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tv   Today  NBC  January 17, 2016 7:00am-8:00am CST

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controversial nuclear deal. this morning, the journey to freedom and the heartbreak for the family of one man left behind. dueling candidates. hillary clclton and bernie sanders set to face off on a debate stage for the last time before the iowa caucus. the night is expected to be heated with the race razor tight. on the republican side, donond trump booed for slamming ted cruz. >> he didn't report his bank local s loans. say whatever you want, he didn't reportrt bank loans. boycotting the oscars. jada pinkett smith blasts the academy, suggesting a boycott for the lack of diversity among nominees. her husband will smith among nose snubbed. will others join her protest? fantastic finish. a playoff game for thefinish. the packers hail mary as time ran out to tie the game. >> oh, what a catch!
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huge play of their own in overtime. >> extending the play, crosses the field, larryfitzgerald. fitzgerald will take it to green bay territory. >> was it enough? let's say, cardinals fans still celebrating today, sunday,( january 17th, 2016.6. 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today" on this sunday morning. i'm erica hill. >> glad to have you with us. i'm craig melvin with sheinelle here. bags under the eyes this morning because last night was -- >> late. >> man, a fantastic finish. had that touchdown been the one that ended it, that would have been up there with the doug flutie hail mary. alas, it was not enough. we'll have more on the big game in a moment. let's get to the top story on this sunday. that, of course, is the
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release of the american prisoners in iran. they are expected to make it back to the united states soon, where they will be reunited with friends and family. we have the story c cered from all angles this morning. from the freed prisoners to what this deal means precisely. let's start with keir simmons in germany, where they could be headed for medicalal evaluation. good morning. >> good morning. these vy tense hours. we're hearing a plane carrying u.s. prisoners has taken off from iran. a senior official telling nbc news, those who wish to depart iran have left. we think they're on their way to switzerland, then expect them to come here to this u.s. medical facility in germany. they must be breathing a sigh of relief. >> reporter: freed from an iranian prison, five americans. it's a break through on a
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formerer marine, amir hekmati, held for four years. facebook. saeed abedini, ahristian pastor, jailed over three years. his wife got the news at home in boise. 2> surreal. i woke up the kids around 30 and told them daddy is coming home and out of prison. they were shocked but jumping u and down and excited. >> reporter: jason rezaian, the "washington post" correspondent, was held for over a year and a confinement. >> spectacular ne. we're so happy. can't wait to see him. >> reporter: matt trevithick, a student, was first to be released. >> we were excited and happy to hear his voice today. we're thrilled h hs out off iran him. >> reporter: in exchange, the u.s. agreed to send home seven iranians charged with crimes in america. the attorneyor onef the
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>> thankful to the president. he's thankful to all the people here locally and internationally that helped bring this about. he's just ready too onith his life. >> reporter: their release announced hours ahead of the historic and controversial nuclear agreement. years in the making, u.s. and europe unfreezing around $100 billion in iranian assets. >> the two tracts of negotiations were not directly related. >> reporter: the relationship forged during the nuclear talks. secretary kerry said opening a path to freedom for the american prisoners. >> the "washington#post" has just released a statement. it says, friends and colleagues at the "washington post" are elated by the wonderful news that jason rezaian has been released from evin prison. there isnother side to the story. bob levinson, who disappeared in iran in 2007, is not heading home. his family releasing a statement saying, we are happy for the
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behind. we are devastated. his release was part of the negotiations. iran appears to be saying, they don't know where he is.. >> keir simmons for us in germany. thank you. the question is what does this mean for iran and its nuclear future? richard engel is in vienna,, home of the international atomic energy agency. richard, good morning. >> good morning. this is a very significant diplomatic break through. it was announced here last night. for iran, it opens the country back to the international market. it allows iranian businessessnd iranian individuals to move money in and out of the country. they can now have access to the banking system. in the past, it was very difficult for iranians to do things like use credit cards. they often had to carry cash and gold out of the country. iran can now sell oil legally and openly and not have to use
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common over the last several years. and it gives the iranians a great deal more confidence that their country is once again connected to the international community. there are also political ramifications, of course. now, the u.s. has a dialogue with iran. that dialogue was so valuable in securing the release of the american prisoners in exchange for freeing seven iranians, who are held by the united states. it could also have implications for dialoloe over syria. a very significant diplomatic break through. >> richard in vienna, thank you. the deal is seen as a victory for the obama administration byy many, but it's facing criticism from republicans. ron allen is at the white house with more. >> now that the prisoners left iran, we expect to hear from president obama sometime later this morning.
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what diplomacy can accomplish. pushing back on critics who say the iranians can't be trusted. the president said the nuclear deal will help the world prevent another war. the prisoner swap happened because the nuclear talks created a new channel for discussions with the iranians. beginning some 14 months ago, it gathered momentum after the nuclear deal came together last summer. they said releasing the iranians in exchange ws the right thing to do. the administration insists the most important thing is they could not l lve the americans behind, and that they're coming home. craig? erica? >> ron allen for us at 1600 pennsylvania. ron, thank you. of course, the prisoner release and the iran dealill be a topic of discussion at tonight's democratic debate, happening here on nbc. hillary clinton and bernie sanders expected to be swinging shar elbows tonight. that race, of course, unexpectedly tightening, and that has a lot of focus flt. on the republican side, the fight between donald trump and
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kristen welker joins us from charleston, south carolina. good morning. >> erica, good morning to you. with just 15 days until the all important iowa caucusus, the democratic and republican races are too close to call in the hawkeye state, making tonight's debate pifvotalpivotal. >> reporter: withhust hours before the democrats duke it out tonight in charleston, the candidates courted voters at a dinner here saturday night. >> we must stand up for working people and low income people in every state in this country. >> reporter: and they took aim at republicans. secretary clintnt bringing up the language used when talking about president obama. >> both ted cruz and chris christie called him a child the other night. too often, we hear republicans talking in coded, racial language. >> reporter: meanwhile, sanders
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that would amend a 2005 piece of legislation which limits liability on gun manufacturers. the move is a reversasa for sanders and comes after days of attack by clinton, who used the issue to paint sanders as soft on guns. sanders tried to assure the crowd he's not. >> we have tooeep guns out of the hands of people who should not have them. >> reporter: clinton signalled she'd go further. >> we need a president who will do everything in her power to protect president obama's actions on gun violence. >> reporter: meanwhile, the race on the republican side has donald trump and ted cruz runninin neck and neck in iowa. trump continuing to slam cruz for failing to report loans while he was running for senate. on saturday, trump's js drew jeers. >> excuse me, didn't report his bank loans. say whatever you want, he didn't report bank loans. >> reporter: cruz, who dismissed it, seized t t chance to needle
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for a few minutes in an elevator. >> who put donald trump in charge of the elevator? >> yesterday, a a top clinton surrogate called on bernie sanders to release his medical records. the clinton campaign distanced itself from that request.t. since, a sanders aid says they raised more than $3 million since last tuesday in the wake of clinton's stepped up attack against sanders. all an indicicion of the fireworks we're likely to see here later tonight. >> it'll be a fiery one. kristen welker, thanks. chuck todd is moderator of "meet the press." good morning to you. as kristen indicated, has to be a pivotal night for bere sanders and hillary clinton. specifically, what does each candidate need to do tononht in charleston? >> hillary clinton has telegraphed what she wants to do with bernie sanders. raise questions aboutis ility to get things done in washington.
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his ability to go toe to toe with t republicans that many progressives are frightened of, a donald trump or ted cruz. bernie sanders needs to pass this -- it's a subjective test -- but pass the commander in chief test. every time they sat side by side, hillary clinton has gotten the best of him. can he have a night where he gets the best of her? boy, what a night it would be if he did it tonight. as you know, craig, last debate, last time these two will meet face-to-face before iowa. new hampshire. there's talk abobo whether or r both those states. when we move to south carolina, appeal among a more broad and diverse group of voters. is that still an issue for him? >> look, i think -- look, everything changes after iowa and new hampshire. i think you cannot make anyf these predictions. hilarylary clinton right now, is
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african-americans, hispanics, the broader demographic base of the democratic party? yes. but history suggests this, erica, if whoever wins iowa and new hampshire, and it's the underdog candide, in this case, bernie sanders, he'll suddenly start getting equal looks from the broader portion of the democratic party. i wouldn't assume that what the polls look like today with african-americans and hispanics won't changng if sanders wins new hampshire and iowa. >> let's turn to iran quickly. the prisoner swap, the nuclear deal break through, the administration touting this, of course, as a a victory. republicans saying it makes the weak. in terms of long-term implications, what do you think? >> well, let's see. i mean, you know, the obama administration's argument, and i think it's a good one, is look what opening up a conversation with iran has done.
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diplomatic moments a lot easier to solve. the sailors detained. the administration argued, never would have seen that solved within 24 hours before this nuclear deal. that said, even hillary clinton wants to see more sanctions against iran. i think this is a case where it y be onetep forward and two steps back when it comes to the long-term future of the united states and iran. >> chuck todd, always good to see u. thank you. we look formuchwardrdo much more coming up where hillary clinton and bernie sanders will both be your guests. catch the pair tonight for the democratic debate, 9:00 eastern, 6:00 pacificicn nbc. we know at least one american was among those killed in the terrorist attack in west africa. 45-year-old michael was a missionary who moved from florida with his wife to work at an orphanage. he traveled to burkina faso to meet other americans. he was in the cafe that was
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to the hotel. the declaration was signed by president obama, providing funds for bottled water, filters and other things as the city deals with lead contamination. residents were exposed after the city switched its water source to save money. check now ofour sunday weather. there's severe, dangerous ather out there this sundnd. >> we had reports of four tornadoes possible in florida. sarasota was hit hard, as the tornadoes passed through a mobile home park. we have reports o o two possible deaths and several injuries because of the strong, gusty winds and the tornadoes that moved through. things are weakening right now. this storm system is winding down, but we doo still have the threat of possible tornadoes, especially through southern florida. unfortunately, more storms are firing up near sarasota now. this will continue to move eaeaward.
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the threat of severe storms. it has still been a threat. this storm system will move eastwawa. behindndthis, we're looking at storms. later this afternoon, everything willareas. and the winds are track through will all snow north with less sleet mixing in. snowwand ice. snoo and sleet may iowa dot snowplow cams are winds are strong... 20-30 mph southward with brighton in washington county reporting stormtrack7 iowa dot cameras are showing slow going freezing rain, especially in the south anan east as temperrtures go up a bit. iowa dot snowplow 40 at times. snow, sleet and freezing rain will continue to track through will all snow brighton in washington county repting more. snowfall amounts could exceed 10 inches in the north with lesss sleeeemixing in. >> that's your latest forecast. >> thanks. as we mentioned off the top of the broadcast, a wild night in the nfl playoffs, with an amazing finish to the green bay packers-arizona cardinals game,
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the clock counting down to zero in regulation play. green bay quarterback aaron rodgers, hail mary, connects with januaryeff janice. that sent it to overtime. >> insane! >> insane, indeed. quickly followed by a 75 catch and run by larry fitzgerald for the cardinals. >> inside the 30, the 20. >> if he scores, it's over! >> insane! >> if that wasn't enough, short pass to fitzgerd for the touchdown. arizona wins. heck of a finish. matchup between the patriots and the chiefs earlier. the patriots were back in super bowl form. defending super bowl champs beating thehe chiefs, 27-20. they're advancing to their fifth straight afc title games. today, divisional playoffs wrap up with the seahawks and the panthers. and the steelers taking on the
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roethlisberger expected to suit up for@ that. >> seems like every weekend, we've had a crazy finish. >> fun one. >> makes it fun to watch. >> i had fun watching yesterday. >> we know you didi patriots number one n, dylan dreyer. a long-awaited exhibit in washington is open, to the delight of a long line of fans. the giant panda cub out in the open for everyone to see at the smithsonian national zoo. kristen dahlgren has more. >> reporter: after months of anticipation and waiting in line -- >> good morning, everyone! >> reporter: -- it's safe to say all the hoopla hasn't gone to bei bei's head. the five month old couldn't have cared less if he washe day's biggest draw. he slept through his debut. >> he sleeps 90% of the day. >> reporter: dididt stop the
7:18 am
>> he's very cute. >> reporter: from the time he was born, bei bei was a star. from the first images of a pink cub, the size of a stick of butter, with his proud parent. a healthy checkup. >> lungs are good and clear. >> reporter: the first ladies of two countries came together to giveei bei his name. in a way, the 23 pound cub is carrying the weightt of the world. the panda program, an important diplomatic tie between china and the u.s. bei bei will stay in washington for four years, then be sent to china, where less than 2,000 giant pandas remain in the wild. >> we're breeding pandas here, and the next generation of pandas will hopefully start to go bac into o e wild. >> reporter: bei bei's mission may be conservation, but for most, it's all about cuteness. while not everyone got the best view, how could you not forgive this face?
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7:22 am
the time saying, donald, ted cruz was born in canada. he can't bee president. his campaign is illegal. their words, not mine. >> donald, the debate about natural born citizenship iss just political nonsense. clearly, i'm not canadian. canadians are well-liked. i am nono canadians arere rugged and outdoorsy, and i'm made of pudding. they're genuine and warm, whereas, when i smile, it looks like i'm paying. >> one of the stars of the new "star wars" was the host, adam driver. he played his character, kylo ren. you can't go wrong on "snl." >> great last night. thank you, sheinelle. still to come on "today," jada pinkett smith slams the oscar voters, calling for a
7:23 am
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areas. and the winds are song... 20-30 ph gusting too taking over r is evening. ice could be a quarter inch or more could exceed 10 inches in the north with less sleet mixing in. stormtrack7 iowa dot cameras are showing low going as the roads are covered rain, especiallll in the south plenty of problems. visibility is down to a mile or less in many areas. and the winds are strong... 20-30 mph gusting to
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could be a quarter inch or more from iiwa city southward with brighton in washington county reporting more. snowfall amounts could exceed 10 inches in the north with less sleet mixing in. stormtrack7 iowa dot cameras are showing slow going as the roads are covered with snow and ice. snow and sleet may mix with more freezing rain, especially in the south and east as temperatures go up a bit. iowa dot snowplow is down to a mile or less in 40 at times. snow, sleet and freezing rain will continue to track through will all snow taking over this evening. ice could be a quarter inch omore frfrm iowa city ssuthward with brighton in washington county reporting more. snowfall amounts could exceed 10 inches in the north with less sleet mixing in. areas. and the winds are strong... 20-30 mph gusting to 40 at times. snow/ sleet and freezing rain willlontinue to track through will all snow taking over this evening. ice could be a quarter inch or more reporting more. snowfall amounts could exceed 10 )nches in the
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stormtrack7 iowa dot cameras areehowing slow gging as the roads are covered with snow and ice. snow and sleet may mix with more freezing showing plenty of problems. visibility is down to a mile or less in many areas. and the winds are strong... 20-30 mph gusting to 40 at times. snow, sleet and freezing rain will continue to frwm iowa city southward with brighton in washiigton county reporting more. snowfwfll amounts could exceed 10 inches in the north with less sleet mixing in. stormtrack7 iowa dot cameras are showing slow going as the roads are covered with
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david bowie transformed whatever space he was in, whatever medium he was using, and that night for me, he
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>> reporter: . a touching t tbute on "saturday night live," as we come back on this sunday, january 17th, 2016. we come back and welcome our crowd on the chilly plaza. five americans held prisoner in iran will be reunited with family and friends back home. some were aboard a plane that left tehran this morning. the americans were released as part of a prisoner exchange between the united states and iran, hours ahead of a nuclear agreement with the nanaon. >olice in belize say they have a man in custody in connection with the death of an american t trist. thth39-year-old woman's body was fofod near her resort. police say a gautuatemalan man is
7:30 am
celine dion mourning the loss ofer brother d diel who died of cancer on saturday. his death comes two days after the loss of her husband to the same disease. we begin this half hourith thth controversy over the 2016 academy award nominations. for the second year in a row, some claim the award show has a lack of diversity. one actress is out with the strongest call to action yet. morgan has more from los angeles. >> good morning. the sbherinternetets erupting with the #oscars so white. jada pinkett smith is the latest calling fororchange, but she wantnt people to step offline and into action. >> reporter: she's setting it up. >> don't make me get ugly up in hehe, ladies and gentlemen. >> reporter: this time, on twitter, jada pinkett smith suggesting a boycott of the oscars.
7:31 am
the academy hasn't nominated a singlele actor of color. at the ososcars, people of color are always welcomed to give out awards but we're rarely honored for our accomplishments. some say the reason is simple. >> well, it's just -- it's a matter of our membership. >> reporter: the president of the academy is a woman of color. 74% of academy members are white. so are nearly 2/3 of all characters i ithe top 100 films, which is why people are upset enough to boycott. >> there's an old saying, don't shop where you can't work. >> reporter: acknowledging that this year, there was no shortage of top talent. including will smith's role in "concussion." "concussion."
7:32 am
"creed" but not his ptege, michael b. jordan. there was also the actor who played his father ice cube in "straight outta compton." it got nominated for best original screenplay, but the screenwriters are white. >> are you upset? >> i'm not surprised. it's the oscars. they do what they do. >> reporter: and acknowledge what they don't. >> we'll continue to work hard to bring in more inclusion into the academy, into hollywood. >> nearly half of movie ticket buyers are minorities. with the conversation gaining traction, it remains to be seen if and when real change will occur. in an interesting plot twist, the oscars will be hosted by chris rock, who tweeted, the oscars, the white bet awards. >> funny. morganan thank you. n n to a clearing of the air of sorts. steve harvey opening up about what really happenedt last
7:33 am
he will be shariri his conversations with both miss colombia and miss philippines. sheinelle has more on that. >> it was one of the most uncomfortable situations on live tv. steve harvey will use his day time talk show to answer everyone's questions about the mixup. >> miss universe 2015 is -- colombia! >> reporter: it was the flub seen around the world. >> i have to apologize. the first runner up is colombia. miss universe 2015 is philippines. >> reporter: last month, harvey mistakenly crowned miss colombia, before realizing the real winner was miss philippines. he said he misread the card.
7:34 am
it was on the card. the internet >> reporter: the internet memes were swift and merciless. the jokes didn't end there. >> the winner is "straighgh outta compton." i'm sorry, folks. i made a mistake. it's here on the card. >> i'm sorry. i have to apologize here. first runner up. >> reporter: the incident, deeply. >> i couldn't sleep. but my wife was the best. >> reporter: this week, harvey will sit down face-to-face with both contestants to make amends. >> come on, let's move forward. let's be happy. >> okay, cool. >> is that what you were waiting for? >> reporter: and answer some of the biggest questions. >> i didn't do any interviews or anything because i wanted to talk to the women first.
7:35 am
about that tough w wk back on stage. >> can i tell you, i didn't want to walk back out there? looking back on it, man, it's been days since then iish i hadn't have walked back out there. >> steve heart rheeeehee harvey's producers said miss colombibi will s s down with harvey, too, and talk about how it's affected her and if she can forgive him. time for a final check of the weather. >> it's colder and windier. everyone at the plaza has dropped their sign at one point. they've been blowing around. craig, you pointed this out. we found grandma. we're allll adopting you as our grandma. >> i love you. i love you. >> where are you viting from? >> minnesota. >> cold out there today, for sure. >> still cold here. >> i know. it's true. the wind is making everything feel so much colder here in new york. take a look at how cold it's going to be today, as the high
7:36 am
in minneapolis, feels like 33 degrees below zero. in chicago, it feels like it is well below zero when you factor the wind. it won't warm up much this afternoon. highs o o 3 in minneapolis. des moines, 8 degrees. chicago will top out around 7 for a high temperure. out west, another storm is making its way on shore from the pacific. we are going to see about a couple inches of rain. it won't be as heavy as the storms we've seen recently, but we could see two to six inches of raiall through northern california. the mountains, 6 to 12 inches possible. florida, the storms will exit the area and we'llareas. and the winds are track through wiwil all snow north with less sleet mixing in. snow and ice. snow and sleet may iowa dot snowplow cams are winds are strong... 20-30 mph southward with brighton in washington county reporting stormtrack7 iowa dot cameras are showing slow going freezing rain, eeecially in the south and east as temperatures go up a bit. iowa dot snowplow 40 at times. snow, sleet and freezing rain will continue to track throug will all snow brighton in washington county
7:37 am
amounts could exceed 10 inches in the north with less sleet mixing in. >> that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thank you. up next, our sunday stories. we'll go out of this world to see how asteroids could help make some people trillions of members of one family against them.
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7:41 am
building outsidef seatate, chris, a leader of two nasa mars rover missions -- >> we're in the manufacturer and test facileityiesfacilities. >> reporter: -- is building a company to mine asteroids. >> feel that. >> very heavy. >> reporter: the metal asteroids could be worth trillions. because they contain an out of this world amount of platinum. >> hundreds of times higher concentration than the most productive mines on earth. >> reporter: the company plans to launch dozens, if not hundreds, of small, relatively cheap pre satellites to take an up close look at near earth asteroids. find out how much they're worth and, eventually, dig in with robotic mining ships. >> that's it? that's your spacecraft there? >> yeah, it's about the size of a cereal box. >> reporter: asteroids have the
7:42 am
the stuff that rocket fuel is made of. finders, keepers. >> is it possible a person working in this building could become a trillionaire from this? >> with a "t." that's something that we're very excited about. our investors, of course, are well. >> reporter: the current investors investors range from google's employees to sir bronson. >> we might go the way of the dinosaurs. >> today's cost, just one glass of water transported into space, it would cost around $10,000. but if you could get the same glass ofater in limitless supply from an asteroid, it would make space travel a whole
7:43 am
for "today," dave malkoff in washington. >> wild story. >> fascinating. >> sounds scary, the notion of messing with space. at the same time, i ess, it's a l of platinum rings. >> you wonder what the consequence will be of messing up the whole -- >> says the meteorologist. still t t come, a medical mystery within one family, and how they found the courage to deal with what they're you've finally earned enough reward miles on your airline credit card. now you just bk a seat, right? not quite. sometimes those seats are out of reach, costing an outrageous number of miles. it's time to switch... to the capital one venture card. with venture, you'll earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, every day. and when you're ready to travel, just book the flight you want, on any airline and use your miles to cover the cost. now that's more like it.
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we e e back on a sunday morning with a story that almost seems too impossible to be true. jason and stacey were happily raising their fivee childrere in a small oregon town. >> their lives were turned upside down when they learned their children could have o develop a rarar heart defect. >> it takes each one of us to make us a family. sierra is compassionate and loving. megan, who is confident and athletic. lindsey has been our little
7:46 am
she makes suree everyone stays in line. then hunter, who is just happy go lucky. >> oh, yeah. >> full of energy in life. gabe, the family clown. >> we love it. it's a party. >> reporter: parties, of course, don't last forever. >> how old are you? >> five. >> reporter: when trouble visited the family, it came in bulk. family size. at 12, sierra had been living with a transplanted heart for half her life. then, came lindsey's tummy ache. it was 2012, six years after sierra's transplant. . >> we thought, well, it could not be the same. i think both of us were probably in denial. >> reporter: they took lindsey to the er in b bers city, where the doctor examined her, then asked jason and stacey about sierra.
7:47 am
>> enlarged heart. >> i think i lost it. i remember just sobbing. >> reporter: lindsey grew so sick, so quickly, that the very next day, she was flown to the children's hospital. the same place they brought sierra for her heart transplant six years earlier. now, it wassimpossible not to think there was some genetic link involving their daughters' heart disease. >> it was our d-day, i think. we were sat down andold offur five children, that all of them either had cardio miopothy or flags or symptoms that could turn into it. >> reporter: the doctors were as astonished as they were. all the children, every one, would be confronted with the possibility of one day requiring a heartrttransplant just to stay alive. >> this is a rare thing that you're having done to you. >> reporter: that's when we
7:48 am
agreed to trust us, to allow our cameras to follow them. through moments of despair. >> just when you get the transplant doesn't mean it's over. it's just beginning. >> reporter: and courage. >> what else are we going to do now? >> wait until a heart comes, right? >> reporter: bottomless love. >> love you, too, gabe. >> reporer: a journey unlike anything you've ever seen before. >> guess what? >> i have it? do i have a heart? >> you have a heart! >> you do. >> yay! [ reaming ]. >> oh, my goodness! >> in the three yearsince lindsey's heart transplant, the binghams endureed three more open heart surgeries. they're waiting for another donor. you can see more of their story tonight on "dateline." the story, where the heart is, airs tonight at 7:00 eastern, 9:00 pacific on nbc. >> as a parent, i cannot imagine it. times five. >> i think the adults, the
7:49 am
the kids. i mean, they're a spirit you can't imagine as an adult. >> so true. ahead, rememberingng why we honor dr. martin luther king jr. this weekend. harry smith on how one man's dreams are still huh. introducing centrum vitamints. a brand new multivitamin you enjoy like a mint. with a full spectrum of essential nutrients... surprisingly smooth, refreshingly cool. i see you found the vitamints. new centrum vitamints. a delicious new way to get your multivitamins. welcome aboard my starship. ahoy, mateys! it's full of things i love... and free of things i don't. just like chex cereal. it's full of stuff we pirates need. no artificial flavors, and it's gluten-free. eat up, me hearties!
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this morning on sundays with harry, many of you have the day off tomorrow in honor of the celebration of dr. martin luther king jr.'s birthday. harry smith joins us with a remembrance of the man and his lega legacy. >> good morning. there is a part of the mlk holiday that's turning into something like presidents' day.
7:52 am
there's lots of sales going on, and not very much thought, it seems, about the man whose life we are honoring. >> reporter: people like martin luther king are rare. someone who could rally a nation into a new consciousness. someone whose eloquence and charisma could earn converts to the cause of justice. someone who knew history would be on his side. >> i have a dream. [ applause ] that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by theolor of their skin, but by the content of their character. >> reporter: he preachehe with passion. he preached from scripture. while the crowds were@ostly black, it were whites who knew wrong. they knew the country had been wrong. he was spied upon and spat upon, a disciple of change is rarely trusted by the status quo.
7:53 am
a man so hated, he practically prophesied his own death. >> like anybody, i would like to live a long life, longevity has its place, but i'm not concerned about that now. iust want to do god's will. and he has allowed me to go up to the mountain, and i've looked over and i've seen the promise land. >> reporter: gone now almost 50 years, we wonder what he would make of our america. where a failure to signal can land you in jail. where a 12-year-old with a pellet gun is presumed to be a threat. where there are plenty of places where black lives don't matter. poverty, prison, unemployment, african-americans have more than above
7:54 am
limits. >> i barack obama, do solemnly swear. >> reportete there are times when hope turns to reality, color doesn't matter, when preconventions get turned on their heads, and people realize we're all in this together. happy birththy to the prophet. may we all seek to make his dream our own. >> you know, in this line of work, you see the best of us and the worst of us sometimes. i think back in this past year, and remember being in charleston, when all the people were on that bridge together. and you see tho moments, expepeence those moments, and yoyo want that to have some sort of viral quality, so it can spread.( it's something that we lose consciousness of.. we go by inur busy, every day lives, and i guess the sense of this message for me, i do an editorial this morning, there's work to be done.
7:55 am
>> very well done. >> thank you. >> harry smith, thank you. thanks to you, as well. quick reminder to tune into "meet the press," where chuck will be talking to hillaryry clintonn and bernie sanders. >> catch the democratic debate tonight here on nbc. weweant to wish a happy retirement to ronnie jordan, one of our own. 40 years. 28 years here on "weekend today." she is a smile every morning and
7:56 am
we love you, adore there are two democratic visions for regulating wall street. one says it's okay to take millions from big banks and then tell them what to do. my plan -- break up the big banks, close the tax loopholes, and make them pay their fair share. then we can expand health care to all, and provide universal college education. will they like me? no. will they begin to play by the rules if i'president? you better believe it. i'm bernrn sanders and i approve this message. investigation. plus... police are investigating an officer-involved shooting in iowa. then...democrats are ready foror the big stage tonight- for their
7:57 am
debate before iowa caucus day.
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