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tv   Early Today in Iowa  NBC  January 25, 2016 4:30am-5:00am CST

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one candidate on the trail in iowa. and trekking across some of the toughest trails. this morning, we're learning about a man who lost his sight, but not his determination to explore. i'm jerry gallagher. let's check on your weather now our top story this morning: it's
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our top story this morning: it's still a big mess. our top story this morning: it's still a big mess. many government offices and schools are closed this morning after a monster storm on the east coast. more than 12- thousand flights have been cancelled since friday. crews are out working to clear runways and roads. edward lawrence has the latest on cities snowed under. now the story turns to storm clean up! cities dig out while dealing
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freezing temperatures. "the roads uh... they're ok. the main roads are great. they're open; they're flowing, and there's a lot of spots they haven't touched yet, and there's a lot of mess out there." at least 30 deaths are blamed on accidents.. others came from heart attacks related to shoveling snow after it fell. several roofs also collapsed from the storm "getting back to business as usual is going to take a considerable amount of time." some neighborhoods still buried because plows can't get there yet. chris gephart can't even see out of his window. "our second floor window is completely covered in snow..." rescue crews still responding to emergencies on streets with two feet of snow. they lose minutes when every second counts. the mayor of baltimore could not give a timeline for clearing the streets. "given the condition of many of our streets i think it's safest for our citizens to minimize travel on our roads." on the eastern shore of new jersey it's flooding not snow causing problems.
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best of a cold, uncomfortable situation... this is the first time the same storm has dropped more than 19 inches on washington and new york city at the same time. it could take days to return to normalcy. live in washington.. edward lawrence nbc news. more than 200 eastern iowans are back home this morning after being stuck in the storm. five buses returned to dubuque yesterday. they had been in washington for the march for life rally, but then became stranded for hours on the pennsylvania turnpike. "we had god with us...and we were praying the whole time other, and we got to play in the snow outside, we had a snowball fight." about 500 vehicles were stranded in the storm on the pennsylvania turnpike. hundreds of people spent more than 16-hours living off whatever they had in their car. many flights remain grounded this morning along the east coast. crews are out plowing the runways and de- icing planes --
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ground. they didn't get as much snow at boston's logan airport -- only six to eight inches... but things are running slowly there because many flights are not coming in from other cities. this is what can happen when snow piles up on top of a building. 30 inches of snow. a church roof collapsed in pennsylvania. the weight of the snow was too much. it then set off the sprinkler system which flooded the auditorium. no one was hurt -- but they've got a big mess to clean up now. this morning, we're getting a look at home video in alaska as morning. a magnitude seven-point-one quake destroyed four homes and knocked out power to thousands. no one was hurt -- but this was one of the "strongest quakes" they've felt there in decades. aftershocks could be felt for the next several weeks. seven people are recovering this morning. they were taken to the hospital after their flight hit turbulence. the american airlines flight from miami to italy made an emergency landing in canada.
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passengers were hurt. "we were just riding along and dropped." intense." "i'm just happy to be alive, so, it was scary, and i was praying the whole time because it was very scary." an american airlines spokesman said he didn't think any of the injuries were life threatening. a small plane lands on a florida highway, then takes off. engine trouble forced the plane to make an emergency landing. the plane was then able to take off again. no one was hurt. a 50-thousand dollar reward is being offered this morning after a jailbreak in california. guards say three inmates cut through steel bars in their cells -- and escaped through tunnels to the roof. it happened at a jail in southern california. a suspected murderer is among the inmates on the run this
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"we are in a position when we absolutely need the public's help. there are people out there it's any piece of information you may have." this morning, it's unclear if they had outside help to escape. we're a week away from the iowa caucuses -- and you can tell. the candidates are camped out all over the state. hillary clinton had several stops over the weekend -- including this one in marion. kwwl's olivia mancino sat down with the democrat and asked her about an issue that's been a cloud over her campaign. clinton has repeatedly said none of the e-mails she sent or received on her home server was marked classified. she also claims she was the one who asked for e- mails to be made public -- and now others want "that's like driving down a you a ticket, well that's not the way government works and
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clinton has turned over about 55-thousand e-mails as secretary of state. the last batch will be made public on friday. clinton will be in des moines today for a town hall at drake university. bernie sanders will be there too. the democrat also spent much of the weekend campaigning in iowa -- including this stop my heart, that we are the campaign that can bring the excitement among young people, among working people, among people who otherwise might not vote." sanders is also campaigning in iowa falls, ames, newton and grinnell today. on the republican side -- senator ted cruz will make three stops in eastern iowa today. he'll be in maquoketa, manchester and independence. senator marco rubio was in waterloo last night. here's what he had to say about the final week before the iowa this person who is, is someone that's going to reverse all of think it adds to our momentum
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we're very excited with eight days to go." iowa senator joni ernst will join rubio for a rally in des moines later today. here's a reminder of how much we can accomplish. when one man's life changed dramatically a decade ago, he found a path forward that's taken him to heights he never dreamed of. gadi schwartz has the story. on this bright, snowy, step will fall. "that's a good forest with his dog tennille. especially, if you're trying to keep up.. "this is not easy to do at all!" he's quick to say hello to those he passes along the to the fact that trevor doesn't see them, he only hears them. behind his shades- trevor thomas. is completely blind.
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when they find out you are blind." trevor: "it's one of the times i trevor and his faithful dog have trekked across some of the nation's longest ...and toughest trails, 2175 miles of the appalachian trail- and all 2654 miles of the pacific crest trail totaling more than 1000 days and nights alone in the back country.... "i take each step as a gift" ten years ago, he lost his sight to a rare eye disease. but everything changed when he met erik weihenmayer, another blind man who kayaks, ice climbs and has even scaled everest. trevor now trevor is pushing the limits of what even sighted here." on this winter day, we followed him and tenille thru icy climbs too steep for others. he relies on his heightened hearing, to listen for subtle echoes... that allow him to sense changes in terrain.
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as zero zero- adventure speak for whiteout conditions- but watch the way he senses changes in terrain. trevor: "up there it just goes like a prow of a boat is what it sounds like" gadi: "in front of us what to you sense?" trevor: "lots of rock here, lots trevor has fallen more than he can count, even cracked a few ribs at times his abilities seem superhuman, the conditions constantly posing considerable risk for thomas, it's part of a quest to show others, vistas but deep among the mountains peaks... he's learned to take in views differently. trevor: "don't get me wrong i'd love to have my sight, but at because sighted people will just remember what they see, i'll sense... for beauty and grandeur. "life isn't over just because you're blind." sharing his vision of what the blind can do. gs, nbc news salt lake city utah. we still have a lot to get to
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so who's in -- and who's out? two teams punch their ticket to plus -- to serve, protect and slam dunk -- from time to time. someone wants police to shut down this game of basketball -- but the officer had another idea. a winter weather advisory continues for much of the area for this morning through the evening hours for freezing drizzle this morning and snow by this evening. i'll have the details coming up. "now your storm track 7 forecast on kwwl." the person who lives here... has to solve problems as big as the world... and as small as your kitchen table. that's the job. everyday. and now, the first lady who helped get healthcare for eight million kids... the senator who helped a city rise again... the secretary of state who stood up for america, and stared down hostile leaders around the world... is the one candidate for president who has everything
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she'll never let anyone privatize social security and medicare... or shut down planned parenthood... she'll take on the gun lobby... finally get equal pay for women... and stop the republicans from ripping all our progress away. so on february first, stand up for hillary. because if you want a president who knows how to keep america safe... and build a stronger economy... hillary's the choice... i'm listening to you, i'm fighting for you, and with your support, i'm going to deliver.
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today in america, the top 1/10 of 1% owns almost as much wealth as the bottom 90% this great country and our government belong to all of us. wall street, corporate america, wealthy campaign donors have so much influence that the only way they are defeated is when millions of people begin to stand up and say loudly and clearly, "enough is enough." i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team. see the screen for your complete weather information. here is additional forecast information from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team: light freezing drizzle will lead to areas of rain and light snow this afternoon
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concern tonight. a winter weather advisory is posted for much of the viewing area including waterloo, dubuque and decorah, for the potential for hazardous driving conditions today into tonight. we will have freezing drizzle this morning with all precip becoming snow later today. we could see up to 3" in some of our northern counties with fog also a concern this morning. not much is showing up on radar, but drizzle doesn't get picked up very well due to the small size of the
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too... visibilities will be down in some areas this morning... the most likely areas for the freezing drizzle this morning. stormtrack7 live weather network cameras will show some of that light fog. temps this morning are already climbing... we are in the mid 20s to around 30 with low 30s already pushing into southern parts of the state. as that warm, moist air tracks over the frozen ground, we will keep the chance of drizzle, rain and snow in
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tracks through the region. it is still off to the west, but will track through us this evening. this will change all liquid precip over to snow but has the heaviest snow in the amounts as you head south. we breezy through most of the day on tuesday, although they may die down some in the afternoon. temperatures will be cooler tuesday and wednesday than the rest of the week, but we should dry out for several days, too. most of us don't look forward to shoveling the snow -- but one when he found his deck covered in snow in new jersey -- he went and grabbed his hoverboard. he shoveled the deck by letting the hoverboard do all the work. he cleared the deck in just a few minutes. the time now is iowa taking on another ranked
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rankings, we'll find out how high the hawks will go in a matter of hours. the new poll comes out later today. plus -- open and shut. it's a slam dunk case. an officer is called to investigate a complaint about kids and ends up joining them on the court for some fun. you're watching kwwl. we've got you covered in clarksville, marquette, alburnett and all of eastern iowa
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first up in the afc title game -- it's new england and denver. tom brady against peyton manning. denver up one in the second -- manning finds own daniels 12 yards for the touchdown.-- 14-6 -- the lead held into the 4th quarter -- pats still down 8 -- final minute -- 4th down -- brady finds rob gronkowski for the score -- the patriots just a 2 point conversion away from tying it. but they can't get it done. brady picked off in the end
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former uni panther david johnson hoping to take on the broncos in the super bowl. first -- he and his arizona cardinals -- would have to get by carolina. and it would be a rough night cam newton and the panthers -- were too much. carolina routs arizona 49-15. the panthers meet the broncos in two weeks. naturally, carolina fans are excited... but one fan's jubilation turned to instant regret. watch as the fan tries to join in on the celebration and falls over the wall and onto the field. the panthers player tries to give the fan a hand. later today, we could be talking about a top five iowa hawkeye basketball team. the hawks going for a season sweep of number 22 purdue yesterday. down one early - dom uhl buries the three. next possession - uhl again. hawks by four. purdue would battle back and take the lead into the
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but iowa would respond with a big run to start the second half -- and iowa would win again. they're now seven and oh in the big ten -- winning 83-71. next up is a trip to maryland on thursday. iowa's tied for first in their conference. the uni women's basketball team is all alone at the top of theirs. the panthers at drake yesterday. a big game for madison weekly -- the uni guard had 25 points. the panthers win 79-73 and they are now 6 and 1 in the missouri valley. next up is a trip to loyola on friday. a complaint about basketball leads to a pick-up game with an officer. an officer is following up on a complaint about kids being too loud. instead of getting on them about it -- he joins the games. this video is out of gainesville, florida -- and it's now been seen almost nine million times on facebook. the time now is coming up
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more time, a higher penalty -- and concerns about crooks. what we all need to know about this year's tax season next. it was benjamin franklin who said something to the world a president has to grapple with, sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's prepared for it like no other. a tireless secretary of state, standing up against the abuse of women and girls. negotiating a cease-fire in gaza, leading the diplomacy that keeps us out of war. the presidency is the toughest job in the world... and she's the one leader who has what it takes to get every part of the job done.
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here's the truth -- some have proposed to cut social security for the elderly and disabled vets. i disagree. in fact, not only should we not cut benefits -- we should expand them. my plan for social security increases benefits and cost of living adjustments
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it will ensure that all seniors can retire with dignity and respect. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. is certain but death and taxes'. we do know filing your taxes this year will be different than other years. chris clackum explains. "first off for filing your 2015 taxes this year..if you're prone moved to april 18th" that's because it's a leap year and there will be a is headquartered. "something else 'different' this year... are the 1095 forms which you'll have to file describing where you purchased your health insurance" the penalty for not having health insurance goes up considerably... to $325 or 2 percent of taxable income... whichever is greater. "also going up is the number of taxpayers who file electronically...which means those due a refund that averaged $2797 last year...will get them quicker" another reason to file
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an identity thief does. the i-r-s says cybercrooks are as busy as ever at stealing social security numbers... and filing false claims where they, not you, pocket the refund. chris clackum, nbc news. today in iowa continues in a moment
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check of your storm track seven forecast. winter weather advisory continues through tonight for much of the area. fog and evening. trace to 3" with the heaviest to the north. all could blow around tonight with breezy conditions continuing into tuesday. we will
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down to the wire. what are the contenders saying a week away from the iowa caucuses.
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a traffic stop call 9- 1-1
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