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tv   KWWL News at Five  NBC  January 17, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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through her restaurant over night. the fire was reported around midnight in strawberry point. we are told -- the back home country cookin' restaurant recently celebrated their seventh year in business. authorities say they have an idea what caused the fire -- but cannot confirm anything at this point. kwwl's olivia mancino returns from the scene -- and joins us live with the details. olivia? i spoke to firefighters moments before they wrapped up for the day-- they told me they had to call in two other departments for backup not just because it was a large fire but because it was so cold, they needed to rotate shifts here's a look at the restaurant now. as you can see theres not much left of one side of the building. these icicyles all over the building are from the firefighters'
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it took firefighters from three departments nearly two hours to put the fire out-- strangely and fortunately -- the fire happened right next door to the fire department, but they still faced many challenges in the cold weather "as any firefighter knows once our hoses were running so it wouldnt freeze, it was definitely cold." here are some more pictures of the fire... witnesses say the smoke was so thick it took over the entire block one woman told me she saw a family who lives nearby evacuate their home because of the smoke i spoke to the business owner, brenda landis about the fire she says she's overwhelmed by the support from her community and shes even received facebook messages from people in states, offering their condolences weve got you covered live in the newsroom olivia mancino ...kwwl news.
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was the very same restaurant republbican presidential candidate ted cruz used to campaign nearly two weeks ago -- as part of his tour. a waterloo home is damaged during a fire -- in the 13- hundrerd block of hammond avenue. firefighters responded around 11-40 today -- and worked through bitterly cold weather. our crew was on scene -- and witnesses say it appeared the home was damaged -- but not not destroyed. a waterloo firefighter says a person was taken to the hospital -- but their injuries are unknown at this time. please stay tuned to kw-wl -- as this story develops. in davenport -- police investigate a bar fight that led to three people being hurt -- at least two of them stabbed. it happened before 11 o-clock last night at the hawkeye tap. in the end -- three people were taken to the hospital. no arrests have been made. new at five tonight -- police release the name of a man involved in an officer-involved shooting in muscatine. police say 41- year-old timothy seefeldt allegedly stole a hummer from a restaurant friday
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nearly thirty minutes later -- a muscatine sheriff's deputy saw the vehicle on highway 61 -- and tried stopping the driver -- but they wouldn't. they even hit a few parked cars and a police vehicle. several shots were fired -- and the driver was eventually hit. he was taken to the hospital -- and the incident remains under investigation. eastern iowans honor doctor martin luther king junior's chilly weather changes their plans. strom track seven's shirley descorbeth attends the event in dubuque -- and joins us live with the details. shirley? due to the chilly weather -- m-l-k freedom march organizers had to change their plans this year. showing up -- ready to march in honor of dr. martin luther king change their plans. "we asually have a annual tribute march...due to the weather, we decided to meet the people out here, provide some
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chocolate inside...and we're just ushering people inside." sending nearly one hundred people directly indoors -- that means no marching outdoors this year. however, organizers say it's still important to come together for dr. king. "we know those who went "and this march isn't just about honoring dr. king -- it's also about recognizing local students." (nat sound) inside prescott elementary school -- the gym the sixteen students "everyone should be treated fairly...and equal." world." organizers say they had to of showing martin luther king jr.'s dream to people around the world." organizers say they had to
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safe -- and not outside. it was sponsored by the dubuque branch of the naacp. we've got you in dubuque...shirley descorbeth.... ...kwwl news. thanks shirley -- organizers say nearly 200 students in the dubuque area submitted information for the doctor martin luther king tribute contest. out of those -- sixteen were recognized today. coming up on kwwl -- how eastern iowans are embracing the chilly weather. plus -- the deal of a lifetime for amazon users. you're watching kwwl, we've got you covered. but first -- here's a live look at the storm track seven live doppler radar. "you're watching kwwl. we've and sports with mark woodley.
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news at five." from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team. see the screen for your complete weather information. here is additional forecast information from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team: good evening i am meteorologist kyle kiel. the bitter cold temperatures will continue over the next couple of days. this map doesn't look much different than it did at this time yesterday. a wind chill warning is in effect for bremer, butler, grundy and black hawk
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viewing area until noon on monday. here's another threat tracks is in the red for both tonight and tomorrow due to the wind chill advisories and warnings in effect across the area. wind chills will be 20 to 35 degrees below zero tonight and into tomorrow morning. we will see a little improvement tomorrow afternoon which is why those advisories go until noon. tuesday will still be cold, and we have the chance for snow especially late in the day and tuesday night. more on that in just a moment. temperatures are cold. most of us are sitting below zero right now nd have been below zero all day long. in fact, most of us saw
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midnight. wind chills right now are well below zero, and that is thanks to winds out of the northwest from 10 to 20 miles per hour. the wind will continue out of the northwest tonight from 5 to 15 miles per hour, which means these wind chill values will continue between the 20 and 40 degrees below zero range. at least there have been a mostly sunny sky, so you can enjoy it hopefully from the comfort of your nice, heated home. here's a look at the storm track 7 live weather network cameras. we've got clear skies all across the region, and that will help temperatures drop pretty quickly overnight, once again. here's the storm track 7 live doppler radar. no snow across eastern iowa today. a wider view shows a
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area of high pressure keeping the midwest dry. there are some clouds in northwest iowa, and those could affect us later tonight but mainly we stay dry. future track shows the dry, mostly clear conditions throughout the overnight hours and into the day on monday. by monday afternoon, there may be a few high clouds tracking in, but it will be pretty similar to what we had today. the wind will be lighter and temperatures will actually get above zero for most of us across eastern iowa. so at least we are trending upward. here is future track all the way into chilly days this weekend by creating ice ball art.
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water. they can be seen on display at green square park. those wishing to add to the project can drop their ice balls off in the grassy area through monday. instructions for making the ice balls are posted on the cedar rapids parks and recreation facebook page. amazon's popular 'prime' service is on sale for 73 dollars. the promotion celebrates the company winning two golden globe awards for its series -- mozart the jungle. the company's prime service offers two-day shipping for free -- and video streaming -- that typically runs at nearly a hundred bucks a year. as a reminder -- the sale price is good until 10-59 tonight. coming up on kwwl -- a chilling good time on the ice this weekend -- but it's all inside. and when you see news - or if you have pictures or video to share... you can do that by going to our page on facebook. you can also "like" our page to you're watching kwwl.
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temperatures to spend time on the ice -- but inside. organizers say -- the colder the weather gets -- the ice arena gets busier. kwwl's kristin rogers spent the afternoon at the arena -- during their open skating hours. she joins us live the details. kristin? that's right and open skating just wrapped up within the last half hour, but i've go to tell you, it was very busy here this afternoon and really all weekend, ironically people are spending time on the ice even and marion seemed to be like ghost towns on this freezing day, instead we found people spending their time in other places. the ice area tells me they had 200 skaters at open skate yesterday and there were many many more today. those enjoying the ice tell me they would rather be spending time here than being cooped up inside of their
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when i told them at work i was is outside so i'd rather be inside skating today than outside skating today, it's freezing." many agreed telling me they enjoy being able to skate indoors, especially when temperatures are as cold as they are outside. the ice arena tells me they are expecting a huge crowd tomorrow as many students will be out of we've got you covered live in thanks kristin. coming up at ten -- we will hear from other people who spent the coldest day of the year so far -- on the ice. just in: we're learning about a car that drove into an eastern iowa nail salon
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brandilynn blvd. we have a crew on scene and are working to learn more at this time authorities are still on scene reported next... the hawkeye football team grabs one of the highest rated recruits in state history -- while on the court -- the hawks looked to make it 5 straight to start off the big ten season -- "now, kwwl sports." marco rubio. he ran for senate saying he opposed amnesty...
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hawkeyes have emerged as a conference title contender -- today-- the hawks looked to keep that run rolling -- iowa hosting michigan in a sold out carver hawkeye arena today -- and they came firing out of the gate -- jared uthoff from the arc -- hawkeyes opened on an 11, but the wolverines responded with a run of their own -- d-j wilson with the hard finish -- 13 straight for michigan for a 21, 20 edge -- hawks respond -- adam woodbury up 7 -- they'd lead 38, 33 at the break -- second half -- hawks start to pull away from the arc -- peter jok knocks it down -- hawkeyes stretch the lead to ll (63-52) then -- it's uthoff again -- 17 points at that point in the game ---- this of the biggest recruits in team history -- a-j epenesa -- ranked by rivals as the number one defensive end -- chose iowa over multiple offers -- including from 3 out of the 4 teams in this year's college football
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the edwardsville, illinois junior is the son of former hawkeye offensive lineman epenesa epenesa -- nfc divisional playoffs -- carolina looked well on their way to a rout of seattle -- already up 24 in the first half -- cam newton fires to greg olson -- 19 yards on the touchdown -- 31, nothing panthers at half -- second half -- though -- all seattle -- 3 touchdown passes for russell wilson -- that one 33 yards to tyler lockett -- they scored 24 unanswered to pull within a touchdown -- going for the onside kick in the that's the ballgame -- panthers survive the comeback 31, 24 -- back to the court -- uni women looking to move to 5 and 1 in the valley -- hosting indiana state -- playing from behind early on -- down 5 -- amber sorenson's trey pulls them within 2 -- 11 to 9 -- she had
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game -- a bit later -- stephanie davison from beyond the arc -- panthers knocked down 9 treys in the ballgame -- tough shooting day for jen keitel -- just one of 9 -- but does knock the uni wrestling team rolled over old dominion 24-12 out east in virginia today -- panther 141 pounder trevor jauch -- unranked -- picked up a 5-3 upset over a top ten opponent -- uni's off for 12 days before hosting number 19 central michigan a week from friday -- the winter iowa games kick off in just under 2 weeks in dubuque -- and then a couple weeks later in cedar rapids -- the games are in their 24th year -- featuring more than 30 indoor and outdoor sports -- hopefully it warms up a bit -- iowa sports foundation c-e-o and former hawkeye chuck long says the past years the games have been going strong -- last year we had over 4,000 people for the 6th year in a row. so we're looking at lucky and everybody to come. we have a sport for everybody. registration deadlines are drawing near -- people wanting
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deadlines are drawing near -- people wanting to participate can do so at iowagames- dot-org -- thanks mark
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squirrel neafter a heavy snowfall in estonia this week -- squirrels had to work a little harder for their food. this squirrel showed its athletic ability -- by diving head first form the trees to find its stash of nuts.
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winter wonderland like a pro... wind chill warning and advisory continues into the day on monday. here's the storm track 7 day forecast. another cold night tomorrow night and tuesday. as giving us a chance for light snow with accumulation mainly tuesday night, then we go into the 20s by the end of the week. thanks for joining us for the kwwl news at five. we hope you'll join us tonight for the kwwl news at ten. on this sunday night, fight night. clinton versus sanders in tonight's crucial democratic debate. what they're saying about key issues like guns and health care with a tight race in the first primary state where the candidates stand nationally in our brand new poll. deadly tornadoes.
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tore through parts of florida.
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