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tv   Today in Iowa at 5  NBC  December 24, 2015 5:00am-6:00am CST

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midwest. plus... it's an early holiday gift for owa -- congreres and an extraordinary little boy who's a violin prodigy and mat whiz. he's accomplished so much despite ffering from ealth problems. hear his story coming up. good morning, i'm ally crutcher. jerry has the day off. storm track seven meteorologist eileen loan is here now with your storm track seven forecast. some roads are still lightly snow covered in our northern counties, but we could see more later today. the main storm hasas tracked out of the area and we will have more clouds tracking in. temperatures are in the upper 20s to low 30s this
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dropping into the teens due to west winds still 10-20 mph or stronger at times.... although these will die down quickly within the next couple of hours. we will see another chance of light snow tracking in n day with h few rain showers mixing in to the south with warmer temps... but mainly some light snow with some of our northern counties seeing up to an inch. temps stay mild today and will continue to be warmer than normal into christmas day. i'll have that forecast for you in a few minutes. our op story this morning... storms kill at least seven people in mississippi, tennesss, and arkansas. andrew spencer tells us the severe weather impacted much of the midwest and the south, just as peopl@ are traveling lut of state to see family and friends a
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heard the wind picking up. we of the storm shelter; everything was gone." others weren't so lucky. several people died as a large tornado formed in northern mississippi. it left a trail of damage for miles and miles, moving well into tennessee. "when the tornado was over, i couldn't even find my house. it was just that bad." "trees was just everywhere." overnight, first- responders in several states worked to make sure nobody was trapped under debris, desperate for help. if we do have someone tha is each highway, gong door to door to make sure we can eliminate all the possibilities there's someone that needs help." the storm system left damage across much of the midwest and the south -- flooding roads, downing trees, and damaging homes in parts of kentucky, illinois, indiana, and
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news. forecasters say the severe weather threat could shift east into the southern appalachian mountain gion later today. no plea yet from the woman accused of deliberately driving her car onto sidewalks on the vegas strip. lakeisha holloway appearing in court yesterday. authorities say holloway's three- yeer old son was in the car when she barreled through crowds on the sidewalk, injuring dozens and killing one. she faces murder, hit and run and chi abuse charges. the man who admitted to killing three people and injuring nine others at a colorado springs planned parenthood will undergo a mental health evaluation. a judge ordered the evaluation for robert dear after he told the judge he wants to represent himself in court. he faces 179 counts which includes murder in the first degree. he went on a shooting rpage last m mnth. families who lost loved ones in the newtown, connecticut massacre will split a
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settlement from the estte of the shooter's mother. four adults and 1 1children were killed in december, 2012... when adam lanza opened fire at sandy hook elementary school. iraqi forces appearroised to re-take the kky city of ramadi from isis control. forces launched their long-awaited offensive, supported by u-s airstrikes. the iraqi attackers say they'll take control from isis within days. they're fighting house to house... and isis, which seized ramadi in may, is down to a few hundred fighters. a man s rescued after being buried u uder rubble f fr more than 60 hours following a massive landslide in china. his life was saved by a door that trapped his foot... but gave himpace under the rubble to survive. more than 70 people are still listed as missing. crews battled a fire at a jail in kentucky. it appears the fire was intentionally set because it broke t after a fighthtver a t-v n one of the cells.
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were treated for smoke inhalation. inmates were evacuated and bussed to other area detention centers. a smooth landing aftete a tense flight for people on board a southwest plane. the flight from oakland, california to chicago was turned around aftete the landing gear malfunctioned. the plane circled for hours to burn off fuel. passengers say people were crying, holding hands.. calling loved ones. fortunately, the plane eventually landed safely. a grand jurr indicts the ttck driver who crashed into a limousine carrying actor tracy morgan in 2014. the driver now charged with aggravated manslaughter, vehicular homiccde and aggravated assault.. one person was killed in the accident and morgan was seriously injured. an investigation by the national transportation safety board concluded the truck driverr hadn't slslpt for 28 hours prior to the crash. the federal budget just passed by cgress includes 600 billion dollars in tax breakssfor a number of industries.
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companies to sell crude oil overseas - in exchange for tax breaks on solar and wind engy. but some in washington say - we can no o onger afford 14 billion in tax breaks over the next ten years - for wind energy... an older (nat sound - turbine - shot from drone) (super: somerset county, pa spinning in 39 states, providing says producing power wwth natural gas and coal may be less expensive - but wind is cleaner. production for decades. more getting tax breaks. "that includes jobs in construction- i development - in maintenance and aso in cons- ah - in manufacturing." one group that advootes for limited government - calls the tax break 'corporate welfare.' "they're spending millions of credit into these end of year
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"moo people came here for more renewable energy... against added taxpayer costs... and the impact on neighbors.s. tracie potts - nbb news. iowa is a national leader in winn energy. in 2004, iowa generated more than 28 percent of its electricity from wind power and has the third most installed wind capacity of any state. the last minute shop\int frenzy is upon us.... some are finishin up their christmas shohoping...otherssust started.... kwwl's amanda gilbert joins us
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details. stores are accomadating those llt minute shoppers.... kohls has beee open 24 hours this week.... they close tonight at 6.... malls across eastern iowa are also open today... they close earlier than usual though... so make sure to not wait too long i spoke with a lot of shoppers yesterday... many of them said they were getting the last few items on their lists... a acording to a study from the national retail federation....that came out a few days ago... about 90 percent of americans still had stuff to buy for the holidays... still many said they were cutting it kind of close... "just finished" "today i'm getting stocking stuffers.. that's always my last minute thing." "ugh this is kind of late i should be at home getting the presents wrapped." according to consumer experts....two of the biggest reasons
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lack of present ideas and people are still weighing their options on what to get. people also wait because they want to get those last- minute deals or they are just procrastinating. we've got you covered live in the newsroom... amanda gilbert... kwwl news. need he with last-minute shopping? there's apps for that. apps like postmates and curbside drivers can help make delivery easier. all that holiday shopping may be leaving a mark on your credii score. it can raise your credit utilization and cause some short-term damage. but... if you pay your bills on time and start bringing your utilization back down... you coul help your scorrrecover over time. experts advise keeping your use of credit to no more than 30 percent of your total credit limit. when most toddlers were learning to walk and play nicely on the playground -- one little boy was learning ttplay the violin. but now as a 7 year old.... health problems may derail a promising child prodigy. erika edwards has his story. "caesar playing with his teacher ms amelia" this is not your typicl
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once steay and strong.g.ow -- caesar has trouble navigating the tiniest obstacles. he suffers from major severe." caesar has had not one... not two... but three strokes -- all related to sickle cell. "you ready?" "i'm not.." "you're not??" he must undergo blood transfusions every three weeks to help prevent a fourth stroke. sickle cell disease is an inherited blooddisorder.. both caesar and his little sister have it, though hers has been less severe. red blood cells in people with sickle cell disease are shahaed like
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extremely painful, andcause to do is do a stem cell transplant whii is a curatiie takes tem cells from the bone marrow of a donor -- is complex and risky.. but a potential cure. caesar playing violin the strokes have e eft caesar struggling sommtimes to find the right note... but he still plays beautifully thanks to months of rehabilitation. his father credits the violin for saving caesar's life "t"t more you exercise your fingers, the more you strength the brain connection." caesar stops playing and takes a bow his family hopes the @ombination of music and medicine will leaato caesar's best performance yet. erika edwards, nbc news. caesar hopes to get a bone marrow transplant in 2016. it's coming up on today in iowa.... it's known as the birthplace of jesus, and people living there madeelast mimiute preparations for the arrival of pilgrims for
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plus... grandma didn't get run over by a reindeer -- but one did pay her a visit. we have some clearing going on right now, but e next system is already tracking toward western iowa. i'll let you know how that is going to affect us, coming up "you're watching kwwl, we'vegot you covered! with jerry gallagher, ally crutcherr "now your storm track 7
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weather information. hereis additionnl forecast informaaion from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team: it was warm yesterday, which led
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seeing those strong storms... but we alss hit a record high in iowa city... beat the old record by a degree. today will be cooler with some snow tracking in. another und of rain and snow will hold off until after christmas. right now, there are still some roads reporting some snow on them in our north, others may have some frost due to the cooler temps. stormtrack7 live weather network is calm right now, but will show some showers tracking
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today. temperatures are still mild, but starting to drop below freezing, so watch for parking lots and sidewalks to have somom slick spots. winds are still strong and will die down over the next couple of hours and be mainly from the west. the next system is already showing up on the radar to our west... this onis smaller, but will still prodode some showers over the kwwl viewing area...although
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throoh... snowfall amounts will be light, but there may be a heavier band in our northern counties thht ends up around an inch or so. highs will be in the 30s today with winds becoming light and that snow tracking in, especially this afternoonn we drop into the 20s in the mid 30s to mid 40s and then some depend on the track and strength of the low. the traditional birthplace of jesus, the west bank city of bethlehem, issmaking last-minute preparations for christmas visitors. tourists gathered near the church of the nativity. senior citizens in england have been treated to a special visitor to bring some festive cheer. pid, the stair- climbing reindeer, has visited the care home to
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residents and spread christmas spirit. he was accompanied by his mate, comet. reindeer have been trained to walk up and down the stairs to visit the elderly in their bedrooms. it's coming up on today in iowa.... from the presidential campaign a leadership changng in congress...we're taking a look back at the top political stories of the year. plus... we'll tell you where a hot pink cardboard lamborghni is designed to bring out the crowds. stay with k-ww-l, we've goo you covered. 2015 packed a political punch. from by taking their money.
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sanders: over 2 million contributions have been made to the only campaign that rejects a corrupt campaign finance system. you can't level the playing field with wbll street banks and billionaires by taking their money.
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speaker of the house scramble.. . to some very popular yet unconventional presidential contenders. dianne gallagher has a breakdown of the highlights. the 2016 presidential election campaign kicked into high gear. (nats-crowd applause) the crowded gop field started out with a whopping 17 candidates... and one name has candidate) "donald trump." (carly fiorina/(r) presidential candidate) "donald trump." (ted cruz/(r) presidential candidate) "if you look at donald trump." the billionaire's bombastic style grabbed daily headlines... (donald trump/(r) presidential candidate) "i know more about gotta see this gg.. (mocking) 'aw, i don't know what frontrunner status. the democratic field
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hillary clinton fighting off junior senator bernie sanders... nd his huge campaign crowds. hillary clinton's campaign trail took a dramatic turn to capitol hill in october. than all of you put together." investigating the benghazi tragedy. the clinton campaign lls it a political witch huut. republicans insist it's not about clinton ... but about getting answers. & another heated battle on capitol hill... over planned parenthood funding. a series of heavily- videos claim they show planned parenthood employeesesnegotiating the sale of fetal tissue offensive and categorically spending bill --shutting down
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passed that kept the organization's funding intact...preventing a government shutdown. an unexpected departure gave rise to new leadership in washington. (rep john boehner/(r) former house speaker) "i decided john boehner said the turmoil in congress led him to decide... it was time to go. after a chaotic scramble... republican congressman paul ryan s elected thee4th speaker. (rep nancy pelosi/(d) house minority leader) "it is my privelidge to hand this gavel to paul ryan." ryan takes the helm with a promise to end fractious party gallagher reporting. coming up tomorrow... we'll taae a look at the most viral stories over the year. it's coming up on today in iowa....
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pink lamborghini going on show at a shopping mall was replicated--in cardboard.
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attention in apan. the replica is exciting car lovers after it went on display yesterday. it was created by a company that makes s ackaging materials.
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another six months to produce. when a lamborghini employee heard about the project, he offered to showcase a real vehicle alongside it. and cooaring the two de-by sisi, the resemblance is astonishing. storm track seven meteorologist eileen loan is back with another check of your storm track seven forecast. some snow will track through today, especially in the northern counties, so travelers should be aware of rapidly changing ddiving conditioios today. areas of fog tonight with for saturday with snow possible monday and tuesday as temps drop back to
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alert after a series of damaging storms hit the region. plus... buy some jewelry, get a shotgun. that's a promotion one store is offering its customers. and deputies in one part of the country aren't just fighting crime.. they're also spreading a little christmas spiit. good morning, i'm ally crutcher. jerry has the day off. storm track seven meteorologist eileen loan is here now with your storm track seven forecast. sosoe roads are sttll lightly snow covered in our northern counties, but we could see more of the area and we will have more clouds tracking in. temperatures are in the upper 20s to low 30s this morning with chilll dropping into the teens due to west winds still 10-20 mph or stronger at timeu.... although ese will die own quickll
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couple of hours. we will see another chance of light sow tracking in today with a few rain showers ixing in to the south with warmer temps... but mainly some lht snow ith some of our northern countiess seeing uppto an inch. temps stay mild today and will continue to be warmer than normal into christmas day. i'll have that forecast for you in a few minutes. our top story this morning... seven arr killed afterrdeadly storms hit the south. in mississippi, a twister crossed right over an interstate. watch as th tornado moves oser as a steaddstream of vehicles continue to move down the road. you can actually see a semi get flipped over by the twister. homes are barely recognizable
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through. but authorities say their ggal is to save the lives of others... "that's our number one priority, trapped. we're trying to clear each street, each county road, each h hghway. a meteorologist with the storm prediction center estimates 14- tornadoes touched down in mississippi last night. area family members remember a fallen soldier. joseph lemm -- a dubuque county native -- was killed during a suicide bomb attack in afghanistan monday. oriiinally from bernard iowa, lemm moved to nebraska and eventually to new york, where he was a member of the police force for about 15 years. he was on his third and final tour overseas. even though they only saw him every couppe of years, family memeers say he left a mark on their lives... "he had the size of a grizzly walk in. he was just about the the family says it had been about a year and a half since
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lemm---d added theyyished they could've seen more of him. following recent shootings overseas and here in the u-s -- gun store owners report a spike in sales. a gun store manager we spoke with says m mre people want to buy guns. a customer says he recently got his conceal carry license -- because he's concerned guns will be hard to buy in the near future. the store manager says he's hearing simliar stories fro (cg: matt schhantz/ manager of palo outdoors) "the pro gun people are defintely concerned so they are taking it upon themselves to maybe stock up per say." he says sales increased on all types of guns this year. buy some jewelry, get a free shotgun. it's a holiday promotion at a florida jewerly ssore. spend 450 to 4- thousand dollars and you get a gun -- the store's already "my wifeloves jewelry, and it the best of both worll."
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same deal on valentines day for customers who missed the christmas offer. police arrested some protesters with the black lives matter movememnt at the minnnapolis saint paul international airport. the arrests were made because the protestors were causing significant traffic disruptions. they were originally demonstrating at the mall of americaca. but ome of them hhaded to one of the airports, which forced police to close security checkpoints inside the terminal. it's unclear how many arrests were made. the t-s-a has issued a new rule for airport secucuty screening. t-s-a screeners can now force anyone to go through body scanners, even if they want to opt out. before the change, passengers could choose a full body pat down instead of the boboy scanner. the change comes after security concerns about terror plots on commercial airlines. deciion 20-16 coverage... senator d cruz steppppd up his
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editorial cartoon he called tasteless. this as the candidates finally edward lawrence fills us in on the campaign trail. (sot: bernie sanders/ (d) n, when we sttd together as a break from the rhetoric for the holidays. (sot: marco rubio/ so we have 60 people from our all that up..." still senator ted crz took some partingngshots releasing this editoriil cartoon via twitter. it shows hillary clinton walking with what cruz describes as her
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new york times this in response toa washington post editorial cartoon showing cruz as an organ grinder be off-limits, and the campaign playbook out the in which we elect the second at 18 percent. edward lawrencc nbc news, washington. that same oll, ben carson and marco rubio are behind trump and cruz with 10- percent support each. a group of suspects not only stole clothes from a miami store, they also took the mannequin! police say the suspects used a black pickup truck to smash rough the glassentry at a clothing store in north miami. once inside, the thieves made off with dozens of pairs of designer jeans... a loss of 8- thousand dollrs for the business. in ohio,,a similar situuion. five teenagers reportedly slammed a stolen van into a
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and got away with 19-thousand dollars in merchandise. police say the entire incident happened in 77 seconds. authorities are now patroling more inside and outside the store. colombia's air force rescued two hikers who got lost in the amazon jungle. an air force crrw used a helicopter to get the two out -- officials say they got lost. the polish citizens are reported to be in good condition, but one hikeras treated at the scene for a snake bite. it's aahopping frenzy... stores are prepared for the last- minute shopping rush... kwwl's amanda gilbert joins us now live in the newsroom. and amanda, you spoke ith some shoppers ttt are makinn these last minute purchases... malls and stores are open today for last minute shoppers: kohls has been open for 24 hours.... they close at 6 tnight... lindale mall in cedar rapids... coral ridge mall in corralville and kennedy mall in dubuque all close 6 today... crossroads mall in waterloo closes at 5... nat: i think a lot of peopl are probably done by ow.... but i'i'
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store that i had my eye on a couple of weeks ago so it was like i hope it's there.... i hope it' there... thank goodness it was.." christina staton just finished too. christina's should be at home getting thh presents wrrpped." she say's it's kind of late stuffers...that's always my last minute thing" "just finished." "this is pretty late i guess. staaup: just days ago the national retail federal released biggest reasons for last minute
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christmas present ideas and another big reason." "people do wait for the deals. registers open ad that we have thstaff on hand to help people because they want tooget home and get home to family." if you still have some last minute shopping... there's actually apps you can use to help you...such as postmatesand curbside@driver we've got you coved live in the newsroom... . manda gilbert... kwwll news. some shoppers said the warm weather right now makes last-minute shopping easier...... and as last- minute shoppers finish up their shopping this christmas eve... many will be grabbing gifts cards. the national retail federation asked people about their shopping intentions should they receive a gift card. the survey found most will likely watch for really good sales s r promotions to maximize the value of their gift card.
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soldiers are honored for their acts of bravery in afghanistan -- back in 20-11. fofomer sergeant justin schmitt and former specialist brian swedberg are recognized for fighting under heavy combat -- and forcing the enemy into retreat. a facebook message alerted formrmr sergeant schmitt he had received the army commendation medal. he says he's grateful for the honor. and while a lot of things in civilian life are different, a fast-paced, more than the civilian life.. but if yoo have kids, it's almost the same pace but its not so hostile" if you want to know more about the two men -- we ve information on their missions, teams and honors on our website, kwwl dot com instead of handing out fines for traffi violations, in one california county, they were giving people cass. it's all to spread a little christmas spirit. janelle bludau has our story this morning. (nats) "you're giving us money? yes really? yes... you're lying! are "we've identified some amilies." they don'ttave the redd hat.. or white beard.... (nats) "we were dispatched to this
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(nats) "given some money that we'd like to give you ys as a with the help of an anonymous donation of five thousand dollars.. deputies pinpointed several homes.. (nats) "so we would like to give you and families.. they wanted to help. you." then spreading a little more cheer on the road. (nats) "instead of giving you aaticket today." stopping drivers.. for minor violations.. (nats) "it's just a random act of kindness for the holiday season. is that for me, yes it's for you. are you serious?"
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worst.. (name unknown) "i was honestly thinking e were going to get a ticket, but volunteered her time to pass out "if it's someone who's having a the sheriff says they hope to continue and maybe even expand the program nextear. it's coming up on today in iowa.... a little girl is being rewarded plus... the beatles are entering the streaming era just in time for christmas. we have some clearing going on
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going to affect us, coming up. "you're watchng kwwl, e've got you covered! with jerry gallagher, ally crutcher
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"now your storm track 7 forecast on kwwl." from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team. see the screen for your complete weather innrmation. here is additional forecast information from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team: it was warm yesterday, which led to some of us seeing those trong storms...
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a record high in iowa city... beat the old record by a degree. today will be cooler with some snow tracking in. another round of rain and snow will hold off until after christmas. right now, there are still some roads reporting some snow on` them in `ur north,,others may have some frost due to the cooler temps. stormtrack7 live weather network is calm right now, but will show some showers tracking through later
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starting to drop bow freezingg so watch ffr parking lots and sidewalks to have some slick spots. winds are still strong and will die down over the next couple of hours and be mainly from the west. the next system is already showing up on the radar to our west... this one is smaller, but will 30s today with winds becoming 40s and then some e ain and snow it's coming up on today in iowa.... we'll tell you how a three-year- old girl saved her mom, who was 7- months preggnt. plus... area police support one of their own -- by shaving their heads -- after learning their fellow officer's mther is battling cancer. you're watching kwwl. we've got you covered n
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all of eastern iowa. call it a holiday gift to beatles fa ok, we're here. here's dad. mom. the twins. aunt alice... you didn't tell me aunt alice was coming. of course. don't forget grandpa. can the test drive be over now? maybe just head back to the dealership? don't you want to meet my family? yep, totally. it's practically yours, but we still need your signature. the volkswagen sign then drive event. zero due at signing,
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and zero first months payment on a new jetta and otherselect models. paris: there's a lot to do on a dairy farm. nobody's gonna do it for you. you have to get out there and do it yourself. bernie sanders is a well-known friend of familyarms. bernie cannobe bought out by big money. bernie's'spinion cannot be purchased. it's time for our next president to get in there, roll up his sleeves, take off the gloves, and take on wall street, take on big business, ke on big money, ananget the working class back to where they should be.
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sanders: i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. starting today, music from the fab four will be available on every on-demand streaming service for the first time. the beatles re- mastered studio lbums became avvilable just after midnight. university of iowa police officers support an area cancer patient -- by shaving their heads. cindy garwood is undergoing chemotherapy for lung cancer. her daughter is a university of
5:45 am
she shaved her head in support of her mom -- and eight of her (jackie anderson/ui police officer) "on monday when we got work with guys like that, so i really appreciate them." this is garwood's second time fighting cancer. andedeson says ittwas hard forr her mom to go out in public -- without hair the last time she received chemo. an amazing story of how a three- year-old girl saved her pregnant mom. this happened in england. her mother was knocked unconscious, so little emma called 9-9-9, the english equivalent of 9-1-1. she coolly stayed on the line until paramedics arrived to help... "i was surprisisd how young she that situation and would have been a lot more panicked. for her to be three and able to do emma got a certificate for her bravery. the salvation army hosts their christmas dinner for the community. organizrs say it's agreat way to end te year -- and wrap up
5:46 am
thehe raised moreethan 400-thousand dollars this year. people say the holiday feast of ham, corn, potatoes and pie helped them celebrate the holidays. servers say they were happy to hear the kind words... "we have heard, as they were coming in, that they were happy to come in today, be out of the rain, have a place to go, and have a special meal." gifts and donations to the salvation army can be sent online or by mail ---hrough the end of the year. hawkeye quarterback c-j beathard just happens to be carrying on a family tradition by making the trip to the rose bowl. in fact -- he's the third member of hihi family to take part in the game -- as his great uncle pete quarterbacked u-s-c to a win in the 19-63 game -- and another uncle -- kurt beathhrd coached the illinois wide receivers in 2008 -- and having opportunity to carry on that legacy is a big deal to the that's awesome. i remember going to the rose bowl whenever my family and i went down there, enjoyed the trip, and i just remember thinking thiss awesome. i can't waittuntil i'm in college doing this. it's it --
5:47 am
live coverage of the road to the rose bowl begins in just a couple days. ron steele, mmrk woodleyyand the crew are all set to keep you up on the hawkeyes. they face stanford new year's it's you're watching today in iowa on k-
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seriously? where do you think you're going? to work, witityou. itit taco tuesday. you're not coming. i took mucinex to help get rid of my mucusy congestion. oh, right then i'll swing by in like 4 hours. forget the tacos! one pill lasts 12 hours. i'm good allllay. wait! your loss. i was going to wear a sombrero. only mucinex has a bi-layer tablet that starts fast, and keeps working. not 4,4,ot 6, but 12 full hours. start the relief. ditch the misery.
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are out hitting the water. these santas traded in their sleighs for paddle boards for an event in seatte. theevent was organized by "monster and sea", an organization that helps raise money for families battling cancer.
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a litle holiday cheer to the people stuck in trtrffic on theebridge overhead. eileen loan is back with another check of your storm track seven forecast. some snow will track through today, especially in the northerr counties, soo traveleles should be aware of rapidly changing driving conditions today. areas of fog tonight with nice weather for christmas day. another round of rain and snow track in for saturday with snow possible monday and tuesday as temps drop here's a live look outside at , there's another hour of today in iowa coming up right here on
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storms become deadly...many will spend this holiday cleaning up the mess. pl...a new twist on shotgun wedding. a jewelry store offering up free
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