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tv   Early Today  NBC  January 19, 2016 4:00am-4:30am CST

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hollywood's biggest night over an absence of diversity. is this for real? and this kid's god super powers. "early today" starts right now. and good morning everybody. thanks for being with us. the increasingly contentious primary appear fweezs to be wearing on voters. 4 in 10 say this has soured their view of the republican party, compared to just 19% who feel more favorably. this compared to vote rbz views of the democratic. 54% say it has not changed the view of the party. and bernie sanders gains ground on hillary clinton in both iowa and new hampshire.
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in birmingham, alabama where he got an early shot in against his democratic opponents. >> we began thiz campaign about nine months go and we were 50 points behind. we were 50 points behind the inevitable, inevitable democratic nominee. well, guess what? that inevitable candidate ain't so inevitable today. >> the fight for new hampshire is also heating up between republican frontrunner donald trump and senator ted cruz and so is the personal attacks. here are the details. >> reporter: 9:00 a.m., lindy's diner and ted cruz gets served yet another question about his closest rival. >> are you really going to get mr. trump to build that wall? >> if he doesn't, he's fired. >> reporter: at the same time
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liberty university in virginia hoping to pry evangelical support from cruz. game. >> reporter: and then taking off for concort in new hampshire. following the two frontrunners in one state, as their former bromanse erupts into a ball. >> nobody likes him anywhere once they get to know him. >> he's losing support and going down in the polls and his personal. i don't expect to respond in kind. >> reporter: but he is hitting trump. >> ronald regan became quite conservative. >> ronald regan did not spent -- >> reporter: sprinting towards a photo finish in iowa.
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resist laugh at a ather opponent's expense. after a dog barks. >> oh, that's hillary. musician glen fry, best known as the founding leader of the eagles, died yesterday. he wrote classics such as "heart ache tonight", "hotel california." and a song he also sang lead vocals on "lead kid tonight." johnny come lately, the new kid in town everybody loves you so don't let them down >> got a lot of hits. he also had a successful solo career in the 80s with hits such as "the heat is on." and founding member said don was
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the one to started it all. and then a bob seg said he was brilliant anana joy to be around while calling him the leader of the eagles. glen frey dididt the age of 67. michigan governor rick snider is under increased criticism for the handling of the flint water crisis. they marched to his an arbor home calling for his resignation and arrest as well. this as national gua descend handing out bottled water. their water problem arose in 2014 after a city manager, in a an effort to save money, switched the water source to the flint river and it caused led to
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city's water supply. > in california 24 black live said matter protests were arrested on martin luther king jr. day after shutting down far parts of the bay bridge. they drove to the middle of the bridge and chaining themselves to their cars and each other to protest police brutality.y. westbound traffic was shut down fo a perio during rush hour. > as nbc simmons reports, a last minute snag with iran came close to derailing their freedom. >> reporter: washington post reporter with his other, wife and mother. "i'm feeling good" he told them. he described his treatment in iran, imprisoned in a 1 1 by 20 foot room, in solitary
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former marine was jailed for 4 1/2 years and sentenced to death. his sisters flew to germany excited to see him. >> i'm in a fog. this is surreal. i'm still in disbelief. reporter:n friday night the white house told people close to the men there might be news and on saturday morning they began to be released and a scene one u.s. official dederibed as something o o of the film "fargo." they a were toto they couldn't leave with him. >> he told him this must be part ofofhe deal. reporter: a deal criticized who say a group of convicted iranians should not have been
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and one captor thanking president obama for bringing him and the othths back to their families. now to the growing out rage over the lack of diversity in oscar nominations, threatening to a full boycott from some of the biggest names. >> reporter: with the oscars just a few weeks away, the buzz isn't about who's nominated but rather who isn't. there isn't a single actor of color up for a lead or supporting roll ompting the viral #oscars so white for a second year in a row. will smith went unrecognized for his roll in concussion. his wife is suggesting people boycott the ceremony. >> is it time that people of color recognize how much power, influence that we have amassed thatate no longer need to ask to
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>> reporter: director spike lee says he won't be attending either and blames hollywood studio saying the real battle is where the gate keepers decide what gets made and what gets jettisoned. chris rock is hosting this year. >> we're still working very hard and will continue to work hard to bring in more inclusion. >> reporter: still critically acclaimed straight out of comptonp got only one oscar nomination for the lm's writers who are white. >> i think we'll only continue to see more people boycotting the oscars and if not a complete boycott, they are definitely going to voice their opinions. >> the president of the academy
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both hea broken and frustrated abt the lack of inclusion. this is a difficult and important conversation and it's time for big changes. a town in michigan experienced a flash back when the price plunged to 47 cents a gallon. they sold gas well below a dollar. an it caused a price war with two other gas station in the area. local pleesholice were called in to direct traffic. prices were back to today's market prices. probably throwing a few elbows in there. temperatures in minneapolis have been hovering around zero. he froze a pair of jeans and prompted them up on his front yard. soon, hey, guess what, the entire neighborhood was line would frozen jeans, corduroys and sweat pants. i'm guessing that jeans probably
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a little stiffer. >> if you googled the t-shirt, they freeze them in the subtemperatures too. it's a thing. what are you going to do in the middle of winter and you're stuck in your house? wewe have negative 2 in d.c. one of the coldest mornings we've had. and snow north of kansas city and nebrbrka. thisiss nothe big storm we're going to deal with this weekend but it will produce oo light swath from nortpern missouri and through areas of northern tennessee and the state of kentucky. so, let's talk about the weekend storm. our american model blows it up auch the off the coast. and i'll give you an idea of who has the best chance and it pin ints i 95 and the mountainous
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virginia. a little less impacts in new england but stiti really nails west virginia and ravaareas near baltimore. and this could produce dadaerously strong high tides and wind damage on the coast. so, this could be a multifaceted troublesome storm this weekend. now a closer look at the day ahead. asasar as the light snow, temperatures will be plenty cold, kansas city with a high of only 23. temperatures cold through the ohio valley. more details from your local station and from myself if the days ahead on the big storm from the eastt coast. major warning from the cdc for all women of child baring age. and aazar high speed chase ends with half a dozen dogs on the loose. hey, you're watching "early
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health officials are calling it a pandemic in the making. the cdc has confirmed that hawaii has the first baby known to be born with the zika.. babies are born with bigger heads. they told women of child baring age to avoid traveling to certain countries. a woman tried to out maneuver a california highway waiwayy patrol vehicle. six dogs were in the car. freeway lanes were closed as
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this morning on "today," find out what life is like after winning 1/3 of the largest lottery jackpot in hitstory. >> i'm used to doing my own stuff. i can't even drive my own car right now. so, it's a little overwhelming. >> i bet. hear more from them later on "today." it is steph versus lebron as the two get tied up on a screen play but lebron gets called for the push. warriors were putting a beating down on the home town cavs. even the fans were digging for some excitement. there it is
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it was a blowout. there's the slow mow version. if you're in the front row, just expect it. carmelo anthony nails the three to keep the knicks alive. 6ers drive new york into double over time but the home team held 119-113. to college where oklahoma climbed to the top of the ap men's basketball poll for the first time in almost 26 years but could it be a short reign as they beat a number one seat for the first time since 1919. excited there. oregon state jamal reed has been suspended for at least four games following the -- for that tripping incident. it happened on sunday. reed has appalls. >>ed -- appallologized to the
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trip down memory lane as photos surfaced of her moving into his home, she was seen sporting herer old engagement ring. they were engaged in 2012 but called it quits a few months later. be be beyonce was said to be practicing there for super bowl 50. former supermodel stephanie seymore allegedly backed into another car at a stop sign in connecticut friday night. jimmy fallon poked fun at the often forgotten democratic candidate,e,artin o'malley. >> the other democratic candidate, martin o'malley was also at the debate but it seems
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i quickly rinse off. and i'm ready to go. nivea in-shower body lotion -- in the body lotion aisle. leading the news in the new york times, british have a go at trump but shy away from a ban. a three-hour debate took place in parliament on whether or not to bar him from traveling to the u.k. this was in responon to a petition demanding that trump be denied entry for engaging in hate speech. the debate did not resest in a
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now to one of the superheroes who lives among us. here introducedingerroduceing us to a little boy who shared a page age with one of comic books. meet iron max. >> reporter: he loves comic books about superheroes doing battle. >> yes. >> reporter: max is fighting hisis own battle against heme feelia, a disorder that prevents his blood from clotting. it was scary when he needed surgery but his dad got an idea. >> you're going to get a metal in your chest like iron man and his response, i get to be iron man? >> it's here where iron man has it. >> reporter: that's how he
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then his big sister, zoe had an idea to help other kids like max and created a c cendar raising more than $7500 for children p was hospital of philadelphia. when marvel comics heard all about it, they wrote a story about iron max and his fight against hemophia. how proud are you be ton the irir man comics? >> proud. not just proud, proud. >> reporter: as marvel said, since heroes belong in comics, they couldn't help put max in theirs. >> good for you, max. >> that children's hospital is -- so many people have so many greating thth s ingthings to say about that and his sister, what a great idea. >> life through a child's eyes.
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sean johnson turns 24, stephanie tanner herself is 34. and country music legend dolly parten turns 70. keep it here for more news, weather and sports. i'm shannon mulaire. thank you for watching "early
4:28 am you covered. this is today in iowa." now on today in iowa: they're criss crossing iowa with less than two weeks to go -- and one candidate says he's got a big announcement later today at a rally. plus a car chase that has viewers glued to the t-v because of what's in the back seat. several dogs -- that eventully get loosos on the highwawa. and is there any way to get a leg up on this frigid weather? one man has an idea. his denim
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i'm jerry gallagher.


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