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tv   Early Today  NBC  December 21, 2015 4:00am-4:30am CST

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. zblrnlgs i have to apologize. >> clinton says trump is isis' best recruiter. trump says hillary's a liar, plus, jimmy carter's revelation about the death of a grandson. the team continues for the ainfluenza teen who killed four drunk driving and "the force awakens" "early today" starts right now. >> good morning, we start with breaking news out of las vegas. one person is dead, 26 others injured, some critically, after a woman driving a 1996 oldsmobile jumped the cush on the same vegas strip t. driver plowed into a group of people and proceeded to drive back onto the sidewalk and into another group. one witness said the car looked leak a bowling ball.
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>> based on the evidence and information from our fatal investigators, at this point we have it as an intentionaling a. she is in the detention center right now. she is speaking to the detectives. they are drawing her blood and she will be, i expect her to be charged within the next few hours. >> the driver then fled the scene and abandoned the parking space a. three-year-old was reportedly in the car and is not injured. this was not an act of terrorism. parts of the boulevard will be closed overnight in both directions. all public schools in new hampshire are closed after an e-mail was sent to the school district. on the website, the superintendent says they received a detailed threat of violence to harm students and staff and that the threat is sufficient through monday. new hampshire governor says officials are closely monitoring the situation. schools are expected to reopen
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the threat comes less than a week after los angeles posted the entire public school system. belgium authorities have detained a person related to the paris terrorist attacks. the belgium federal prosecutor says the unidentified person was tern taken into questioning. meanwhile, french newspaper reports the alleged ring leader of the attack, hid in the bushes next to a highway for four days after the attack. abaaoud was killed the week after the attacks on a raid on an apartment in sontenne. one of the most cringe worthy moments in history, last night, steve harvey on miss universe announced the wrong winner. >> colombia -- okay, folks
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the first runner-up is colombia. i will take responsibility for this. it was my mistake. it was on the card. >> they had to switch the crown. pageant officials apologize to the finalist in a statement. steve harvey apologized in a tweet that misspelled boast countries. it is now deleted. the first primary voters sex weeks away from having their say. the two front runners appear to be pulling away from the pack. donald trump and hillary clinton are facing their sights on each other. trump responding by calling clinton a liar. nbc's hal le jackson is on the blazing trail. >> reporter: on defense, about a data brooch by his own campaign,
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different approach today. >> information came into the clinton campaign. >> it magicallyclaim came there or you had a staffer? >> that's what. >> okay. >> coming a day after more direct words. >> i o want to apologize to hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton issuing one of heir own after returning late from a commercial break. >> sorry. >> her performance largely looking past the rivals on stage with her, to ones who might be next year. republicans, like donald trump. >> we also need to make sure that the really discriminatory messages that trump is sending around the world don't fall on receptive ears. he is becoming isis' best recruiter. >> trump firing back. >> she lies like crazy about everything, whether it's trips where she was gunned down in a
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she's a liar and everybody knows that. >> but trump's taking heat, too, for embracing praise from russian president vladimir putin anding avation iation iss he's had people killed. >> it's never proven, you are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty, at least in our country. >> trump off the campaign trails, others are making a pre-holiday push, like chris christie in new hampshire. signing a pilot for a man who ride in over new jersey after supermarket sandy. >> we thought this was the day republicans rocked twnts 12. >> no one has to worry about me. i will always put their interests ahead of politics. >> christie, hoping for a surge here. >> sometimes it's better to be lucky. >> reporter: already surging past another competitor, jeb bush. >> people thought you were the
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your campaign. >> i hated that. runner? >> i feel much better back here. >> he describes the campaign event in new hampshire where he praeded to rail against trump, calming him a jerk and on "snl" the co-host amy poehler reprised her role as hillary clinton on stage for some surprising news. >> now, hold on, hillary, even if you beat bernie, aren't you worried about the republican? who is their front runners? >> oh, i will tell you, only if you grab on something to brace yourself, because you are going to hit the f'ing floor. >> i'll be fine. >> you need to hold on to something? hillary. >> i am warning you. >> just tell me. >> donald trump. >> oh. >> i told you. >> oh my god.
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>> this morning there are now developments in the manhunt for the so-called afflnza teenager, he received probation after his family spoiled him and it was a factor. nbc's considerry sanders has the latest. >> reporter: the u.s. marshals service believes someone must be helping the fugitive elude capture. if it is his mother, who also went missing nine days ago, it just got harder for her to hide as well. the district attorney officially listed her as a missing person, which means she will also snow show up on national police databases. >> wehe is getting help. >> would it be his mother? >> i think it's a safe assumption assumption. we have not located the mother. she may be helping him. >> police say ethan couch may have fled. they appeared to see him playing beer pong.
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be a vielths of his probation. but it's unclear as the video does not show couch drinking. if he takes off, he has a probationary sentence. you have to worry about some concern about a violation that might put them back if jail. >> as a former u.s. attorney, you've seen that happen? >> we've seen many times, where somebody got a generous term of probation, blew it by committing a crime and being put in prison the whole time. >> ever since his probation, there have been threats for the wealthy. nine people were injured in the accident, it killed four, lukas' father. >> i think rktaccountability for him wor would come in the severe punishment. >> reporter: she set the conditions of his probation. we attempted to ask her about the developments, but she was unavailable at home and didn't
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the u.s. marshall says even if ethan couch has fled the country, he's not beyond tear reach. >> it really doesn't patz if he flees the country. we'll find him and make every effort to get that person back. >> "star wars," the force awaken, opens to record shattering numbers. it sold a total of $238 million in ticket sales. foreign ticket seas the total jumps to over $500 million the previous record holder "jurassic world" earned $208 million earlier this year. r2d2 made visit to the white house for the opening. >> good morning, more warmth. more rain. it's amazing as we head into our winter solstice this evening. we are watching thunderstorms at this hour in areas of missouri.
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chicago, of course, detroit, bring the umbrella with you. a lot of clouds, hit and miss showers, especially in the southeast t. southeast has reached its strength a couple times this week. remember, white christmas. everywhere east of the rockies is looking pretty much snowless, the only area that guarantees a white christmas will be all of the mountain west. so it will be warm, if anything, rain will be your travel troubles. so today's forecast, light rain in the great lakes. we will see rain in the gulf coast developing. down there in new orleans, that could be a soaking rain this afternoon into this evening. even continuing into tuesday. notice the temperatures, 66 in oklahoma city. >> that warm, d.c. up to 63. new york city 60. be i the time we get to wednesday, looks like another soaking rain up the east coast look how warm it is. even with the rain, temperatures will be up to 60 degrees. even chicago fits the possibility of a thunderstorm.
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would be record breaking, as far north as new york city. that's your national weather. that's a coastal look at your day ahead. well, the northern plains are feeling like winter. the big storms today will be in oregon and areas in the west over the next couple of days. there is some of that rain late today in new orleans and mississippi and alabama. >> it is quite a week. >> thanks very much. an incredibly personal moment shared publicly with jimmy carter. >> china, we search for you.
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. . >> more bad news for exec martin schirelli. he resigned as the ceo after he
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seven counts of security fraud. he faces blistering criticism when his company bought the rights a. drug raised the price 5,000 percent. in the "wall street journal," he says he believes he is targeted because of his drug price increase. yesterday he tweeted the allegations against me are baseless and without merit. former president jimmy carter made an announcement, his friend died after an unexpectedly stop of his heart. >> they took him to the hospital. we got there i guess about 1:30 this morning and we were there for about 20 minutes before it stopped beating again. so they decided to give him cpr. he passed away. >> his death has not been determined. at least 91 people are missing after a landslide during 33
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behind a million square feet of debris. all the rain and mud have been hampering rescue efforts. stocks take a nose dive. the price of gas drops nation i nationwide t. average price is falling below $2 for the first time since 2009 in more than two-thirds of u.s. gas stayings. the faa launches a drone registry today. anyone who buys an unmanned aerial vehicle under 55 pounds will be required to register with the agency. just ahead, an exciting nfl sunday as tempers flare in new york. could o'dell beck hak, jr., get suspended? sports up next.beck hak, jr., get suspended? sports up next.ebeck hak, jr., get suspended? sports up next.beck hak, jr., get suspended? sports up next.kbeck hak, jr., get suspended?
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sports up next.ambeck hak, jr., get suspended? sports up next. hak, jr., get
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sports up next. this morning on "today" do you believe in the after life? nbc's craig melvin sits down with a woman who he believes he can connect the world of the living and the dead. time now for sports, tempers flared, bodies were flying, words were spoken along with helmet-to-helmet kids. the nfl may have something to say about all this later. the two went at it all afternoon. the giants downed four touchdowns, managed to tie things up and give the undefeated campus a scare. but carolina iced the win with a
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next, to football minded america, the arizona cardinals pounded the eagles. they locked up the first season, it's ancient history. in washington, sole possession of 1st place in the nfc east, kirk cousins has a 25-35 when over buffalo. the red hot kansas city chiefs won their eighth straight, trouncing over baltimore. cincinnati clinched the playoff spot. a.j. mccarron got his first career start for the bengals, who succeeded san francisco 24-14. the stars were winners in what may have been their last game if san diego with a win over miami t. team may be moving to los angeles. just ahead, one of bravo's real housewives is getting out of jail this week.
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that's up next. >> now to entertainment, on "snl," tina fey and amy poehler get down to tear busy live. we got to be so we got the best ladies we have been told that we roll 2k
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my mammograms who turned my wallet in half >> that song may be a little competition for a star like taylor swift. speaking of taylor, christmas came early for a girl delaney diagnosed with cancer at 8-years-old. the housewife of new jersey, teresa giudice will be released from a correctional institute. she has been in since january. teresa and her husband joe pleaded guilty last year to bankruptcy fraud >> over 10 million people tried to buy tickets to adele's north american conser tour. even with 50 show, only 750,000 tickets were up for sale.
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soil is the foundation... for healthy plants. just like gums are the foundation for healthy teeth. new colgate total daily repair toothpaste. it helps remineralize enamel and fight plaque germs for healthier teeth and gums. strengthen the foundation for healthy teeth. new colgate total daily repair. leading the news on nbc hate attacks on muslims. according to california state university, 38 anti--miss little attacks were reported, 18 occurred in the wake of the san bernardino shooting.
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are over two times the average monthly rates from 2010 to 2014. in usa today, a survey reports two-thirds or more believe older americans have better morals, work ethic and more respectful than the younger generation. this cycle repeetsz itself with every generation, due to economic progress over time. five people are dead after a small plane crashed in southern california. the piper cheer key lost contact with controllers. they made a mayday call. investigators are determining the cause of the crash. in the wake of the southwest airlines plane clipped a plane in burbank, california yesterday. however, both flights were cancelled cancelled. a similar incident in burbank occurred last june. the canadian government anounszed it will double the
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the country last year. prime minister justin trudeau announced his projections. they hope to resettle 50,000 by the end of 2016. visitors to the aquarium in california received cuteness overload yesterday. visitors to the monterey bay aquarium, they got to meet the newest otter born that morning. he spent his first days in bed groomed by his mother. as crowds of visitors looked on. >> of all the animals in the water, sea otters look so relaxed. >> they're reclined. >> they take a nap on their belly. >> a viral hit right there. time to look ahead, the obama administration will provide protection for two breeds of lions today. they have added power.
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bernardino student will appeal at a bail hearing. he is charged with conspiracy to commit trim and several weapons charges. coo actor kiefer sutherland turns 49, actress jane fonda is 78. keep it here for more weather and sports. thanks for watching "early today."
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see you least one person is dead and dozens are injured after a woman plus... an iowa community is in shock after a high school wrestler collapses and dies during a match. and he's known as a modern day geppetto. we'll tell you how an american family brings joy to kids who really
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