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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  January 28, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm CST

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tonight it's war. donald trump's big gamble that could steal the spotlight from fox and the gp debate holding its own event at the same time. high drama of the clash of the titans. thehezizi virusus spreading explosively in the americas. the world health organization calls an emergency summit warning that millions could be exposed. nbc news exclusive richard engel in iran, with a scientist at the nuclear negotiating table with the u.s. revealing the secret conditions set by the supreme leader himself. fixed game. you try to get tickets to a concert or big game, but they sell out immediately. tonight, the surprise reason why you're getting shut out. and makeover barbie. the biggest change in the history of an american icon.
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right now. >> announcer: from nbc news world headadarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening. to a lot of people, the republican race for president may be feeling more and more likeke reality show tonight, starring a man that before he became a candidate, proved he could draw an audience. so donald trump will likely have a lot of eyeballs watching tonight.t. either the republican debate that he's now vowed to boycott or his own event that could steal the spotlight. leading up to this, a public duel with fox news t tt he reconsider. even primetime discussions of milkshakes. all just four days until the vote in iowa. nbc's peter alexander exexains. >> reporter:r:onight should be the republican's final showdown before the iowa caucuses, instead, donald trump's no-show is stealing the spotlight. the front-runner staging his own primetime event to
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going head-to-head on the fox news debate three miles away. even drawing his underdog opponents, like huckabee and d santorum. >> you're not giving them -- >> i'm not walking away. >> reporter: trump is defiantly positioning himself ashe deal maker in chief. >> it's called an eye for an eye. >> i bought you so many milkshakes. you owe me. >> reporter: it's a media company, not a public serviceor voters. >> now they're going to make much less. >> reporter: today the billionaire launched his fund-raising website claiming 100% of donations to the donald j. trump undation will helpp vets. the campaign won't say exactly where the money will go. canines for warriors tells nbc news the campaign contacted them today, saying they're one of 18 nonprofits now under a separate veterans tweeting, money doesn't need to be if
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campaign. just do good work. will trump's move backfire. still trump has momentum and now the lead in iowa, according to the latest nbc news poll. what are the richks for donald truch? >> the risks for trump is that he looks weak by not confronting his opponents. the upside is, he avoids being a pinata at the republican debate. >> reporter: marco rubio rising in the polls, already taking swing.g. >> interesesng side show. greatest show on earth. this is not a show. this is serious. >> reporter: late tonight, another twist. donald trump's campaign confirms to nbc news that trump would be willing to debate ted cruz one on one just as soon as the c cadian border senator gets a word on his el janlt to be president. on the democratic side of the race, our brand-new poll shows hillary clinton and
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in a virtual tie in iowa. even as the two campaigns looked beyond the hawkeye state, debating over whether to hold more debates. meantime, clinton is also getting drawn away from theherail to raise more money. something her opponent was quick to pounce on. we get the details from nbc's andrea mitchell. >> reporter: it's a dead heat for the democrats in iowa. our new nbc "wall street journal" poll has hilry leading bernie sanders by just but in new hampshire, the vermont senator has a commanding 19-point lead. both are now agreeing to more debates. including next week in new hampshire. if the democratic >> the political world has changed a little like hillary clinton would like another you know what? i said that's fine, i don'ttind that. >> repepter: facing a longer than expected primary contest, clinton left iowa wednesday afternoon to raise money in philadelphia from an
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and in new york today. >> some of my supporters, including my good friend jon bon jovi had a fund-raiser for me. >> reporter: but it plays right into sanders' top issues. critics say the ad violates his pledge not to go negative. >> how does wall street get away with it? millions of contributions in speaking fees. >> why isn't that a negative negative ad? hillary clinton? >> no. >> i'm not suggesting anything at all. >> reporter: tonight clinton returned to iowa, and sanders at 74 would be the oldest person ever elected president if he wins. >> you know what i'm thinking of doing? >> not with me. >> it was a tough decision. do i get involved in senior boxing, challenge, go for the light heavyweight championship or run
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i decided to run for president. >> reporter: hillary clinton is back in iowa tonight. she only just took the stage tonight, though. because this is so tough, she has to repeatedly go back to fund raise from the big donors, unlike sanders who has 2.5 million online contributors. >> andrea mitchell, thanks. the moderator of "meet the press," chuck todd. you're in iowa, four days until the caucuses. how is this playing there? any signs of a blowback on the ground there? >> not from anybody that's thinking about supporting trump. that's probably good news for him. look, he has figured out a way to steal the spotlight from this debate before it started. and there's already a lot of rumors circulating around here he may figure out how to steal the spotlight after the debate is over, that maybe he shows up in the spin room, or he figures out a way. that's been his campaign in a nutshell is he figures out how to almost pull the rug
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as for the debate tonight, i think it's actually fascinating that trump's not onstage and the focus will be on ted cruz and marco rubio. the other big news in our new nbc news "wall street journal" poll isisubio is now in a strong third place position. what does that mean? ted cruz is hammering rubio with a new attack ad. tonight, lester, rubio v. cruz, this actually could be the showdown worth watching and the one that could extend if trump falters. >> a lot of things in place. chuck, thanks. a program note, last night we talked to bernie sanders. tomorrow night we'll have my conversation with hillary clinton on the trail in iowa. final sprint before the voting begins. a warning from the world health organization that the zika virus is, quote, spreading explosively. this year alone, 3 million to 4 million in south and north america could be subjected to the virus. the number of people returning to the u.s. with zika is growing.
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more. >> reporter: dr. whitney prince is one of few americans who has experienced the zika virus as a patient. it was on her honeymoon in bora bora that she contracted zika through a mosquiui bite. she developed a skin rash, conjunctivitis, and a headache. >> worn out, tired, kind of drging. i actually ended up staying out of work for about a day and a half mainly because of the joint pain, because it was painful to walk at that point. >> reporter: she record and she was not pregnant. no unborn child at risk of developing microcochaly. this 20-year-old visited her doctor. her 2-month-old is one of thousands of babies who have been born with microcephaly in the last year. while zika-carrying mosquitoes have not arrived yet in the u.s., 31 have turned up in 11 states and d.d., all off them involving travelers
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while abroad. 19 cases in puerto rico and one in the virgin islands. we don't know how many women. experts expect some zika mosquitoes will gulf states, they outbreak. slight possibility major outbreak. we don't think that's ing to occur. but we're going to be prepared for it. >> reporter: the reasons for the optimism, there's far less trash and stagnant water in u.s. urban areas. cities and towns spray for mosquitoes here. cold weather acts as a barrier. and americans use air conditioning and window screens to keep mosquitoes out. meanwhile, gina park is 18 weeks pregnant. she and her husband have now canceled an upcoming trip to mexico. >> we just thought it wasn't worth the risk to go. we just probably couldn't live with ourselves if something ever did happen. meanwhile, the national institutes of health today said it hopes to start clinical drug trials this year, but a zika vaccine could be years away.
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news, washingtgt. a mystery playing out for hours in the new york area. what felt like an earthquake from the jersey shore all the way to long island and connecticut, prompting a flurly of 911 calls. turns out it was actually a series of sonic booms caused by a military f-35 fighter jet based in maryland. conducting flight sts off the new jersey coast. mystery solved. just a lot of frayed nerves left behind. we have breaking news in the stalemate in oregon. a federal refuge seized by armed anti-government protesters. just four holdouts remain and we're now hearing a convoy has left the checkpoint and the roadblock has been removed. signs thingssay be coming to a conclusion there. the leader ayman bundy told them to stand down. bundy was arrested tuesday. one member of his group left dead. an nbc news exclusive. an extraordinary access into iran.
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interview, the american educated head of iran's nuclear program reveals to nbc's richard engel never-before-heard controversial deal that lifted international sanctions on iran. >> reporter: little is known about how iran ended up making a deal with its old enemy the united states. but now in the first american interview since the deal, the head of iran's atomic energy organization told nbc news his country's supreme leader, ayatollah, hammering out the details of the nuclear limits. >> he said, i do not trust the americans. it's okay, i trust you. you see what you can do. educated scientist revealed for the first time the conditions the supreme leader set. >> one condition was that, look, you just discuss the nuclear
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>> reporter: the ayatollah also insisted talks had to be quick and preserve iran's right to enrich >> the fourth condition was the condition that -- >> you don't want to say what it is now? >> reporter: but he did want to talk about taking relations with the u.s. to a level not seen since american diplomats were taken hostage at the u.s. embassy here 36 years ago. >> relationship, industrial cooperation, cultural cooperation. >> american factories opening here, is that what you mean? >> yes. if they want. why not. >> reporter: but trust is hard to build. >> this photograph of our nuclear market. >> reporter: he keeps otographs in his office of four nuclear scientists and a driver assassinated in an effort to slow iran's nuclear program. he claimed israel did the killing, with washington's tacit
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denies, and israel won't confirm. here. do you think there don't want that, but -- >> i hope it's me. >> yeah. because this is a source of pride. yeah. >> reporter: a wide gap still exists between the u.s. and iran, and the deal of its revolution remains just below the surface. richard engel, nbc news,,tehran. >here is more to tell you about here tonight. did you get shut out for adele tickets? did you pay double to see the boss? investigators say you're playing a fixed game. barbie getting a new look, several of there has to be a way. carry the centimeter, divide by 3.14 something something something... [ beeping, w wrring ] great caesar salad! and now the name your price tool shows people policy options to help fit their budget.
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we're back now with a new investigation blowing the lid off the reason so many people get shut out when trying to buy tickets for a hot concert or sporting event. chances are it's happened to you, and it's not because s s manynyeople are clambering to go. investigators say it's a fixed game. as jake reports now, they're fighting bk. >> reporter: everything about adele is spectacular, fans will tell you, except how impossible it can be to score a ticket to see her. it's a worldwide problem for so many of the hototst events. difficult to get tickets at face value? >> we're releasing $&
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>> reporter: a three-year investigation by the new york state attorney general reveals tickets are never available to begin with. >> artists, promoters, venue operators will hold back a large number of tickets that never make it to the regular market. >> reporter: according to the report, some shows had 70% of tickets earmarked for resale events. they immediately scoop up tickets for resale. in one example someone bought more than 1,000 tickets in one minute for u2's performance at madison square garden last year. it's a dilemma that has artists from elton john and cold play crying foul, and many fans steaming. >> so frustrating. heartbreaking. you know they're doing it purposely just so you'll pay three, four times the price. >> it's a nationwide problem. it's everywhere. i can'think of a state in the country this isn't a problem. and it happens at
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>> reporter: the attorney general is calling for more transparency from concert promoters, and ticket resellers. jacob rascon, nbc news, new york. when we come back, where were you 30 years ago today? the question so many are asking tonight as we remember an american tragedy. they say when mr. clean saw all the different things his new smart phone does... reminded him of his magic eraser.
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it was exactly 30 years ago when seven crew members boarded the space shuttle "challenger" and set off on an adventure. but seconds later, the memory of what many americans who watched it live and so many more saw it replayed, the mission ended in a tragic disaster in the sky. nbc's kevin tibbles takes us back to the moment that forever changed space exploration. >> reporter: on a clear but unusually
5:52 pm
morning. space shuttle "challenger" left this earth and headed for space. filled with anticipation and hope. but at 11:39 eastern standard time -- >> tllgwe have just seen the launch of the space shuttle "challenger." there has been a major problem. >> reporter: the shuttle tragically disintegrated high over the atlantic. they were gone. including the first teacher in space. her students wampd at the cape. her students were watching in new hampshire. some of those students and others across the country would later choose to honor her memory by becoming teachers themselves. today at ceremonies from arlington national cemetery, to cape canaveral, wreaths were laid in remembrance. we are still reaching for the stars, from the mars rover on the red planet, to
5:53 pm
of pluto from the probe new horizons. and, of course, the international space station where today a moment of silence was held. but it was on that january night three decades ago that president ronald reagan postponed his state of the union address to deliver his poignant remembrance. >> the future doesn't belong to the feint hearted, it belongs to the brave. the "challenger" crew future and we'll continue to follow. >> reporter: kevin tibbles, nbc news, chicago. there is a big change coming for new moms in the military. the pentagon announced that it will now grant 12 weeks of maternity leave to women across all branches. the good news for the army and air force because it doubles their leave time, bad news for the navy and marines because it cuts their leave back from 18 weeks. when we come back here tonight, barbie is breaking with the past. where the iconic doll line is getting a
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you do all this research on the perfect car. gas mileage, horse power, torque ratios... three spreadsheets later, you finally bring home the one... then smash it into a tree. your insurance company is all too happy to raise your rates... maybe you should've done a little more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. finally tonight, a historic change for one of the most popular toys of all-time. for generations, barbie dolls have presented an image of perfect beauty. for many, that's
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but now as nbc's erica hill tells us, barbie is getting a whole new look. >> reporter: since barbie debuted in 1959, she's tried just about every job. but one thing that never changed, her figure. until today. when toy maker mattel introduced three new body types to better represent the shapes and sizes of real women. petite, tall, and curvy. >> i think it's about time that they changed shape. >> r rorter: critics had long complained barbie's body was an impossible ideal, and there was growing pressure for more realistic dolls. mattel west back to the drawing board, and introduced more diverse options. >> society felt that barbie needed to be re in touch with the times and a better reflection of the
5:58 pm
>> reporter: while barbie remained a best-seller for mattel, 92% of american girls 3 to 12 have owned one of the dolls. sales plunged 20% from 2012 to 2014. a slide that continues into 2015. >> more and more brands are recognizing that women and girls as consumers and as audiences, they need more, they demand more, they want more, more. >> reporter: mattel is hoping the new dolls in stores this march will help to boost sales. >> times are changing. life has changed. we're all different shapes, different colors, different ethnicities. >> reporter: it just may be barbie's precious look ever. erica hill, nbc news, new york. and that will do it for us on this thursday night. i'm lester holt. from all of us at nbc news, thank you for
5:59 pm debate before the iowa caucus taking place tonight - will the absence of the party's frontrunner impact the candidates during the debate? only time will tell. plus - a well known diner and political hot spot is soon to be sold for the first time since its opening. and - today marks 30 years since nasa suffered a spaceflight tragedy -- changing the space "you're watching kwwl, we've got you covered. this is the news at six." good evening everyone, i'm amanda goodman. ron is out on assignment.
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