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tv   Early Today in Iowa  NBC  January 4, 2016 4:30am-5:00am CST

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i'm jerry gallagher. let's check on your weather now with storm track 7 meteorologist eileen loan. good morning. temperatures range from the mid teens to the mid 20s this morning with the coldest readings where there are clear skies. wind chills are in the single digits and teens and winds are light from the northwest and will turn to the southeast during the day. we will have some clouds off and on throughout the day and they could produce a flurry or two, but for the most part it will be dry. the winds will stay light
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a developing story this morning: the search for a missing person in the coralville reservoir. a canoe -- with two people in it -- capsized on sunday afternoon. it happened in the area of twin view heights which is across the lake from bobbers bar. bystanders pulled one person from the icy water and that person was taken to the university of iowa hospitals. we don't know how they're doing -- but we do know the other person who went into the water -- has not been found. this was not the only canoe accident in frigid waters over the weekend. four men from illinois went into the water in wisconsin sunday morning. their canoe overturned. it happened near milwaukee. rescue crews found two bodies, "if we get one or two cold nights, the whole lake will freeze over. that's how cold the when it's really cold. so if you combine any of those two, it
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the search for the other two men will pick up again this morning. today, many people in the midwest will return to their homes for the first time in about week. they were forced out because of flooding. streets looked like junkyards -- in some of the hardest hit towns in missouri -- as they're littered with piles of debris. hundreds of buildings were damaged when rivers swelled to record levels -- after a foot of rain fell in three days. president obama approved the governor's request for federal aid -- and national guard troops were sent in to help -- including members of the iowa national guard. 25 people have now died in missouri and illinois because of the flooding. more died when they were in cars swept away by floodwaters. search teams in illinois found the body of a teen -- who had been missing for a few days.
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able to find your son but at this point we were unable to do that and it was... we had to break them the very hard news." flooding is expected to get worse in other states now... states like arkansas, kentucky and tennessee. the investigation into a deadly shooting in nashua continues today. the name of the man who was shot has not been released. it happened at a home on saint lawrence street on saturday afternoon. the d-c-i says the victim was 56 years old. one person is in custody... but authorities say it's unclear if accident. this morning, a standoff continues in oregon -- where anti-government activitsts have taken over a federal office at a wildlife refuge. at least one person is armed. group leaders say they're protesting a jail sentence for two ranchers and what they call the "tyranny" of the federal government. the ranchers started fires on
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federal land. "i say let us be civil and let us be as gentle as possible but we shall be as firm as necessary." schools in that county will be closed this week because of security concerns. today, a california social services center reopens weeks after a mass shooting. two buildings at the inland regional center in san bernardino, california are expected to re-open today. the third, which was the site of the shooting, is closed indefinitely. a memorial service will also be held today to honor the victims. 14 people died, more than 20 others were wounded. president obama turns his attention to reducing gun violence as the new year begins. he's expected to use exectuve action to bypass congress. edward lawrence has reaction. president obama fresh off his hawaiian vacation and taking aim at gun control. he meets with attorney general loretta lynch to talk about ways to increase background checks
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for people who buy guns. the president during his weekly radio address defended his position. "this policy was supported by some 90% of the american people. it was supported by a majority of nra households. but the gun lobby mobilized against it. and the senate blocked it." democratic frontrunner for president hillary clinton applauds the move to use executive orders to increase background checks for gun buyers. republican candidates disagree. "now this president wants to act as if he is a king, as if he is a dictator. fact is, if he wants to make changes to these laws, go to congress and convince the congress that they're necessary." "so he is going to sign another executive order having to do with the second amendment, having to do with guns. i will veto that. i will unsign that so fast." "his first impulse is always to take rights away from law-abiding citizens, and it's wrong." still this is at the top of the president's agenda for his final year in office. president obama is expected to conduct a three month review of other steps he can take to reduce gun violence.
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in washington.. i'm edward lawrence , now back to you. later this week, the president will be at a town hall about gun violence. that event is at george mason university. security in isreal is being tightened -- as police look for the person who shot two people at a bar on friday. it happened in tel aviv on friday. "women lost their sons, people think you are in the safest place in the world. you know, but it happens right here, where you are living." schools are now getting extra protection after the attack. a mayor in mexico is being remembered this morning. she was killed the day after she took office. the woman was sworn in on friday, then on saturday -- several people invaded her home and killed her. the city -- where she lived -- is one that's been struggling with kidnappings and extortions by organized crime gangs. two
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suspects in her death were killed by police. three others have been arrested. this morning, we're getting a look at what's left of a freight ship that sank a few months ago during a hurricane. the n-t-s-b says it found one of the el faro's missing decks. but not the ship's mast, where the black box is. investigators say they are considering launching a second search to find the data recorder - which would happen 15-hundred feet below sea. the el faro left jacksonville for puerto rico when it lost engine power and got caught in a category four storm. 33 people died. a big jackpot is building. the next powerball drawing is worth 400-million dollars. on saturday, three people each won a million dollars. someone else won two-million. many others won smaller prizes -- but no one had the grand prize-winning ticket. the next chance to win is wednesday. the largest powerball ticket was won in 2013. that person -- from florida -- took home more than 590-million. one officer says he's lucky for celebrating his 70th birthday in
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his patrol car... tim ciesco tells us he's not planning to retire any time soon. "makes me proud to put this uniform on and walk around this co-workers have been alive. he's now - and spent time at three other agencies prior to that. this week he turned 70. "you walk out of the briefing up, you know where your car is." and he's still out there patrolling with the best of them. "patrol is the only place i wanted to go. and that's where "it's the excitement." he admits there's only "i like to tell the story that i i do have a good time." and that's why he now works part time out of the department's east service center. but don't talk to him about retiring anytime soon. "as long as i'm still in good health and my wife is still
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working full-time, i don't see any reason to retire. and as long as arlington police will let me work, i'm gonna work." because as far as he's concerned, 70 - "it's a number." we still have a lot to get to this morning: including reporters becoming the story... when they go the extra mile to make sure the sunday paper is delivered. and the n-f-l playoff schedule is set... find out who the vikings and packers will play -- after they went toe-to- toe at lambeau field last night. through the area this morning with breaks in the clouds
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here is additional forecast information from the kwwl stormtrack 7
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weather team: dry weather continues today and tomorrow before we start to see the chances of precip return to the forecast. stormtrack7 live weather network cameras will show a mix of clouds and clear skies today with the clouds acting like a blanket. where there are breaks in the clouds, temperatures have dropped into the teens, but with the blanket, they are in the 20s. a few single digits exist to our west with wind chills staying above zero, for the most part. winds are light from the northwest but will eventually turn to the southeast. they stay light today, but will start to pick up steam overnight. some areas of fog are coating the western
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part of the state, but we have clouds tracking through portions of our viewing area this morning. areas of snow track through the great lakes region, but we should only have a flurry or two at most. high pressure will track away from us and allow those winds to pick up tonight and tomorrow. low pressure will track toward us and bring more clouds to the area late tomorrow. midwest temperatures today will be in the 20s and 30s with some 40s building along the plains. we warm a few degrees for tomorrow with more 30s taking over the area. we will end up in the 20s today as those winds turn to the southeast. they become south tonight and pick up a little speed after midnight. a few areas of fog may form this evening, but
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we will be mainly partly cloudy with lows in the low to mid teens. tuesday's highs will climb into the upper 20s to low 30s with help from breezy south winds at 10-20 mph. a chance of snow showers tracks in for wednesday afternoon with rain and snow possible thursday and friday before changing back to all snow friday night into saturday. amounts of both rain and snow will depend on the speed and track of the system. as the low tracks to our east, it will pull down cold canadian and arctic air, so it is looking pretty cold for at least the beginning of next week. it is still to come this morning, a well- deserved award for a standout
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couple in eastern iowa. plus... turning the world of ice cream upside down. a twist to treats being served at one restaurant. you're watching kwwl. we've got you covered in center point, postville, wadena and all of eastern iowa
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they host the vikings. the n-f-c north division was at stake in a game many of you saw right here on kwwl last night. down a touchdown on the final play of the game -- green bay's aaron rodgers throws a hail mary into the end zone. it's knocked down. minnesota wins 20-13. that means the vikings will host seattle in a wild card game on sunday at noon. you can watch that game right here on kwwl. green bay goes on the road to washington. that kickoff is set for three-forty on sunday. reporters wear many hats -- and they had to add one in a city yesterday. from reporters to editors to photographers... the boston globe staff delivered
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the sunday newspaper to make sure everyone got it. customers had complained they were having issues receiving their newspapers this week... after a new company was hired to manage delivery... so the newspaper staff took matters into their own hands. employees worked through the night... packaging and delivering papers directly to subscribers. "we put so much time into can't read them, then our work is lost for those people who wants to read it in the physical paper." "i wish i mean obviously they had more people so they didn't have to do that especially on a sunday. it's nice enough to know they are actually taking out the time, they feel that's important reimburse those who didn't receive a paper during this transition. dairy queen restaurants kick off the new year with a resolution. many d-q's across the country will serve all blizzards upside down -- or the next one is free. they're doing it to prove how thick the sweet treat is. an eastern iowa couple is being honored for their dedication to the community. edward and shirley babka of dubuque are long- time supporters of
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many organizations. on that list -- the university of dubuque, finley hospital, the library and art museum -- and many more. now -- they're being honored "i never liked to be front and center...i just, uh...have never really liked that and uh, so "well, about the same." the annual award goes to someone who is devoted to making the community better. a public reception for them will be held monday -- january an iowa man is collecting something small and it's making a big difference. i've been saving all the tops for the last five years and kim and time. dan williams donated more than 186 - thousand pop can tabs to the
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ronald mcdonald house in des moines. the donation is a long standing tradition to help pay for rooms of guests with sick children. with dan's donation -- 12 guests will be able to stay in the house for a week -- for free. the only person to ever top that donation -- is williams himself. five years ago he donated 200 - thousand. a heartwarming story of a quad cities man who snaps this picture. it's of an officer helping a homeless man at a mcdonalds. he says a good deed like this went inside, he went up to the it's really cold, is it okay if of just talking to the guy and he said here, let me give you some more the guy tried to refuse -- obviously the cop being an awesome person was like, no, let me give you some more so he gave him some, they shook hands and the cop walked out --he wasn't really looking for any recognition or anything, it was just really awesome to see
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the picture was posted to facebook -- and has already received several thousand likes. the time now is -- and for some of you, it's time for a workout before you head to the office. today could be one of the busiest at the new year is into its fourth
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now... so how are those resolutions coming? many people want to get fit -- and that means gyms will be busy welcome 2016! (nats) as many are inviting the new year in by (nats) breaking added more than double the members on new years day than they usually add on other days tell me they notice it every single year that after the new year the gym gets well very busy." (cg: tim ennis) "everybodys excited and you know the new years resolution thing and that's fine and dandy and good so the
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first month maybe two you know he says he notices a lot of those with resolutions stop coming after a couple of months. (cg: tim ennis) "we don't want to make it a 4 to 6 week thing and then you get hurt or get flustered or both and you know leave, we want you to stay." we spoke with a woman who plans to stay as she was just signing up for her new membership after she made a new years resolution to get in shape. (cg: holly johnson/ new member at aspen athletic club) "more of a lifestyle change, we've got goals until later this year like in to october and we're going to work towards that throughout the year and today was just day pumping (nats) their way into the year. we've got you covered in cedar rapids, kristin rogers, kwwl news. the manager at aspen athletic club says they signed up eleven new
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on new year's day alone. he says that's twice what they would expect on a normal day. checking out storm track seven live doppler radar right now. the forecast from meteorologist eileen loan is up next.
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che partly sunny today, breezy for tuesday and a chance of light thursday and friday with snow it's and coming up on today in iowa. a driver is hurt after his car goes airborne and crashes into a house... more on that when ally crutcher joins us for our next hour of
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we've got you covered. tnow on today in iowa... president obama says he wants gun control to be part of his legacy ... and he's planning to take executive action to get it done. plus...a scary new year's eve church service. a man walked into the place of worship with a gun. we'll tell you how a pastor managed to stop him. for many years -- a young woman is bringing new energy. good morning, i'm ally crutcher. and
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