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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  January 5, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm CST

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disaster in california. new evacuations from a ferocious line of storms, fueled by one of the most powerful el ninos in history. >> and mind games that claim to improve your memory, even ward off alzheimer's. so-called brain training apps under fire. as customers ask for refunds. "nightly news" begins right now. good evening. going it alone and issuing his own orders meant to keep guns out of the wrong hands, a tearful president obama both tested and reluctantly accepted the limits of his executive power today as he went around congress. the steps he took were modest at best. but long on symbolism. the president, flanked by those touched by gun violence, wept as he ticked off the mass shootings that brought him to this point. senior white house
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jansing has more. >> reporter: president obama today, unable to hold back tears. as he remembered 20 children murdered at sandy hook elementary, every time i think about those kids, it gets me mad. and by the way, it happens on the streets of chicago every day. >> reporter: in the three years since newtown, he has failed to get any sweeping new gun laws through congress. today the fuft reagan and e -- frustration and emotion surfaced, for far more modest executive action. >> so the gun lobby may be holding congress hostage but it could not hold america hostage. >> he was surrounded by mark barden, whose 7-year-old son daniel was killed at newtown. >> will it make any difference? >> absolutely, chris. at the very least it is going towards raising awareness and that is at the heart of what has to happen. >> reporter: the most talked about provision
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sullers to get licenses and verifying what is on the books already. >> despite the hype in advance, there is no change at all in the law. the president simply restated what has been the law since 1967. >> reporter: in florida, gun enthusiast lea said she got a shotgun recently, no questions asked. >> i could have been anybody. they never checked my name. they never looked at my license. >> reporter: she paid cash, she said, untraceable. but the fight for more restrictions on sales has become a catch-22 for gun control advocates. driven largely by fear of new restrictions, americans bought more guns last month than any other time in the last 20 years. an estimated 1.6 million of them. advocates are gearing up for a fight. the nra issued a statement saying the american people do not need more emotional con descenting lectures and arding the president's proposals would not have prevented any of mentioned. entering the final
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presidency, that is an argument he rejects. >> we maybe can't save everybody, but we could save some. >> reporter: politically, the white house believes the majority of americans are on their side on background checks and polls bear that out. legally republicans are threatening to try to black the new orders. the president's executive actions on immigration have been tied up in the courts for more than a year. lester. >> chris, thank you. now to the campaign trail and our new interviews with hillary clinton and donald trump, trading fire as trump takes aim at bill clinton's pass indiscretions. he's doubling down and she's refusing to take the bait. and trump is looking to muddy the waters on the republican side, raising the question of whether ted cruz could legally be elected president because he was born in canada. more on that in a moment. but more from kristin welker with the trump and clinton fight getting personal.
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refusing to engage with donald trump over his jabs. today during the first television interview of 2016, clinton told chris matthews. >> is this sexism? >> i will not respond to his personal attacks. >> her campaign recently overshadowed by a barrage of attacks by trump who has criticized her husband for his sexual transguesses just as bill clinton returned to the trail for the first time on monday. >> he can say what he wants to say. i'm going to talk about what people want to talk to me about. >> reporter: but donald trump is showing no signs of letting up. >> it is fair game. >> reporter: in an interview with morning joe, trump told joe and mika, he is counter punching after clinton accused him of sexism. >> when i said that, i said your husband is now campaigning, it is open season. now if he wasn't campaigning, maybe it would be different and if he weren't a past president, it would be totally different. >> reporter: analysts say don't expect clinton to fire back at the republican front-runner any time
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>> everybody who has taken on donald trump has learned he will hit back and hit back hard. and so i think there is a lesson that hillary clinton has learned. >> reporter: meanwhile, trump was on defense over his any campaign ad which shows migrants and indicates they are crossing the southern border and in reality it is the more acan border. >> it is just footage. and it just shows people running across a border. as far as i'm concerned, when you look at it, the united states is becoming a dumping ground. it was just a couple of seconds. >> reporter: late tonight, trump took a huge swipe at ted cruz who is beating here right now in iowa, questioning his eligibility to run for president because he was born in canada. telling "the washington post," quote, i hate to see something like that get in his way but a talking about it and i know that even some states are looking at it very strongly, the fact that he was born in canada and he has had a double passport. cruz's response moments ago, tweeting
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popular sitcom character fonzi jumping the shark. that is a pop culture reference for when shun has just gone too far. >> kristen, let's pick up on this and bringing in the moderator of "meet the press" chuck todd. raising the birther argument just like he did with president obama. is this a sign that trump sees cruz as a threat here. >> absolutely. look, cruz has taken off in iowa. it is his state to lose. and the question is how big could his victory be. and then if cruz gets momentum, cruz and donald trump, some people are argue are fishing from the sate voting pond. so this has something to do with it. to try to draw in issues. there is not a lot to this, lester. it is what you define as natural born. but guess what, before anybody would have any standing to challenge ted cruz's ability to be president, he would actually have to already be president for you to have standing. so i think this is a moot point. >> chuck todd, thank you. trump is not the
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front-runner in our new nbc news survey monkey online poll. he's also leading the gop pack in support among women. and among evangelicals. a block of voters crucial to rkz. most powerful voices of the nation, reverend franklin graham takes excusively to nbc news's hallie jackson. >> reporter: a campaign rally in des moines. candidate. in franklin graham's for god. minutes earlier he wasn't sure who would tuesday. >> there is i think seven people. >> reporter: more like 2500 on the kickoff of his 50-state tour to convince those who didn't vote in 2012 to get off the sidelines. but don't expect an endorsement. >> i have no hope in republican party in turning this system >> reporter: it is a stunning split for the
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highly influential and controversial after his comments. son of billy graham, dubbed pastor to the president, both appearing with mitt romney in 2012 and bush. >> the republican party is not the party i grew up in. it has changed. >> how has it changed? >> secularism. >> and this political correctness. everybody is afraid of offending somebody or saying something that will turn somebody else off. >> it is no doubt that there are a lot of evangelical voters, all over the country, that are angry and dissatisfied with the direction the country is going on. >> propelling tp to the top of the online survey, leaving carson and cruz. backing the plan to ban muslims but not backing any candidate now. for the highest office, graham is asking his followers to turn to a higher power. >> you may have two candidates out there that may be heathens, who end up running against each other. and you'll just have
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less of the two heathens. >> are there heathens running in this race? >> i'm sure there are a few. >> hallie jackson, nbc news. a urgent plea for help from the fbi over a critical gap in time in the foemts following the terror attack in san bernardino. the husband and wife killers were on the run after wounding and killing peoplement and investigators want to know what they were doing in the missing minutes. pete williams has late details. >> reporter: the fbi said it cannot account for 18 minutes on the day of the shooting. a mystery agents are eager to solve. 8:37 a.m., december 2nd, farook leaves his house in redlands, california. ten minutes later he arrived at the inland region center. he sits down a backpack that turns out later to have contained pipe bocks. 10:37 a.m., farook leaves the center and
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later when he and his wife open fire with assault rifles killing 14 people and injuring 22 more. at 11:45, farook and malik drive to this nearby lake. but what were they doing that afternoon from 12:59 to 1:17? the fbi said they were in this area driving back and forth on the highways but where did they go and did they meet with someone else? >> we want to ensure if they made contact with anyone, that we don't already know about, between those hours, or between that time, that we're able to fully investigate those matters. >> reporter: the fbi eventually caught up with the couple later that afternoon. a chase of their rented suv ended in a shootout with police that killed them both. the fbi confirmed today that nothing of interest to investigators was found after searching the lake. and investigators have no idea whether the couple intended to attack other targets later that day or in the future. fbi officials still couple chose that target, the meeting of
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say, despite earlier reports, investigators have found no evidence of a work-place dispute or argument leading up to the shooting attack. lester. >> pete wings -- williams, thank you. another american killed in afghanistan. one service member died and two others were wounded in a counter-terrorism operation near the citi of marjah in southern afghanistan. where u.s. and afghanistan forces have been battling the taliban for weeks. as ten of millions in the east deal with the first real blast of winter, in the west they are getting slammed by a super soaker fueled by the so-called godzilla el nino. isn't several storm systems are lining up and miguel almaguer is in hard-hit los angeles. >> reporter: tonight, the western washout is here. and so is the taste of el nino. relerntless rain across california. a scramble for some to escape the fast-rising water.
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submerged near the bay area. rock slides and flooding near los angeles. >> be prepared. this storm is real. and it is coming. >> reporter: a conveyer belt of moisture lasting through the week. unleashing a water hose on the west. it is fuelled in part by a godzilla el nino. how tied as the strongest on record. >> so none of us, all 20 million of us, are going to escape the wrath of el nino. >> reporter: with the l.a. river rising fast, expected to crest later this week, voluntary evacuations are underway in camarillo. last year a rock slide buried this neighborhood. today they are worried it could happen again. >> our drainage system is designed to handle water and light silt. it is not designed to handle rocks and boulders. >> reporter: where there was a five just ten days ago, tonight there is flash flood in sol omar, the scorched soil can't absorb all of the rain. the 101, a major
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shut down today. the mountains already hit hard by snow, could get another two feet. el nino fueled the deadly flooding in the midwest. 25 people killed, some 150 homes destroyed. now another hallmark of el nino. this time punishing the west. and the worst of it is still on the way. with our first break in the rain coming just right now, the storm system will only drop a few inches of rain, still the river behind me is surging tonight. all across this region, we are bracing for flash flooding and the possibility of mutt mudslides. this isn't one big monster storm. it is a series that could cause serious damage. lester. >> miguel almaguer in los angeles. thank you. still ahead tonight, the ads claim the games could help prevent memory loss. and even stave off alzheimer's. but are the biggest
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tonight, one of the leading companies in the billion-dollar business for so-called brain training has been fined by the federal government to settle charges of misleading advertising. lumosity claimed the online games and apps could improve cognitive ability, even ward off alzheimer's disease. but as nbc's tom costello reports, the company must now offer refunds. >> reporter: the
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life-changing results. >> it is like a personal trainer for your brain. >> reporter: for as litttt as $15 a month, lumosity offered dozens of games and claimed that by playing them several times a week, a user could boost his or her performance at work or school, improve adhd and keep alzheimer's at bay. 65-year-old russ hen son bought a subscription several years ago. >> i don't know if i'm losing my memory or not, but i want to improve my memory zbrfrmts but the federal trade commission fined the company $50 million and reduced it to $2 million because lumosity couldn't afford it. >> i could tell a big difference. decisions come quicker. >> reporter: some of the best testimonials in exchange for awards as the company played on the fears of an aging population. >> but there just isn't evidence that any of that will transslate into any benefits in a real-world setting. >> reporter: that was also the conclusion of more than 70 prominent researchers who in 2014 issued a
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is no compelling scientific evidence that brain games can reduce cognitive decline. >> i tell patients to save the $300 and spend time, an hour or two hours playing legos with her grandkids, which is much more realistic and i think meaningful cognitive exercise. >> reporter: today, lumosity told nbc news it has made strong contributions to the scientific community and the $2 million government fine is a reflection of marketing language that has been discontinued. >> while lumosity customers can cancel subscriptions and apply for a refund, researchers say it is important for senior cents to re -- citizens to remain active and exercise and do puzzles but there is no guarantee that will keep alzheimer's at bay. tom costello, nbc news, washington. when we come back, l.a. might finally get a nfl t you both have a perfect driving record. perfect. no tickets. no accidents. that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record.
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drama. it is hard to believe a major american city like los angeles has been without an nfl franchise for decades. but that might be changing. as three teams have asked permission to move there. but who will it be? here is nbc's jacob rascon. >> reporter: after two decades without an nfl team -- los angeles is now the proposed destination for three. the oakland raiders, san diego chargers and st. louis rams have all applied to relocate overnight. but there is one major problem. >> if you put three teams here at this point in time, they would cananbalize each other. >> it would be a homecoming for all three. the chargers left after one season before the league was called the nfl. the raiders left after 12 years. and the rams after nearly 50. both in 1994. over the years, dozens of ideas for stadiums and relocations have failed. but this is different. >> it is very real this time around.
5:53 pm
in a position where three teams have filed for the right to move, all going to the exact same place. >> reporter: the proposals are still far from a done-deal. they need approval from 24 of the league's 32 owners to make the move. the reaction to the proposal from fans on social media not good. the disappointment echoed on the street. >> it will be devastating. >> it would be losing part of st. louis. >> it is sad to see them leave. iend not 100% sure i will follow them. >> reporter: analysts say the three teams have said good-bye to fans. if approved, the new l.a. team or teams would locate immediately and start playing here in the fall. the new stadium in carson or behind me in inglewood would be ready as early as 2018. jacob rascon, nbc news, los angeles.s. when we come back, the tech playground with the future' you've upgraded all your old technology... so what about this?
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gadgets are the key to a better life, this years consumer electronics show is full of promises to make your day easier. if you are trying to shed a few pounds in the new year, these new ear buds from under armour track your vital signs and coach your workout. >> heart rate is important to your workout. if you work out at the heart rate zone you'll hit your fitness goals faster. >> reporter: in the kitchen, smart appliances with cameras. i can't remember whether or not i need to buy more milk, i could actually see what is inside of the refrigerator right now from my smartphone. >> reporter: and in the brave world of self-driving cars, bmw gave us a first look. >> this is a car of the fature. of the future, yes. >> reporter: when you pick up the smart key, your car warms up, doors and backs out. ready to take you for a spin. kia also showing off its latest model, complete with a
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touch to your smart watch and your car will park itself nearby. but coordinating all of these gadgets to simplify your life will not be so simple. >> we're going to have an in cred little complicated world over the next 12 months because nothing will talk to anything else. >> reporter: technology making your life easier or more difficult, depending on who you ask. olivia sterns, nbc news, las vegas. that will do it community is left grieving after one of their own was found dead in reservoir. plus - the president of the united states announces executive actions to curb gun violence. and - politicians both here in iowa and around the country weigh in with their thoughts on the president's gun control actions. "you're watching kwwl, we've got you covered. this is the news at six." good evening everyone, i'm ron
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and i'm amanda goodman. thanks for joining us. a community is grieving after one of their own is found dead. 17-year-old tanner wymer was in a canoe with his girlfriend's dad, 51-year-old michael felton, when the canoe capsized, it happened in the coralville resevoir, near the neighborhood of twin view heights on sunday. kwwl's kristin rogers has been following this story as it has developed, tonight we are hearing from those who knew tanner best, kristin? that's right i spoke with both his football coach and his principal, i'm told tanner grew up going through all of the solon schools, and this was his senior year. the first day back from winter break was not a normal day for solon principal) "he's somebody that's a great kid, a great athlete, you think can't he be able to you know make it or too short. (cg: nathan wear/ solon principal) "i know he was looking at studying and trying school." we're told tanner was admired by those who knew him,


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