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tv   Today  NBC  January 28, 2016 10:00am-10:59am CST

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from nbc news, this is ""today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hit it! can you hear that sound? that's the sound of the weekend knocking. it's's thursday. the 29th of january -- 28th of january. 2016. jenna bush hager is filling in as kathie lee is off. this song is called "love mymylf" by haley steinfeld. it's not every day you have a emy and golden globe winner wandering around.
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in a new film called "50 shades of black." you are brave. >> i am very brave. >> this is like tiptoeing on the edge. >> yeahah this is right on the precipice. >> where you like to be. >> but it's hysterical, so it's worth it. >> she is such a lady, so classy, she can play this role. >> i know. yoyohave to be classy to play the role. we're going to talk to you about that. >> okay. >> we're also going to play charades. >> we love charades. and lewis and dill are here, they found a mothereraughter duo who really wantedd to be ambushed. frankly who doesn't. and they're getting completely transformed as we speak. >> and if you haven't begun to think about valentine's day, we have a bag of thoughtful gifts for that special somebody. >> and bob by has the cure for your dry skin which i have really badly. i need help. i have lizard legs. >> bobbi is one of our auction winners like what am i doing? that's how it works. so we want to give you a little
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l right. there are only select clips we can even show. this is one, of course, with marlon wayans in it. and it's a parody of that. here's a clip. we think it's funny. we'll hear what you think. >> thank you, mr. black. >> please, call me christian. >> christian. >> i hope i answered all of your questions. >> you certainly did. >> hannah. >> christian. oh! oh, god, make it stop! >> white girls. get that elevator fixed! >> wow. and there's more where that came from? >> oh, my god. all i can tell you, they probably couldn't show most of mine. >> we had to cherry-pick.
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ere was a presentlymier last night and people were howling. about that. speaking about movies, here is a rumor, and people are very lathered up about it. gun." >> okay. >> we have picture proof. >> yes. jerry bruthmeyer who produced "top gun" postedd photo saying he got back from a week in new orleans to see an old friend, tom cruise, and discuss "top gun 2." >> it sounds like they're doing it. by the way, tom cruise still looks so good. this is "top gun" in 1986 when it was released. i think a sequel would be great >> yes. >> i mean, i feel the need for speed. >> we can quote -- okay. so but this had us talking, because it seems like a lot of they're reboots. >> yeah. they're different versions, right. >> you know, movies -- replayed.
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>> the movie i would most like to see is "true beverly hills." you don't know what beverly hills is? troop beverly hills what a thrill with shelly long? >> oh, with shelly long. no, i still don't know. [ [ ughter ] >> wait. do you know what "troop beverly hills" is? >> raise your hand if you've ever heard of "troop beverly hills." >> yes, thank you, jane! jane seymore counts to seven people. it was a classic film. and if we wanted to redo a television show, if you don't know this one, i'm outta here.. beverly hill billies? >> no, but i like that too. okay. "the facts of live." >> what about the twin? >> by the way, it would be good. >> i know. the closest i could get to being allowed to do it would be to do
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so "dr. quinn morphine woman." inadvertently turns them all into alcoholics. >> okay. we've got to find that. >> you guys remember "the partridge family?" >> yes. >> do you have the song? song that we're singing come on get happy come on. everybody. a whole lot of lovin' is what we'll be bringing make you happy oh, my god, look at everybody. make you happy >> i love that! that was the best! i love a singing family. [ laughter ] oh, that made my day. all right. speaking of awesome music videos. christian bell and dax shepard, they're a fun, fun couple as you know.
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go on vacation -- i lovee tom. you go on a vacation, and you bring back pictures on your phone and you're scrolling through. >> and you overpost. some people overpost on instagram or twitter. >> and then we were here -- look, we're standing here. now we're standing here. >> and nobody cares except the two people on the vacation. >> so this is what this couple did. they went to africa, and instead of taking pictures and posting them, they made a music video of their trip. take a look. i bless the rains down in africa gonna take some time to do the things we never have ooh ooh >> that's a great idea! >> a really good idea. i don't have the time or the energy, but i wish i did. thatould be awesome. >> all you have to do i i shoot 30 seconds in a couple places and you're done. >> then you have to put it together, you know? but i love that song is one of
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>> i will say, every year for christmas -- we just passed it. but henry makes a video of all the pictures or videos of the years of our girls. and that's his present. >> what phone did heuse? >> this year -- this year he used "tiny dancer" because it started with a picture of mila in her ballet costume. it's really good. and we watch it -- we watch it on christmas eve. >> sweet. that's very sweet. so more good news. 're talking about reboots. all right. we're talking about "grease" the musical that airs this weekend. the reboot of that. there are thingssou may not know about grease the original cast. here are some things you may not have known from the article. first of all, paramount wanted fonzie to play danny, not john travolta. arthur arthur fonz reliy. henry winkler.
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cast so he said no. >> that's crazy. and karen fisher and susan day were both considered for sandy. and marie osmond. she was offered the part but she objected to the good girl gone bad transformation at the end. >> wait. is that susan day from the partridge family? there's a theme. singing a ang to the song that we're singin come on get happy >> doesn't it just put you -- remember the bus and everyone was just going. >> i remember it, but not as well as i remember "troop beverly hills." >> here's another one. is that the one with shelly long? olivia newton john almost turned down the role, because she was worried about her age. she was 29, john travolta was 23. and she wasn't 100% -- she wasn't sure how the lighting would look, so the cinematography agreed to u u a soft lenss on her specifically to turn back the clock.
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she looks great. she was 33 when she played- she claimed she was 33. and you know that song, that famous song -- there are worse things i could do >> i kind of remember itit but not like thatat >> almost took this song out. and this is one of my favorite parts. of the entire movie. >> well, it didn't get cut. how about -- let's stay on the music theme. i have one picked. >> she did show me before. >> it's so good. >> maybe nexex week. >> if you want to look up -- just look up on your own, it's called "perfect fight song." look up the perfect fight song on youtube and play it and tell me if it's not your favorite thing.g. this is my seconon favorite thing. it's a throwback. do you remember the song "ignition remix"?
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now usually don't do this now i'm not trying to be cool when you do the things you do >> we don't know all these words. >> can you roll your body? >> a duet. remember, you can listen to us on sirius xm, channel 108. >> and guess who is there? >> who. >> you. hoda is there every monony and wednesesy at 2:00. it's really fun. i went the other day. >> we did have a good time. all right, a couple shoutouts. next tuesday we give it away to five lucky viewers. make sure you send in your name
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shades of black" and is way shadier than gray. and his racially insensitive mother. >> mrs. black, this food looks amazing. >> thank you, hannah. it was important to me that our adoptive children were exposed to cultures. so for eli i have prepared a spicy dish from nigeria. and we have this from the mandarin province of china. >> i'm korean. >> don't be fresh. >> and it goes on. >> is it all like that? >> way, way, way worse. that's all they could actually allow. >> did you see the script and did you say, please, i would have so much fun playing this role. >> i did. because i have a very pc household. and i have a daughter who is incredibly pc. before i even mention anything, she is telling me what i cannd can't say. and this is the most un-pc
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this is the most inappropriate, thoughtless woman. and there are some around, you know. so, yeah -- it's very funny. >> we live in a pc world. a recitation of like i don't know if i can say these things on film. >> it's insane. all i know, when my younger generation, kids read the script, they howellled with laughter and said mom you've got to do this. >> how much is scripted and we're looking at the dinner scene, and how much were you wanted. >> the script was really good, does his thing. to off as well. so that's really fun. i love doing that. improv. >> there was a lot of improv. i didn't even -- well, there was some stuff going on on the table, and that table scene that i didn't realize would be happening. they cut it down a bit. but there were some interesting things happening.
10:17 am
>> did you know marlon before this? >> no. obviously, they looked at me and said, she would be perfect to play marlon's mother, right? >> right. speaking of how gorgeous you look -- >> yeah. >> if you google your name, beautiful pictures always come up. >> but the way -- just how great you look and how great you looked at the premier night and how great you look in a bathing suit. what are you doing to keep this up? >> you know what, i'm a great believer in doing things as naturally as possible. so i eat well, i exercise, i do pilates, a few light weights, everything in moderation. wine in moderation. >> and, you know, i think being healthy and being as natural as possible. i just don't do all of the -- >> yeah, you don't do plastic surgery. >> no. i'm filming right now, doing a feature, and i have to -- i need every mususe in my face. if you're an actress and can't show distress, anger, because everything has been frozen,
10:18 am
>> i think it's time for a quick game. would you mind playing a game of charades? all right, we're ready. >> come on in. >> so what do we do? >> "50 shades of jane." >> my name. >> there is a movie or tv title. >> do we pick it? >> you start first. >> i have to add -- >> okay, so yeah. ready? so i act it out? is that right? >> you act it out. >> okay. and i can speak. >> yes. >> okay. i need to go, and i need to get my doctor kit. >> dr. quinn medicine woman! >> there you go. >> i shouldn't look. >> no, you can. you're with me. >> okay. >> i don't want to -- >> i don't want to have a face-lift. i don't want to kill myself. oh! >> "live and let die." >> terrible. the worst ever. we've got to go. >> all right. my last one. ready? >> oh, yeah, yeah.
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it's a -- >> it's a wedding crasher. yeah! >> "50 shades of black" is in theaters tomorrow. >> let's see what shades of hair color we have on our ambush makeover mother and daughter. >> and we have help for dry skin, fight those winter blues,
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wanted on multiple state and federal charges. last summer, a warrant went out for cowan godfrey from dubuque. authorities say he's a suspect in a shooting incident in jackson park. after leaving the state -- authorities were tipped off that he came back -- and was likely inside an apartment on white st. in dubuque. he was then arrested. the caucuses are monday. tuesday, waterloo voters head to the polls to decide on a 47- million dollar question. most of that...a 35-million dollar career center. waterloo police chief dan trelka says if students had more options -- it could reduce the dropout and crime rates -- by putting them on the right path. now, let's go to kyle with a look at weather. storm track 7 day forecast shows dry conditions through saturday, then late saturday night into sunday we have a weak cold front winter storm late monday through wednesday.
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there are those who say we cannot defeat a corrupt political system and fix a rigged economy. but i believe we need to lift our vision above the obstacles in place and look to the american horizon. to a nation where every child can not only dream of going to college, but attend one. where quality healthcare will be a birthright of every citizen.
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it is thursday thursday. jenna bush hager in for kathie lee. we are ready to reveal our ambush makeovers. >> here to show off their looks are "today" contributor and stylist to the stars, lewis la kari. la la la la la never gets old. >> thank you. >> and author and all-around fashion hottie. >> ooh! i love when you get a mother/daughter duo. >> it is so much fun because they are so excited for each other, you know? and today my favorite day of the weekend, thursday, we got them. >> all right. so we're going to start with the daughter, shall we? katie rich is 33 years old, from
10:31 am
katie works as a textbook writer at the university of chicago. she says her beauty routine is pretty basic, just moisturizer, eye liner and then she's done. her birthday was two days ago and what a better way to celebrate than with a whole new look. let's take a listen to her story. >> so you told me, i've never seen this segment. but you still said, hurray! >> absolutely. she is ready for a new look. i think this will be great for her. >> are you excited, nervous? >> i am so excited. do what you want to me. i'm excited to see what you want to do. >> okay. so as we know, katie's mom is going to come out second, so katie is a lone ranger, all right? so are we ready? everybody in the studio, are you ready? this is katie rich before. all right, katie, let's see the new you! come on out! >> woo! >> oh, my -- katie. >> katie, you look fab. >> all right, are you ready to see yourself?
10:32 am
>> okay. turn around! >> put your glasses on. so exciting! >> so, my gosh. look at my hair! >> thank you. >> first of all, it's my favorite word, do whatever you want to do. and that's exactly what we did here. here you see this completely reshaped her face with the bangs and the way the sides are cut. i just softened the color, added a little brightness, barely a minimal amount of warmth the. i wanted her to look like her hair color, not my hair color. >> what are you thinking as you're looking at yourself and feeling the hair? >> i think i feel very different and i love it. >> jill, this is hot. i like all of this. >> so much fun. i can't wait for mom to come out. nydg jeans, the blouse from chico's. and focus on the jacket for a second.
10:33 am
so here's the plan, katie, are you ready? you're going to go over here next to jill. walk over there. face the wall. >> and don't turn around until we give the green light. >> katie's mom joan, married for 43 years, here in new york city for the first time on a mother/daughter trip obviously with katie. her beauty routine is very minimal. and the last time she had her hair highlighted was in college. let's see her. >> okay. so now it's mom's turn. so i feel like you're even more excited for mom than you are for you. >> i am, because she pretends she doesn't like to be center of attention, but secretly she does, so this is perfect for her. >> not true. >> are we also allowed to do whatever we want with you? >> whatever. sure. i'll -- take the opportunity. >> i love this mother/daughter. >> okay. so obviously she is here with katie, but they have not seen each other. >> katie, don't turn around. we're going to walk your mom out.
10:34 am
>> oh, my god. wow! >> joan, you look fabulous! >> joan, put your glasses on for one second. first thing we want you to do is see your daughter and daughter to see you. >> on three, honor. >> 1, 2, 3! >> what do you think? >> oh! >> okay. you know one of my favorite things right now, she hasn't even seen herself. >> what do you think? >> she's gorgeous. >> do you want to see yourself? >> i don't know. >> you do! >> go ahead. >> oh, my god. >> you look fab! >> wow! >> the hair! >> looks fab. >> turn right around and look at camera 12. >> do you want to stand next to camera 12. >> the miracle about this, as you know, joan had very short hair. >> i love that cut.
10:35 am
layered it a little bit more. moved it around. enid put the makeup on in the most soft way, and of course i covered the grays and made it a little brighter that so worked with her skin color. >> it looks like your hair color. >> which is my dream. >> jill, that's a hip outfit. >> they share clothing. they trade off. and i said now they live in separate states so i gave them the same jacket! enjoy it! and you can match. >> a big round of applause for both. good job, jill. good job, lewis. coming up, we've got etiquette questions, and the anticipates. >> mr. manners weighs in on how
10:36 am
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maybelline new york man (sternly): where do you think you're going? mr. mucus: to work, with you. it's taco tuesday. man: you're not coming. i took mucinex to help get rid of my mucusy congestion. i'm good all day. [announcer:] mucinex keeps working. not 4, not 6, but 12 hours. let's end this i'm jerry bell the second. and i'm jerry bell the third. i'm like a big bear and he's my little cub. this little guy is non-stop. he's always hanging out with his friends. you've got to be prepared to sit at the edge of your seat and be ready to get up. there's no "deep couch sitting." definitely not good for my back. this is the part i really don't like right here. (doorbell) what's that? a package! it's a swiffer wetjet. it almost feels like it's moving itself. this is kind of fun. that comes from my floor? eww! this is deep couch sitting. [jerry bell iii] deep couch sitting! have you ever been asked to take your shoes off at someone's house? >> yes, my husband asks.
10:40 am
asks for your wi-fi password. >> if you've been in those awkward situations, we'll get etiquette advice from thomas farley. >> and back by popular demand, our "today" staffers who will be acting out the etiquette scenarios. >> they're really excited. >> well, wait -- >> ding dong! >> who is this? >> let's see who it is. come on in. >> hi, kate! >> you look fab for this party. >> before you step inside, would you mind just taking off your shoes? >> oh, no, that's weird. >> yeah. for a variety of reasons, whether cultural, whether the snow is outside, super bowl party is coming up soon, you don't want to be tracking the rock salt in, so as host, you're entitled to say your own rules in your home and that includes the shoes. if it's a fancy party, so kate is wearing very nice shoes here. >> i'm here to kill, by the way. >> you might want to alert her
10:41 am
shoes-free home so she can plan her socks accordingly. >> my husband, we have parties, because it's new york city. what if you want 50 people in here. but i agree with you. >> if you don't have a pedicure or socks on -- >> or mix matching socks constantly. >> a nice touch, if you want to, have some socks ready for her that you can give to all guests. >> thanks for coming to the party. would you like to come in, or are you leaving? >> i'm going this way. >> okay, thanks for coming, kate! >> oh, brittney came! >> how are you? >> what's the wi-fi password? >> oh, i thought you were going to give me a hug. >> i'll go for hugs. >> so this -- here's the issue here. the wi-fi password has become like the bathroom. it's an amenity that as the host, you are really expected to give to the guest. now, if it's a child who goes everywhere, and needs the wi-fi password, it's rude to be asking. it's rude as a guest to be asking, but as host, you want to be as accommodating as you can.
10:42 am
bathroom was, you don't say i'm sorry i don't have one. so you've got to give the wi-fi password. >> what's the danger? >> there really is -- the only danger, you've got a boring party because everyone is looking at their phone. >> i'm always a good time. >> brittney. >> making it boring with your wi-fi. thank you, brittney. >> party machine. nice talking to you. careful. >> watch the shoes! >> i wonder if anyone else is coming. >> i don't think anybody else is coming. nobody else is coming. but we -- now we're in the office, and, hey! >> all right. so let's talk about this. because there are -- often you have guys just like this gentleman, with earphones in, and you cannot converse with them. you can't get their attention. >> that's right. and we're seeing this more and more, because so many of us are working in open office areas. where to free yourself from distractions, you really do need the ear buds. a couple things to be careful of. first, don't be humming too loudly, be enjoying your own music. if you're listen to a comedy podcast, you're not laughing and disturbing everybody around you.
10:43 am
from his laptop, but tuned out. rather than coming up from behind, we're going to just kind of get on his radar, so he sees us that way. he's not startled. i need to talk -- right? now he's done the right thing. he's taken out both headphones. some people will take out one. >> yes. >> that's rude. >> or take out both and look like they're immediately ready to pop them back in the second you walk away. so take them out and put them down as a sign of true respect. >> you know who i feel sorry for, flight attendants when trying to ask if they want a drink, and they're always waving, and the person looks annoyed. okay. but that was the proper way. >> okay. now we have donna. hey, donna! how are you? >> good to see you. >> wow! >> hi, donna, how are you? >> a lot of -- >> over perfume. y'all can't smell it -- >> i kind of like it. >> i think it's too much. >> i like it. >> no offense.
10:44 am
>> here's how we approach the overperfumer. you want to try the compliment sandwich. donna, that perfume you're wearing is lovely. what fragrance is this? and then you jump in with a small critique. one thing, it might be a tiny bit too much. but i really, really do love it. so keep wearing it. so you couch the critique into compliments. >> you just lost a friend. >> at work -- >> i would never -- >> i don't think i could could that. >> this is for someone overpouringover the office. she has done a good job. but where it's taking over the office, people with fragrance sensitivity. >> yeah, i have a -- friend -- >> would you ask the boss to take care of stuff like that? is that the better way to do it? >> i would have the person who is closest do it. it's a little awkward if it's the boss. >> i like your earrings, donna. >> all right, later. >> do you know what's good etiquette getting your sweetie a gift on valentine's day.
10:45 am
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the results are something to savor.
10:49 am
the holidays are barely in our rear-view mirror, and somehow valentine's day is just around the corner. >> yeah, and we have done nothing. so we had our "today" contributor deep into our shopping bag for some fun valentine's day finds. >> i'm so happy! >> why not chill out at the end of the show. i have my valentine's day cape on, delivering top gifts. first of all, let's start with flowers that talk. >> okay. >> flowers that talk? >> yeah. you each have a set next to you. from $85. and when you get these to your home, within five minutes of them arriving, there will be a video text message sent to your phone. so i have had one sent here from a surprise guest. >> kathie lee!
10:50 am
>> hi, hoda, hi, jenna. down in the keys. what? happy valentines -- not -- they have been drinking. we apologize. >> cute! >> love it. fun. >> how great is that? and such a nice way to not only deliver -- >> and it comes to your phone? >> within five minutes of okay. >> what about this? >> now, moving on to why we're in bed. fly. you can get pillowcases, duvet covers, all different sizes. all i did was like in a creepy way went on your instagram, stalked it, grabbed photos i thought were best, e-mailed them and this is what came back. >> crazy. >> isn't that amazing? >> oh! poppy on my blanket! >> mickey mouses and all different pictures, plus also from shutter fly, king of the house henry. there is wine in there. >> king of the house henry?
10:51 am
>> there's one thing -- she's had enough of me after two weeks and now i'm on her pillow. and my husband is right underneath her head. >> right here. sort of weird. >> and that said, hoda and joel. and so how nice to be able to deliver a glass and then be able to use it. >> cheers. >> all year. >> so moving forward, that was shutter fly. no, no, no. i'll bring it to you. then moving on, it's nice to be able to buy gifts that are inexpensive for the whole family you can use all year round. these are from pier 1. you can use these for to do lists. love that. so pier 1. >> what about chocolate? >> that's coming. next we have gifts for your significant other. if you go into the drawer -- >> i've got to get out. i'm hot. >> wait, i would be careful if i were you. be careful. >> henry is into fishing. that is a personalized fishing lure with his name on it. >> that's cute! >> that is from
10:52 am
to your bed -- >> drawer? >> i know, i say it wrong. >> people actually write in saying i say it wrong. that is from uncommon goods. joel is into hockey. so that is a cup where you can throw the marshmallows up against the back and it will land in the hot chocolate. >> so cute! >> and cufflinks in there for him as well. >> that looks like a toilet bowl. >> they have it for every sport. now on my next -- quickly, on my neck is an emoji necklace, all the different emojis. mali >> that's cute. of. and to end, i'm going to bring you -- >> chocolate? >> lovebugs from sherry's berries. lovebug lollipops. >> so cute. >> this is awesome, jill. we're back with more in a
10:53 am
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time for okay not okay. and is we've all heard about celebrities who check themselves into hospitals because of exhaustion. >> demi moore went to the hospital for exhaustion after announcing her divorce from ashton kutcher. >> we called up kathie lee on vacation, because we were asked is it okay or not okay to have exhaustion hospitalizations. here's what we thought about it. >> any time your body tells you to stop and pay attention to it, you should listen and obey. don't you think? >> i like that one, kath. i say, look, if the doctor thinks it's the right call, of course it's okay. your health is paramount. and that's a big word. >> wow. that's like three syllables. wow. >> whatever. >> oh. >> omg. come here, zach. it's zach's birthday, you guys. zach is our guy. >> zach is the best!
10:55 am
happy birthday to our guys. ralph macchio is here tomorrow. >> don't give your phone number out! oh, you're oh, noon... a gop frontrunner plans to sit out the debate tonight -- so do experts think it'll hurt his campaign? and some snow coming our way in the journalist sydney harris
10:56 am
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