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tv   KWWL News at Ten  NBC  January 3, 2016 10:30pm-11:00pm CST

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>> cris: you know what would be interesting is if they scored a touchdown, would you go for two to avoid overtime in this sisiation in particular r th the playoffs coming up not wanting to play too long before those playoffs start? >> al: green bay would win the divivion with a tiebreakererof course, that would be a tie at the end of overtime. from the 42 yaya line. roroers. and he gets hit as he throws. pressure put on up the middle. incomplete, second down. tom johnson disrsrted it. >> cris: i tell you, tom johnson has really been something. he's a guy that he's kind of league, arena league, europe league. he keeps making plays inside. a guy that's a little nondescript but always running into the quarterbacks.
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their top d-linemen tonight, linval joseph. second down and te four-man rush. fires over t t middle. that's incomplete. intended for cobb. 50 seconds now. third and ten. >> cris: much better job that time b bkendricks running underneath that middle read. that's probably been the difference in this game, al, is the ability of these inside linebackers to take away those easysynside throws that aaron rodgers loves. you see kendricks dropping right back underneath it. he sees the adjustment by cobb. runs underneath it. forces rodgers to throw itide and misses it. >> al: he's really taken a beaten. the last two games, sacked 13 times, five tonight. third down and ten. rodgers flushed out. downfield, throws, and not even close. that one is knocked down by munnerlyn.
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one play, fourth down. green bay trying to keep its hopes alive. ototrwise it's on to theheoad. >> cris: well, we have a lot of mobility. they've been playing those two deep safeties. but aaron rodgers certainly a threat to run in these really clutch situations. see if they keep those two deep safeties bac i think they will. >> al: backing up p ght now. backing the linebackers up. and rodgers on fourth down. he's going to keep it alive on a pass to richard rodgers. clock keeps s running. they have to scramble to the line. line of scrimmage at the 46. does he spike it here? no. backs you, throws at the outstse. caught.
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24 second. ball at the 49 yard line. >> cris: don't give up anything. these are interesting strategies to me. you get about three shototat plays. do you want to continue to march it down and have one throw at the end of take all these shots p into the end zone in one way, shape or form?m? >> al: sooner or later. second down and three from the 39 yard line. rodgers. scrambles away. takes s e shot deep downfield. and out of the end zone. and that took nine seconds off the clock. you're down to 15. >> c cs: they really sort of had the wide receiver screen set up. and i'm not sure if they didn't just ad lib this one a little bit on the fly. runs down ththfield. it looked to be one of those quick screens that was going to be thrown out. and they h some space to run.
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mind he e s going to take one e those shots down the field. >> al: sendejo, the safety, stayed with him. 15 seconds and third down. to rodgers. and that's going to take us -- unless perry can spike it here, that's going to do it. that's also fourth down. so can rodgers spike it in time? he's going to get one more play. one morereiracle attempt. to the end zone. can they do this again? no. holy mackerel. >> cris: wow, what a game. it took every second, but they finally knocked the champs off in this division. >> al: mike zimmer, took him a long time to get a heaeacoaching job. gets the gatorade bath.
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they have another game at home in minneapolis before they go to the dome next year. and the seahawks know they go to the twin cities and the packers know they go to washington. >> cris: i ihink that was xavier rhodes who went over the top of richard rodgers there. xavier rhode had one of the best games i've seen him have. does he get the plpl off in time? right there. and he got -- he had richard rodgers down the field after he scrambles. xavier rhode goes over the top and baba that thing down. number 29. >> a you also had anthony barr right there fronting it. >ris: there he is right there. >> al: here comes barr and barr is right there, too. >> cris: rodgers sort of backs his way in and just as it was coming into richard rodgers' hands, xavier rhodes knocked it
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xavier rhode had a great game. >> a a yes, he did. mike zimmer takes his team home to take on the seahawks next week.
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e regular season is history. welcome to the volkswagen
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here now bob costas. >> right down to the final play, but finally the minnesota vikings slay their dragon, the green bay packers, at least as far as the division is concerned, before they move on to the playoffs. the vikings are the champions of the nfc north. they'll head to washington and the packers will head to the nation's capital. 20-13 the final score. here are your game balls. one will go to everson griffen, the defensive end d the vivings. he had six tackles, a couple of sacks and a forced fumble. defensive back xavier rhodes played a terrific all-around game and included three tackles and an interception and d rian peterson in the course of winning his third career rushing title, carried 19 times for 67 yards and a touchdown. they gft the game balls and the honor of speaking with michele. >> adrian, first we got to ask you about your lower back. you went into the locker room, came back out, tried to give it a go. what's going on?
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back. it was awkward. got twisted up on me, hard t get it loosened up. not going to be a problem nene week? >> not going to be a problem. i came back out here and tried to dog it out. i'll be good by next week. >> bause you are the division champs for the first time e nce 200909 what does that mean to you? >> oh, man, it means so much. we beginning of this season talking about winning the nfc north. and this week we was able to realize thth opportunity was right there in front of pups to come out here at lambeau and leave with a victory, you know, just give all the glory to god. >> same year that you win your third career rususng title. i saw your dad before the game. he's here, very excited about that. adding that on top, what does it mean? >> it means a lot, you know, when i look back over the past year, two years and i told myself coming into the game, if the season was to end right now before we even plad this game,
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family. you know, so to add on, you know, another title, rushing title, you know, i just continue to give him thanks, man. i'm blessed. >> congratulatatns. >> thank you. >> let's go defense now with everson griffen. two sacks tonight. you knew that this packers offensive line was hobbled, but how were you guyuyable to be so effectcte even with the scrambling aaron rodgers? >> it was a group effort. we went out there and we rushed hard. it was just a group -- we just won the game, man. it was a group effort. and we tried hard and we won the game. and i'm excited right now. >> you guys were out there a lot this defense. d to come on the roaoainto lambeau and to knock off the four-time defending division champs, what does it mean? >> it's huge, man. you ow, we talked about this day one at training camp. and all our dreams came true. and you know, it was a team win. offense played great, defense played great. and you know, we went out there
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glory to god. and we went out there and dominated and we won the game. >> congratulations. on to seattle. hosting seattle. and zavxavier rhode, your first career interception -- first of the season. don't want to take anything g ay from y y. rst of the season. couldn't have come at a better time. what were you seeing? >> we practiced all week about rodgers coming out of the pocket. just covered my guy y d i was in the right spot at the right time. >> next week you're at home, you host seattle. they were there earlier this season and really handed it to you guys. why do you think this time can be different? >> because we looked at our flaws and our mistakes we did last time and correct those and come with a better attitude and not make mental erroro. >> division champs, how does it sound? >> it sounds really great. this is my first time ever winning it. take it all in and celebrate as a team. >> congratulations.
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>> bob?? >> all right, thanks, very much, michele. here is the schedule for next week. we start with the nfc, the panthers have finished 15-1 and the cardinals are 13-3 have the byes. seattle will go to minnesota. we'll have that came for you on nbc at 1:00 eastern time o o sunday. the packers, the packers will take on washington at 4:40 on sunday and that game will be seen on fox. so let's writebring in tony dungy. who would you least want to face right now if you were coaching a team in the nfc? >> if these minnesota vikings who have to face seaeale, seattle is playing red hot, and i just like where they are. their defense, russell wilson, and the fact that they went into minnnnota and they won thahagame earlier in the season. they've got that championship swagger. they're not afraid of going on
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full. i think we'll have a great game next week. >> let's take a look at how things will go neckxt weekend in the nfc. the bye will go to denver. the patriots drop to number two. the prime time game at 8,15 eastern time on saturday. and kansas city will open it up at houston on saturday at 4:35 on abc/espn. okay, what are you looking for in the afc as the playoffs begin over there, tony? well, bob, the afc c so wide open. i don't know that i can remember a year where the number one seed, denver, has been beaten by both wild card teams. that just shows you how explosive and exciting this is going to be. pittsburgh and kansas city have great teams. they're both playing good football. and they can go a long way. so i don't know who you peg as the favorite but i like both of
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and pittsburgh. >> of course, they have to play the extra game and they're likely to be on the road throughout. creates an additional hurdle. now let's take a look, as we bring in mike florio, as some of the head coaching spots that are open, and there are several. three that we knew about entering the day. the interim coaches in miami and tennessee us chip kelly's firing several days ago in philadelphia. but two more spots opened up today with the browns cleaning house and the 49ers firing jim tomsa after one year. what else ean we expect in the next coming days? >> the next one is i i indianapolis where choech chuck pagano has completed his four-year contract with no extension. he's expected to meet on monday with owner jim irsay. the expectation is pagano wiwi be relieved of his duties. what happened to gm ryan grigson. there's a thought that his
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next coach is. in 1998 the colts made a run with a kay named nick saban who may be getting restless. in new y yk, it's not as certain as many believe regarding the future of tom coughlin. some think he'll retire or resign on monday. it's going to be determined on monday when he gets together with ownership. he could stay. it's not a done deal. he could be fired and if he's fired he could xwoechcoaching somewhere else in 2016. sean payton will meet with mickey loomis. and in detroit the fate of coach jim caldwell will be determined by the next gm after that person is hirir. finally, in san diego, there are reports that chargers coach mike mccoy is safe. that may be the case. but the first order r business for the chargers is to file a relocation petition to los angeles as soon as tomorrow if they get approval on january 13 to move, mccoy's fate could change.
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the chess board. again here at lambeau tonight, the final score, the vikings win the nfc north. they beat the packers 20-13. al and cris are back to wrapap things up after this. the sunday night football post game report is brought to you by the newly redesigned volkswagen passat. the mid-sized car for your full-sized life. they're your kids. why are you guys xting grandma? it was him. keep your family connected. app-connect. othe newly redesigned passat. from volkswagen. red 97! set! red 97! did you say 97? yes.
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be ready to work. hey, hey, hey, hey, there's a much bigger prize out there. a much bigger prize out there. you've earned it. so let's go get this. >> mike zimmer, we've known m a long time. long time assistant coach forever and ever. had a whole bunch of head coaching interviews. really never came close. and then minnesota makes the dead right choice, as it turns out. >> he's like bruce arians, really, a guy that had to wait a long time, but now they see what everybody missed. >> what do you think othe grgrn bay packers? all of a s sden they staggered down the stretch, they got to go to washington. how do you see that shaping up? >> they've got aaron rodgers. you just look at theheayplploff picture and say who has the quarterbacks. when ben roethlisberger entered thchampionship race, that felt different to me. russell wilson is playing brilliant football.
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you can be fairly safe. >> we've got the early game on sunday, the 1:00 eastern time game. we go to minnesota where seattle went into a couple weeks ago and blew them out. we've all seen it happen where something happens in the regular season and the reverse happens in postseason. what wililbe different for the vikings in that game? >> they already played a little differently because of that game. they're getting the ball much quicker out of bridgewater's hand. they've e en back to the runnini game. they're focusing in on what they do really well. what will be interesting about this one, does marshawn lynch play? he's coming back in the building on monday. i'm not sure the seahawks or pete carroll know whether he'll play. >> instead of playing on saturday, they get to play on sunday. be exciting, one more game in minnesota, they didn't think that would happepe >> 1:00, you ready for that? >> we'll be there. i don't know how to do a game in the sunshine, but we'll be there anyway. crazy ending for the regular seas.
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20-13. so our entire gang downstairs and off we go the great white north next week for playoff action. until then i'm al michaels, cris collinsworth and michele tafoya saying good night from lambeau field in green bay, wisconsin. nbc sports thanks you for watching this special
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football league.we tell you where. plus -- an update following a shooting in nashua. and -- ergency crrws are searching for a person who fell in to icy water. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm macleod hageman. emergency crews are looking for
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person in the icy coralville reservoir -- after their canoe capsized earlier today. two people were in the canoe-- but one person was able to be pulled out by bystanders. kwwl's kristin rogers stood by as the s sarch gained momentum tonight -- kristin? it's hard to see in the dark but emergency crews have been going up and down this hill behind me. we are not allowed down,there because it is actually a private residenene, bubuneighbors haae been actually going down to see how they can help. top of the hill. multiple emergency crews responding to help. you can see the solon firemen grabbing jacketssand gear from their truck here. i'm told this neighborhood in the area of twin view heights is a small community and mentioned we are not allowed to go to the bottom, but as you can see through the trees there continue to keep you updated as we work to learn more and this story develops. we've got you covered, we are told the scene wrapped up
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was starting to freeze -- which made it dananerous for ffst responders..crews say the search will start again tomorrow. we're tracking clouds tonight. now let's check in with storm track seven meteorologist kyle kiel for your first fororcast. kyle? from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team. see the screen for your complete weather information. here is additional forecast information from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team: it's been a pretty overcast day ross eastern iiwa, and that will be the case for most of us as we head into the overnight. storm track 7 live weather netwowo camera in coralville shows an overcast sky. however, in northeast iowa it's a different story, as we have had few areas of partial clearing just in time
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sunset about 10 minuts ago. here's the storm track 7 live doppler at left one man dead. it happened in the 100 block of morning. kwwl's jessica hartman has the story on a busy street in the small town of nashsh - - crime department of criminal investigation - - a 56 year old male was the victim of a fatal shot. hartman "the people working at the nashua casey's were able - the house is considered an eyysore on the 100 block of st. lawerence street. broken windows peeling paint, trash scattere the yard, and a broken down truck parked in frnt. but neighbors s ay the man and his two adult son's were quiet and didn't cause any trouble - victim was found with a fatal bullet wound to the head around 4:30 saturday afternoon. the suspecttd shooter is in cucutody -- however --
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authorities say it is unclear if it was intentional or accidential. an autopsy is also scheduled with the state medical examiner's office. officials say four men are dead following a canoe accident -- in wisconsin lake. police received a missing persons call around 11 this morning -- and found an overturned canoe floating in the lake. rescuers searched the icy waters and recovered the four bodies. according to officials -- the men were last seen alive leeing a house near the lake around two this morning. can be dangerous during the winter. "if we get one or two cold water is. its dangerous to be
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leads to a tragic situation." the cause of death of death remains under investigation. people in miksouri are retning to their homes for the firs time in nenerly a week to view the flooo damage. in the hardest hit towns -- streets looked like junkyards as they were littered with piles of debris. hundreds of buildings were damaged when the mississippi river and its channels sweeed to recorr flood stage levels -- after a foot of rain fell in three days. people started the mont-long recovery process by gutting their homes. president obama appppoved the governor's request for federal aid -- and national guard troops were deployed as part of the assistance -- including the iowa national guard. at least six people are killed and 50 injured during an earthquake in
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the toll of dead and injured is expected to rise. the quake struck whie many resisints were aslee, and roofs and staircases of some buildings collapsed in the city of nearly thousand people. president obama is moving forward with plans to tighten gun laws. in this election year -- the president knows he no chance of getting the cooperation from congress. so tomorrow -- he's meeting with he attorney general to mappout what can be done legally. brian mooar has the story. (super: joint base andrews, md :00-:08) returning to washington to start his last laws - without the input of congress. but he's getting plenty of feedback from the candidates hoping to replace him. (sot gov. chris christie /,(r) on screen --- super already on screen in ccvince the congress that
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