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tv   KWWL News at Ten  NBC  January 10, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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only $2 bucks foany two hurry in and choose yourur faves for just $2 dollars. it's the tastiest deal yet. just ask for it. bada ba ba ba >> announcer: welcome back to
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from the frds awakorce awak "the forz a wakce from, "theorce awakens", harrison ford. >> once again it the nominees for motion picture drama. >> announcer: "carol." "mad max: fury road." "the revenant." "room." "spotlight." [ applause ] >> and the golden globe goes to -- "the revenant." [ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ] >> announcer: coming to the stage and accepting the golden globe tonight is writer/director -- producer of
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inarritu. [ applause ] >> my god. >> speech. speech. speech. >> sorry, there's a lot of kissing here. i forgot to say thanks to mark, my co-writing partner, all the native americans who help us make this film possible. and, i don't know, i want -- somebody, gugu, please jump to do something. i cannot say how surprised i am and how proud i am to have survived this film with all these fellas. please. tony. >> wowo thank you guys so much. this is such a surprise, brad
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regioncy, fox, we love you so much. this was an incredible experience. . alejandro, thank you. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you, everybody. >> and leo, of course. >> come, come, come, come. >> thank you. i'm afraid that's it. we're out of time. for myself and mel gibson, alom. >> announcer: the nomination ballots are mailed to all eligible members of the hollywood foreign press association, who choose up to five nominees in each category. on t final ballots, the me members vote for one nominie in each category. information concerning the final results is known only to the accounting firm of ernst & young, llp prior to tonight's opening of the sealed envelopes.
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annual golden globe awards."an explosion becomes a spectacle
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we'll tell you where. and -- wt do the latest polls have to say about democrats and republicans? plus -- which crimes spike with chilly temperatures. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm macleod hageman. bone-chilling temperatres are tonight. let't' check in with stormtrack seven meteorologist kyle kiel for your first forecast. kyle? information. here is additional forecast informatin from the kwwl stormrack 7 weather team: many people start their cars early -- to l lt them warm upp- your complete weather information. here is additional forecast information rom the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team: many people start their cars early -- to let them warm up --
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rapids police say it creates an invitiation to have criminals -- two vehicles were stolen -- because of chilly weather. (nats of car running) exhaust flowing from the back of a car and a little is all it takes for a cedar rapids police reported 287 stolen vehicle in 2015,, thatt enough to place a stolen car every mile from cedar rapids to chicago and still have some left over... police tell me about 75% of the vehicles that were stolen were either left unlocked with keys sun fool you, it's freezing out and the temptation to leave your car running in these
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running with their drivers inside the store. for every car that was turned off it seemed like there was one that well (nat of car running) wasn't... empty seats can be seen, meanwhile the car, (nats of car running) is still running. (cg: kristin rogers) "after convenience store, they're too embarrassed to be shown but they tell me it's not something they plan on doing anymore." which is good, because there are certainly criminals willing to snatch cars in this city. we've got you covered in cedar rapids, kristin rogers, kwwl news. more than 280 vehicles were stolen last year in cedar rapids -- which is an increase compared to 20-14. the family of a man -- who was fatally shot by a waterloo police officer -- will receive two and a half million dollars. due the wrongful death lawsuit
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wife tonya -- will receive money after waterloo police officer kyle law -- shot their son -- derrik ambrose junior -- in the back of the leg and head nearly three years ago. according to testimony ---before derrik was shot -- he dropped a gun -- at the officer's request. city officials say this is the largest city settlement of a police-shooting lawsuit in iowa h@story. firefighters respond to an early morning d dplex fire in cedar falls. firefighters arrived to the scene in the 2- thousand block of tree-mont street in cedar falls -- around six this morniig., we had a crew on scene -- so take a look at this video. you can see heavy smoke coming from the back porch area. no word on injuries at this time -- or the extent of damage. in omaa nebraska -- the destruction of this historcal building -- becomes a spectacle of fire and ice. emergency crews were called to the scene last nigh when an explosion engulfed a pub's century-old building ii flames. firefighters battled the flames until morning in below-freezing
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in the frigid winter cold -- the water turned the smoldering building ino what lookee like an ice castle. the pub owner says three people were treated for injuries. officials are investigating the cause of the blast. now to another explosion -- this one was in hawaii on the big island. a volcano plunged into a lava lake and caused this impressive explosion. volcano watchers say explosions like this occur more frequently when the ava lake level is relatively high. when it's high -- ricks in the vent wall heat up, expand, and become unstable. that can cause big sections of rock to collapse. an update on the mexican drug lord -- who was captured on friday. rolling stone published aa interview -- el chaao reportedlyly did with sean penn -- who said the two met secretly last year. nbc's gabe gutierrez reports. tonight.a mxican law enforcement official t tlls nbc news that
10:10 pm meet drug boss joaquin "el chapo guzman. 's believed to be his rolling stone magazine overnight. ggman only agreeee to meeting.days before a failed october raid. according to penn.this picture authenticates that meeting. penn quotes el chapo as saying "i supply more heroine, the attorney general said guzman's desire to make a movie about himself.and (sot: clint vava zandt/ nbc news crime analyst) as they can." a trusted source tells nbc news that authorries were aware at penn and del castillo were closing in. a planned arrest would not be harmed. we reached out to both penn and del castillo. neither has commented. this isn't the first time penn haa dabbled in jjurnalism. he's previously written in this case, rolling stone says it agreed that the piece would be approved by the subject. the magazine says "el
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news, almoloya de juarez, mexico. right now--the notorious drug news, almoloya deeuarez, mexico.. right now---he notorious drug criminal is back behind bars in mexico without a powerball jackpot winner durjng the weekend -- the jackpot just keeps gaiing momentum. the next drawing will now come wednesday -- and initial estimates put the jackpot at 1-point-3 billion dollars. so -- there is still a chance to win. the winning numbers will be announced right here on kw-wl at
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with less than a month before the iowa caucus -- a new poll shows a tight race between hillary clinton and bernie sanders -- and ted cruz gaining on donald trump. the two democrats are close in new hampshire -- but trump is pulling away from all thth other republicans in the granite democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders are locked in tight races in both nbc news/wall street journal/marist poll. in iowa...clinton leads sanders 48 to 45 percent...while in new hampshire...the vermont senator is ahead 50 to 46 percent. clinton is still attacking sanders for voting for a ((sot: hillary clinton / democratic candidate for has beennwilling to join the president and me to say this has ((sot: senator bernie sanders / democratic candidate for president :42 - :54)) "when gun manufacturers sell guns into an area andnow that
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the hands of criminals absolutely they should be held accountable." clinton is dismissing donald trump's latest family attacks...releasingngpictures of former president bill l linton after the couple. ((sot: donald trump / republican candidate for president1:05 - 1:11)) "shes married to an abuser, a this new poll...ted cruz leads trump y four points (insert ends) twoosecond pause audio outcue: jennifer johnson, nbc news, washington. today -- republican presidential candidate donald trump tackll the n-f-l aa his rally in reno, nevada. trump jabbed the football league -- saying he doesn't watch it anymore-- because like america -- it's not as tough as it used to be. "football has become soft, footballhas become sofof now
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become soft like our country has become soft." trump glorified the days when violent hits were considered great tackle -- and said e whole game has come screwed-up. it's the most wonderful time of the year for dating. we'll bring you the details. bundled up and staying inside -- others are embracing the winter weather. and when you see news - or if you have pictures or video to share... you can do that by going to our page and weather information. but first -- here's a live lookk at the storm track seven live doppler radar. "you're watching kwwl. we've and sports with mark woodley. this is the kwwl
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(donkey noise) (elephant noise) (mic screech) there's a big difference betwten making noise... (mic tap) ...and making sense. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates! enough talk.
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"now your storm track 7 forecast on kwwl." from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team. see the screen information from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team: from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team. see the screen for your complete weather information. here is additional forecast information froro the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team: welcome back i'm meteorologist kyle kiel. it was a very cold day, but check out this photo taken in guttenberg. a very wintry scene over the mississippi river. no doubt about it, it was the coldest day of the year so far across eastern iowa. here are a look at the low temperatures from early this
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below zero in the northern part of iowa, to about four degrees below zero in the southern part of the state. temperatures once again tonight will dip below zero. threat trcker is in the yfllow tonight for the veey cold temperattres. wind chills will be as cold as twenty degrees below zero, especially with the gustier winds early this evenin over the next couple of hours. they will improve overnight. tomorrow, it will be cold once again, but not as windy. there will be a mostly cloudy sky gith a chance for flurriesesand light snono during the afternoon. the better chance
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overnight as a quick moving clipper system passes by, and that briis in cold anddwindy weatter as we head into the day tuesday. temperatues right now are in the single digits to the south, and below zero to the north. wind chills are well below zero at this point. but as i mentioned, these will improve throughout the overnight hours. the winds right now are out of the west and northwest up to 20 miles per hour at times. these will calm down throughout the evening hours. here's a look at the storm track
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weather network cameras across eastern iowa. with lots of clear sky and sunshine today, we really had a nice end to this very cold day, but the e sun, f course, didn't really help to warm up those temperatures. no snow on ouustorm track live doppler radar this evening. we are quiet thanks to this high pressure system passing to our south. as the high pressure #ontinues its eaat, southeast track, windsswill be calm and but some people don't seem to mind it. people ebracing the winter weather -- were bundled up in several layers. the below zero wind chills for some people was not a factor -- today. meanwhile -- others enjoyed dubuque's riverwalk. "it's nice and sunny out, and 's
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little warmer." as a reminder -- weather like this can be dangerous. medical experts say you should limit yyur time outside. and -- if you're looking to connect with someone -- online dating season is in full swing. christmas day to valentines is the busiest time of year for online daters. matchhdot-com expects to see a whopping 60 percent surge in new members from christmas to valentine's day. other dating sites report similar patterns. ristian mingle- dot-com says its ew membershipipignups increase 41 percent -- between christmas and valentine's day. coming up after the break -- tonight marks a new year for many people in waterloo. wewell bring you e details. you're watching kwwl. we've got you covered in jesup, tama, waverly and all of eastern iowa
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waterloo is home to more than 2- thousand burmese refugees -- and today marks the end of rice planting. kwwl's olivia mancino explains. on a typical, chilly iowa sunday.... a celebration of new beginnings is unfurling inside this convention center. "there e ill be like traditional
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stage, showing their different cultures" stella lwin and her friends are one of many perfoomers at the kaaen new year celebration.. a day marking the end of rice this is their new home" waterloo alone is home to more than two thousand burmese refugees.. many of them who've spent years in refugee camps. leaders with embarc... an advocacy center for people of burma.... say celebrating a new year with a new life omes easy. "this is wheee they're starting new lives, building families, and the horrible things they've experienced" these traditional songs and dances help ring in the new year, and exhibit culture some in iowa may have never experienced before. "change the e nd on them, liie when they see them and how they
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its an event both the burma community and iowa natives are both grateful to be a part of. in waterloo, olivia mancino kwwl news kuh-ren was was celebrated in evansdall last year -- which attracted more than 350 people. thats why this year --they brought it to the convention center where they could host a lot more people nexex-- a rough ooe in minnesota -- we'll hear from vikings kicker blair walsh after heartbreak strikes the vikings -- plus -- aaron roders and the packerslooked to get things done in washington --
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talk to a nurse, find a doctor, or coordinate appointmen with b bell 24/7. one of the many services provided exclusively to wellmark members. call 844-84-bewell. today as we now know the 8 teams still standing with a shot at super bowl fifty -- the packers aaron rodgers has dropped 4 of his last 6 playoff games -- he looked to flip the script up a bit this afternoon in washington -- but instead early -- he gets taken down by preston smith for the safety -- redskins very good early -- later on - - kirk cousins to the endzone -- and it's jordan reed open for the score -- 24 yards -- 11, nothing washington -- but green bay roared back --
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open davante adams -- 17 unanswered -- they'd lead 17, 11 at the half -- up 6 again in the 4th -- eddie lacy plows his way in -- packers struggled early -- but rolled late -- thehe're moving on 35 to 18 -- the 4th quarter -- somewhat of a nightmare for minnesota today -- up 9, nothing -- seattle's russell wilson would find doug baldwin on a 3 yard strike to pull the seahawks within two -- adrian peterson -- known for having some ball security issues in his career -- coughs it up on minnesota's next drive -- seattle got a field goal o ot of it for a 10, 9 lead -- vikings had a shot though -- under 30 second left -- and blair walsh goes wide left from 27 -- came in 33 of 34 from under 30 yardsds-- and that one stings -- vikings fall 10, 9 -- and credit walsh for blaming no one but himself after it was done -- "you know what, it's so quick i have no idea knknw what happened. you'll have to look back at the film. i can tell hold, i should be who didn't do their job here, so
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seattle heads to carolina next week -- green bay goes to arizona -- to the mat -- where the second ranked iowa hawkyes put a major league whoopin' on northwestern today -- it started right awwy at 125 -- number 2 thomas gliman needed just 56 seconds to take care of the wildcats garrison white -- that pretty much set the tone -- at 133 -- second ranked cory clark makew it back to back pins -- with a 3rd period fall over dominick malone -- they started with a fall -- they'd end with one -- sam stoll takes out conan jennings at heavyweight -- in all -- 5 pins for iowa -- bonus points in 9 of 10 matches -- theewin 54, nothing -- their biggest ever victory in a big ten dual -- hawkeye women hosting number 8 maryland -- iowa's won 25 straight on their hoo court -- but they fell back early -- maryland's kristin confroy hits the early
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iowa -- trying to fight back -- alexa kastanek finds meean gustafson for the lat-up -- gustufson with 14 in the game -- later on -- it's ally disterhoft with the j -- she added 14 as well -- hawks within 4 -- but maryland'' too much i ithe second half -- confroy with the lay-up -- part of a 7, oh run -- the hawks home cour win streak comes to an end -- they falll76, scored 28 as the panthers knocked off missouri state 65 to 60 -- uni improves to 3 and 1 in the missouri valley -- they host illinois state on friday --
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