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tv   Early Today in Iowa  NBC  January 1, 2016 4:30am-5:00am CST

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year's from two cities in eastern iowa overnight. in one case -- police are investigating a shooting. plus -- many iowa soldiers will spend new year's day on the road to missouri -- to help people there recover from major flooding. and 2016 is justthours old. we're getting a look at the i'm jerry gallagher. let's check on your weather now with storm track 7 meteorologist eileen loan. good morning. we have a few clouds tracking through and they may have some flurries with them, but nothing is really organized or causing any widespread problems. it is acting as a blanket and kept temperatures a bit warmer overnight....they are mainlnl in the low 20s this morning, single digits to low teens this morning with winds still 5 to 15 mph from the west. they will stay there much of the day and a few more clouds will degrees into the mid to upper 20ssthis afternoon. other than a i'll have that forecast for you
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we begin with breaking news this much of the d d and a few ore clouds will track in again this afternoon. 20s this afternoon. other than a few flurries here and there, we we begin with breaking news this morning. waterloo police are investigating a shooting. it happened near lafayette street around two o'clock. at this time, we don't know who was injured -- ho they're doing -- or if anyone was arrested. we're waiting to hear from police. we expect them to release more
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as soon as we learn anything new, we'll let you know. we're also following breaking news out of cedar falls. three people went to the hospital -- after a fight and hit and run. police were called to a fight outside the voodoo lounge -- sometime after midnight. officers say -- around the same time -- a car was leaving the area. at least one person w ws hihi by the car. it's unclear if the other two people hurt -- were also hit by the car -- or were injured during the fight. all three are young men -- and all are expeeted to live. again -- once we learn more information about this story -- we'll let you know. good news for parts of the midwestthis morning. water levels are starting to come down. the mississippi came to within seven and a half feeet of the record set in 1993. at least 22 people have died in missouri and illinois because of the flooding. thiiis video froo an interssate -- shut down because of the high water. hundreds of homes have been evacuated, dozens of levees threatened and transportation
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missouri this week. "this is uubelievable. this is before." eastern iowa soldiers are on their way to help today. kwwl's olivia mancino shows us how. these aerial images give a glimspe of the disaster that has taken over the state of destroyed businesses, closed major oadways...and has been responsible for multiple deaths. a little more than three hundred miles away.. iowa national gaurd soldiers in cedar rapids are preparing tanks aa a water rification system to bring to missouri new years day. "i had new years plans but this is more important, its important to help people because they probably had new years plans too" more than 20 thousand missouri residents are without clean water right now. and thee tanks can provide up to 125 gallons of clean water per minute.. sgt riley says she isn't sure what their water will be
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they get there, but it could potentially be used as drinking water. "the water quality purification plant were going to right now is crew she says she's never responded to a national disisster before but she is more than ready. "i want to be where people need me so i'm really exicted to be down there a ad help peopll" earlier this year, more than 600 soldiers went to louisiana for training, the iowa national guard says it helped prepare them to deal with this kind of flooding. this morning, feral authorities dedecribe a terroo suspect as an ex- con who wanted to prove he was worthy of joining isis. jonathan dinst tells us the arrest in rochester,new york led to the city canceeling its new yeyer's fireworks celebration.
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a man who was about to carry out a new year's eve slaughter. emanuel lutchman's alleged plan: to kill in his homeeown of rochestt, new york... after communicating with an isis fighter in syria says the fbi. the criminal complaint details utchman's alleged talks around christmas day with an isis supporter overseas. lutchman wrote he was ready to "give everything up" to fight with isis in syria. his handler answers "for now, do what u can ov there....te as many as possible out." just this week, according to the fbi, lutchman went to this walmart and bought "2 black ski masks, zip- ties, 2 knives, a machetee duct tape, a amonia, and latex gloves." prosecutors say he was planning to stab people at a restaurant or bar and possibly carry out a kidnapping. the timing of this arrest illustrates the fact that there are threats that are
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coconter-terrorism agencies are dealing with at this very moment. the 25 year old u.s. citizen has a criminal past -serving five years for robbery in state prison. and this was person who was a muslim. was in the state prison system but then became radical--radicalized through the internet, swore allegiance to isil, spoke over the internet to terrorist organizations. investigators say he also has a history of mental illness and was dangerously close to carrying out the plot. lutchman lived along these belief is that he was seseup, he despite a terror threat in germany, the new year's eve party went on. authorities in munich ordered two train stations shut down... based on a warning of an "imminent threat" of a midnight terror attack. police said they were tipped off
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year's eve suicide attack. thankfully, othing happened. authorities are now re-arresting dozens of people released by mistake in one state. theistake was caed by a software glitch in washington state. one man served time for shoooing at a truck, but the glitch aa the department of corrections let him out too soon. another man was supposed to serve a longer sentence -- and after being released too soon -- he was involved in a crash that killed his girlfriend. e corrections s ecretary callld her mother to apologize. "it's extremely difficult to do. i mean, on the one hand, he shouldn't have been in the a mother who lost her child." 25 former inmates have now,been re- arrested.d. as the year ends, more e-mails from hillary clinton have been leased. as part of a court order... the state department released 55- hundred more pages of clinton's e-mails -- when she was secretary of state. clinton has said she did ot send or receive classified information
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private server at her home in new york. all over the world as we say goodbye to 2015. cocontdown people crowded into new york city's times square to watch the famous ball drop to ring in 2016. sarah dallof takes a look at celebrations around the world. new zealand was one of the first countries to ring innthe new year.. setting the stage with fireworks from the sky tower. a similar display but different backdrop in australia. this one over the city's harbor. where thousands gathered along the shore to watch. color filled the sky above hong kong... and in taiwan. where a fireworks show lasted more than five minutes. taking revelers well into 2016. singing and dcing ought a fresh twist to the forbidden city in beijing. the city's shopping and bar areas were watched over by armed guards. part
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in paris. celebrations were scaled back in the wake of the recent terror attacks and on-going concernss about safety. the annual fireworks show was replaced by a video presentation along the champs de elysee. big ben and the london eye featurr prominently. london's fireworks display. and perhaps the most famous countdown of all... in new york city where more than a million people packed times#square to watch the iconic waterford crystal ball drrp. ououwith the old.. and in with the new year, around the world. sarah dallof nbc news. in wisconsin, a different kind of celebration to ring in the new year. this is the annual big cheese drop. an 80-pound cheese wedge dropped about 100- feet families were treated to free food and entertainment -- and i'm sure some cheeseheads were also handed out.
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hawkeye fans have waited patiently for 25 years to get back to the rose bowl. today's the big day. iowa and stanford kick it off at four o'clock. yesterday, the team showed up for a picture in front of the stadium. there were also plenty of hawkeye fans outside the gate taking pictures. before the game -- it's the annual tournament of roses parade. here's a look at some of the floats being made. hundreds of thousands of people will be there to watch it. you can watch from home. the parade starts at 10 -- right the national championship game is n n set -- and t will not feature a big ten team. alabama routed michigan state last night in a semifinal game. the crimson tide won 38 nothing over the spartans. michigan state struggled to run the ball against alabama -- and quarterback connor cook also had a tough night. clemson won the other semifinal so they'll play alabama for the national title. we stii have a lot to get to this morning: including a tribute to an actor
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shows. that actor is being remembered this morning. plus -- this is something we haven't seen in decades. an important day for u-s crude oil. we'l also have annupdate on gas prices as we begin the new year. a weak disturbance is tracking some clouds through the viewing area this morning and may produce a few flurries. we stay mainly dry for a few days. i'll have more on that
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"now your storm track 7 forecast on wl." from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team. see the scrfen for your complete weather informatton. here is additional forecast information from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team: we look to stay dry for the next few days as a few clods will track through e area today
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stormtrack7 live weather network cameras won't show any weather related travel issues this morning, despite those flurries. temperatures were helped by a blanket of clos overnight... they are in the low to mii 20s early this morning with a few teens to the west as skies clear out. wind c(ills are in the single digits and teens and may dip areas are reporting 20 mph winds this morning. moststy from the weses and should stay that direction today. not much really changes over the next couple of days, although the speeds will vary, they will be mainly 5 to 15 mph through saturday. the clouds tracking through right now may have a few flurries with them but nothing adding up. the trough will continue to track toward the great lakes and we will have sunshine later this morning, but i think some more clouds will track in again later todaaas yet another disturbance rotates through the region. it looks like we will have the most clouds today. temperatures will be pretty close to normal today and tomorrow across t region. our highs will aim for the upper 20s with those west winds continuing through tonight. lows drop into the upper single digits to mid teens with wind chills possibly dropping to -5 by morning. saturday will climb back to the upper 20s with a few low 30s,
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stay dry through the firirt half of next week with a chance of to the low 30s. by morning. saturday will climb back to the upper 20s with a few low 30s, too. we will stay dry through the first half of next week with a chance of snow tracking in wednesday night and thursday as highs climb back tothe low 30s. possibly dropping to -5 by morning. saturday will climb back to the upper 20s with a few low 30s, too. we will stay dry through the first half of next week with a chance of snow tracking in wednesday night and thursday as highs climb back to the low 30s. an update now to the breaking
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we brought you at the beginning of the show. we've learned one pqrson was hurt in a waterloo shooting it happned near lafayette street around two o'clock. when officers responded they say many people ran off -- and they found onehooting victim. the victim ww taken to tt hospital and is expected to survive. during the investigation, a waterloo officer fired their gun but did not hit anyone. several people are in custody. we'll eep you updatete as we learn more. still to come this morning: new
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states now have on the books. you'r'r watching kwwl. we've got you covered in urbana, tripoli, farley and all of eastern iowa
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are remembering one of the actors... who has passee away. wayne rogers - who played john -- on mash died. he was on the show for the first three seasons -- as hawkeye's sidekick. later in l)fe, rogers was known for being a panelist on t-v as a ney manager and investor. he was 82. a ship leaves -- carrying the first u-s crude oil sold internationally in 40 years. this comes just weeks after congress lifted a ban on crude oil sales to overseas buyers. we begin the new year with the lowest gas prices we've seen in years. gas buddy dot com sayy the cheapest it coullfind this morning... is in clear lake where gas is selling for 1-62 a gallon. today is the traditional day for new year'sresolutions -- and studies have shown nearly y hree-
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would like to quit. erika edwards introduces us to one longtime smoker who shows us -- it can be done. this guy looks ugh... ... and sounds tough. "it's a done deal, bah dah bing, bah dah boom.." that's nothing commared to the first week after giving up cigarettes.. "ooohhhhh talk about tough." bob horak did it though... quit smoking a year ago after picking up hii first cigarette when he was just 14. "shoulda done this years the right time -- the time that worked -- was when bob realized he wasn't in control of the cigarettes. they controlled him. "i looked at thoss cigarettes aad said, 'you son of a (bleep).. you own me.' that was really the turning point for me to say, all right, somehow, we're going to war." when bob went to war... "i'm calling to check in on you..." ... this woman provided the artillery. "i'm so proud of you.." kelly roerts runs the quit
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healthcare system. she's a firm believer in nicotine replacement therapies like the patch and gum... she also shows people how to shake up their routine ---- and had a cup of coffee and you had your first cigarette, we would encourage people possibly to come down, have a mountain dew that morning, something different." bob took the idea -- and hit thh gas. "i would drive down different roads. i've lived in charlotte 27 years. i drive down different roads i've never been down." the plan is working... a year bob says he changed his routine in many other ways, too -- even brushing his teeth wth the opposite hand. it's fitness for the mind and body. how technology helps people take those new year's resolutions to a new level -- even by reading yourrainwaves.
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historically, the top new year's resolution is to lose weight and workout. but as brian mooar tells us -- more people are shifting the focus from working out their bodies... to working out their minds. millions of ameqicans are hoping to wind down in 20-16. "meditation is becoming incredibly popular, you're seeing big ceos meditate, athletes meditate" according to a creaaive researcc desigg study, more than half of americans meditate or are interested in meditation. and for good reason. "there are now over 1000 published studies demonstrating meditation's ability to improve your attention decrease your stress improve yourr productivity and more" meditation may be an ancient practice. but modern technology can help get you stared. popular apps like "head space" aim to make meditation easier. and similar to the way fitness wearables track your body... now there's a device to track your brain: the "muse" brain sensing headband. "so muse actually haa sensors on your
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slips on just like a pair of glasses and sends your real brain data to your smartphone or tablet" the headbdbnd reads braininaves to see when your brain is active or calm... and gives real-time feedbac. "you're actually le to hear the sound of youuown brain so you can take it from that crazy busy place to a place of clear focused attention in a way that's easy to do every day" finding your own personal calm within the storm. briannmooar, nbc news., on amazon or in select best buy stores. the muse headband costs about 300 dollars and is available online -- on amazon or in select best buy stores. today in iowa continues in a moment
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the first few days of tte new year may have a few flurries with any clovds tracking through, but we will stay drythrough the night and thursday. highs and
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now on today in wa...the new year kicks off assa busy night
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