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tv   KWWL News at Six  NBC  January 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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check, a little more than 18 here's some video that was shot earlier this afternoon har@isburg where there has been enarly 30 inches of snow, and the snow ccntinues to fall. here's the satellite and the united states, creating some very heavy snow bands all the we have had calm weather. it's further east. it's been breezy at times today, and that has those slick sps on the roadways. here's the torm clouds. details on the chance for snow in our forecast coming up in a few minutes. thanks kyle -- several iowans are affected by the east coast blizzard. mme than 200 people from dubuque county took buses to east coast blizzard. more than 200 people from few inutes. thanks kyle -- several iowans are affected by the east coast
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more than 200 people from dubuque county took buses to washington d-c for the annual marh for life rally. on the way bacc -- they got stranded for hours on the pennsylvania turnpike. kw-wl's shirley descorbeth has been following this story since last night. she joins us live with the latest. shirlrey? well, i'm happy to report everyone is safe and accounted for. late last night, one of them cotacted me a said they had beben stuckckin the same spoo..for five hours! those five e ours turned to more than fifteen hours and counting. i caught up with them over the the pennsylvania turnpike -- all because of winter stormonas. "we e ot stopped at uh, 11 five buses filled with adults and kids went to board member of protest during g e annual "march board member of
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leon jensen, says they cut the coming, we kept looking at the weather. we kept timing, trying to time when we could get back, governorr tom woll updating media -- saying there are 500 cars stuck. turnpike. we're trying to...we're doing our best to address that situation." as for those stranded -- they bond with one another...even coming together for an outdoor mass. "a bunch of us got together and they're celebrating mass out in the snowstorm. they made an and during this diffucult situation -- they say the trip was still worth it. compmpred to the tragedy that we came to protest against." those stuck on the turnpike say,
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they're in good spirits. they say family and friends here in iowa shouldn;t worry doo much -- their fine. but keep them in your ppyers. we got you covered...shirley descorbeth... ...kwwl news. people say it could be hours before traffic gets moving again. however -- the pennsylvania national guard dropped off water and food to people who were stranded. the death toll jumps -- as more than 70-million people are affected by this east coast storm. following the blizzard -- roads, trains and planes have been shut down -- with major power outages. jennifer johnson is (nats: snow storm) life-threatening blizzard conditions are slamming the east coast....wind gusts over 50-miles per hour have de travel virtually move....thousands were stranded on i-75 in kentucky. (s/andrew jago / stranded driver :17 - :31) "i've been running my engine on a ten minutes ....for te minutes long...every 4 4- minutes. it seems to be long enough to keep the engine warm." a similar story in pennsylvania... where the
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mens basketball team was among those stuck. (nats: snowboarders) while the white stuff entertained these snowboarders.... (s/ no id) "pretty sure that's not legal ....pretty sure it's not legal..." and delighted the panda at the national zoo..... (nat: sledding) it also offered a rare opportunity to sled down the us capitol lawn.... (s/ jason townsend, dc resident :53 - :54 quick) skis....officials are urging everyone to stay off the roads. thousands of flights have been cancelled....hundreds of thousands are without power....and severe coastal flooding is threatening several mid-atlantic states. the blizzard has s hut down the jennifer johnson / nbc news / washington, d.c.) begins....and it will be several days before many businesses and schools reopen. jennifer johnson, nbc news." as a reminder -- ten states and the jennifer johnson, nbc news."
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the diditrict of columbia are under states of emergency. closer to home -- the red cross makes local neighborhoods a little safer this weekend. volunteers went from door to door in a few cedar rapids neighborhoods to install smoke detectors. installations were free -- and the people who received new detectors said it made them feel a lot safer -- "it just makes me feel more secure. you know, i wouldn't most volunteers said this was their first time installing smoke detectors. they went through a brief training perio before installing the devices. volunteers say they caught on quickly. countdown to the caucus -- with
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-- candidates are pulling out all the stops -- especially here in eastern iowa. the doors recently opened for ted cruz and glenn beck in waterloo. kwwl's olivia mancino#joins us live form the five sullivan brothers convention center with the latest. olivia? people are already waiting in the lobby to be let in here, these chairs won't be empty for much longer ted cruz and glenn beck are expected to arrive here at 7, after making a stop in ankeny beck made the announcemet in ankeny today he is officially in his career this coming after much banter on his radio show of him adamantly the endorsement "i don't know glen really really has been investigating all be cruz has been in a tight race to win over iowa the most recent cnn poll showing trump with a solid lead that hasn't stopped trump and
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from throwing insults at each other over twitter, trump has recently said in a tweet, beck backing cruz is a sad answer to his own recent endorsement by sarah palin. we'll see if any more sparks y sure to o tay with us thanks olivia -- and we'll have more details on this story -- coming up tonight at ten. republian presidential cacadidate donald ttmp praises his supporters today -- saying they would stick with him even if he shot someone.
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campaigning today at a christian school in sioux center. listen "my people are so smart. and ya know what else they say about stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't loseny voters, okay. it's like incredible." many of trump's supporters told reporters almost nothing could make them change their mind about voting for him. trump's comments come as the debate about gun violence in the united states has taken center stage following several highly- publicized mass shootings. meanwhile -- in hooes of a potential bump for marco rubio ahead of the caucuses -- the republican candidate gets a huge endorsement by iowa's largest newspper. the des moines register selected marco rubio as its republican endorsement. on the democratic side -- hillary clinton campaigns in we can't wait to deal wiih the we have urgent business to do in america and if you give me the that we move forward together." as a reminder -- tomorrow she
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former new york citit mayor michael bloomberg could be considering a possible independent presidential run -- that's what a source tells c-n-n today. the sourcsays the 73-yeaa old is expected to make a decision sometime in march. a spokesperson for the former mayor declined to comment. coming up -- how you can be the first toonow where ragbrai will ride this summer. "now your storm track 7
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here is additional forecast 7 weather team. see the screen for your complete weather information. here is additional foreccst welclce back i'm meteorologist kyle kiel. threat tracker is showing a mostly cloudy sky for both tonight and sunday. temperatures on sunday will be wetl above the average in the 30s, so it will help melt more of that snow on the ground, before a little snow tracks in on monday, along with a wintry mix. more on that here in just a few moments. road conditions show some slick spots to our north, and especially across the west. that's where we had a little bit of fresh snow thursday night and friday. that' been blowing around creating some slick spots. theind has been out of the south from 10 to 15 miles per hour today. so that's creating that blowing snow, even though snow is not falling.
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the 20s, and will slowly fall throughout the night thanks to the clouds around. storm track 7 live weather network camera here in iowa. we have a cloudy sky and no snow. we take a look at one of the storm track 7 weather bug cameras in harrisburg pennsylvania, that's where we still have snow falling, and it is blowing around. near blizzard like conditions. here's the satellite and radar closer to home, showiwig the mostly cloudy sky that we have been seeing all day
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there may be a few breaks in the cloud cover overnight, but otherwise we will have a mostly cloudy sky, but notice, no snow falling from those clouds. we go into tomorrow morning, we will continue with a mostly cloudy sky. there could be some filtered sunshine later in the afternoon, but clouds will continue to increase ahead of
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monday morning could be producing a few areas of freezing drizzle, with a better chan of a wintry mix by midday, changing over to snow by monday afternoon. this event will be a light precipitaaion event, so we aren't expecting much in the way of accumuation of any freezing drizzle. but, it doesn't take much to create slick spots on the roadways. as far as the snowfall forecast, here is
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iowa's most celebrated summer events. later tonight we'll learn which towns will serve as overnight spots for ragbrai fourty- four this upcoming summer. ragbrai will announce the route in style -- with a party in des moines -- complete with a dueling piano band and silent auction. the event starts at seven with the announcement ceremony kicking off around 8:15 -- and you can stream it all online. visit our website at kw-wl dot com for more information. coming up o kwwl -- the uni panthers looked to avoid a 4th straight loss with a trip to illinois state this afternoon -- while the cyclones had their sights set on a 3rd straight big 12 conference win --
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(phone ringing) (phone ringing) you can't deal with something by ignoring it . but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard and pay into it, so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey ndidates!
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looking for three straight wins with a road trip at tcu -- iowa state hoping to avoid a letdown after monday's win over top ranked oklahoma --- down 6 in thh first half - but deonte burton cuts in to that with the strong finish -- 3 point play pulls isu within three -- laer -- tied at 19 -- defense makinggn appearance ----monte morris coast to coast after the steal -- 21, 19 iowa state -- how's this for a finish to the half -- one-point-three seconds on the clock -- abdel nader with the buzzer beating three -- cyclones with a nine point lead at the break -- second half -- they get it done
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thomas fro way downtown -- thomas 3 of 4 from the arc -- isu up 18 the end -- nader off the lob from morris -- iowa state gets past tcu 73 to 60 -- the uni panthers -- meanwhile -- are e salvage mode -- trying to avoid four straight losses -- something that hasn't happened since february of 2011 -- panthers looking for a turnaround today at illinois state -- looking much stronger in the first half -- matt bohannon from the arc -- uni quickly out to a 4 point edge -- wes washpun -- with a solid outing -- 23 in the ballgame ---- and bennett koch -- keeping things going -- panthers up 8 in just the first 7 minutes -- but illinois state -- finshes the half strong -- tony wills from downtown -- redbirds would lead 40, 38 at the half -- second half -- panthers down 2 -- washpun hits the j to knot things at 43 apiecece--
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devaughn akoon- purcell -- the board and the bucket -- part of an 8-oh runun-- anan it's another tough one for uni -- they fall 76-67 -- oklahoma -- still number one for the time being -- at 13th ranked baylor -- looking to bounce back from theirr loss in ames -- and doing it with the longball -- jordan woodard on fire in the ballgame -- 5 of 8 from the arc -- 20 points -- sooners led by 7 at the break -- and idn't slow down in the second half -- ryan spangler from downtown -- oklahoma comes back with 16 treys -- impressive win at baylor today 82 to 72 -- baylor women also in action today as iowa state played host to the number four bears -- and the cyclones fell behind early -- alexis prince hits the trey -- baylor hhd a 37, 26 leaea at the breakk -- (35-24) but iowa state put together a run early in the second half -- jadda buckley from downtown -- triple pulls the cycloneswithin 8 (39-31) forty seconds later -- it's seanna
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the game -- iowa state makes it a 5 point game (39-34) but it was all baylor down the stretch -- kristy wallace from deep -- part of a 12 - oh run -- 12 game home win streak -- x to x -- good high school game in la porte city -- bentt community at 5th ranked union -- benton bobcats looking very good in the first half -- alyssa wiebel knocks down the triple -- they'd lead 13, 4 -- and keeping it going from long range -- another trey for leah vanweelden -- benton community thinking upset up 11 -- but union finished the half strong -- jordyn nngle with thee strong drive to the bucket -- cuts the lead down to 9 -- then before half -- courtney powell gets the fortunate bound -- knights down just four at the bak -- and they took it over in the union wins their 7th straight -- 51 to 39 -- david johnson and the arizona cardinals seem pretty confident as
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the nfc title game -- arizona departed sky harbor aiport in phoenix this mornink amid a rally as several hundred fans sent he team off thth morning -- the cardinals go in to the game with the panthers as a 3 point underdog -- another former panther -- wide receiver terrell sinkfield -- will be hoping to make some noise in the nfl after signing with the minnesota vikings this weekend -- sinkfield has briefly been with 4 nfl team -- but spent mt of his o career witit the hamiltonn tiger cats of the cfl -- helping them to a championship game appearance in 20-14 -- he'll likely been in a strong fight to make the vikings roster for next season -- back to last night -- and high school hoops -- shot of the night belonged to oelwein senior tony rex -- the full court -- buzzer beater at e end of the ffst quarter versus waukon -- rex -- fromomabout 80 feet -- catches nothing but net --
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storm track 7 day forecast shows today in america, the top 1/10 of 1% owns almost as much wealth as the bottom 90% this great country and our government belong to all of us. wall street, corporate america, wealthy campaign donors have so much influence that the only way they are defeated is when millions s people begin to stand up and say loudly and clearly, "enough is enough."
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from sony pictures studios, it's america's game. wheel... of... fortune!


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