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tv   KWWL News at Five  NBC  January 3, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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let's check in with storm track seven meteorologist kyle kiel for your 7 weather team. see the screen here is additional forecast information from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team: it's been a pretty overcast day across eastern iowa, and that will be the case for most of us as we head into the overnight. storm track 7 live weather network camera in coralville shows an overcast sky. however, in northeast iowa it's a different story, as we have had a few areas of partial clearing just in time for the sunset about 10 minutes ago. here's the storm track 7 live these clouds. the satellite and radar shows a hole in the clouds in northeast iowa around the dubuque area, even a few breaks around decorah, but that will fill in tonight as we will mainly be mostly cloudy. temperatures right now are in the 20s. they've been held in the
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-- that left one man dead. it happened in the 100 block of saint lawrence street -- and kwwl's jessica hartman has been following this story from the beginning. she joins joins us live in the mac -- i have been in nashua all day speaking with residents -- including the mayor. on a busy street in the one man lost his life. according old male was the victim of a fatal shot. hartman "the people working at the nashua casey's were able to tell me, the victim was an employee. speaking with neighbors - - the house is considered an eye sore on the 100 block of st. lawerence street. broken windows peeling paint, trash scattered the yard, and a broken down truck parked in front. but neighbors say the man and his two adult son's were quiet and didn't cause any trouble - -until this shooting.
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unclear - - police report the suspected shooter is in custody -- however -- charges are pending. authorities say it is unclear if it was intentional or accidential. neighbors tell me nashua police, the chickasaw county sheriff's department, and iowa's department of criminal investigation were on scene until nearly 3 o-clock this morning. we've got you covered live in the newsroom -- jessica hartman kwwl news. an autopsy is also scheduled with the state medical examiner's office. during the next three days -- there will be nine candidates stopping in battleground state new hampshire -- where attacks are getting sharper between hillary clinton and donald trump. kristen welker reports. "nats" donald trump -- trying to expand his reach throughout the south....campaigning in
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taking fresh aim at hillary clinton. trump -- who has a double digit lead nationally -- again looking past his own primary, engaging the democratic frontrunner: trump just now during rally: 20:29:38 the clinton campaign when they say that 20:30:01 they do not want to run against me. they do not. and revelation al shabab, the al qeada affiliate based in africa....the same group responsible for killing dozens at a nairobi mall..... is using trump's words in a new recruitment video. sot: trump (al shabaab video) so remember this and listen, donald j trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states until our country's representatives can figure out what the bleep is going on.... clinton recently warned trump's statements about muslims would be used by the militants..... sot: clinton / december 19, 2015 "he is becoming isis's best recruiter......" trump defending himself
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later today. trump verbate from cbs interview: "look, it's a problem. i bring it up. i bring it up. other people have called me and they say you have guts to bring it up polls are ramping up their attacks on each other ... before a crowd of thousands in south carolina on saturday, -rubio sound from today= 16:38:02 "people running say kill all terrorists, carpet bomb, sand glow. talk is cheap." meanwhile a rocky start to the new year for dr. ben carson -- with his poll numbers dropping, over the weekend 5 staffers resigned. still there's no sign carson or any of the other candidates are letting up ....with the first votes just weeks away. hillary clinton is locked in a tough fight with bernie sanders in new hampshire. clinton will stop there today and former president bill clinton will campaign for her on monday. the obamas are back in washington d-c.
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white house today after their vacation in hawaii. so now -- its back to business for the president -- who says he is fired up about beginning his final year in office. first on his agenda -- the president is scheduled to meet with attorney general loretta lynch tomorrow to discuss options to reduce gun violence in america. the president is expected to take executive action to strengthen background checks for purchasing guns. with a new year comes new resolutions -- which means a busy time for local gyms. many people choose getting fit and healthy as their goal for the new year. local trainers say they expect a busy week ahead. kwwl's kristin rogers spends the afternoon at aspen athletic club in cedar rapids. she joins us live with the details. kristin? the manager tells me he signed up 11 new members on friday, he said that's compared to adding nearly 5 new members on a good day most of the year. they're expecting the largest rush here to start with the work week on
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gym goers can be seen pushing, holding, and lifting themselves throughout this gym. long-time members tell me they are bracing for it to get very busy this week and throughout the next couple of months. it's all due to a new year and new goals for many. "you feel so much better after working out and i need to get a set schedule in and just do it." she told us her goal is to get fit in 2016 like she used to be. longtime gym members tell me those working to get back at it this year should stay patient, and stick with it to acheive their goals. they tell me they notice many with resolutions will give up after a couple of months. we've got you covered live in cedar rapids, kristin rogers ...kwwl news. thanks kristin -- according to experts -- it takes several months to make exercising a habit. coming up after the break -- an eastern iowa couple's generosity earns them a big honor from their community. and -- dairy queen is starting
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a little differently we'll explain after the break. but first -- here's a live look at the storm track seven live "you're watching kwwl. we've got you covered, with macleod announcer: one candidate tough enough to take on the bully... jeb bush: donald, you're not going to be able to insult your way to the presidency. that's not going to happen. (applause) announcer: one candidate tough enough to take on isis. jeb will destroy isis... and keep america safe. jeb bush: the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. announcer: tested and proven leadership matters. jeb bush.
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"now your storm track 7 forecast on kwwl." from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team. see the screen for your complete weather information. here is additional forecast information from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team: welcome back i'm meteorologist kyle
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weekend weather wise and that will continue as we head into the first part of the work week. threat tracker showing no threat for hazardous weather. tonight we will be mostly cloudy across eastern iowa, and that will last through at least the morning hours on monday. skies will become mostly sunny in the afternoon as high pressure tracks through the state of iowa. then as we head into tuesday we will have another partly cloudy day before some changes as early as wednesday. storm track 7 live weather network cameras across eastern iowa show the mostly cloudy skies. we had some partial clearing earlier in dubuque and northeastern iowa. however, those areas will fill back in with a mostly cloudy sky. here's the storm track 7 live doppler radar shows dry conditions across eastern iowa. however, it is still cloudy as we take a regional view of satellite and radar. pretty much the entire state of iowa has been under the cloud cover, and that extends through south dakota, minnesota,
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we do have some drier air off to the west associated with high pressure, and that is where we do have clear skies in nebraska. that will move off to the east and attempt to clear our sky as we head into the afternoon hours especially on monday. the great lakes area is experiencing lake effect snow with the colder air moving over the relatively warm lake waters. temperatures today have been held down in the 20s to near 30 degrees with the clouds cover. and with the clouds continuing tonight, temperatures will slowly fall into the teens to around 20 degrees, so it won't be as cold as what it was last night. here's a look at the current wind speeds. right now they are out of the northwest from ten to 15 miles per hour, but these should die down a bit as we head into the evening, and especially on the day monday as high pressure builds in from the west. futuretrack is not handling the
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cover very well. while there may be a few breaks during the overnight hours, it will mainly be a mostly cloudy sky. that will continue into at least the first part of your monday. but by afternoon as that high pressure moves over the area, we will start to see the clouds decrease, allowing for some sunshine by the afternoon hours. then tomorrow night we will see more clouds move into the area, and that trend will continue into tuesday and wednesday. here's the storm track 7 forecast for tonight. mostly cloudy year with a resolution. participating dairy queen restuarnats across the country will serve all blizzard treats upside down
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why upside down -- you ask? it's all to prove their thickness. coming up on kwwl -- an eastern iowa copule earns a big honor -- for making a difference. i'm moving to a place where i can get internet from centurylink. if i get the three year price lock, am i stuck with the three year contract? no. that just means the price won't change. for three years. that way the price is locked, you're not. you can just hang out and be free. lock in your monthly price for 3 years without a contract when you bundle with unlimited nationwide calling. see you in 2018. in the middle of a time when senior poverty is increasing. republicans and some democrats came up with a brilliant idea for cutting cost-of-living adjustments for social security. we said, "it will be over our dead bodies if you cut social security." as president, i will do everything i can
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and expand benefits for people who desperately need them.
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eastern iowa couple is getting a prestigious award. it's the t-h media first citizen award -- given to someone devoted to making the community better. kw-wl's shirley descorbeth joins us live from the t-h media newsroom -- after talking to recipients.. shirley? the recipients of the 20-15 t-h media first citizen award are edward and shirley babka. they are long time dubuque residents...who like to give edward babka moved to dubuque at time when the problems financially, i think most small colleges were...and buildings, so forth. things weren't the greatest in 1969." that year, he relocated basement. it was filled mostly with it, it had about 80,000 subscribers, and was
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week." and together -- ed and his wife shirley, have shared their success with the dubuque community by making substantial financial contributions over the years. the efforts they care most about are health and education. "ud, most of their students are first time college students, which i think is very good...i think that's a good place to put surplus money." "and because of their last name, inculding finley hospital's babka wellness center." while the babka's are
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t-h media first citizen award recipients -- they remain modest. "i never liked to be front and center...i just, uh...have never really liked that." the list goes on as to how many organizations the babkas have supported here in dubuque. some of them mentioned, the university of dubuque, finley hospital...the local symphony, art museum and library. we've got you covered live from the t-h media newsroom in dubuque -- shirley descorbeth -- a public reception for ed and monday -- january eleventh -- at the casino in dubuque. it's free to attend -- and for more information -- you can visit our website at kwwl dot com. next... the hawkeye basketball team is on a roll after back to back top 15 wins --
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an n- f-c north showdown as the n-f-l regular season comes to a close today --
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tonight here on kwwl -- a showdown in lambeau -- the nfl north title on the line as the minnesota's set to mix it up with green bay -- there will be no post-season for the lions or the bears -- the two looking to end on a positive after a
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game tied at 10 in the 3rd -- matthew stafford to the endzone -- and check out the grab by megatron yards, 17-10 detroit -- but chicago responds -- matt forte on the reception from jay cutler -- slices through the detoir defense -- game tied at 17 in the 4th -- but that wouldn't last long -- lions from the one -- stafford to eric ebron -- 24, 17 detroit -- bears would get a field goal to pull back within 4 -- under 2 minutes to go -- bears driving -- cutler undre pressure -- and the last ditch effort is picked by glover quin -- chicago drops 4 of their final 5 -- the fall to the lions today 24, 20 -- check out this tape -- secured by tmz sports -- which they say shows the scuffle that led to trevone boykin's suspension from the alamo bowl -- in it -- you can see the man -- identified by tmz as the t-c-u quarterback -- get in to a fight at a san antonio bar -- and at one point he appears to strike a police officer --
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felony assault on a public servant -- he was released after posting 5-thousand dollars bond -- with just the national championship game left -- it's now official that iowa state's mike warren will finish with the top freshman rushing total this season -- warren finished with 1-thousand-339 yards in his first season with the cyclones -- 37 yards ahead of washington's myles gaskin -- he found the endzone 5 times in his freshman campaign -- after friday's rose bowl disappointment -- the hawkeye basketball team has certainly raised the spirits of iowa fans -- the hawks erased a 17 point second half deficit behind 25 from jarrod uthoff to upset 14th ranked purdue -- their second huge win of the week after dropping number one michigan state -- iowa at 11 and 3 on the season and 2 and oh in the big ten will very likely crack the new rankings when they're released tomorrow -- a huge day for uni guard madison weekly would not quite be enough for the uni women today --
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points against southern illinois -- but the panthers would come up just short falling 65 to 60 today -- uni now sits 1 and 1 in missouri valley conference play -- in the nfl -- helmets take a lot of hits -- and today -- one fought back -- buffalo bills kicker dan carpenter slammed his in frustration after a missed extra point -- only to have it bounce back up and smack him right in the face -- the ultra-slow mo adding a bit of insult to injury -- it's been a frustrating year for carpenter -- who's missed 6 extra points this sesaon --
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here's the storm track 7 day forecast. we keep temperatures in the 20s on tuesday, with highs in the 30s on wednesday another system, thursday, and especially thursday night and friday. we will continue to watch that system. thanks for joining us for the kwwl news at five. we hope you'll join us tonight for the kwwl news at ten. on this sunday night, new year's battleground. with 29 days to iowa, the war of words heats up between the front runners. what trump is saying about both hillary and bill clinton. and that terror recruitment video that uses trump's comments about muslims. the standoff at a federal
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anti-government activists in oregon.
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