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tv   Today  NBC  December 24, 2015 10:00am-11:00am CST

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>> narrator: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. >> hello,everybody. it is december 24th. we want to wish you a merry christmas eve. >> "santa tell me" by arianna grande. and the girl that has stunned audiences is here with a christmas song for us. and before you get to the presents tomorrow, you will probably enjoy a great meal tonight. we're going to show you how to do it italian style with the feast of the seven fishes.
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excitement with games that all of the family can play. >> look at miles, that is a beautiful child. all children are beautiful, but that -- oh -- >> all glammed up for their christmas eve festivities tonight, how about this -- >> a christmas miracle. >> we have one to share with you right now. >> we found a hat that fits hoda. it is a christmas miracle. it is an xl. it is so crazy. a website, the and it posted the most popular things to do on christmas eve. first of all, listen to christmas music.
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>> all right, thank you. and then you can track santa on e north american aerospace command. >> that is such fun for christmas thing for kids. you can see exactly where he is. this was a tradition in our house, open one gift christmas eve, and deciding which oneas so hard. do i take the big one, what if it's not the thing. the other is creme to keep christ in chchstmas, the reason for the season. watch a christmas movie. >> yes, i do "love actually." >> and spend time with loved ones if you have some.
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throwback thursday. we dug through our kathie lee vault, and we have the fit and fabulous workout. cassidy was one year old. >> other leg, hug the thigh and hold it there. >> my sister did it with me. my friend lori -- in the green is -- my old body, boy do i miss it. >> on amazon right now, it has five stars. >> there was no when i did it. >> wow. >> off and on, he is tells about her morning exercise routine,
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teeth, you clinch your hiney. >> when you have to brush your teeth, don't you. i know what you're thinking, and no no no, i was thinking about the buns. this is how you do it, you steady yourself in front of your sing. lower yourself down with your thigh muscles and let your bottom do the lifting. while you're down there, you squeeze and lift, squeeze and lift, hold it, hold it, squeeze squeeze squeeze. ten or 15 seconds. i know is painful, but it works. >> it's also before there was electric toothbrushes. >> first of all, all of that that you had going on there is something --
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i've done everything in this business except for -- don't say it on christmas eve. almost everything. >> all right, here is a hall mark commercial that captured a lot of people's attention. >> did i do that? >> no. there are two types of people for tree decorating. some want some fit for a window display, and others don't care about perfection. >> like charlie brown. so hall mark did a good job recognizing one of the perfectionist moms. >> anywhere you want. >> the ornaments should be spread out again. >> why did you do that? >> how are you -- this polar bear doesn't like sparkly things. symmetry. >> i did it -- >> wow, who did the tree? >> we did. >> they did.
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a fine line between letting them have the joy and -- >> what did you do? >> the same, the same, they don't like to go there. >> they go to bed and you come down and fix it. >> we have a guest, our friend heavenly joy is here. thank you for coming to see us. >> what are these? >> they are gingerbread men. >> you're so sweet, thank you. your skirt lights up, that is so exciting. >> how are you been since we saw you? >> very very good. >> you're going to sing for us later -- >> what are you munching on right now? >> it is a little candy cane -- >> nope, it is a vitamin c. >> you're going to sing a little for us, right?
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something but that would be illegal. >> don't worry about that -- >> that is her big girl drink. >> it's like a milkshshe but it's not. >> you're very fancy. who are you, heavenly joy. will you sing a little for us before you do your actual snmpls. >> all right, bye. we're ready. silent night, holy night all is calm, all is bright mother and child, holy infant so tender and mild sleep in heavenly peace, sleep in heavenly peace >> come back up here.
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do you know how much we love you? so much. we can't even describe, it's like this big. you're like the brand any shirley temple to us. >> would you like to hear another zonk, it's a christmas song, i get to pick a song every week, i chose this song and it is called "this christmas." do you know this one? let's play it. your mom knows it.
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you that we can be heard on sirius xm channel eight. >> it is beginning to look a lot like christmas for two ladies in particular. >> ambush makeover is after this, and heavenly joy will have a new song that her dad wrote. that is coming up, you'll have to wait because it is a christmas treat. >> this is a christmas treat. >> you're a christmas treat. >> what's your favorite cookie? >> chocolate chip. but my dad is like crazy about them. zack. turning it on now.
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this is christmas eve and also thirsty thursday. and we bring you our a.m. bush makeovers, so joning us now is louie and jill martin. how it was today? >> it was great. the festive spirit is in the air, and this is the best gift that we could gift that jill and i could give. >> first we have loran. he is is a retired school
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they came down for a concert last night and didn't plan to stay all day, but they're here. >> happy holidays, and bob, you're excited? >> i am, i think this is a great opportunity for her to do something for herself. >> it is very nice, and you said you want this to be her gift for the holidays, right? from you? >> one of many. >> what do you think about all of this? >> i'm excited. nervous but excited. i do need a makeover, i'll admit it. >> he is is here with her big spending husband, bob, so let's take a look at the old loran and bring out the new one. just in time for christmas eve. >> oh, yeah. >> wow, beautiful. >> wow.
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breath and take off the blind fold. -- okay, bob -- >> you want to turn around and see? >> whoa! i could see back there without my glasses. >> so chic. >> tell us about it. >> i love the way you look, i have to say. you're good, stay right there. obviously her hair, he is had -- he is didn't take care of her roots. i got rit ofd of the roots and i made it significantly darker and it is so beautiful. >> so attractive. >> and what do we think -- igor did her make up. he did a fantastic job, kept it simple. >> beautiful. >> and tell us about that outfit, jill. i love the flow of it.
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probably have one like it, white house, black market, and the shrug is on it's own, and a beautiful long necklace. what do you think, bob? >> i'm glad we have a late check out -- >> okay, bob. our second lucky lady is janice watkins. he is is a retired dental assistant. he is currently runs a cattle farm with more than 60 cows. janice and 11 of her relatives took her mother on a bucket list girl's trip to new york city. and i ran into this whole -- >> we took a selfie. i was on the way in. here is a look at her story. >> a girl's trip to new york! a wild bunch on the plaza, and mom, you want this for your daughter?
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every day he is comes to the house in her jeans, muck boots, going out to take care of the cattle, and he is deserves to look great for the day. >> so if we make her totally glam, high heels, fancy dress? >> i won't be able to walk. >> it will be good. he is is here with lori, loren, loretta, and brook -- keep the blindfolds on for one more second. let's see the new you, janice. >> okay, ladies, look at your girl. >> are you ready to spin around?
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>> you look beautiful! my niece looks like me. >> it's like a mirror. >> oh my gosh, yeah. >> gorgeous, janice. igor cut this hair with the layers in the front. he is is part cherokee. what a different look. >> it's the color -- >> it's the whole thing. >> ladies, what do you think? >> wow. he is looks beautiful. stunning. and that dress is so perfect for her. >> yes, great for the holidays from maggie london. let's bring loran back out. merry christmas to you.
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aveeno naturally beautiful results it is time for bobby's buzz in. >> why are we covered up little miles, but here he is. >> if you're looking to spend quality time with the family while showing off your competitive side, listen up. here to show us games for all ages, professional girlfriend bobby thomas. it is a family edition of bobby's buzz. >> it's all about hanging out when it comes to the holidays like this, and it's hard to get games that everyone can get involved in. put down the cell phones and it's all about family fun.
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bounce off. it may be rememberiniscent of a game college kids play, you just have do bounce the balls into a pattern inside. it is just skill, luck, as you can see. >> and next up, a really fun game, everyone has these in front of them. mustache staff. you're going to try to grab as many mustaches can you can. >> you're scaring the child. >> we're making too much noise. >> and what do you do with them? >> that's how you win the game. it is supposed to be fast. okay, so the next game is something you have not seen before. you pick a body part and an art design, and you will draw a tattoo. this is hilarious if you get
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of the day. >> go ahead. >> what body part? >> face. >> story, bobby. >> this is supposed to be, i have not tested it, washable. >> don't talk while i'm doing it. >> there you go, that's a lot of fun. >> oh, he doesn't like that. he doesn't like the mustache. merry christmas to you will, sweet heart. little heavenly joy will sing
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hawkeye quarterback c-j beathard is carrying on a family tradition. he's the third member of his family to take part in the rose bowl. his great uncle pete quarterbacked usc to a win in the 1963 game -- wide
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that's awesome. i remember going to the rose bowl whenever with illinois. they played usc, and my family and i went down awesome. i can't wait until i'm i'm getting an opportunity to do it -- kwwl's live coverage from california begins in just two days. stick with us on the road to the rose bowl now, let's go to eileen with a at weather. some snow will track through today, especially in the northern counties, so travelers
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the city concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. >> it is christmas eve thursday, and we're here with the cutest 6-year-old in the world, heavenly joy jerkins. he is has a new song, and a percentage from the song is going to be donated -- >> do you love christmas? >> yes. >> what do you love about christmas?
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christ's birthday. >> what's your favorite christmas song? is it this new one? >> this one and a lot of jackson 5 songs. hey, guys, christmas time is here and i'm so excited. this year, i want to do something different. i want to be just like jesus and get everybody gifts christmas time is here again time for joy and cheer again come together the holiday has come around
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the greatest gift of all there is no betterway to feel love on christmas day and we will find -- because there are no more, so what are you waiting for oh -- church bells ring, ring ring a ring a ring the choir sings sing sings celebrating jesus they'll gather around the fire
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loving as one caring as one [ cheers and applause ] >> merry christmas, everybody! >> merry christmas, are we doing it right? -- >> and you're not saying it right. >> we love you, honey, a little christmas before a christmas eve meal. you're the best. we'll be back with the feast of the seven fishes after this.e humble potato. pudgy, dimpled and plain. ooh, look out, here comes butter. this homely dirt dweller just transformed from a spud... into a stud. you're welcome! [mooo]
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celebrates with the feetast of seven fishes. >> merry christmas. >> that is literally -- >> nick has seven simple seafood recipes that anyone can make christmas eve or all year long. >> we're italian, we love to eat, cook, and cook together. let's start with this. that is a mimosa. >> it is a type of citrus, it is native, but we grow them in new orleans. >> you have a tree in your yard? >> yes. >> that is fresh and nice. >> used to catch all of the neighbors jumping in the tree and breaking the branchs. this is a great dish to make ahead of time and there is no cooking required.
10:38 am
we have an egg yolk in there, vinegar, creole. we'll turn that on. blend that up a little bit, and then we'll add our green onions and lemon zest. >> it is always a challenge. >> put the top back on, hit it again. all right, and we'll pour a little oil in there. do you want a job? all right, we'll shut that off, and that is done. it is this, just a mayonnaise base -- >> oh, i want it, good grief. >> how delicious. >> capers. >> we want to get to everything.
10:39 am
here we go, oysters -- this is a crab and oyster casserole. >> is it awesome? >> uh-huh. >> oysters, crab meat, oregano, panchetta in there. and a little secret -- save some of that fat and we'll pour it on top of the casserole. >> that's how you do it. nobody messes around here. we're going to top it with bread crumbs, parmesan cheese. pop it in the oven, and it will be ready to go.
10:40 am
>> this is what we just made in is the crab dip. this is a pooches shrimp -- >> what is in that? >> grapefruit -- >> what is that -- >> that is crab meet artichoke. there is breadcrumbs, garlic, crab meat. my mother makes it the best, those are delicious. this is the casserole we made earlier, a great dish, have it ready for when you guests come. this is great, muscles and clams with sal is a verde. super simple, packs great
10:41 am
super simple snapper. >> a hard core -- >> i enjoy cooking, got it from my family, it is wonderful. >> congratulations. >> and something else -- >> this is a red fish stew -- >> i can't handle it. >> they're all on >> and somebody is at the door. come here. we're going to tell you if your choice is naughty or nice after this. >> probably naughty. >> this is crazy by the way -- out of control, mad to the core, angry. so cancer, you've got two options. get out of the way or get rolled over. anger. just one reason more of us are surviving cancer than dying from it.
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dear stranger, when i booked your place, my friends thought i was crazy. but this morning, a city i'd never been to felt like home. thank you for sharing the world with me.
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it may feel like more, but on average, americans gain about one pound during the holidays. >> it doesn't sound like a lot, but year after year those can really add up. and that is why madeline is here to help us make smarter food
10:46 am
call who is at the door? >> hello, merry christmas to both of you. >> we're having visitors, and they have a choice of two things, and i'm going to ask a question about it. you will ring your bell, and it's all about smart indulgences and not about derivation, but being mindful. so who is at the door? >> come in. >> oh, santa is here with hot buttered rum and eggnog. for the same eight ounce serving, the hot butter rum. >> you have to say if there is alcohol in the eggnog -- >> okay, so 300 calories and about 360, but you can downsize your serving.
10:47 am
hello, come on in. >> oh, mrs. clause. he is has cocktail meat balls or -- the cocktail meat balls are about 90 calories versus the little hot dogs. portion control really counts. >> hay, hoda, who is at the door? it is a little elf. >> it is little miles. >> a baked ham or a prime rib, five ounces of them, which is lower in fat and calories. >> it is the baked ham, you can always downsize your serving. five ounces is a nice serving.
10:48 am
>> we have a lot of doors. it is rudolf with christmas candy. which is more friendly, two candy canes, or one serving of peppermint bark. >> i think the two candy canes. >> i think you're right, there is about 60 calories per cane. >> hey, kathie, who is at the door? frosty. we have two european style deserts. plum putting or the p -- it is like a pound cake with fruit in it. >> i'm going with the chocolate.
10:49 am
plum, it has dried fruits, lots of fats. that is wrong, have panettone. >> one last against, it is a martian. >> it is the grin much. >> that is a pickle with a hat on. >> we have a canoli, or three bakery butter cookies. which one is lower in calories. >> the butter cookies. >> you would be right. >> all right, thank you, happy
10:50 am
although it is past, and a fond
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thank you. okay, before we go, a shoutout to our facebook friends who found our elf on the shelf. >> and maria saw regis. mic -- mic took this picture of his wife. >> he is forgot he is had not done her hair yet.
10:52 am
to set a happy, festive table. merry christmas eve, everybody!noon...
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tips to snag those last- minute buys today... and as the hawkeyes leave for california today, an iowa business cashes in on the rose bowl.
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