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tv   Early Today in Iowa  NBC  January 15, 2016 4:30am-5:00am CST

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trump and ted cruz had avoided attacking each other on the debate stage. until last night. we'll look back at the first republican presidential debate of the new year. plus, rescue crews say their training pays off -- when hours later -- they're called to save a boy who fell through the ice. and speaking of the ice, what do the roads look like this morning? warmer weather melted some of the snow yesterday -- so did any of that refreeze overnight? i'm jerry gallagher. let's check on your weather now with storm track 7 meteorologist eileen loan. good morning. temperatures are falling into the 20s and 30s this morning and will keep falling throughout the day. wind chills will continue to drop, as well.. we are starting to see more single digits and low teens. winds are starting to pick up from the northwest and will be 10-20 mph, gusting higher today. we also have some clouds tracking in and these
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flurries with them, too. they will be off and on through the day, but shouldn't add up to much, if anything. we have seen our highs.. temps will continue to drop today. it will be bitterly cold this weekend with dangerous wind chills returning to the forecast... which i'll have in a few minutes. may have a few snow showers or flurries with them, too. they will be off and on through the day, but shouldn't add up to much, if anything. we have seen our highs.. temps will continue to drop today. it will be bitterly cold this weekend with dangerous wind chills returning to the few minutes. we begin with the countdown to the iowa caucuses. the alliances are gone and so is the happy talk. there were several heated exchanges at last night's gop presidential debate in south the 7 candidates left on the main stage at the fox business debate
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obama: "this guy is a petulant child." and hillary clinton: "hillary clinton would be a national security disaster." but at times, they turned on each other. donald trump questioned ted cruz's birth to an american in canada: "there's a big question mark on your head, and you can't do that to the party." marco rubio accused cruz of flip-flopping on immigration: "that 's not consistent conservatism... that's political calculation." "at least half marco said are flat out false." ben carson tried to be the umpire: "and i just want to take opportunityy2012 election we when i say we republicans tore themselves apart have to stop this." cruz explained not disclosing a half million dollar loan when he ran for senate: "i made a paperwork error." there were differences on iran, syria.. banning muslims..and whether to tax chinese imports: "i think we should be for free trade but fair trade."
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left before the iowa caucuses. that's anuary 28th in iowa. the democrats debate in south carolina sunday. i'm tracie potts in washington, now back to you. some republican candidates are back in iowa the next few days. trump has a rally in urbandale this morning. ben carson has a town hall in charles city tomorrow. marco rubio has a similar events in decorah and waverly on monday. he'll also be in coralville that day. as tracie potts said -- the democrats are getting ready for their own debaa in south the bar to get in. both hillary clinton and bernie sanders had called on n-b-c news to include him. you can watch that debate on sunday night at eight here on kwwl. this morning, o'malley hass campaign stops in cedar rapids and mount vernon. former president clinton is also back in iowa campaigning for his wife in marshalltown and coralville today. this morning, we're keeping an eye on the roads. they could be slick. they were yesterday.
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when a cedar rapids squad car crashed. police hadadbeen called out to a five-car crash thursday morning -- when one of their own cars crashed. one officer was taken to the hospital. two people were killed west of marengo on highway 212. the iowa county sheriff's office says bethany clark and her 2-year-old son were driving when she lost control. the car went into the ditch. it caught fire -- killing both of them. slick roads could've been a facto in this crash n waterloo yesterday. police tell us a mom and her daughters were inside. one suffered minor injuries. road conditions can change when the temperature warms up -- as it did this week -- and then cools off at night. what melted can re-freeze. "it was very deceiving the roads looked like there wasn't any ice on them but the frost that was set on the roads was very slippery and hard to see." th iowa state patrol -- echoes what storm track seven
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be careful on bridges and overpasses -- which can have some of the most dangerous conditions this time of year.- one person dies when an amtrak train crashes into an 18-wheeler. it happened in texas. authorities say the train hit the truck at a crossing. the truck burst into flames, killing the driver. a similar tragedy in florida. the highway patrol says an s-u-v waa stopped on the tracks -- because of traffic -- when it was hit by an amtrak train. the driver of the s-u-v died. no one on the train was hurt. isis now sayssit was behind a deadly attack in indonesia this week. seven people were killed, including five attackers -- who used grenades and guns. police said theyyound an isissflag at the home of one of the suspects. twenty people were yesterday. if you want them -- earn them. that's one of the comments on our facebook page -- from a person upset
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this week. the court says it's free speech for someone to wear a military medal they dn't receive. the court tossed out the conviction of a marine who wore a purple heart on the stand -- a purple heart that wasn't his. he wore it to improve his case. "these medals were written up taking it all away. the medals are going to be absolutely worthless. if anyone can wear them, 7hat good are they?" a few years ago, president obama signed a law making it illegal to profit from lying about military service. but congress has since removed a provision that made it llegal for someone to wear a medal that wasn't thees. if you have any thoughts about this you'd like to share -- join this morning -- an actor known for his roles in die hard -- and the harry potter movies -- is being remembered.
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alan rickman passed away after a battle with cancer. rickman was -- many times -- cast as a bad guy in movies... but fans loved him. he was 69 years old. the husband of singer celine dion hh also passed away. he died after a battle with throat cancer. he was 73 years old. a ski trip ends in tragedy. at least 14 people have died after a tour bus crashed. the bus went off a mountain road in japan. there were two drivers -- who were taking turns behind the wheel. they both died. authorities say there was no snow or ice on the road at the time. one month after a deadly hit and run at iowa state and police still have no leads. the victim was freshman -- emmalee jacobs -- an eastern iowa native. officers say they've had dozens of tips but nothing is panning out. they're hoping new leads come during the new semester -- which
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four months after a deadly crash -- duck boats return to seattle. five people died in september when a duck boat and bus crashed. after that, the tours were shut downn that ends this morning -- but with some changes. the tours will now have two crew members instead of one. and they'll no longer use the bridge where the crash happened. a 13-year-old boy is recovering after falling through an icy pond. it happened in topeka, kansas. fire crews say the boy went onto the ice to grab a bottle --- but fell through. he went under before rescue crews pulled him out. "we were actually rescue training on ice this morning and work th were in the water probably within a minute or two." the boy was taken to the hospital -- and is expected to recover. this hasn't been the easiest week for those who work at the linn county courthouse. pipes burst inside the
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the heating system went down. on wednesday... linn county emergency management sent a generator trailer to help warm up the courthouse as repairs are for many of you, there's nothing better than your cup of coffee in the morning. now, there's a new way to share that cup with a specific group. coffee with a cop -- a national initiative to bring police and community members clor -- makes i is way to cedar rapids. the owner of brewed awakenings in cedar rapids... the most recent coffee shop to host... says these events are necessary. "the poli really don't pose a threat to us. the police are really here to help ussin a time of need." police a program like this -- typically makes people feel less intimidated to apoach them. today, the vice president begins a mission to battle cancer. at tuesday night's state of the union address president obama tapped joe biden to lead an effort in the fight against cancer. that came after the vice president had called for a
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today, he'll be in philadelphia for a discussion at a cancer center. biden's son, beau, died of brain cancer last yee. a project ten years in the making in waterloo could be close to moving forward. the person developing the cedar valley techworks facilities is expxpcted to have possession of the location soon. the techworks campus will be highlighted by a new hotel, restaurant and conference center. in the future ---there are plans for a marina to be built next to the river. we still have a lot to get to this morning. the last time iowa won a basketball game at michigan state -- many of their players were not even alive. they tried to end that streak last night. plus -- instead of kicking him while he's down. students teach many adults a good lesson. see what they did to hell a pro kicker who had a nightmare performance on sunday. as clouds track in, they may bring a few snow showers or flurries, but the will definitely bring in breezy north winds and have that forecast for you
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from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team: breezy today with a few snow showers and flurries, but the main thing you will l otice this weekend will be the bitterly cold temperatures returning. stormtrack7 live weather network isn't showing much in the way of snowflakes right now.. and there won't be too many anyway. temps this morning are on the way down... they will be steady or falling all day... teens are pushing into the northwestern part of the state.. with chills there in the single digits. it is going to become breezy, too.. the winds are already
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northwest and they are alreedy 20 mph or higher to the west. our winds will be mainly 10-20 mph, but we will have some higher gusts. clouds with a few snow showers will continue to track into the area as one low tracks away from us and another tracks closer... but the main thing will be the cold. temps will be in the single digits and teens in the eastern dakotas today but that pushes all the way through iowa for tomorrow... with north dakota staying below zero all day tomorrow. we will have stetey or fallingg temps all day with a stray snow shower or flurry tracking through. northwest winds will be 10-20 mph and gusting higher. it will stay breezy tonight with lows around
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could be -15 to -20 by saturday morning..we don't warm much on saturday... highs will only be 4 to 10. it wil be bitterlyold with dangerous wind chills on sunday morning with chills approaching -35. we don't really start to warm up pntil tuesday when we get back into the teens or highs... still 10 degrees below average. a few snow showers will track through about every other day, but accumulations look very light. still to come this morning: we hope they didn't lose their ticket... for now, three winners didn't lose their ticket... for now, three winners of
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we hope they didn't lose their ticket... for now, three winners but they weren't the onlyly winners. wait until you hear what happened to a 19-year-old. plus -- iowa already knocked off michigan state when they were number one. can they do it again... is time when the spartans are ranked fourth in the country? you're watching kwwl. we've got you covered in robins, balltown, spillville and all of eastern iowa this morning, the powerball jackpot winners remain a e's always ststd strong... get the job done. hillary clinton. she stood up to china... ...and spoke out on women's rights... ...went toe to toe with russia on human rights. the drug and insurance companies spent millions against her... ...but hillary didn't quit until eight million children got health care. i've never been called a quitter and i won't quit on you. she's got what i itakes to do the toughest job in the world.
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three winners will sppit the record one and a haaf billion dollars jackpot -- but so far -- no one has come forward. the big tickets were sold in california, tennessee and in a small town n florida -- so the "i live here. i was shopping had bought my ticcet here, but i bought it at a gas station." "we're from ohio and i just let
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wednesday's record drawing was a big night for many other people across the country. 73 tickets were one million dollar winners -- and in florida, a 19-year- old who had never yed the lottery n two million. right now, the iowa hawkeyes don't need a lot of luck. they are absolutely steamrolling opponents. that includes number four michigan state. a few weeks ago, iowa beat the spartans at carver when michigan state was number one. last night, a rematch in a place that4has been a house of horrors for iowa. thee hadn't won in east lansing in more than 20 years. but iowa was hot from the start. peter jok was red hot. he had 23 on the night. jarrod uthoff with 15. iowa led by 22 at the half and would go on to win 6-59. the hawks are now 4 and oh in the big ten and come home to play michigan next -- on sunday afternoon. that was an incredible team
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individual performance in the game last night -- happened in the n- b-a. jimmy butler scored a career high 53 points for the bulls -- as they barely beat the worst team in the league -- the 76ers. the 53 points are the most by a bulls player in a game since 1996. you might have heard of the guy who did it then... michael jordan. it's been a week to forget for nnesota vikings fans -- bbt especially for the team's kicker. blair walsh missed the potential game- winning field goal in their playoff game against seattle sunday. this week, some students are trying to lift his spirits. first graders sent him letters with words of encouragment. "thank you from the bottom of fact that you guys would do that for me, somebody you've never met, soobody you donnt know, that's huge--and it can help in certain times like these." walsh took some time to sign autographs during his visit -- somethinggthe kids will nner forget. students in another state have a different mission.
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her birthday. she turned 108 this week. fifth graders in california showcased what she has seen during her eleven decades. "ohhh, that's wonderful. to see them ... it called to me. it brings back when i used to teach they're great." she taught schhol into herr90s. at the end of the presentation.. the kids surprised her with a lady. the time now is still to come this morning: stop, statat, speed up ---even park -- all on its own. technology steering the self- driving car is on display in a big way this week. we'll take a look next.
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from car makers between the consumer electronics show last week and now an auto show this week. so what does the future hold for the futuref self- driving car tech is front and ccnter at the
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"both volvo and mercedes-benz autonomous functionality to the road in 2017" e "pilot assist" in the new volvo s-90 allows the vehicle to speed up,,slow down, large animals... and helps brake to avoid a crash. the new mercedes benz e-class has a drive pilot system that assists steering and follows traffic up to 1 1 miles per hour "you can even change lanes just by hitting the turn signal its pretty impressive stuff" it even uses smart phone technology to ert other vehicles to smarter and smarter and smarter and part of the step there is basically cars that can park themselves" drivers of the tesla model s car don't even have to be in the car to park it. the more-affordable chevy malibu can automatically brake and keep the car from wandding out of the lane. still ... cars aren't doing all the driving - yet. "we're still about 5 years away before that's a reality across the country" and these high cars are
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future. brian mooar, nbc news. the newly evealed volvo s-90 and ercedes e- class don't have a price tag yet... but you won't pay less than 50-thousand dollars for either one. the tesla model s starts at 70- thousand dollars... the chevy maibu is more affordable starting at around 20-thousand. as you start to think about the drivv to work or school--- or maybe the store this morning... keep it here for the forecast. eileen
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che offorecast. stray snow showerssflurries, breezy, cold, sseady/falling temps. very cold saturday through monday with dangerous chills possible sunday morning and monday morning as lows dip into the negative tracking in. it's and coming up on today
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an eastern iowa home -- which police havv been called to many times -- is now being labeled a chronic nuisance look at... plus... educators are looking for detter ways to prepare students for life after school -- and they sasa a new career center will help. those stories when
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