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tv   KWWL News at Noon  NBC  January 11, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm CST

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actor sean penn and mexican soap opera star kate del castillo following their secret meeting with drug lord joaquin "el chapo" guzman. n-b-c's jacob rascon reports from mexico. it is proof, according to actor sean penn, of a scoop that chapo guzman... at the time the world's most famous fugitive... first iterview in decades. mexican authorities say penn's meeting mighthave even helped lead them to "el chapo's" hideout, and the bloody shootout that ended with his arrest. that, and the drug made-foohollywood plot twist - del castillo, who played a drug lord on our sister network telemundo, series "weeds".... her connection to the "real" kingpin apparently started in 2012, when, in an open letter on trafficking with love? would be the hero of is a business and the only thing that changes is the merchandise. don't you agree?" guzman reportedly tried to send her flowers, though she never ceived any. (on cam) s/ jacob rascon/ nbc news/ authorities are saying they're looking at whether sean penn will face any legal exposure, in mexico, the possible. they call the rolling
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chapo had to screren before it was published, quote, "a side show." reporting from almoloya de juarez, mexico, jacob rascon, nbc news." the drr lord will l ight xtradition to the u-s, and the process could take months. at least ten&people are kied and 25 wounded after a gunmen set ff a car bomb at the entrance of an eastern baghdad mall.--
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and took hostages. police say an estimatete50 to 75 people were trapped inside the mall. they also say of the ten people killed three were police officers. no one has claimed responsiblity for the attttck new at noon: a family is saved after their dog wakes them up to get out of their house after a fire started it happened in centrallcity in the 1900 block of paris road. crews tell us they were on scne from bout 1:30 this morning the fire rekindled. the central city fire chief tells us no one was injured. as you can see nearly everything is rozen now, crews say fighting fires in these temperatures is not easy. the fire started in the chimney. the home is destroyed. stay with us we will have more tonight at 5 & 6. e family of a man shot to death by waterloo police settles with the city. the parents of derrick ambrose junior will receive about one-point-two million dollars.
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attorney fees from the wrongful death lawsuit. investtgators say -- in 2012 -- ambrose had a gun outside new world lounge in waterloo. they say he ran from police and ignored their commmds -- and then turned toward an officer -- who shot him twice. his gun was later found in a yard. investigators believe he likely tossed before the shooting. a grand jury cleared the officer -- when it did not dict him today, iowa lawmakers are back to work at the capitol for the first day of the legislative session. lawmakers areexpected to taccle school fununing yet again this session. last year, the session went late as democrats and republicans tried to hammer out a deal on education...only to have it. water qually is toward thth top of governor branstad's priorities. he gives his condition of the state speech tomorrow. cedar falls voters will likely ad to the polll once again to decide on a school bond. tonight the board of education is set to choose a date for a
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it'll be a 32- million dollar bond question. a 35-million dollar bondd refererndum failed last year. decision poll numbers are out. just three weeks away from the caucuses, and both the republican and demomoatic races are neck and neck. according to the most recent nbc news - wall street journal marist poll.... republican senator ted cruz leads donall trump by fouu points among likely caucus-goers. on the democratic side.. former secretary of state hillary clinton is now just three points ahead of senator bernie sanders... both are within the margin of error...making tt races a virtual tie. bernie sanders working to capitalize on his momentum -- wrapping up a four-day swing through ia today. healked about his rising poll numberssuring a forum on veterans issues in marshalltown yesterday. he said when races get tight.. there are often more attacks... the undisputed, indisputable, indisputed leader, suddenly see a lot of political discussin and a lotf attacks taking place." sanders hhs multiple cammign
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today. he was in eastern iowa friday. hillary clinton heads to eastern iowa today. for an organizing eventnt this comes after she picked up the endorsement of the planned parenthood action fund. this is the first time the primary... "the stakks have never been hillary clinton is the right person for the job. clinton said she was "honored" by the endorsement and promised to "fight together" with the organization. on the republican side...a once
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to re-gain that support ahead of the caucuses. retired neurosurgeon ben carson spoke at a des moines church this weekend. someoneeasked him hoo he'd help "my message would be that we need to fix the economy of this that...we need to get away from this group vs this group and start recognizing as americans we are all in the same boat... iowa today with stops in western and central iowa. despite low polling numbers -- more than 70 people showed up to see former senator rick santorum as he campaigned in sac city last night. he talked about the importance of meeting one-on-one with iowans leading up to the caucus... reason a lot can is becuase experts say are best for them. tonight; which is come out, meet
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santorum will be ieastern iowa tomorrow, holding a town hall in independence. the music world is mourning the loss of one of its most unique singers and performers. david bowie died of cancer last night. the british star leaves behind a colorful legacy. mark barger reports. music icon for more than 40 years.... his manager confirmed the singer's passing sunday...following an 18 month battle with cancer. bowie's death comes just two days after his 69th birthday... which was celebrated by the release of his 47th album, 'blackstar'..... an event jimmy fallon noted on "the tonight show" nats school." it'd been that way tom" bowie burst on thee
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string of hit albums and songs in 70's...including "fame", "changes" and "young americans". but also an array of bowie personas, including glam rock sensation ziggy stardust. (sot ross king / itv news) "the man was just a genius. was cinema, whether it was art. this man did it all." nats "let's dance" bowie added new wave and pop music to his repetoire in the 80s... and later, appeared in numerous movies and tv series... nats in the wee hours of this morning, bowie fans paid their respects at the rock icon's candle-lit star on the hollywood after parties. (sot ross king / itv news) "you can here people sing along to the hits at the nats "gets me to the church on a sentiment shared by
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owie was married twice and had a child with each wife. and--- this animation of different sketches of david bowie through the yearssis trending on social media to honor the music icon. coming up... in this frigid weather you may be leaving your car running with thekks inside ---- let it warm up. after the break we'll tell you why that might not be such a good retirement comes sooner than for
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you got people working incredibly long hours. median family income today -- $4,000 less than it was in 1999. the bottom line of this economy is tt it is rigged. what this campaign is about is to demand that we create an economy that works for all of us rather than a handful of billionaires. if you work 40 hours a week in america,
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wwll be right bbck with your storm track seven forecast. a few snow showers and flurries are tracking through the state dangerous wind chills rturning, as well. i'll have the details coming up. "you're watching kwwl. we've got you covered, with alaly crutcher and meteorologist eileen loan. this is the kwwl
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"now your storm track 7 forecast on kwwl." from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team. see the screen for your complete weather information. here is additional forecast information from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team: we could seeesome light snow and flurries today and tonight with breezy conditions tonight and tomorrow. this will lead to dangerous wind chills late tonight and tuesday morning. stormtrack7 live weather network cameras show cloudy skies and some snow showers this afternoon. there is a wide range of temperatures this afternoon, too. we have single digits in the north and low 20s in the s suth with evenna 30 in the southwest part of the state... all a good 15 to 25 degrees warmer than this point yesterday. winds are mainly light today, but wll start to pick up out west this afternoon. we will kep the clouds tooay, though some areas of sunshine will occur. some light snow will track in, too, but amounts will be light as the disturbance tracks mainly to our north. we will be breezy and cold tonight aad tomorrow... temps
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yesterday with the cold air returning for tuesday. we will have highs in the low teens to mid 20s with some light snow&and flurries, mainly this afternoon. light snow ccld end up around an inch tonight, but blowing snow will be the main concern as winds pick up to 10-20 mph. this will also drop wind chills to -15 to -25 by morrng. and it will stay breezy most of tuesday as highs struggle to get out of the single digits over most of the viewing area. we will warm into the upper 20s to around 30 for thursday and friday as the next system tracks in. this will bring snow frfrday afternoon through saturday, along with more wind saturday. temps will likely be falling saturday, as well. we're dealing with some of the system tracks in. this will bring snow friday afternoon through saturday,
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more wind saturday. temps will likely be falling saturday, as
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with some of the coldest weather we've seen this winter. and waterloo schools have a new building to help make sure buses into the building in july. people showwd up at 4 this morning to get the buses ready for their police are warning people not to leave their cars running with the keys inside, despite the cold. some cars were stolen in cedar rapids over the weekend -- in both cases the cars were left running. last year cedar rapids police took 287 stolen vehicle reports. most of the time- the cars were left unlocked with the keys insiie or leff running coming up.... it's the most wonderful time of the year for dating. we'll bring you the details. and --tte powerball jacacpot takes a jump. how much -- and when is the big announcement? you're watching kwwl we've got you covered in tama, toledo,greene
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some daring people took part in the annual "no pants day" in the subways of at least two european cities. hundreres bared theii legs for a ride on the train in austria and romania. the tradition began in new york and spread to other cities. anyone with aavalid ticket for public transport was eligible to join in. the annual event started more than a decade ago and is celebrated in dozens of countries across the
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it's the end of an era for the ringling brothers and barnum and bailey circus. the show elephants are retiring this summer. ringling's parent company y eld entertainment says the elephants will stop touring in july.. a year and a half earlier than first planned. the 11-touring elephants will join e rest of the herd at a conservation center in central florida. feld says many cities have passed "anti elephant" ordinances.. and are making it ifficult to plan tours. coming u u.... y now is theeperfect time to be looking for true love online plus, coming up next-- we'll tell you what car is named this year's car of the year. after a bumpy road in recent
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america is not just electing a president, we're also electing a commander in chief. that choice matters. cause strengthening g e economy, making healthcare more affordable, raising incomes. all of that depends on us being both secure at home and leading the world. i will get up every single day and do whatever it takes to make sure our country is safe and strong.
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top! it has been named 2016 north american car of the year. automotive journalists from the u-s and canada decide tte award.. the honna model has seen its ups and downs through the years. its 2011 design was bombed by critics. but now the honda civic is back with a sporttredesign... and auto journalists approve. this is not the first time the
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it also won the title in 2006. if you're looking to connect with someone -- online dating season is in full swing. christmas day to valentines day is the busiest time of year for online daters. match-dot-com expects to see a wwpping 60 percent surge in new members from christmas to valentine's day. other ating sites report similar patterns. christian mingle- dot-com says its new membership signups increase 41 percent. the powerball jackpot continues to grow -- after no one won saturday's drawing. wednesday's jackpot isnow one point ttee billion dollars...the lalagest jackpot in world history. you still have time to buy a ticket. the next drawing is wednesday. the winning numbers will be announced right here on kw-wl during the news at ten coming up on kwwl, the mister food test's national soup month and we're celebrating with a beefy favorite that won't disappoint. but first, a look at yr latest numbers from wall streee and the
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chicken noodle and french onion to rich creamy ones. so let me share with you one of the most popular soups we had on our menu. all we do is toss chuuks browning the beef actually adds a rich flavor to the soup. now we add in a good amount of beef broth, some barley, a few ddced "carrotsts onion and celery" and let it simmer 'til the barley and the beef are tender. with nutrients and it's super versatile. and since every bowl is brimming with lots of beef and barley, all we need to do is pair it with bread, or crackers and dinner is served. i do hope you'll go online and get the recipe for our, "deli-style beef barley soup," so you can make it'll warm your tummy. i'm howard with kelly, in the mr. food dest kitchen, where today weeound a
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way" for you to say . "ooh it's "you're watching kwwl, we've got you covered. this is the
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a woman's reaction to an apartment fire goes viral. plus, front runner donald trump is at it again-- as he takes jabs at the n-f-l and, how an 8-year-old persuades the makers of monopoly to add a character to the new star wars edition game welcome back to the news at
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let's go to storm track seven meteorologist eileen loan now for your first fororcast. clouds have taken over the kwwl viewing area this afternoon and we have some light snow and flurries showing up, too. stormtrack7 live weather network meras will sho some areas getting snow, all of us with the clouds... and we are cold, too... temps are just barely on the positive side of zero in the north with some low 20s in the south, but chills are showing more negative numbers.... winds are mainly 5 to 10 mph from the southeast and should stay fairly light today with highs only in the low to mid teens and a few 20s out there. the snow will continue into tonight, powewe or heat last night. an apartment complex caught fire in tulsa oklahoma.
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the fire was incredible and it's going viral on social media. let's take a listen.... my friend came the door, and and e said hey something's wrong, something is poppin! i said whaaaat? she said yeah! i said yeah! i said nahhhh! so the girl came downstairs she came out of her girl it's cold outside! she said something aint right, the bubuding is on firir! so i grabbed my three kids and we bounced out! we ain't gonna be in no fire, not today!" and ii omaha nebraaka -- the destruction of this historcal building -- becomes a spectacle of fire and ice. emergency crews were called to an explosion at a pub's century-old building. it went up in flames. firefighters battled the fire
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in the frigid winter cold -- the water turned the smoldering building int what looked like an ice castle. the p pb owner saysshree people were treated for injuries. officials are investiging the cause of the blast. now to another explosion -- this one was in hawaii on the big island. a volcano plunged into a lava lake and caused this impressive explosion. volcano watchers say explosions like this occur more frequentnty when the ava lake lelel is relatively high. when it's high -- rocks in the vent wall heat up, expand, and become unstable. that can cause big sections of rock to collapse. a first-time substitute teacher is facing some serious allegations after her students say she made a threat against them. it happened in florida. the 61 year old substitute teacher had just completed training. a few hours into the school day, she allegedly told 3rd graders if they didn't stop misbehaving...she'd let a gunman in to the classroom
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the sub was removed from the school... we have mad sure this eligible for any job in volusia county schools. a police report has been filild. decision 20-16: targeting football. this is what he had to say about the sport last night. on head collision, 15 yards. the whwle game is all screwed up. now i'll be criticized for that, they'll say isn't that terrible. but football's become soft like our true." trump also says he rarely watches the game anymore. recent studies show many former o players haveebrain disease related to concussions.
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take head trauma injuries more seriously. tonight is the nation's oldest presidential forum -- focuseeon minnities. the brown andndblack forum is in des moines. minorities are asking the presidential candidates to take a walk in their shoes. from state leaders to activists.. they all agree these are the biggest issues the minority community iowa is facing: criminal justice reform, immigration reform and economic inequality. this is what one small business owner wants the eventual nominees to know... no matter how muchhmoney ready to roll up their sleeves and do the work thats necessary to move our country forward. all three democrats will be at the event tonight. an illinois girl wrote a letter to the maker of the monopoly game, to complain the lead female charrter had been left ut of the latest star wars monopoly board game. and the company responded. regina waldroup has more... sound / no super "i felt very annoyed and realized rey, her favorite character in "the force awakens,, wasn't included in the star wars monopoly game.
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main character. without her, evanston took action. she wrote a letter which er mother tweetd to game maker hasbro. nats -- ""ar hasbro.. how could you leave out rey?" dressed in her best friend's rea halloween costume, annie rose shaqed her letter. sound / no super "boys and girirs need to see women can be as strong as men. girls matter!" hasbro initially replied that rey was left out to avoid spoilers... but later tweeted (fulcreen) "we love your passion for rey, and are happy to share that we will be including her in the monopoly: star wars game, available later this year." sound / no super "how did you feel when they told u that?" "i felt very glad and proud." sound / carrie goldman / important for kids to be able to they traveled to o ondon to visii the set.. of the and now believe the force must be with annie rose. sound / no super "they're like, write them again. tell them to add chewbaca and
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meantime: uber wants you to get out this its dropping prices. the ridesharing company announced in a blog post it's cutting ride prices in 100 u-s and canadian cities. cities in iowa were not included in the list, however, quad cities users reported seeing prices there slashed in half. uber may be adding iowa city to the list of cities it serves. the company had been oking at the area last year...but stopped pursuing the idea around the time the city council passed new regulations for cabs and web-based companies like uber... (peter kokonis/iowa city) "it (brandon christy/ui studentt"if neficial overall to the students, especially with drunk driving and all that stuff going on." some people said they would prefer to walk to their destination or use the bus line... but many people in iowa city... especially students... think
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city more convenient. coming up ... the award goes to...we're looking at who took home honors at last night's golden globes. and stormtrack seven meteorologist will bee ck with your storm track seven day forecast when we return...
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forecast on kwwl." from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather & team. see the screen for your complete
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information from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team: we could see some light snow and flurries today and tonight with breezy conditions tonight and tomorrow. this will lead to dangerous wind chills late e onight and tueeday morning. stormtrack7 live weather network cameras show cloudy skies and some snow showers this afternoon. there is a wide range of temperatures this afternoon,
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single digits in the north and low 20s in he south with even a 30 in the southwest part of the state... all a good 15 to 25 degrees warmer than this point yesterday. winds are mainly lit today,,ut will start t t pick up out weststthis afternoon. we will keep the clouds today, although some areas of sunshine will occur. some light snow will track in, too, but
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family has a giant octopus in their frorot yard. check this out-- three minnesota brothers create an 18-foot monster in a snow sculpture. the brothers also created a giant sea turtle last year -- and a snow shark two years ago. they say it took them nearly 50 hours to make the massive squid.
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a furry friend is looking for a new home-- we'll meet this kitty next
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i will rub my head on you wanting more attention. i would be good in aaome with kids and other pets. if you are interested in theodore please call paws at (641) 257- 0766, message us on facebook or email paws is open for adoptions on saturdays from 11 am-4 pm and sundays from 1-4 pm or by appointment. 303 shaw charles city. we'll be right back. the 73rd golden globe awards
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cordes: most nurses are tough. they're problem-solvers. they like making things better. people don't have access to healthcare because they just can't afford it. bernie sanders understands how pharmaceuticic companies and major medical companies are ripping us off. bernie tells the truth, and he's been consistent. he understands that the system is rigged, and he's the only one who can bring real change.
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favorites... and survived another year with its most controversial host. david daniel has the highlights. "all these rich, beautiful celebrities having the time of their lives. let's hope nobody
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aim at everyone from sean penn to caitlyn jenner... and of corse the "to be fair, , the martian' was a winning best picture in its category, while matt damon won best actor. "thank you, thank you, thank targ, mel gibson -- who got a measure of revenge: "i love seeing ricky once every three years, 'cause it reminds me to get a colonoscopy." (laughter) two presenters weren't kidding when they reminded critics that latina actresses are not interchangeable. "hi, i'm eva not gina rodriguez." "and neither one of us ar b-f-f'ssamy schumer and third career golden globe -- all for david o. russell movies. "every time i'm up here, it is because of you." two winners received standing ovations: denzel washington, who received the cecil b. demille lifetime achievement award... and best
12:46 pm
sylvester stallone. "i wanna thank my imaginaa friend, rocky balboa, for beingg the best friend i ever had!" "this show is way too long, no hurry for the night to end, like besst-v drama actress taraji p. henenn. "'please wrap'? wait a minute. was "the revenant," which won best movie drama, best director, and best actor in a drama -- leonardo dicaprio. (dicaprio) "thank you for allowing meto be a part of this nominations are announced thhsday morning. in
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marco rubio thinks it's unfair to criticize him for missing votes. "but i am going to miss votes, i'm running for president." but he's been missssg votes for a a ng time. "one third of all of his missed votes in 2015 were missed before he announced he was running for president." over the last three years, marco rubio has missed more votes... than any other senator. washington politician marco rubio. doesn't show up for work, but wants a promotion? right to rise usa is responsible
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low 20s. light snow tonight (around an inch), blowing snow tonight/tuesday morning and cold wind chills... back to -15 to - 25. warmer by the end of the with trong winds o osaturday and back to cold on sunday. that will do it for us here at
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our next new (phone ringing) (phone ringing) you can't deal with something by ignoring it . but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. ericans work hard and pay into it, so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise)
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answer the call already. [baby fufuing] [baby crying] >> chad: you let us get four straight hours of sleep, little man. what a guy.
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