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tv   Early Today in Iowa  NBC  January 18, 2016 4:30am-5:00am CST

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allowance ahead of time... and what his father did next -- has a lot of people talking and i'm jerry gallagher. let's check on your weather now with storm track 7 meteorologist eileen loan. good morning. wind chill warning continues this morning for a small portion of the viewing area with a wind chill advisory for the rest of us through noon. current chills are mainly in the 20s below, but we have a few -30s at times, too. air temperatures are below zero over the entire area, too. and northwest winds will keep that bitterly cold air moving in... winds will weaken a bit today but we will stay cold. most of us should get into positive territory on the thermometer, but just barely in most instances. we have a bit of a warm up for the rest of the week, but we also have some snow
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the big story this morning -- is the big chill. the mild start to the winter is a distant memory. this morning -- all over the midwest -- people are waking up to frigid waether once again. in south dakota -- adding insult to injury. one ski resort forced to close in december because of mild weather -- now has to shut down because the weather is too cold. sundown mountain in dubuque closed at 6 last night because of the wind chill but plans to today is martin luther king junior day. the weather forced organizers to change plans over the weekend. many people showed up for the annual freedom march in dubuque. organizers sent people inside to "due to the weather, we decided to meet the people out here, provide some nice hot beverage, hot chocolate
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inside prescott elementary school -- sixteen students were recognized for their tributes to doctor king. about 200 students turned in essays, poems and books for the contest. this morning, an iowa woman and her three children are being remembered. they died in a fire early sunday morning in boone county. firefighters say the fire started in the back of the home. the family was using a space heater to keep pets warm. amber sorenson was 27 years old. riley sorenson was nine. autumn was six and brayden was four years old. they all died in the fire. crews say they had trouble "we had a tough time, there tower. (we) hauled water from up. then (we) ended up going six miles away and hauling
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amber sorenson's husband was at work when the fire happened. firefighters are needed at a home in waterloo. a fire broke out at a home on hammond avenue yesterday. a firefighter says one person was taken to the hospital. there's no word how they're doing this morning. firefighters rescued four cats from the fire. 14 days and counting before the iowa caucuses. it's a tight race here, but a new national poll shows a different story across the country. hillary clinton leads bernie sanders by 25 points in a new however, recent polls also show the two democrats running neck and neck in iowa and new hampshire. this is the last matchup between the democrats before the voting begins in two weeks. they went toe to toe in a debate last night in south carolina.
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voting with the n- r-a. questions about the former president -- bill clinton -- also came up during the debate. yes, his behavior was deplorable. have i ever once said a word about that issue? governor o'malley, on the issues facing the american people, not bill clinton's personal behavior. hillary clinton returns to eastern iowa today. she'll be in toledo tonight to campaign. this morning, three americans -- released by iran -- are resting in germany. back home, their loved ones are relieved and grateful for a day many feared would never come. reid binion has the latest on the prisoner swap. "i couldn't live my life every day knowing that was happening to him. " ...and he doesn't have to anymore... that matt brandseth's childhood friend, washington post journalist jason rezaian, is free. rezaian was one of five americans released by iran this weekend, four of as part of a prisoner swap
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after a stop in switzerland sunday... rezaian and two others - marine veteran amir hekmati and pastor saeed abedini - arrived in checkups. from there - the three are headed to the u-s.... back home, feelings of relief and gratitude. rezian's mother - grateful for the outpouring of public support during his imprisonment. i want to thank everyone around the world who has been working on his behalf to bring him home. hashtag 'free jason. u-s congressman dan kildee, who worked on behalf of amir hekmati, also expressed relief. "we've had a few instances where we thought amir might come home and it's been close and then it didn't happen." after years of cautious relief. "it just seems surreal. it came at a time that him, but i know its real. " american student matthew trevithick was also released -- not as part of the prisoner swap -- and has left iran. a fifth freed prisoner, nosratollah khosravi-roodsari, has decided to stay in iran. i'm reid binion, reporting. in exchange -- the u-s pardoned
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dropped charges against seven iranians serving time for -- or accused of sanctions violations in the u- s. three people are found dead inside a home near an upstate new york community college. police say two men and a woman athletes. one played basketball. the other -- a hockey player. used, no firearm was used in this situation. i can tell you that a knife was recovered at the scene. police say they're still investigating -- and are not saying who was responsible. search crews find debris as they look for two helicopters that crashed. 12 marines are missing near hawaii. one is from minnesota. two helicopters were on a nighttime training missing late thursday when they hit each other. there's been no sign of any survivors. a cedar rapids police officer is recovering after being seriously injured during a domestic disturbance call.
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yesterday afternoon on sixth street south west. police say this man -- nathan brocks -- allegedly hit the officer. the officer then fell and hit his head. the officer was taken to the hospital. brocks was tased before he was taken into custody. he's in the linn county jail -- and faces several charges. this was not the return they were hoping for. a space-x rocket launched a satellite -- but then -- the rocket's return was not a good one. it landed on a floating barge in the pacific -- but a support leg broke and it toppled over, bursting into flames. ice build up might have been the problem. a six-year-old wants his allowance. his father says no -- and gives the boy a formal rejection letter. jason aubry tells us that letter in st. louis is now being seen by thousands of people. meet six-year-old auren nanos. recently he found he wanted a new toy but didn't have loan from dad's savings and loan. it's safe to say you care deeply for your clientele.
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them in a financially precarious situation. so we strive to protect them from such to get as they once were. "we reviewed his portfolio and while he does have an income it simply was not sufficient to sustain the level of spending that they wanted to incur." unhappy with the result he contacted the manager of the complaint department. "sometimes there's a lot of crying. sometimes there can be yelling." auren's rejection letter hit the internet and has gone viral. "it's pretty humorous, reading some of the comments people have. some people take it way full well most of it would go over his son's head. but auren ended up learning a lesson out of all this. "he got told the concept of a loan - oh i can get my allowance money ahead of time? great idea card. and then he realized oh wait it's not my money - he can say no." ultimately the manager of the complaint department was able to work out a deal to satisfy their client.
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would allow a front of the money still the ceo of dad's savings and loan has advice for his client. "we understand that his feelings may be hurt, but my advice to our client would be this - if you'd like to improve your future, work harder, do those chores." we still have a lot to get to this morning: including this. is this ragbrai in january? no -- but it's still impressive. cyclists take the place of a plus not even hilton magic can warm things up outside the arena. frosty fans battle the elements for the best seats in the house -- later tonight. wind chills are still running 20 below zero over most of the
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morning. it doesn't improve too much today and tonight. i'll have more coming up. the person who lives here... has to solve problems as big as the world... and as small as your kitchen table. that's the job. everyday. and now, the first lady who helped get healthcare for eight million kids... the senator who helped a city rise again... the secretary of state who stood up for america, and stared down hostile leaders around the world... is the one candidate for president who has everything it takes to do every part of the job... she'll never let anyone privatize social security and medicare... or shut down planned parenthood... she'll take on the gun lobby... finally get equal pay for women... and stop the republicans from ripping all our progress away. so on february first, stand up for hillary. because if you want a president
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and build a stronger economy... hillary's the choice... i'm listening to you, i'm fighting for you, and with your support, i'm going to deliver. i'm hillary clinton
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weather information. here is additional forecast information from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team: we keep the dangerously cold air over us today and tonight, but we will start a warm up tomorrow with a chance of snow tracking in. we still have the wind chill warnings and advisories posted for the entire area this morning as wind chills are running anywhere from 19 to 30 below
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stormtrack7 live weather network will show plenty of sunshine when the sun comes up, but it will be deceiving...temps this morning are still below zero and may stay there in a few places today, especially where they are in the minus teens. winds are still northwesterly at 5 to 15 mph but will be mainly 5-10 today as high pressure tracks in. we will be mostly sunny today, too, although the next system will throw a few clouds our way late tonight. the low will track to our south, but will have enough energy and moisture to bring some snow to the area. the main snowfall will be south, but we could end up with a couple of inches of fluffy stuff
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tracks to the east. we will stay cold today, but will start a small warm up tomorrow as highs get back into the teens above zero over much of the midwest tomorrow. today, though, it stays bitterly cold over our viewing area with highs barely getting above zero in most places. wind chills will stay 10 to 20 below through tonight as lows dip back below zero and highs should make it into the teens above zero tomorrow as the clouds and light snow track in for the afternoon. the best chance of snow is tuesday night, but should be out by wednesday... a few flurries may track through, but we stay mainly dry the rest of the week. highs will be in the low to mid 20s through saturday with upper 20s possible on
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many eastern iowans escape the winter chill by spending time on the ice -- but inside. parks and trails in cedar rapids and marion seemed to be like ghost towns, instead we found people spending their time in other places. organizers say -- the colder the weather gets -- the ice arena gets busier. it's a big money-saver could hit another gear. find out what's happening in iran -- that could impact the price of gas in the u-s next. plus -- iowa puts its undefeated big ten record on the line at home. if the hawks win, they could find themselves in the top ten later today. you're watching kwwl. we've got you covered in delaware, delhi, dunkerton and all of eastern iowa
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have to hit the road a lot: gcould soon go even lower. a new wave of oil from iran is about to flow into the global market. a european oil embargo on iraq is ending thanks to the nuclear deal with that country. iran is the world's seventh largest oil producer. the immediate impact could be another steep drop in crude oil prices -- which could affect the price at the pump. this morning, gas buddy says the cheapest prices you can find in gallon. in the n-f-l -- the conference championship games are set: patriots - broncos and cardinals - panthers. much of the talk today involves teams that didn't even make the playoffs. the san diego chargers and soon-to-be los angeles rams will start negotiating today about possibly sharing a stadium. last week, the n- f-l approved the rams' move from st. louis back to los angeles... and will let the chargers join them. frigid iowa weather is not enough to keep many cyclone fans
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seats. tonight, iowa state hosts oklahoma in men's basketball. some fans borrowed an ice fishing shack to help them deal with the cold. we've been set up since last night, so two nights before the pretty cold on the ground. we've got internet, we've got snacks, sleeping bags, cards, netflix, electricity. the sooners are expected to be the new number one team in the country when the poll comes out today. iowa should crack the top 10 in the new poll. the red hot hawkeyes hosted michigan yesterday. iowa came out on fire -- scoring the first 11 points of the game. adam woodbury with the bucket there. michigan would climb back into it -- hitting a bunch of threes. but iowa pull away late in the second half. the hawks win 82 - 71 -- moving to five and oh in the big ten. next up is a trip to rutgers on thursday.
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basketball game in utah. watch what happens when an oregon state player hits the deck -- trying to wrestle the ball away from a utah player. he wants a foul to be called. doesn't get it. so he trips the ref. he was given a technical foul and then ejected. utah went on to win. some eastern iowans are using the icy weather to get their creative juices flowing. in cedar rapids -- some are creating ice ball art. they're made with birthday balloons, food coloring, and water. you can see them at green square park. if you'd like to make any, there are instructions on the cedar rapids a young couple wheels their way - and furniture - to a new home. more than a dozen riders helped move all of their furniture -- by bike. they loaded chairs, tables, lamps, and even a couch onto the bikes and pedaled more than two- miles through downtown atlanta. they felt it was a good way to
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"if you have fantastic people around you and a community you things on bikes, even moving, so get out there, enjoy your friends, enjoy biking, and enjoy atlanta." they say the idea came from seeing other active bike movers around the country. everything made it in one piece. the time now is still to come this morning: the impact milennials are having on hotels and airlines -- and what that could mean for you the
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this year -- you might notice new trends taking hold. chris clackum tells us you can thank millennials for making it happen. millennial business travelers are already credited with big changes in the hotel industry... "millennial business travelers have money to spend but they're driven experience when they're staying at hotels." the latest..rooms without a desk... because millennials are more likely to be working in the coffee shop or common area.. than their room. now, the 20 and 30-
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who tacks on leisure travel to their trip, hence 'bleisure' travel" orbitz editor jeanenne tornatore says that means hotels are offering business travelers ...even more leisurely things to do. ...and notes that the airline industry is taking notice.. offering, for example, seats with more plug-ins for mobile devices. "and we'll see more spaces for laptops and tablet storage in seats in newer planes coming out like all travelers should booking spring and summer travel right now. chris clackum, nbc news. we could all use a day at the beach after dealing with this frigid
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here's a look at storm track seven live doppler radar. eileen's forecast is next.
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check of your storm track seven forecast. still bitterly cold today with highs barely getting above zero and chills staying 15 to 30 below today, 10-20 below tonight into tuesday morning. light snow mid 20s for the rest of the week. it's and coming up on today in iowa. the search continues for a missing two-year- old boy in tennessee. and after recent cases of e-coli and salmonella, one chain is closing all of its restaurants for several hours to talk food safety. more on that when today in iowa continues. ally crutcher joins us next. "you're watching kwwl.
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now on today in iowa... the final democratic debate before the iowa caucuses we'll give you a recap, as the two front-runners are neck-and-neck in iowa. plus... just weeks ago, a presidential candidate toured this restaurant. but now, the owner has to rebuild after a weekend fire destroyed it. and a special american girl doll gives comfort to those who've lost their hair during cancer treatments. we'll have that story coming up
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good morning, i'm ally crutcher. and
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