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tv   KWWL News at Ten  NBC  December 25, 2015 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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these areas, the better chance will stay to the north and west. here's the storm track 7 live doppler radar. mainly dry conditions across eastern iowa. there may be a couple flurries, bubuotherwise mostly cloudy with patchy fog. as we take a wider look across the region for travels, no major issues, but as you go do the west it's snow. future track tonightt shhs mainly cloudud skies with areas of drizzle tracking in after midnight. there could be slick spots on the roadways. here are temperatures. we will be tracking the chance for snow next week coming up in ust a few minutes. it's safe to say most eastern iowans celebrated heir christmas inside today -- some snuggled up by the fireplace. but one family enjoyed a different route today -- by taking to the
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kwwl's brad hanson joins us live in the newsroom -- after a family went water skiing today. brad. believe it or not, the actually were excited. the jenscn family taking advantage of the open water left by warm temperatures. like father nats boat sound like son... austin jensen and his dad taking to the water, celebrating christmas in an unusual way. thought it would be a good oppoounity to try." it was dad's turn irst--he took the more traditional route, going with the water skis. he was able to get off the cedar river. his dismount also brought him right back to the @bhansonkwwl) "just to give an
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water temperature before they austin, who went barefoot, a little bit of a different storor." austin having to get almost completely in the water before the boat gets moving. he was able to make it quite a ways down the river before the cold won out and he had to let go. "it was about as cold as you'd expect it to be." this was austin's first time doing this on christmas day. i asked him if he would do it again next year if there was no ice--he said, probably not. we've got you covered live in the newsroom -- brad hanson, kwwl news. thanks bradd volunteer firefighters and emergency crews battle the flames of an early morning christmas fire. authorities say the fire started in the barn -- located in the 2-thousann block of ivanhoe street outside denver. first responders and bremer county sheriff's deputies responded around two o-clock this morning all that's left of an old barn is a
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since it was used for storage -- owners say it wasn't a big loss -- but the flames could have easily spread to the family's nearbyby home aad buildings. but thanks to a man named mike from missouri who was driving by at the time -- he was able to alert the family -- who had no idea th fire was buring yards away from where they wewee sleeping. meanwhile -- waterloo firefighters douse an apartment fire this morning. authorities responded to ravenwood circle after seven o- clock. experts believe the fire sparked from a bathroom fan. nobody was hurt -- and the fire lasted for nearly five minutes. a homeowner calls police -- after finding man in his garage -- sleeping in his truck. then, police say the man stole a loaded gun from the vehicle -- and ran away. it happened yesterday in a nearby home on amana road -- and went inside. police say thhs man -- tommy duffer is responsible -- and faces multiple charges. duffer allegedly broke into that second homend stole some electronics, , ash and a picc-up truck
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rapids where he was arrested. criminal complaints say the gun he took -- has not been found. duffer was booked in the johnson county jail last night on mmltiple thefttand burlary charges. an iowa lottery winner might have to return his 100- thousand dollar prize. officials say he was too young to buy the ticket and lied about his age. as jacacb pek-lo reports -- he's facing criminal charges. (mary neubauer, iowa lottery spokeswoman): "there wasn't occurred. in this case, in fact, in late july, jobie boals-watters claimed his prize check, saying a co-worker boughththim the winning ticket. (mary neubauer, iowa lottery spokeswoman): "we got a tip that in fact, people didn't think the ticket which made it an illegaapurchase." while his picture is still on the website, his money may not be his for much longer. he's facing misdemeanor charges for underaged gambling. you have to be 21 to buy a lottery ticket in iowa.
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spokeswoman): "i think he might they do need to ask for id." local 5 spoke with the he's had the shop for 16 years, and recognized boals- watters, who usually comes in every day. the time he got the winning ticket, boals- watters came in with another woman, who hethought as his mother. he says boals-watters showed a fake id. (mary neubauer, iowa lottery taking steps so that the convenience store owner can't sell those tickets for a week. (mary)neubauer, iow lottery spokeswoman): "the law is in place for a reasoo we need to that this doesn't happen very often." he says he will appeal the decision comes from the lottery helps his business. you've likely heard of the 16 presidenital candidates -- but
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gaining a lot of attention. when democratic presidential candidate rocky de la fuente opened his doors for a holiday party inside his new west des moines home -- he had visions of santa, christmas trees, and bright lights. instead -- he got a visit from (officer) "we have had complaints about the trailer and city ordinance, you know, we have to take the proper steps." police say rocky is violating a city ordinance -- so he has to move witin the next eek. many resididnts say the ig trailer and bus are an eye sore to the neighborhood. rocky says some neighbors have greeted him warmly -- while others made (rocky de la fuente/(d) i don't tell you what to do withh with people but sometimes people little more than two days to move in." rocky says he plans to continue urging the public to stopy by
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home for the campaign events. christians around the world celebrate christmas tonight. the president offered a message of hope -- while troops overseas honored ttose killed this week. (nats christmas in afghanistan-locator burned in :00 - :08) a somber christmas in killed this week by a suicide bomber. (sot t rig. gen. david maxwell, uniteestates marine corps :09 - :16) "this was especially important here where we got the opportunity to remember those who we have also lost." more than 200,000 u-s troops are snding christmas far from home... including 4,000 celebrating in the african country of djibouti. (youtube: :28) back in the united states serving in the military while reminding the nation about the christmas spirit. (sot president obama -- and compassion. caring for those super -- vatican city burned in / reuters :43 - :55) pope francis also offered his message of hope. he called for renewed talks between israel and the palestinians.
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against terrorism and prayed for those affected by terrorist attacks.. specifically mentioning the one in paris last month. (holly springs, mississippi - locator burned in 1:14 - 1:18) as many tornadoes the past few days cleaned up. at least 14 people died. in holly springs, mississippi the community stepped up. (sot-- officer not supered 1:14 - 1:18) we've got red cross has been assisting the people that have open up their doors and let people stay the night. (washington d.c. - locator burned in 1:25 - 1:36) others helped the those less fortunate from coast to coast. in washington, dc a man who used to be homeless started a group who fed hundreds of homeless. it's an annual tradition pulled off with volunteers. congress takes the holiday off -- and the president will be back to work january second -- after his christmas vacation in hawaii. coming up on kwwl -- we hear
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claus. plus -- we take a look back at the best moments in iowa sports this year. but first -- here's a live look at the storm track 7 live doppler radar. kyle kiel will have your
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forecast on kwinformation from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team: welcce back i'm meteorologgt kyle kiel. merry christmas! here's a look at threat tracker. we are in the yellow tonight for the potential for a light wintry mix over our northwestern counties. most of us to the southeast will be dry tonight. we all get in on a
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scattered raran throughout the day on saturday. then sunday will be mostly cloudy as we track another storm system that could bring significant impacts into early next week. here's the winter weather advisory. it's in effect that's right there is a winter weather adviscry for the far northwwst part of thee kwwl viewing area. this is in effect after midnight for chickasaw, bremer, butler, black hawk and grundy counties for a wintry mix of rain and freezing rain, and potentially snow. however, accumulations will be fairly light. exppting a tenth an inch or less in these areas, the better chance will stay to the north and west. here's the storm track 7 live doppler radar. mainly dry conditions across eastern iowa.
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the satellite and radar. area of low pressure in colorado is what we will be trackininas our next weather maker. it will open up as an open wave to our south, and that's where most of the precipitation will stay. there's snow to our northwest, causing some issues in the dakotas and nebraska, as well as northwest iowa. here's the currwnt temperatures across the area. right now we are all sitting below freezing. temperatures will hold steady and slowly rise throughout the overnigg. here's the storm track 7 live weather network. mostly cloudy with patchy areas of fog possible early this evening. visibility is reduced a bit in our western counties, but has improved quite a bit from where it was earlier this afternoon.
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track. we will have areas of patchy fog this evening. the wind will pick up overnight, which will take the fog away. as we through the overnight, we will mainly be dry, then we will see aas of patchy drizzle after midnight, which is whehe that winter weather advisory goes into effect across the area. we will continue with that slight chance for a wintry mix through the early morning hours, and then we will see all rain as temperatures warm above freezing. the rain continues scattered throughout the day. then from hhhway 20 souuh, there is the chance for steadier rain into the evening hours. again,
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one offthe biggest oliday legends. you're watching kwwl. we've got you covered in cedar falls, dubuque, decorah and all
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christmas -- one man is busy at work. you know him as santa claus -- -- and of urse -- jolly old saint nick. in fact -- saint nick was the (montage of santa images) verybody knows santa's rea name is st.nick.. but you may be surprised to demre in southeen turkey.. ..almost 18-hundred years ago. (statue and demre) his statue still stands in the center of town.. where he served as bishop and holds mabs in the church where his famous predecessor was buried. (tights of icons, from ceiling and walls and icons on easels/ richard aad bishop walal and tata)
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nicholas in everrchurch? chr: in every church, of course. (more walk and talk) but old saint nick is nothing those santa stories are fun, the bishop says, "and they would way." on camera: so how did st. bishop to a toy-maker with a (night before christmas) the 19th century poem 'twas the night before christmaa reindeer. (santa illustration by thomas nast) cartoonist thomas nast came up with the familiar santa image.. (old cola ad) and ads like this one from the thirties helped lock it in. (back to the bisho's mass) of course coca cola has a and do you try and tell people, when you see all of these little santas, 'that's not the guy, it has nothing to do with st. nick?.' bishop: (laughing) "exactly," he says "i've been oing that for 30 years now" but without much success.. because it seems people like
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now. richard engel nbc news, istanbul. such a wonderful story about the man who inspired the legend. coming up next -mark woodley brings us the most memorable moments in sports of 20-155
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with the year coming to praised as one of america's best mayors who governed as a pragmatist. bernie sanders passed more amendments in a republican congress than anyther member. cracked the gridlock with john mccain to strengthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders. a consistent, principled, and effective leader. building a futurur to believe in.n.
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look back at the state's greatest moments in sports. we've already counted down numbers 12 trough 7. now it's east state ckampion kyvn gadson explosion - as the senior - usiig a move dubbee "the gadson"
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his back - wwnning his first --ice cream-- at number 5 we step back to a the first top ranked team in more than 30 years to vjsit a missouri valley arena - and the uni panthers - rallying from a 16 point second half deficit behind 21 points from wes washpun - took the heels down in the biggest win in mcleod center history - our fourth top stor9 comes from another unexpecte incredible moment from zach johnson - the cedada rapids native - about 8 years removed from his masters championship - took another major at the age of 39 - besting the competition in a 4- hole playoff to wn the open championship, and take home the claret jug from historic saint andrews - we had the panthers at number 5 - and we hit 'em again at
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the panthers grabbed their first tournament title in 5 years - which vaulted them to a 5 seed in the ncaa tournament - the highest in school history - and we had another tournnment titite at number two - as the iowa state cyclones went back to back - iowa state - in the final go-around for the mayor - held off kansas in a thrilling first day of the new year - the iowa hawkeyes - embarrassed by a lack-luster performance title at number two - as the held off kansas in a thrilling big 12 tournament final - the the big dance - and our top story of 2015 is one that will be continued on th first day of the new year - the iowa hawkeyes - embarrassed by a lack-luster perffrmance against tennessee in the taxslayer bowl - did a complete 180 the following fall - sprinting out to their first 12 and oh regular season finish in school history - and their first ever big ten chahapionship game e where despite a last-second loss - the hawkeyes are now smelling roses - as iowa's set to travel to pasadena for the
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with stanford comes up next - that's it for the state of iowa in 20-15 - i'm mark woodley - kwwl news -- that's it fororsports, we'll be
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america is not just electing a president, we're also electing a commander in chief. that choice matters. because strengthening the economy, making healthcare more affordable, raising incomes. all of that depends on us being both secure e home and leading the world. i will get up every single day and do whatever it takes to make sure our country is safe and strong.
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trying to steal it... apparently -- the grinch has been busted... "he's around the corner. around the corner? freeze. drop it, turn arorond." massachusetts police posted this holiday-themed parody of the t-v show "cops".
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to the police station -- and had his mug shot taken. he was found guilty of attempting to steal christmas. a sweet christmas tradition going on for more than three decadds conninued today innnew york city. sharon fernandez is a human resources specialist at forest hills hospital in queens. for more than 30 years -- fernanez dressed up in santa's red suit and d visited the newborn babies. santa sharon was joined by fellow employees as they sang christmas carols to the patients. fernandez says the gig started when she and a group of employees wanted to sing carols but nobody wanted to put on the suit. so she stepped to the santa plate, and theest is history. storm trackkseven meleorologist kyle kiel has a final the storm track 7
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and rain we are dry on sunday, then we are tracking the potential for a winter storm on monday with sleet and snow as it looks right now. still too early to pin down amounts, but that will likely impact travel. merry christmas! this evening will feature a mostly cloudy sky with patchy areas of fog and scttered light snow flurries. as we go a chance for scattered light rain, and even a light wintry mix in our northern counties as temperatures will be just below freezing. snow and ice accumulation n ess than a tentnt of an inch. winter weather advisory for black hawk, bremer, butler, chickasaw and grundy counties from midnight to noon saturday. our lows tonight will be reached early, with steady temperatures rising slightly overnigt. scattered rain will be with us on saturday as our next system tracks through. generally we will see inch of rain. the rain will continue for the southeast area saturday night, and ending by
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saturday w >> steve: from studio in rockefeller centnt in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- queen latifah, rashida jones,s, chef daniel humm, and featuring the legendary roots crew. >> questlove: gobble, gobble! whoo! >> steve: anannow, here he is,
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