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tv   Early Today in Iowa  NBC  February 3, 2016 4:30am-5:00am CST

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i'm jerry gallagher. let's check on your weather now with storm track 7 meteorologist eileen loan. good morning. a slushy snowfall continues to rotate through the area this morning coating area roads with a sticky, slushy snow.. this.... it is also reducing visibilities as it but will improve in a few hours as the snow tracks away from us. this graphic shows the warmest temps you will see the rest of the day.. the winds are turning to the northwest and have picked up to 25 mph today with falling temperatures and we may see a few more snow showers, but they will not be as problematic as yesterday or early this morning's snows. we will have a few flurries in the forecast... i'll have
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our top story this morning... plans for a new career and will have a few flurries in the our top story this morning... plans for a new career and technical center will have to go on the shelf for now. waterloo voters reject a school bond vote. about 56-percent of the voters said no. 44-percent were behind it -- so it fell far short of the 60-percent super majority needed to pass. the goal of the 35-million dollar career center was to give students more specialized training in a specific field. the hope was -- that would help improve the district's graduation rate -- which is "we will always do what is right was to do what was right for move forward and we will do everything we can to help the
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the 47-million dollar plan also included renovations to east and west high schools. in other school votes: denver voters approved more than seven-million dollars for new athletic facilties. about 65-percent of the voters said yes. they had said no to the same project last june. in the college community district, voters approve a bond to pay for extra classroom space and security. a similar referendum failed last year by just 58 votes. and in springville... voters get behind an addition to the elementary school. it will pay for nine new clasrroms and a multi-purpose room. the time now is a man is behind bars -- accused of attacking a woman with a hammer. christopher gruver has been charged. authorities say he drove to a home on v avenue in hawkeye and hit the woman, before being stopped by several people.
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fayette county on theft charges. he's being held in the fayette county jail. this morning --- an accused killer is free in california -- by mistake. an inmate -- who is supposed to stand trial for a gang- related killing -- was released by mistake. rare. last year, we had 117- thousand inmates that came through our erroneously released. the sheriff's department is now lookingginto how it happened... as authorities search for the man. today is the 57th anniversary of "the ddy the music died." on this day in 19- 59, rock and roll legend buddy holly was killed when his plane slammed into an iowa cornfield in a snow storm. teen idol ritchie valens and dj "the big bopper" died with him. the plane crashed just minutes after taking off. decision 2016 coverage: it feels like the intensity just went
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hillary clinton fresh off her.. now official win is in new hampshire. so is donald trump trying to regain his spot as the frontrunner. edward lawrence has the latest on the campaign trail. new hampshire is one of the smallest states in the nation.. this week it's the center of national politics. "i'm pretty excited about where we are because i believe the people of new hampshire are going to make the right decision." republicans see a crack in donald trump's armor. he finished second in iowa to senator ted cruz. senator marco rubio surprised everyone almost beating trump finishing a close third. "we got the biggest vote ever in the history of a primary in iowa by like me, but believe me it was me." trump says he'll win new hampshire political experts credit cru's win in iowa "we
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hampshire and south carolina. we are going to build the grass roots army." meanwhile senator bernie sanders says he raised $3 million dollars in donations since his moral victory in iowa. "if we reach out to our friends our neighbors our co-workers, if we bring out large numbers of people, we are going to win next tuesday!!!" "my judgment and my commitment and determination to serve you will win your support. please come out and support me next tuesday." "this is the first in the nation clinton trails sanders in recent new hampshire polls by double digits but she hopes to turn that around. hillary clinton considered focusing on the races after new hampshire because of senator bernie sanders lead. she decided to stay and try to close the gap before next i a record number of g-o-p voters caucused monday night. the democrats also turned out in big numbers. more than 180- thousand republicans showed up -- shattering the old record. the democrats fell short of the record 240- thousand in 2008 -- but still -- an impressive
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first time caucus-goers. "i think it's incredible. i think involved in our political process. i think they're starting to realize that whatever happens at the voting booth now is going to have a big impact on them for the rest of their lives." she says they were very surprised with the turnout in dubuque county. they expected about two thousand republicans -- and went way over that. bennarson calls it dirty politics -- and he's not happy about it. iowa congressman steve king -- a ted cruz supporter -- tweeted on monday -- "carson looks like he is out. iowans need to know before they vote. most will go to cruz, i hope." king says the tweet came after a c-n-n report said carson would take a break following the caucuses. the report did not say carson was dropping out. that created confusion at some caucus sites. i made the case for ben carson carson was dropping out of the race and that they shouldnt waste their vote on
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carson says -- whoever is responsible -- should be cut loose from the cruz campaign. "i just think there needs to be to happen? cruz -- who won the gop caucuus on monday night -- has apologized. carson accepted it -- but questions whether there is`a deeper "cultural issue" wth cruz's campaign. donald trump's decision to skip the last gop debate in iowa might've cost him. he says it could be one reason why he finished in second place -- but claims he'd do the same thing again. the exact same thing and you hour. so if i took a 2nd place over 1st place and could give the vets $6 million i would do that all day
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trump finished second behind cruz -- and barely topped marco rubio. how close was the race between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. in a few cases -- delegates were decided by the flip of a coin. this video taken by a univision reporter shows a coin flip to decide which democratic contender would receive the fifth delegate out of this precinct. e rules for democratic precincts say ties can be broken by a coin toss. a post office pulls off a special deliverz. andrew donovan tells us teenager was surprised with a mail fleet for the mail to come every looks, he always screams mail truck just to let everyone know that it's there." when he looked today -- fan. "we would go take pictures at the post office. count all the mail trucks to make sure they got home safe." "we just park next to the gate, and he just looks in and take
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matthew for eight months. the watkin's family got a delivery they weren'ttxpecting his mail hirts, his mml hats." after spending most of last year in a rochester "usually we're worried about getting him in and out of the bed, getting him to do is exercise or take his medicine, we got all that done first and then we got him to be happy for a while." what would mail trucks be without packages? "this is the postmasttr of liverpool. oh my gosh." "here's a nice sash with your name on it. matt the mailman." "i'm your mail lady colleen, and you told me you're the mail man, rememmer? do you want to open it?" this second shirt a perfect fit -- matt wants the post office to be his profession.
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disease, he wasn't always like this." "he has a lot of work to do but he's doing it he's getting stronger every day." neither snow, nor rain, nor heat stops the post office. neither leukemia will stop matthew. the time is we still have a lot to get to this morning: including the cyclones playing another ranked team. can they hold serve at home? the highlights coming up. plus, you can't hear the music... but just seeing the video is enough. this is an elevator ride one deputy may never live down.
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this morning. there will be improvement today, but it may ttke awhile. i'll
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weather am. see the screen for your here is additioional forecast information from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team: it was a beautiful snow that fell yesterday... here are a couple of photos that were sent in to us... most of us got 1 to 5 5 of snow or an inch or so of sleet (in the southern counties). here are ome other snow reports that came in so far mostly from yesterday... not including the test numbers...we will see a few more snow showers today after this last round tracks through and the winds will stay strong bringing falling temperatures. this relatively narrow band of snow on the radar is a very sticky, slushy snow
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walking problems for a few hours as it tracks through. we will end up with another inch or so of snow... lighter to the south as more rain mixes in. but is is coating the roads, so roads will be an issue for the first part of the day. snowplow cams show some of the road conditions out there this morning. and stormtrack7 live weather network cameras will show snow this morning and may keep a few snowflakes around today. right now, bisibilities are$& do and will improve as the line of snow tracks away from us later this morning. current temps are the warmest they will be the rest of the day as colder air will track into the state. winds are already up to 30 mph out weses and gusting higher.. they will stay strong today and die down through the evening. this storm system will track away and we will have a weak system track to our north tomorrow that may squeeze out a few flurries, but we shouldn't see much
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tracks through. winds will stay strong today and temperatures will continue to fall with a few snow showers off and on. cold tonight with the gusty winds dying down late... and a few fluuries tomorroowith highs the mid 20s to mid 30s. we will keep a few flurries in the area through at least friday wiwih another round of snow possible sunday night through monday. north tomorrow that may squeeze out a few flurries, but we
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latest bad strong todayy to fall with a few snow showers off and on. cold tonight with the gusty winds dying down late... and a few flurries tomorrow with highs in the mid 20s to mid 30s. we will keep a few flurries in the area through at least friday with another round of snow possible sunday night through mondy. coming upp: this may be the longest put i've ever seen by a golfer. but it thousands of dollars for someone else. plus, law enforcement's finest... moves. to protect, serve and ogie -- when no one's watching.
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camera to see this deputy dance. you're watching kwwl. we've got you covered in atkins central city, dysart and all of eastern
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the big 12. the cyclones lost a non-conference game on saturday -- but last night -- they were looking for their fifth conference win in a row. cyclones hosttng 14th ranked west virgina -- 3 and oh all time at home against the mountaineers. iowa state started strong -- deonte burton -- ght there -- cyclones up 13 early -- but foul trouble aa turnovers gege west viriginia back in it. rare p-g-a golfer stewart cink has made a few clutch putts in his career -- but never one like this. at the half of a college basketball game in atlanta, he sinks a 94-foot putt --,that's the full length of the court. he sn't showinggff -- just for fun. he won a $25- thousand dollar scholarship for a student. todaa, some people put on their
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for what's called the empire state building run-up. the event is the world's oldest and most famous tower race.. challenging runners from around the world to race up 86 flights. that's 15-hundred steps. the record time is nine and a half minutes. what an incredible moment this is: two families meet for the first time -- after a little girl received a new heart from a baby boy. as you might imagine -- n emotional meeting, with the boy's mother receiving a build-a-bear with a recording of the donated heart beating inside the little girl. the little girl is doing great. not that long ago -- she as fighting for her life and in need of a heart transplant. around the same time, a little boy died. his organs were donated and she was chosen to receive his heart. it's hard to describe that she would be so selfless to be able to think of another family while was i can't save my own son, why not save someone else's
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they met in phoenix. across the country, tens of thousands of people are waiting for a life-savvg organ transplant. it's coming up on today in iowa -- coffee pces fall, but that
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the price for coffee beans are at a two year low. but maay moloney says that doesn't mean you'll pay less. the type of coffee beans starbucks buys and serves coffee cost 1 dollar 65. it's now about a buck 11. that's a 33 percent drop. expect coffee farmers to have a big harvest this season -- creating an oversupply of beans -- which means more of a drop in prices. but don't expect to save any money when you buy that starbucks -- coffee beans only make up about 20 percent of its overall cost. other factors influencing the price you pay -- how much employees make.
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baristas is going up. especially with more places acrcrss the country increasing the minimum wage. and starbucks is also paying tuition for 4- thousand employees. but you can trim your coffee budget -- without cutting the caffeine buzz. the most obvious -- brew at home. whole beans tend to be coffee grinder can pay for itself faiqly quickly. also -- buy that coffee in lk for bigger savings. if that you can buy at a discount. and loyalty programs -- like those from a smartphone app -- can come with perks. like a free drink every many places offer a all discount if you have your own gear. who knows -- saving a
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live doppler radar. eileen has the forecast for us
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eileen loan is back with ancheck of your storm track seven fofocast. snow showers most of the day along with windy conditions and fallin temperatures. flurries tomorrow and friday with mainly cloudy skies continuing through the weekend. another round of snow tracks in sunday night through monday. it's and coming up on today in iowa. people in one ssate are cleaning up after a tornado ripped through their neighborhoods. plus... a big carolina panther fan, known to the fans as cat man, is hoping he can go to the super bowl after fans asked him to go.
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"you're watching onntoday in iowa... some school districts will be getting new facilities, other try to come up with a new plan...followingschool bond votes. plus... a man is in the hospiial after an ofoficer-involvvd shooting at a city park. and kids love their sweaters -- and these goats are no exception. how one woman found a creative way toupport her football team as they head to the super bowl coming up. good morning, i'm ally crutcher.
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