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tv   Early Today in Iowa  NBC  January 14, 2016 4:30am-5:00am CST

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thanks for watching "early got you covered. this is today in iowow." now on today in iowa: a jackpot triple play. finally -- someone wins the powerball... but not just one person. the news has at least one store celebrating big time tis morning. plpls -- it's easyyor a police chase to make the news -- because it ends right outside a t-v station. and one visitor wasn't enough. the d-n-r is now seeing more deer at its office. it now has staff members thinking of a popular 70's sitcom. i'm jerry gallagher. let's'scheck on youu weather now with storm track 7 meteorologist eileen loan. good morning.
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our top story this morning: a powerball hat trick. three winning tickets from last night's record drawwg -- and check out this celebration in california. this is what a powerrall party looks like. the 7-eleven in chino hills sold one of the winning tickets and
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this morning: a powerball hat trick. three winning tickets from last night's record drawing -- and check out this celebration in california. this is what a powerball party looks like. the 7-eleven in chino hills sold one of the winning tickets and everyone is celebrating. the jaccot hit one point six billion before the drawing. we don't know who won, but we know there were three winning tickets. one in california, one in florida and another in tennesse. traae potts tells us -- at least three people -- might want to consider hiring a lawyer and a team of financial experts this morning. this was the scene outside... "i feel like i'm at a one diiection concert." ...and inside the chino hills, california 7-eleven where one of at least three wivning powerball tickets was sold. "i'm excited for them and i don't even know who it is." there are also winners in florida and tennessee. "the winning powerball number,
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it's the biggest jackpot in the world - ever. so big that people in nevada drove across state lines and waited four hours to get tickets. "good luck everybody - 1.5 billion!" kentucky gave out 1500 free tickets to celebrate. "it's going to be hard to get ybody interestee in a $40 million jacacot again." players had ig plans: "ifi won it i would share it with my better off not winning: "now you're gonna be forced to take morning, the future looks a billion times brighter. after it's split and after taxes, turns out the winners only get about 300-million each... assuming yyu're not sharii the winning ticket with someone else. i'm tracie potts in washington, now back to you. here's another look at the
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4 ---8---19---27---34---powe rball 10. no jackpot winner in iowa, b b one ticket won two million dollars and three won 100- thousand. lottery players in iowa alone bought more than 12-millllon dollars in tickets for last night's drawing. a bank robbery suspect does not get far -- and neither did the cash. we're now learning the suspect ddopped it a nearby apartment complex. police arrested jon ellingson of cedar falls this week after a bank. police say after the robbery -- ellingson went up to a womaa standing outside her apartment building and told her he needed to get in -- but forgot his kiel happened to be near the complex walking his dog. he saw -- and heard thihi. have the money and so i dart bag full of money just sitting right here and apparently it was
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police say ellingson did not have a weapon on him -- but say things could have escalated quicklyly inside the apartment building. two eastern iowa officers are cleared after a deadly shooting. the cedar rapids officers shot and killed jonathan gossman last year. they fired 25 shots aftee gossman allegedly left the scene of a traffic stop and pointed a gun at one of them. investigators later fouund gossman's gun an another weapon in his car -- whhch was stolenen an autopsy also showed he had meth and other drugs in his system. the linn county attorney's office says they ere acting in self defense. we've seen pileups on snowy roads before. but this one involved 85 vehicles. it happened in ennsylvania. 18 pepeple were taken to the hospital -- some in serious condition. debris from the crash was spread for about a mile and a half -- &
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a chase in a stolen semi ends... but the problem doesn't. the chase started after a driver refused to pull over near dallas. policewere able to ssop the truck using stop sticks -- but the driver refused to get out. after a stand-off -- a swat team fired two shots into the truck. within minutes, the door of the truck opened and a dog jumped out. authoritieewere then able to pull the driver out. there were plenty of cameras to catch the end of this chase -- because the suspect stopped her car right tside a t-v station. it happened in montana. a woman was seen driving recklessly. she wouldn't pull over. k-e-c-i tv security cames show the woman try to get into their building. she couldn't -- and then tried to get back into her car. police surrounded her car and arrested her. officers say she might've been drunk. i wouldn't recommend this... but take a look at what happens when a man's car is stolen. he jumps feet first into the car as the crook drives ofof. moments later -- the suspect isis
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no one was hurt. 18 days now until the iowa caucuses. tonight, the republican presideeial candidates go head to head in the first debate of the new year. the debate is being hosted by fox business network and will focus on economic, domestic and international policy. seven cannidates will be in the main debate: donald trump, senator ted cruz, senator marco rubio, ben carson, governor chris christie, jeb bush and governor john kasich. the debate is in south carolina. the governor of that statat -- nikki haley -- admits she was calling out trump in her gop response to the state of the union. this is what trump had to say about that. one of the e ommentators said to m m, gov. haley said i'm an happening to our country. trump will be in urbandale for a
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we're e lso learning about a trump rally at the university of iowa two weeks from tomorrow. president obama says the vice president will lead a national push to cure cancer after his son's death last year. steps are already being taken. congress is adding 264-million dollars to the budget fothe national cancer institute. the american cancer society says the vice president -- might be the right person to get both democratsnd republicans to come together to support more research. biden's son, beau, died last year of brainncancer. a positive end to the search for a service dog. bianca went missing earlier this week. her ownerand trainer -- says someone camminto her home -- and took her. she was later found by a u-p-s driver in conrad about two miles elementary school. "i didn't know where she was. she had never been out in the would just hope she was tucked in somewhere."
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thyroid problem -- and needs medication every day. at last check -- she's doing ok. in a kwwl follow-up: a d-n-r office is now becoming a hot spot for deer. we showed you this picture yesterday on today in iowa. you can see a deer looking ight into the d-n-r office in manchester. it's been a hit on facebook... but that deer isn't alone. kwwl's jessica hartn explains. this curious little face showed up at the manchester get in. tte two young deer were just outside lisa meader's front office. "i couldn't believe it. i couldn't believe it was here and that it stood there for like two minutes." "the dnr officeoor is mirrored. you can sse your own reflection and ttey believe the it is the first time - since the d-n-r moved into this office in the late 80's that they have had these special visitors. and for many iq was as close as they will ever be to a
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evergreen bushes in front of the office - - they didn't seem to mind the commoion of heavy traffic on e state highwaayards away. after two visits - the office is hoping to see them again - now considering them the office mascots and nanang them. "first it waa moe and curlrl. and then no, they are girls, so it can't be that. so i decided laverne and shirley because i loved that show when i was growing up. so thought thaa was kind of cute." the office is hoping laverne and shirley come back for a third
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we still have a lot to get to this morning: including this. instead of the farmer's market. this shipment of carrots is going right to law enforcement -- because of what was found inside. plus milk does a body good... but what if it's green? one dairy is hoping fans of a certain football team buy in. "now your storm track 7 forecast on kwl." she's always stood strong... get the job done. hillary clinton. she stood up to china... ...and spoke out on women's rights... ...went toe to toe with russia on human rights. the drug and insurance companies spent millions against her... ...b hillary didn't quit until eight million children got health care. i've never been called a quitter and i won't quit on you. she's got what it takes to do the toughest job in the w wld.
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om the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team. see the screen for your complete weather information. here is adddtional forecaca infororation
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team: good morning i'm meteorologist kyle kiel. we are starting off with a few patchy areas of fog this morning, but nothing too dense. that will quickly dissipate this morning and we will be left with a partly cloudy sky with warmer temperatures today. but that's short lived. we are tracking a little system that could
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not expecting accumulation but the big chill will fololow that system. right now the visibility is reduced, mainly across our northern counties where w have that deeper snowpack. nothing too dense. wih areas that are seeing the fo there are some frosty, slick spots ononthe roadways, here in parts
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grundy, tama, benton counties. nothing too ad. storm tracac 7 live weatehr network camera in cedar falls shows mainly quiet conditions. we don't have very gusty winds so it's pretty comfortable. patchy fog is possible early this orning, otherwise there will be a mix of sun and clouds throughout the day. highsswill be in the middle 30s north to lower 40s south, with a southwest wind 5-10 mph. a cpper system will be tracking through the aaea friday, whhh means increasing clouds tonight with a wind
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northwest. lows tonight will be in the 20s. we may warm a few dedeees on friday, but as that clipper tracks through, temperatures will fall throughout the afternoon with a blustery northwest wind 10-20mph. there could also be a few light snow showers or throughout the day. highs will clipper system will be tracking clipper tracks through, accumulation. the bitter cold is clouds throughout the day. highs clipper system will be tracking ustery northwest wind accumulatiin. the bitter cold is possible. it's coming up: bugs bunny would be fired up. these trucks of fresh carrots have been tampered with -- and it's turned into a half a million dollar investigation. plus -- nats this smile is worth a thousand words -- even if the pooch can't talk. terrififi video to show you... you're watching kwwl. we've got you covered in jesup, mount vernon, gladbrook and all of eastern iowa
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big weekend of playoff football.
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weekend of the year -- because there are four games featuring the eight best teams in the league. green bay is hoping history doesn't repeat itself. the paccrs were shellld 38 to 8 at arizona a few weeks ago. now they head to the desert again for an n-f-c playoff game. the team says it hopes to learn from what went wrong. we'll have the game for you. kwwlwl cracking open a cold one takes on a new meaning for packers fans. they're sipping pints of green milk. kempspsdairy plant in cedarburg, wisconsin started bottling green milk this week, to celebrate the team's post-season run. the packers power pint -- a limited edition green, vanilla flavored milk, hit store shelves this weekk "it tastes pretty good" "what's the flavor?" i think it tastes like egg nog, home? that's what it tastes like to me, it's good. as long as the packers keep winning and the fans keep drinki
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will continue making it. authorities find more than two- thousand pounds of marijuana -- hidden in a shipment of carrots. take a look at the tworuck loads in texas. the shipment of nearly three- thousand carrots was coming from mexico. the drugs are worth about 500- thousand dollars. talk about cheesy. a rescue $og is all smiles. this pup can cheese or ham it up with a smile-on- command. and he has reason to be happ he'l be adopted soon. the time is still to come this morning: it's not the flu... but it is a virus and@it's causing some problems this time of year. that story when today in iowa continues.
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rounds. britney glaser explains the signs and symptoms... mononucleosis qs oftentimes called the "kissing disease" because the virus is
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utensils and dishes with an infected person. the symptoms are flu- like in the beginning. "it presents eeactly like the and most of the time it is diagnosed as the flu first." you might also notice swollen lymph node in your neck and armpits. sonnier says mononucleosis usually is not serious, but ititcan last for weeks - - ven months. . be aware in my teenagerand young adults." a diaggsis comes through a bloododtest. treatment is only symptomatic. "there is no treatment. you have to rest, drink plenty of virus, it's going to have to run its course." the infection is only contagious in the early stages. "you're contagious the first two to four weeks, that's when you have to not kiss anybody or drink after or before anybody." themost common cause of mononucleosis is the epstein-barr virus, but other viruses can also be the culprit. most people who have it get it
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once. in rare cases -- symptoms might show up again months or even years later. checking out storm track seven live doppler radar ight now. meteorologist kyle kiel is back with the forecast next.
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here's the storm ack 7 day forecast. after a few areas of fog early this morning it will be partly cloudy and relatively warm with highs in the 30s, with snow, no accumulation. then the bitter cold sets in this wekend into early next week. it's and coming up on
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we're hearing from one of the u-s navy sailors after they were held after drifting into iranian waters. plus... an iwa town is in need of help after four offfers abruptly resign, leaving only one part-time officer left. much more on that when today in iowa continues.
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