteorologist for your first forecast. from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team. see the screen
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information from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team: we are tracking the chance for scattered rain showers throughout the overnight hours anddinto the mornnng hours on monny. storm track 7 live doppler radar is showing some rain, but much of thiiis not reaching the ground. we do have a lot of dry air in place. however we have had reports of thunder and light rain accss the area. the better chance for rain comes later tonight as an area of low pressure strengthens and tracks through the area. here'sfuture track showing the rain through the overrght. it wraps up tomorrow morning and brings colder air in. there could be areas of mixed precipitation on the back side, but no accumulation out of that. storm track 7 live weather network shows clouds skies with warm conditions. more on how much rain to expect coming up in just a few minutes. now to a k-w-w-l follow up: waterloo police find the man who they say led officers on a
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johnathan martin is accused of leading police on a chase on interstate 3-80 between brandon and jesup early is morning. he then crashed and ran away through a cornfield. this all started when waterloo police tried to pull him over because of a rquest from hain county...police say they believe he broke into a closed businenes therere. today martin called for an ambulance from a waterloo home-- to be treated for severe frostbite that he got while running from police. the investigation is on goig. aaajor construction project in iowa is being dropped monsanto planned to build a 90-million dollar seed corn--plant in indepeence -- creating 47 jobs monsanto drops the project because of market changes. farm income is down for the third consecutive year prompting farmers to spend less --pressuring seed mpanies to loww profit expectations. . its been seven years since the black hawk rollerdome was lost to the 2008 floods. now some people in the cedar valley are trying to bring it bbck.
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with the people who are spear heading the campaign. it started with a nastalgic conversation of friday nights ssnt skaang with frieeds. then on whim makayla fisher created a online petition to bring the rollerdrome back. here - - the last moments of the drome - - after down in 2011. built in the cedar falls flood plan the damage was too costly to repair. for many of those who grew up in the cedar valley - - the rollerdrome holds fond memories. kristy "they grew up here it was a memory for them, it was a memory for my kids. s a memory, now i want to have for my grandkids." hartman "when makayla fischer and her mother started the petition to bring back the roller dome, they didn't expec it to grow so quickly. one week later nearly 25- hundred people have signed the makayla "not a lot of people can affor to drop $50 or $100 rather see that money that you can enjoy for more than an hour
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communicate with somebody and have fun at the same time." kristy "choices. we need something in this community. we not going to take away violence. but we need tw get these kids off the street. we neeesomething ffr family. we need to bring something back to the community for something to do." we posted the petition on kwwl's facebook page find out your thought and got a very positive response. tiff jones "this area needs to bring a skating rink back here for kids. this community needs a fun safe place that ur kids can have fun at. those were some of the best years for me." andrea niedert powell "yes! so many generations njoyed the rollerdrome! would love for r y kids to havv the chance to enjoy it also." we've got you covered live in the newsroom. . .jessica hartman kwwl
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the fishers say they aren't looking for the city to pay for a new rollerdrome. but there is a need for someone wioling to invest to fill and susugest using the e ld cedar fall hyvee as the new location. coming up... spreading the love-- what eastern iowa emergency responders are doing to give back this holiday season and, some ugly christmas sweaters are now ---ugly sweaty sweaters. you're watching kwwl, we've got you covered. and when you see news - or if you have pictures or video to share... you can do that by going to our page on facebook. you can also "like" our page to stay up to date on breaking news now here's stormtrack 7 live doppler radar "you're watching kwwl. we've this is the kwwl
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from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team. see the screen for your complete weather information. here is additional forecast information from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team: welcome back i'm meteorologist kyle kiel. threat tracker shows scattered showers throughout the overnight hours. the best chance for rain looks to be across our south eastern counties. the rain will wrap up by tomorrow morning across the east, and we will be left with
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cloudy and breezy conditions that will continue as we head into tuesday with a little bit more sunshine. storm track 7 live doppler radar shows maiy dry conditions across eastern iowa. however, we've had reports of thunder aa even some light rain here across our eastern counties. a lot of this is not reaching the ground, but some of it so there could be a little bit of
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rain as hese continue to track off to the northeast. the better chance of rain comes later tonight. this area of low pressure to our southwest will come in closer and bringngmore moisturrinto the area. so areas of light rain and drizzle are possible this evening, before more widespread rain shower activity moves in overnight. storm track 7 live weather
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cameras across eastern iowa show mainly a cloudy sky, but you can see on our dubuque sky cam that the roads are a little damp, meaning there has been a little bit of rain reaching the ground in some areas, but it hasn't been much and it has been very
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christmas spirit this weekend-- by participating in uglylyweater runs. for one couplein atlanta it might be a little too warm to run around in sweaters (woman) "very hot." (man) "that and we're unconditioned for this so it was pretty tough, a lot of chest pain.." (woman) "a lot of sweat." (man) "a lot of leg pain. yeah, we made it." coming up... a heartwarming story of what emergency responders are doing this holiday season to bring smiles to children's faces and, they're trending on facebook and twitter after their big win over iowa state ... you're watching kwwl.
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today --thanks to area emergency responders. kw-wl's shirley descorbeth is live in dubuque. attended a christmas celebration aaan area facility for kids with disabilities. how was it? well, it was heart-warmmng to say the least. the kids and young adults at hills and dales here in dubuque were thrilled to see so many visitors today. area firefighters...police men and others rolled in with lights flashing...irens blaring. it's all to deliver gifts to fifty residents at hills and dales -- a residential center for kid and young adults with severe mental d fire truck -- to make it extra
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this...that's what makes use smile, don't we? and then i get goodness. that's awesome. he really wants those gifts." this is the seventeenth year for this event. it's a community effort...were emergency responders and others in the area raised money for the past couple of months to buy the gifts. and throughghthat effort --hills and dales was presented with a nine-thousand dollar cash donation today. it'll go towards supporting special events for the kids. definitely...making it...a merry christmas. we've got you covered live in dubuque...shirley descorbeth... ...kwwl news. as for the kids...and their presents...they'll actually have to wait a little closer christmas to open their gifts. next... we'll hear more from the
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down a top 5 team this weekend for the second time this year -- plus -- former panther running back david johnson sits on the verge of making arizona cardinals history -- mark woodley joins us next.
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better the panthers play -- saturday ave us even more evidence of that fact -- just four weeks after knocking off the number one team in the country -- uni did it again shocking fifth
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the starsf the show -- wes washpun and paul jesperson -- washpun torched the cyclones with a career high 28 points -- while jesperson made it look easy from beyond the arc -- hitting 7 of te shots from thhe point land as the pantehrs did what they set out to do -- and that's prove they could play with anyone -- there are a lot of good teams in the country and this is one of preparation and believe that you can make games this happen and a big part of it. nobody's going to back down from anyone we play whether they're ranked #1 in the coury or we're going to play in a tough envirirnment. nobody's afraid of any team that we're going to play. the panthers have a pretty good gig coming up as they head to hawaii for the diamondhead classic starting off&with the host rainbow warriors on wednesday niniht -- panther women -- today --
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tulsa -- looking to move back to 5- hundred on the season -- ugly christmas sweater day in the mcleod center -- good day for amber sorenson she knocked down 3 of 4 trey attempts -- 17 points -- uni up 3 early -- minutes later -- it's madison weekly from downtown -- knocking it home -- panthers up 8 -- but it was jen keitel leading the way for uni -- jumper has un up 21-13 -- later on -- keitel again -- she finished with 21 -- uni rolls in the end 75, 59 over tulsa -- to the nfl -- vikings getting closer to clinching a post-season spot -- hosting a beaas team going in the wrong direction -- and teddy bridgewater carved up the chicago defense -- hits jerick mckinnon on the short pass -- mckinnon would finish it -- bridgewater with a pair of t-d tosses in the first half -- 17, 7 minnesota -- second half -- and the beat-down is on -- stefon diggs from bridgewater -- on the crossing route -- 33 yards to the endzone -- 24, 7 vikings ---
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it with his arm -- 4th quarter -- decides to tuck it and run -- makes the leap for the endzone -- 4 touchdown passes -- one touchdown run -- vikings smoke the bears 38, 17 -- this could be a big night for former panther running back david johnson-- now ttrust in to the starting role for the arizona cardinals -- johnson needs just one touchdown to tie the all-time cardinals rookie record -- he currently has 9 on the season -- leading all current nfl first year players -- david jooson is already in elite company -- paired up with nfl legend gayle sayers as the only rookies to score a return touchdown along with 4 rushing and receiving touchdowns in a season -- arizona and philadelphia are coming up right here on kwwl in about 2 hours --
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on this sunday night, heating up. hillary clinton already looking beyond her fellow democrats, and ahead to the gegeral election. sharpening her gop criticism, and calling donald trump isis' best recruiter. trump firing back, saying she lies like crazy. bomb scsce. ananmergencyanding
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