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tv   KWWL News at Five  NBC  January 12, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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they say robbed a local bank. the first national bank of cedar falls on white tail drive in cedar falls was robbed earlier this afternoon. police say the man took off and has not been located at this time cedar falls police and iowa state patrrl have been o othe scene all afternoon. cedar falls police chief jeff olson says the man made off with a significant amount of cash. he did not showw weapon while in the bank and no employees were hurt during the robbery. the man took off towards the thunder ridge court across the street.. police believe the suspect entered the building. they were heavily searching inside for sometime. however because of the thunder ridge cou's extensive hall ys and multiple exits - - police arenent yet sure how the suspect left the
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the only discription we have is that the man waswearing a purple jacket possiblyuni or vikings. our countdown to the iowa caucuses now.... with just under thhee weeks until the first in the nation caucuses, republican front runner donald trump brings his campaign to iowa. kwwl's amanda goodman is live on arrive shortly. amanda? trump's visit to cedar falls comes just one day after a changing of the on kwwl news. jeb bush campaigning in coralville today... he hit a town hall in grinnell after that -- and is due in ankeny within the hour. a nw quinnipiac poll has a new
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senator bernie sanders is now topping hillary clinton among likely democratic caucus-goers. the poll released today showss he's'sgot 49 percent of the vote - to clinton's 44 percent. o'malley percent.t. as for hillry - she's campaigning in that ground with voters. during her event at the university of dubuque she spoke to a packed room of about five hundred supporters. tonight, president obama will give his final state of the union adress. it's expected to be a non- traditional speech -- not looking ahead the future with new proposals. as steve handelsman reports, the president plans to look at where we need to be as people. ron, the 2016 campaign for whooill be the next president
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to push any new initiatives. mr obama admitted to nbc's matt lauer ... congress and the nation are too divided ... near the end of his presidency. sot: matt lauer and president obama (no super) :20-:26 "you wanted to unite people and theyre not united. is it a failure? its a regret. i could not be prouder of what we've of the union, in r010, partisanship had and obamacare... are helping the whole natitin sot: matt lauer and president obama (no super) :42-:49 and part of what i wanna do-- in this last address is to remind
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inspired attack in san bernardino on the cop in the world is on fire, tdat foreign policy is getting away from us, that they are e ess safe near michelle obama tonight will be an empty chair sot: sen. john mccain (r- arizona ) 1:08-1:12 "i'd like to see another empty chair fr the 250 thohosand syrians that haveveeen says, mr obama will not intervene. but, in this political year ... wih republican candidates charging america is in crisis president obama is readying a speech with the opposite message speaking for the gop, south carolina governor nikki haley will say the best way toto fix america is to elect a he also pledged to do more with programs already in place like stem and homebase wa. during this cold weather -
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it's pointless, he told mr obama admitted to in iowa - governor branstad gives his state of the state address. the governor t tlked abouttchool funding and water quality during his address today. he proposing an increase to state aid to schools... and an extension of the state's penny sales tax for school ininastructure. he also pledged to do more with programs already in place like stem d homebase ioioa. dururng this cold ather - doctors say you should stay inide as much as possible, but for those who work outside - that isn't always possible. kwwl's hillary maglin talked to some outdoor workers aaout how construction workers... like kevin thhp... have a a ob to do.
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construction supprintendent) "using hand warmers, gloves, construction worker are encouraged to not only wear their normal equipment, but to (sot) "i've always said that if you can't make it the whole day university of iowa say the same thing, if you want to avoid frost bite and hypothermia. (sott cg: daniel miller/uihc emergency medicine) "people who work outside will often perspire underneath their clothing, and if your clothes get damp, then that's gonna wick the your clothes get wet... to switch them out for dry clothes. and if you see signgn of medical attention right away. (sot) "in very severe cases, and actually start to look like
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tough this one out. (sot) "can't wait for spring!" we've got you coveree in iowaaity... hillary maglin... kwwl news. doctors also say a quick fix to less severe frost bite is submerging the af@ected area of skin in warm water until feeling g nd color returur to normal. neely 400 athlees are in eastern iowa for the special olympics winter games. at camp albrecht acres...the athlets are taking part in snowshoeing. because of the below zero wind chill -- organizers decided put in place certain measures to keeps
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for example....athletes are held in doors until they have to compete. the weather didn't seem to be damper fofothose competinn "it is awesome! i don't let anything get me down." "i'm having fun seeing new team mates...i'm keeping warm, having gloves." organizers also made sure the athletes were dressed warm...and also gave them hand and foot coming up... find out how a woman uses an app on her phone to stop a break in at her mother's home. and... ten u-s sailors are being held d n iran... after entering territorial waters. . that's coming up in just a few minutes. here's a live look aq the storm& track 7 live doppler radar. chief meteorologist mark schnackenberg has your full forecast
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warm to around 10 degrees by
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through wednesday with a stray thursday, highs will reach the low and mid 30s. a nice break below zero i. many locations under a clear sky. the low temperatures will occur shortly afttr midnight and then slowly warm to around 10 degrees by nrise wednesday. clouds increase overnight and linger through wednesday with a stray snow shower or a few reach the low and mid 30s. a nice break from the brutal cold lately. temperatures drop this evening below zero in many locations der a clear sky. the low temperatures will occur shortly
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warm to around 10 degrees by sunrise wednesday. clouds increase overnight and linger through wednesday with a stray snow shower or a few flurries. the wind is light tonight through thurrday. speakinn of thursday, highs will reach the low and mid 30s. a nice break
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nice break from the brutal cold lately. our countdown to the iowa
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with just ununr three weeks until the first in the nation caucuses, republican front runner donald trump brings his campaign to iowa. kwwl's amanda goodman is live on the uni campus in cedar falls. mister trump is expected to arrive shortly. amanda? trump's visit to cedar falls comes just one day after a changing of the guard in the polls -- the quinnipiac poll now has donald trump leading iowa with 31% - just edging out ted cruz... west gym filling up. still 45 sign, "trump for president. hillary for prison." just talked to a man wearing an "atheist voter" shirt. he tells me he's
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hopes to ggt trump's attention we've got you covered live in hear what the donald has to say during his campaign event later tonight on kwwl news. coming up... a woman uses an app on her phone to stop a break-in at her mother's house... then - how much money could you win tomorrow if you buy a powerball ticket? the jackpot keeps growing. you're watching kwwl. we've got
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and that's the culver's butterburger.
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kwwl's lauren moss has been looking into this- she joins us now live with the story, lauren.. i spoke with ashley bruno..who called police after shesaw people breaking into herother's waterloo home...through a surveillaace
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her mother's house was broken into saturday morning- while she was out of town. ashley was scared- but she needededto watch her mom's home.. so she installed an app through house..which connected back to her phone. it's like she was right there- and when she was watching it trying to get it again.... ashley bruno- waterloo "i hear breaking in the door- minutes and we could hear the kids on the camera yelling "get the tv get the tv...and my handprints are on the safe!" here's the scene from saturday night around 7- police looked for the suspects who took off. ashley says she recognized at least one person from the app- one of her brher's friends.. ...police found him a short while after, and arrested this
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police also arrested 17 year old natasha hermann- she's also facing burglary charges.. as for ashley, sh's very glad she downloaded the app.. we've got you covered, lauren moss ...kwwl news. thanks lauren- the app is called "warden-cam" home surity...and it's free for all smart- phone users. still to come on the k-w-w-l news at five... slick roads lead to a 40 car & pileup on the interstatete dettils about the ccsh and... what record heights is the powerball jackpot climbing to now? --------- ---------
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the sailors -- nine men and one woman were on a training mission when one of thee boats experienced a mechanical failure and drifted into iranian waters. secretary of state john kerry is talking with iranian officials by phone - working to get the sailors letto. a woman accused of killing her ex- husband with a bat makes her inital apperance in court. dolores flynns charged wixh second degree murder. court documents say she admitted to her son that she hit her ex-husband, gary breckenridde, with a baseball bat - subsequentt killing him. a judge determined her bond will stay at half a million dollars cash. dozens of car are involve in a massive pile-up n a snowy interstate.e. it happened this morning on i-74 in indiana...
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trailers and cars wrecked along th highway.. the crash stretched about three miles - all the way to the ohio state lines. there were multiple injuries - and entrapments. the jackpot keeps climbing. powerball's top prize is now one point five billion dollars. and experts say it could climb even more. the jackpot is so large some billboardssdon't have enough digits to display the actual amount. find out if you're a winner - watch th drawing tomorrow night on kwwl's news at ten. we'll be riit back. ---------- --------- someone just got a free 6" subway sandwich. just text t fers to 782929
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and you'll get a free 6-inch sub when you buy a 30-oz. drink just for signing up. marco rubio. he ran for senate saying he opposed amnesty... then he flipped, and worked with liberal chuck schumer to co-author the path to citizenship bill. he threatened to vote against it. and then voted for it. he supported his own dream act and then he abandoned it. marco rubio. just another washington politician you can't trust. jeb bush. he's a leader,
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right to rise usa
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at a field office.
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a curious deer peeks into the front door of the field office in manchester. the iowa dnr tweeted out this picture -- including the hashtagag only in iowa. storm track seven chief
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