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tv   Early Today in Iowa  NBC  January 5, 2016 4:30am-5:00am CST

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let's check on your weather now with storm track 7 meteorologist eileen loan. good morning. the clouds showing up on satellite right now are areas of fog. visibilities are improving, as winds pick up from the south.. they aree to 15 mph and will be stronger as the moring wears on. temperatures are in the single digits to the teens this morning and wind chills are single digits either side of today as the winds will be 10-20 mph and gusting higher. highs will climb into the 20s to low 30s with te help of that southerly wind, but it is also bringing in some moisture. that will turn into rain and snow f'r the next few days. i'll have more on that wet orecast in a a ew
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the top story this morning: the debate about gun laws. the president wants to bypass congress to make changes. he wants to put more restrictions on gun show sales and add more f-b-i and other agents to deal with that. tracie potts has reaction to those plans. after getting the o-k froo his attorney general and fbi director that it's constitutional, later this morning president obama plans to announce new measures he's taking on his own to tighten gunun laws. "it's not going to prevent every mass shooting, it's not going to keep every gun out of the hands of a criminal, it will potentially save lives." the president's executive ooers will partiallylyclose the gun show loophole - requiring more people
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shshs to get backggound checks. "unfortunately we need things in place now - because people have just gotten out of control" & republican candidates cuse president obama of gutting the 2nd amamdment: "president obama's executive actions limiting gun rights will restrict our law-abiding citizens, not the criminals or the terrorists who target them." "we don't beat bad guys by taking away our gun we beat the bad guys by using our guns." "but you know what the president will be doing in the next week is an executive order. the next president on the very first day could wipe away." the political stakes are high. the president's doing several public events this week to gain public support. part of the president's plan will require congressional approval. he wants to add 200 new atf agents and $500 million for mental health. i'm tracie potts in washington, now back to you. one thing to keep an eye on: when the president tried to go around
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executive landed in court and a judge blocked it. this morning an eastern iowa toddler is in the hospital with serious injuries after being shot. it hhpened lateeunday night in dubuque. police say a two- year-old boy on main street. police say the child has facial wounds. they ay several people were inside in the apartmemet including other children. right now -- they're trying to figure out what happened. possibility we're looking at, but we also don't want to narrow ourselves down that much t this point." as for the liile boy -- he was air- lifted to university of iowa hospitals in iowa city. a two-year-old girl is recovering after policcsay another chchld shot her by accident. it happened in georgia. authorities say one child found a handgun inside an apartment and fired it, hitting the toddler. continuing coverage now of the deadly shooting investigation in nashua. the
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died. karl white died over the weekend. he was 56. an utopsy shows he died from a gunshot wound. the preliminary investigation shows he might have been shot by accident by someone else... but authorities say they're still vestigating. no one issn custody. social media has waterloo police on alrt. a facebook page makes waterloo police officers -- public enemy number one --nd anyone whoho follows that page is being encouraged to attack them. police chief dan trelka reached out to kwwl about the page and said this: enough is enough. we've blurred out the nne of the page -- so it doesn't get any publicity. the issue came up on the same night waterloo's new mayor -- quentin hart was sworn in. he's talked about bringing the city together under hii leadership -- and had this to say about the facebook page. kind of page like that. i denounce it completely. i believe in working together to move this community forward. chie trelka says anyone involved with this page -- is cocong close to
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a test drive goes sideways in a big way. a car salesman is kidnaped at gunpoii. two men showed up at a houston dealership wanting to test drive a gun and shoved the salesmmn into the trunk. "he was able to ooen the trunkk using the emergency latch. the in the trunk, got in a fight with them, was able to get the pistol away from one of the suspects and shoot one of the suspects." the suspects took off and left the car salesman behind - he was found walkng along the freeway. police used his ceelphone - which he left behind - to track the stolen car. that led to a car chase. the suspects crashed the car and then ran. this morning, an eestern iowa mama is in good condition after his canoe capsized in the coralville reservoir. yesterday, we learned the teenager with miccael felton in that canoe died.
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monday morning in the water. he was 17 years old. he went to solon higb school. investigators believe the canoe overturned on suuay when felton or wymer stood up to take a picture. felton was able to swim to shore. last night, students at solon high scool held a vigil to remember wymer. autopsy results are still pending in the death of an eastern iowa teen. the state medical examiner reults from moe sed's autopsy could take between six weeks to two mmths. his body was found in the cedar river near gilbertville last month. decision 2016: the clintons are tag-teaming on the campaign trail. the democratic frontrunner hillary clinton is in iowa. her husband -- former president bill clinton -- made his016 "i think this election is about restooing broadly shshred osperity, rebuilding the middle class, giving kids the american dream back. i think it's about these issues that as hillary always says keep americans
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the former president will be in eastern iowa later this week to capaign for her. he'll be in cedar rapids and republican preeidential candidde donald trump debuts his first campaign ad -- set to air today in iowa and new hampshire. trump says he'll begin spending at least two million dollars a week n his campaign, with more than one million going to tv ads in iowa. as trump dminates the natinonal convfrsation, he eould be knocked off in the first state to vooe: iowa. senator ted cruz is leading the polls here -- and how, he's hoping to step on the gas before the caucuses. this week, he's kicking off trips to 28 counties in 6 days. just t bout every rrpublican candidate is attacking me. why? that seems to be an indication that something has changed in the race."
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this week -- including stops in decorah, waukon, strawberry point, oelwein, new hampton and wavery. cruz hopeeprotesters ii oregon will stand down peacefully. it's a tense, unpredictable situation in oregon. anti-government protesters are standing their ground in a fight over land. they're occupying a wildlife refuge. their original goal was to keep two ranchers from returning to jail r burning federal land. but now, they say they want to restrict the federal government's reach over the lands and un-do land transfers. the two ranchers -- who were ntenced -- turnrnd themselvess in on monday. "they served their time in 2013. so, the circumstances that we're tragedy. one of the activists told the today show on monday -- his group has no plan to commit violence
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intervenes. back on the campaign trail in iowa, one candidate was caught off guard when he was asked about the standoff in oregon. governor what do you think about the situation in it. where e people tookk over federal land. you haven't heard about that? kasich: no i haven't heard about this. when did this come out? i'm not familiar with it. kasich has been focusing much of his time on the new hampshire primary. he hasn't been doing well in the polls in iowa--- and neither has out hope for a comeback victory. and i keep coming back to four years ago, 75% of iowans made up going through thprocess of really analyzing all the candidates and they get seseious aboututit at the end. we're now 27 days away from the iowa
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talk of the summer games is starting ttheat up... but there are concerns about one of the main been without water and electricity over the past week over unpaid bills. it owes about 225-thousand dollars in utility bills. there was a meeting about the lok out america, a 93-year-old man is hopinn to qualify f fr the 20-16 u-s table tennis olympic team and head to rio, this summer. terra hall has te details. for many nonagenarian retirees, a walk in the park is enough to get their blood pumping. but not for bill guilfoil. that's why y he 93- year-old plays daily rounds of table tennis. now the athlete, who's in his e eghth decade of the sport, has a new goal on the table ...
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people just play table tennis in their basement or inintheir garage. here, for 20 years we've had table tennis and it's a really competitive group of guys." and for those 20 years, one of them has been guilfoil, who in february will leave behind the green courts at overland park racquet club for grrensboro, north arolina where he'll try to qualify for the 2016 summer olympics in brazil. "it's not an easy sport but it is an easy sport to pick up." and while giulfoil will likely be the oldest athlete at the trials, he says it's the sport that keeps him young. "i think table tennis is a contributor to living longer, we have to have better nutrition, better outlook on life, people never have a ggdge. i think that all goes along with a package. love everybody." and go for gold, even in your golden years. . we still have a lot to get to this
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forecast. i'll havefrom the kwwl stormtrack 7 weatherr team. see the screen for your complete weather information. here is additional forecast information from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team: it will be partly sunny and breezy today as a system tracks in slowly fromthe west. this wiil set off ssme
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afternoon with more rain and snow for the end of the week. fog is what we ere dealing with a lot earlier this morning, but visibilities are improving greatly, aa you can tell on our stormtrack7 live weather network. temperatures dropped into the single digits and teens this morning with upper teens to low 20s to the west. southerly winds are starting to pick up and are already breezy to the west. they will stay breezy throughout the day and will stay from the south, too. that will help break up the fog this morning, but will also bring in more moisture as a system heads our way from the rockies. it will start to throw some rain and snow our way for tomorrow afternoon, but temperatures look like they will stay pretty mild for the next few days. highs will be in thth 20s to 40s over the midwest today and tomorrow, but there is much colder air heading our way for the weekend. today, highs
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30s wwth south wwnds at 10-20 mph gusting higher. lows tonight won't drop much and south winds will stay gusty as clouds start to track in. mostly cloudy for wednesday with those light rain and snow showers tracking in for the afternoon. highs will be in the 30s andwill stay mild thursday and friday, too, with the raan and snow chances continuing. it all changes to snow friday night ihto saturday, but amounts will depend on when that changeover occurs and the speed, track and strength of the system. arctic high pressure will track in over the weekend and there is a pretty good bet that temperatureswill be falllg from saturry all the way through monday. coming up this morning: it felt like march madness -- in early
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amounts will depenn on when ttat changeover occurs and the speed, track and strength of the system. arctic high pressure will track in over the ekend and the is a pretty good bet that temperatures will be falling from saturday all the way through monday. coming up this morning: it felt like march madness -- in early january. a big showdown in college basketball -- number one against number two... and two ovetimes weren't enouh to settle the score. you'rerewatching kwwl. we've got you covered in volga, dundee, clermont and all of
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it appears iowa's all-american defensive back will return for his senior season. this mornrnng, a number oo reports say desmond king's mother has confirmed that king will come back to iowa next fall. king -- a consensus all- american -- had eight interceptions -- tying an iowa record. it's a big lift for the hawkeyes hoping to build on this year's 12 and 2 season. in collegf basketball -- iowa is now ranked 19th -- and takes on nebraska tonigig at home. last n nght -- the tootwo teams in the country went head to head. number one kansas hosting number two oklahoma... and this game lived up to the hype. it went int triple overtime -- with the jayhawks winning over the sooners 109 - 106. the plan to make school lunches healthier is working. that's from a new study by the universityyof washington. calories are capped and at least one serving of fruits and vegetables is required -- every meal. researchers found students are now getting more vitamins and minerals in their mls.
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still to come this morning: new ways to make t-v watching even better. it's all part of a big consumer electronics show thisiseek. we'll get a ook inside nexx.
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mary molooey has a prevevew from las vegas. some of the largest names in the tech world -- will cars. this year -- expect more drool worthy inventions and mind technology will be unveiled. big names like l-g -- sony -- and sharp are forecasted to tout new wayso make your d-v watching better. but at least one cooany is jumping the gun -- and giving us a look at what it will show off. samsung has three projects from its super secret eative lab that may someday $& change your life. the first is the welt. it's the next generation
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it looks like a typical belt -- but hidden inside -- there isso-called smmt sensor tetenology that can track your health. like recording waist size -- eating habits -- steps it's a hand-motion controller for those who like to little harder to see. it's a watch strap called all you have to do is touch your ear -- and voila -- your ear -- without pesky headphone chords. cool - huh? don't expect to find these things on store shelves anytime soon. samsung says the projects are still in he development phases. but we'll be able to see these prototypes and other eye-popping technology at te c-e-s. for consumer watch -- i'm mary moloney. today in iowa continues in a moment with the forecast from
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forecast. breezy today with a chance of light rainnand snow trrcking in for wednesday. rain and snow thursday and friday will changeover to all snow friday night and saturday. amounts will depend on speed, t tack and strength of the system. very cold air will on monday will only be in the single digits. it's and coming up on today in iowa. vandals are accused of damaging graves, costing a cemetery nearly 20-thousand dollars in damage. us... a plane carrying is forced to turn back after one of the plane's doors was found still open. more on that coming up when ally crutcher joins us for our next
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we'vevegot you cnow on today in iowa... a rare storm this time of year in one state leaves a big mess. we'll hear abbt some iowans who plan to help. plus... this is a scary sight. large chunks of snow fall from a roof withn seconds, leaving some people trapped underneath it. and a 5-yeaa-old found a big surprise at the beach -- a message in a bottle that's three decades old. and now the boy is trying to find out who sent it. good morning, i'm ally crutctcer.
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