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tv   KWWL News at Five  NBC  January 10, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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work -- many people are starting their cars -- and letting them run. but cedar rapids police say it creates an invitation to have someone steal your vehicle -- even reprting one incident this morning. kwwl's kristin rogers joins us live in cedar apids -- and rrports -- it's more common than you think. kristin? that's right mac, i spent some time at a local gas station today and it seemed like for every car that was tuuned off there was one that wasn't. although it's tempting to leave your car running in these freezing temperatures, cedar rapids police say it's not a good idea. i spent an hour at this road ranger gas station, and in that amount of time i saw about 10 cars left running exhaugst flowing from the back of a car and an empty seat are things crooks can notice quickly.
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took 287 stolen vehicle reports in 2015 and about 75% of the stolen vehicles werj left unlocked with keys inside or left running. i spoke with police this afternoon on this topic and shortly after hanging up they alled me back saying there was another vehicle left runninin -- taken in the city today. this time it was a person running inside a buisness for a aware of, i will have more we've got you covered live in cedar rapids, kristin rogers -- kwwl news. thanks kristin. as a reminder -- this was the second vehicle stolen in cedar rapids today. police report an increase of vechicles stolen from 20-14 to 20-15. new at five: the family of man -- who waa fatally shot by a waterloo police officer -- will receive two and a half million dollars. due the wrongful death lawsuit wife
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after waterloo police officer kyle law -- shot their son -- derrik brose junior - in the back of the leg nearly three years ago. according to testimony -- before derrik was shot -- he dropped a gun -- at the officer's request. city officials say this is the largest city settlement of a police-shooting lawsuit in iowa history. firefighters respond to an early falls. firefighters aived to the scene n the 2- thouand block falls -- around six this morning., we had a crew on scene -- so take a look at this video. you can see heavy smoke coming from the back porch area. no word on ininuries at this time -- or the extent of damage. please stay tuned to kwwl -- on air and online as this story develops. there was no big winner for the powerbalal jackpot durinn the weekend -- and lottery officials say nobody matched all six numbers during last night's drawing. the next drawing will now come wednesday -- and initial estimaas
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billion dollars. so -- there is still a chance for you to win the big jackpot. the winning numbers will be announced right here on kw-wl at ten o-clock on wednesday. many people already celebrated the new year -- but for nearly two- thousand people in waterloo -- today is the new year. it's c clled the kaaen new year -- and it's celebrated by buremese people around the world. kwwl's olivia mancino joins us live -- to explain what the celebration is alal about. olivia? mac as you mentioned there's more than two thousand burmese refugees who made a home in waterloo-- traditionally, this celebration ends the end of rice planting and the beginning of a new season, here in eastern iowa, they're keeping the tradition alive what you see on your screen now is traditional dance@of the ren culture. many groups from iowa and minnesota performee at the five sullivan brothers convention center in waterloo today. traditional food accompanied the performances. i spoke to a few of the performers about having this event in iowa.
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"change the mind on them, like "oh i don't like them" but maybe they can change their opinion when they see them and how they present themselves" karen is a specific subset, a culture represented by burmese people there are manydifferent cultutues reprprsented in burmrm however a majority of refugees here do celebrate the karen new year, which is why today was an umbrella celebration, for everyone to celebrate. interesting fact...the karen new year was celebrated in evansdale last year.. which attracted more than 350 people, thats hy this year they brought it to the convention center where they couu host a lot more people mac, ill send it back to you still to come on kwwl -- a quick preview of tonight's olden globe awardss pluss-- while most people are hunkered down and staying warm weather. you're watching kwwl, we've got you covered. "you're watching kwl. we've
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"now your storm track 7 forecast on kwwl." from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team. see the screen information from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team: welcome back i'm meteorologist kyle kiel. no doubt about it, it was the coldest day of the year so far across eastern iowa. here are a look at the low temperatures froro early thhs morning. teens below zero in
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northern part of iowa, to about four degrees below zero in the southerr part of theestate. temperatures once again tonight will dip below zero. threat tracker is in the yellow tonight for the very cold temperatures. wind chills will be as cold as twenty degrees below zero, especially with the gustier winds early this evening over the next couple of hours. they will improve overnight. tomorrow, it will be cold once again, but not as windy. there will be a mostly cloudy sky with a chance for flurries and light snow during the afternoon. the better chance comes during the eveving and overnight as a quick moving that brings#in cold and windy weather
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temperatures right now are in the single digits to the south, and below zero to the north. wnd chills are well below zero at this point. but as i mentioned, these will improve throughout the overnight hours. the winds rrght now are ouou of the west and northwest up to 20 miles per hour at times. these will calm down throughout the evvning hours. here'ssa look at the storm track 7 live weather network cameras across eastern iowa. with lots of clear sky and sunshine today, we really had a nicee end to this very cold day, but the sun, of course, didn't really help to warm up those temperatures. no snow on our storm track 7 live doppler radar this evening. we are quiet thanks to this high
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passing to our south. as the high presssre continues its east, southeast track, winds will be calm and switch to the west and southwest this evennng, so we aren't anticipating as many issues with the wind chills as we have had during the day and last night. as we take a trip to our northwest, we have an unorganized system that will be tracking southeast. this is what we call a clipperrsystem. and babaically since its coming from canada, there isn't much moisture from the pacific or the gulf, so its just feeding off
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don't seem to mind it. storm track seven's shirley descorbeth joins us live in dubuque with the details. shirley? that's right. it's the of course, some people are out and about...even in this brutal weather. harsh cold weather isn't stopping some people from doing what they have to do. "once you get going, the first goslin...who's running seven relatively light clothing. "it's more annoying wearing heavy clothes, it would take me a coat." but a sign of the biting cold -- small icicles on nate's face. throughout dubuque...those bravinghe outdoors, clenching for some kind of warmth. others enjoying their sunday out-of-towners at the riverwalk. "we decided to come outside for family pictures because the view is so beautiful right now." beautiful...even with the
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sunny out, and it's not snowing...the sun makes it a little warmer." "but barren hilllhere at the bunker hill golf course. usually there are groups of kids however with winds chills below zero -- you can't blame people for staying g n. now weather like this can be dangerous. during frigid weaher...experts say time outdoors should be limited. we've got you covered live in dubuque...shirley descorbeth... ...kwwl news. thanks shirley coming up -- it's go time for some of
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days after the paris attacks, senators came together for a top-secret briefing on the terrorist threat... marco rubio was missing - fundraising in california instead. two weeks later, terrorists struck again in san bernardino... and where was marco? fundraising again in new orleans. over the last 3 years, rubio has missed important national security hearings
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politics first: that's the rubio way. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. the 73rd annual golden globe awards will get underway in a
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hours in beverly hills, california. jeana kim reports the latest. nats "if you start playing the golden globes are and host ricky gervais is all about that. (sot ricky gervais / host, "the golden globe awards" :13-15) "it's just what happens, happens." this year, that unpredictability extends to the competition. (sot dave karger / chief correspondent, :21-:23) "there's no true front runners in any major race." the 50's rommnce "carol" has the most nominations...f.fve.....incl uding best draa....but it isn't necessarily the favorite. (sot win by a hair. but the revenant could win, mad max could surprise everyone and win. it is a very, as either. (sot dave karger / chief marttan' and 'the big short',, which are arguably the two least comedic of the five comedic nominees." nats "and i'm here" sylvestef stallone may
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legendary rocky balboa role in "creed". (sot dave karger / chief same character in a movie as great as creed, that could be one of the big stories of the jinah kim, nbc news, beverly hills, california. and you can watch the 73rdgolden globes right here at seven o-clock. next... we've got ghlights ass the iowa hawkeye wrestling team puts a record beat-down on northwestern -- plus -- heartbreak for the minnesota vikings in an ending fans will remember for a long time -- mark woodley jojons us next. "now, kwwl sports." cordes: most nurses are tough. they're problem-solvers. they like making things better. people don't have access to healthcare because they just can't afford it.t. bernie sanders understands how pharmaceutical companies
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bernie tells the truth, and he's been consistent. he understands that the system is rigged, and he's the only one who can bring real change.
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and with u-s bank stadium ready this fall -- this may be the lastone ever -- mperatures bblow zero at kick-off -- the vikings and seahawks would play in the 3rd coldest playoff game in nfl history -- check this out -- vikings coaching legenn bud grant -- 88 years old -- doing the coin toss in negative 25 degree wind chills while wearing a short sleeve polo -- all the scoring through the first 3 uarters belonged to vikings kicker blair walsh -- hits a 47 yarder, his third of the game -- to send minnesota to the 4th with a 9, nothing lead -- seattle -- though -- gets some luck in the 4th -- russell wilson -- after the
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tyler lockett on a big gain that ends up on the vikings four yardline -- big moment in the bbll game -- wilson -- then capitalizes finding doug baldwin on a three yard touchdown strike -- seahawks back within two -- minnesota's next drive -- adrian peterson on the reception -- field goal to go up 10, 9 -- but the vikings had a shot with under 30 sececnds left -- wwlsh from 27 yards -- and he hooks it -- wide left -- went 3 of 4 on the game -- but that fourth one causes heartbrek -- seaale unbelievabll escapes 10 to 9 -- another tight one involving an nfc north team in the packers -- green bay's rallied from an 11 point deicit -- they'e scored 17 unanswered -- leading washington 17, 11 at haha -- we'll have highlights at ten -- last night gave us anotherone of the most epic meltdowns in
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a half cincinnati's jeremy hill fumbled the ball away on first down with 1 point lead over pittsburgh -- and the bengals, bungles contiued with vontaze burfict getting flagged for head- huntin antonio brown -- adam jones picked up an unsportsmanlike#penalty -- and the result of it all would ge e game-winning field goal by the steelers chris boswell -- cincinnati now oh- fer in their last 7 playoff appearances -- their last win came 25 years ago -- to the mat -- where tte second ranked iowa hawkeyes put a major league whoopin' on northwestern today -- it started right away at 125 -- number 2 thomas gliman needed just 56 seconds to take care of the wildcats garrison white -- that pretty much set the tone -- at 133 -- second ranked cory clark makew it back to back pins -- they stated with a fall -- they'd end with one -- sam stoll takk out conan jennings at heavyweight -- in all -- 5 pins for iowa -- bonus points in 9 of 10 matches -- they win 54, nothing -- their biggest ever victory in
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hawkeye women hosting number 8 maryland -- iowa's won 25 their home court -- but they fell back early -- maryland's kristin confroy hits the early trey -- terps jumped out to an 11 - 3 edge -- iowa -- trying to fight back -- alex kastanek finds megan gustafson 1414 in the game -- later on -- it's ally disterhoft with the j -- she added 14 as well -- hawks within 4 -- but maryland's too much in the second half -- confroro with the lay-up -- part of a 7, oh run -- the hawks home cour win streak comes to an end -- they fall 76, 560-- thanks mark -- here's a look at
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storm track 7 day forecast has temperatures back to single digits tuesday, and 20s return by the middle and end of next anks for joining us for the
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good evening, the twists and turns in the real life drama of mexican drug lord el chapoounded even
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movie today,hich is
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