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tv   Early Today  NBC  January 13, 2016 4:00am-4:30am CST

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get off! it's wednesday, january 13th, and coming up on "early today" president obama cautions the nation, hits republicans hard and optimistic head nothinging into his final year. >> that's what makes me so hopeful about our future. i believe in change because i believe in you, the american people and that's why i stand here as confident as i've ever been that the state of our union is strong. we're awaiting the release of 10 u.s. sailors. the nfl votes to bring the
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and today's the big day. the world's largest jackpot ever, powerball is just hours away. "early today" starts right now. and good morning everybody. i'm shannon mulaire. we, the people, have a lot to consider following president obama's final state of the union address. the focus was on major issues facing our future and in a less obvious way, the 2016 election. >> let me start with the economy and a basic fact. the united states of america, right now, has the strongest, most durable economy in the world. last year vice president biden said that with the new moon shot, america can cure cancer. today i'm announcing a new national effort to get it done
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for all of us, i'm putting joe in charge of mission control. for had loved ones we've all lost, for the families that we can still save, let's make america the country that cures cancer once and for all. i told you earlier all the talk of america's economic decline is political hot air, so is the rhetoric about the enemies getting stronger and our enemyin america getting weaker. more calls to carpet bomb civilians. that may work as a tv sound bite but it doesn't pass muster on the world stage. i will keep working to shut down the prison at guantanamo. it's expensive, unnecessary and only serves as a recruitment
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when they assault muslims whether abroad or our fellow citizens, when a mosque is vandalized, or a kid is called names, that doesn't make us safer. that's not telling it like it is. it's just wrong. it's one of the few regrets of my presidency. that the ranker and suspicion between the parties has gotten worse instead of better. i believe we have to reduce the influence of money in our politics. i believe in change because i believe in you. the american people. and that's why i stand here as confident as i have ever been that the state of our union is strong. thank you. god bless you.
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>> shortly after south carolina governor delivered the republican response. >> as he enters his final year in office, many americans are still feeling the squeeze of an economy too weak to raise income levels. we're feeling a crushing national debt, a health care plan that has made insurance less affordable and doctors less available and chaotic unrest in many of our cities. even worse, we're facing the most dangerous terrorist threat our nation has seen since september 11th and this president seems unwilling or unable to deal with it. >> looking ahead, the republican presidential candidates will have their say at the next gop debate tomorrow night. just hours before the state of the union, the 10 american crew members were detained by
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one of them developed mechanical issues and they both drifted off course into iranian territorial islands in the persian gulf. they say the crew, 9 men and one women are expected to be released back to the u.s. >> u.s. authorities have been in touch with iranian official who have confirmed that our sailors are safe and they've assured us that our sailors will be allowed to resume their journey. >> for more now we turn to live in tehran. good morning. >> reporter: that's right. very powerful revolutionary guard concerned that they've detained 10 u.s. sailors that they took in the persian gulf. their initial reports was they were snooping around in the tehran territorial waters and acting spishlyuspicioussuspiciously.
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investigation they found that it had sailed navigation systems and drifted into iranian territorial waters and their purposes were not espionage or other harmful means and they're waiting orders from above and hopefully will be released shortly is what the statement said a few moments ago. he also went on to say that secretary carekerry had said that they demanded an apology, apparently an apology had been made so, we are waiting their imminent release. >> thank you. now to some lighter news. the jackpot for tonight's powerball drawing has reached a staggering $1.5 billion. and lotto officials sails to accelerate as the drawing gets
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are 1 in 292.2 million, how can you not play with a prize of that size? nbc's jay gray joins us outside chicago. did you get the tickets yet or are you laughing at the rest of us and our absurd chances? >> reporter: i got the ticket but it's a little different than the rest of you, i have the winning ticket. throughout the day today, people will be packing shops like this one and they're also going to get a chance at more than a billion dollars. there has never been this much power in powerball. >> this is $1.5 billion. >> reporter: the largest jackpot ever. >> this is historical. this is something you can't wrap your brain around. >> reporter: but lines do wrap around gas stations and shops across the country right now. >> crazy.
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the border in the six states that don't play the game. >> we had a phone call that someone was going to bring up three charter buss to buy lottery tickets from us. >> education. open up another business. >> reporter: and they're as plentiful as the number of people scrambling to get it. sglb >> college, for one. >>acy fantasy is what you could do with it. >> hopefully once i get my numbers -- >> i click my heels together three times. >> i been having dreams about stuff like this. >> reporter: dreams shared by millions hoping they have the six numberess that will make them all come true. yeah, and let's talk a little
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one in more than 292 billion. you had a better chance of being struck by lightning, being krupshed crushed by an asteroid and even being canonized by the pope. so, what i'm telling you, shannon, is we still have a chance. >> and what is his last report if he has the winning ticket. el chapo guzman is being held in isolation and not being held on the ground floor and being moved randomly and without warning. this is the same prison he escaped from last july through a mile long underground tunnel. more than a dozen police officers are on guard at the exit of that tunnel and mexican officials say there are plans to cover it up.
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open. meanwhile mexico has tartstarted the process to extradite him to united states. he faces charges in el paso, manchester, new hampshire and new york and miami and the shirt, he wore is now completely sold out and the company's website crashed from demands. nfl owners have voted to allow the st. louis rams to relocate back to los angeles and it gives the chargers the option to locate to los angeles. and the rams new home will be on the site of the old hollywood park racetrack in inglewood. it will be the league's largest and projected to open in 2019. until then, they will play that l.a. memorial coliseum.
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wind created whiteout conditions that created a 40 vehicle pile up on interstate 74 that spanned three miles. six people hospitalized with nonlife threatening injuries. and steam rising from lake superior in temperatures below 0 degrees fahrenheit. steam fog happens when the water is warmer than the air. something that meteorologist bill karins would know. >> and that's a lot warmer. that caused a lot of problems yesterday. o'hare picked up about four inches of snow and the great lakes aren't frozen over yet most of them. if you're headed from cleveland northwards and this band off lake ontario has been pinpointed right at syracuse overnight. syracuse, known as the snowiest
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they've only had 8 inches. this is the first heavy band of snow that's been pointed at the city and right now it's just pointed at the northern half of the city. syracuse to water town, that band shift saids north and then lake erie later today. and still negative 19 wind chill in green bay but there is some good news. 40s as far north as montana. now a closer look at your day ahead. well, the lake effect snow will continue throughout the day but the bands now towards syracuse will shift towards water town. and the southeast after a cold morning will be a pretty nice afternoon. and so we get a little warm up and then another cold blast next
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this morning on "today," reaction to president obama's final state of the union address from house speaker paul ryan and democratic presidential candidate, hillary clinton. now to some major upsets. there will be a new number one in college basketball after the top ranked kansas jayhawks were easily knocked off by number 11 west virginia 74-63. and wa west virginia is 15-1. their best start since 1982.
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three-pointer as the clock ran out. and next to sharllets vill and they put an end to the 8-game winning streak. and one more upset for you. the unranked texas long horns take number 17 iowa state to over time and hang on for an exciting 94-91 win. ufc president says ronda rousy has requested more time holmes. and irvin was a negro league star who got to the majors two years after jacky robinson broke the color barrier. irvin was a power hitting out fielder who played eight seasons
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rookie, names willy mayes under his wing. monty irvin dead at the age of 96. up ahead, one of the original ghost busters has died. steve harvey sits down with miss columbia. can you say awkward? it's nex ppt ppt to geico and got more. more savings on car insurance? yeah bro-fessor, and more. like renters insurance. more ways to save. nice, bro-tato chip. that's not all, bro-tein shake. geico has motorcycle and rv insurance, too. oh, that's a lot more. oh yeah, i'm all about more, teddy brosevelt. geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more.
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in what is sure to be must see tv. miss ccolumbia, sat down with steve harvey for an interview to air on monday's steve harvey show. get me the ghostgusters. >> after david margulies has died at the age of 78. he had been battling illness according to his representative. sylvester stallone came under fire for forgetting people in his acceptance speech, so yesterday he took to twitter saying i owe them everything. better late than ever. i'm shannon mulaire and this is "early today." at hillshire farm, spice is the spice of life. that's why our craftsmen season every sausage perfectly.
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leading the news on, supreme court strikes down florida death penalty law. on tuesday, the high court ruled florida's death penalty law unkauchksun unconstitutional unconstitutional. and the ruling could effect appeals processes for the 400 inmates on florida 's death row. and from u.s.a. today, classic olivia munn made it very clear she's not engaged to green bay packer, aaron rodgers.
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be like the 8th person to know. state governor rick schneider has called on the national guard to help distribute bottled water to reds residents. michigan state police say they're going to help nosethose affected by the exposure. >> it will continue until every resident has safe drinking water. and an egyptian cafe, centralperc cafe is made to model the one on the show. the place is such a hit that the owner plans to expand into two more cities. how about that. this is good. this farm in virginia need people to come in and snuggle with baby goats.
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to be born, too many for the farm workers to handle on their own. no experience is necessary but it is preferred if you have goat snuggling experience. >> i'll get that experience. hand on. >> a lion cub and tiger cub are being raisedads sisters. though the two would never meet in the wild, they seem to be getting along famously but they say it will help develop their socialization skills so they can eventually be reintroduced to their own species. now a look ahead. president obama hits the road to sell his state of the union message. he'll hit omaha, nebraska and then batten rouge, louisiana. happy birthday to liam hemsbirth, and trace atkins is 54, and julia louie dreyfuss. i'm shannon mulaire.
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