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tv   KWWL News at Ten  NBC  February 6, 2016 10:00pm-10:29pm CST

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remember,,it's falling g r right now, no snow on the storm track 7 live doppler tow two inches possible to the north. it's the wind we are more concerned about. here's the latest radar. the low pressure is well to the warmer to the south. here's the storm t tack 7 forecast including timing of the snow coming up in just a few minutes. now to decision 20-16 --republican presidential candidates debate in new hampshire tonight -- presidential candidates debate in new hampshire tonight -- three days before the primary. donald trump and ted cruz teamed up again -- leaving marco rubio as the obvious target surging in new hampshire polls -- marco rubio was defensive -- knowing he would get slammed for being a first term senator. "i think it's not the experience but how it worked out." the attack ame from governors
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and ted cruz was in full force against trump -- in deporting every undocmented immigrant-- and atatacked trump wiih a solution "in short we're going to build a wall, triple border patrol, i is to move up and take on trump -- to push marco rubio out of the way. one man is in the hospitit -- after an a-t-v accident this afternoon. the crash happened near central city around 3 o'clock. when crews arrived they found 43-year-old chad meyers collided with a tree branch.h. meyers was air- lifted to university of iowa hospitals. he was not wearing a helmet at the time of the crash. details remain under investigation. a man is recovering tonight after being shot in cedar rapids home. authorities responded to a domestic disturbance in the
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northwst around 3-30 this when linn county deputies arrived -- a 44-year-old man was found ith gunshot wounds. a suspect was taken into custody. puties say the victim was taken tomercy hospital -- and later univeristy of iowa hospitaa for serious injuries. a bill to legalize fireworks in the state is pushing through the senate -- but faces some the existing law allows iowans to have fireworks --they simply can't use them. a cedar falls senator challenging the bill says it's a head in the sand policy. a senate clmmittee passed the legislatiotn -- ten to five. but amamndments from other senators could put the bill at a stalemate. kwwl's olivia mancino reports the latest. legalizing firqworks --its a hot-tton issue thats causing a headache for iowa legislatures... but despiie push back, slowly advancing in the iowa senate. 'do we let you buy a grill and
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iowa's law for fireworks. you can buy them, but you can't use them theres more han 30 million dollars worth of firework flooding into iowas bordersseven though our law says you cant use them" the bill was designed so individual municipalities could opt outf the law-- but a recently passed amendment flexibility, an "opt-in" danielson says that's inaffective, and counterproductive to the bills intrinsic simplification mission but were" that's tom broell -- a vietnam veteran. he says reworks become a problem when he has no heads up his neighbors will be shooting them "if they go off before i know you have flashbacks, you get fireworks would solve this problem by creating a responsibility policy -- so neighbors would have to make each other aware they'd be usii them. but t t all veterans are so sure people would follow this policy
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mancino kwwl news sure people would follow this policy its a complicated issue floating through the that's not likely to be decided oon. other lawmakers say they'r'r stililunsure about the bill. one siou city senator says ledalizing fireworks would lead o them going off daily. some eastern iowans voice their concerns -- during the first legislative crackerbarrel of the year. during the public event in dubue -- people asked state legislators questions. issues ranged from water quality to education funding. but for most of them -- one topic seemed to be the main concern. "a lot of the dtors from my ununrstanding having not signed that n ned care." iowa senate president pam
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will be ready in three weeks. two other public forums are set for march fifth and april second. a big congratualtions to the university of iowa dance marathon. they wrapped up their 24-hour event around seven tonight. according to organizers -- they raised more than two-million dollars for the children's miracle network. but first -- a head scratcher during a winterfest event in wisconson. you're watching kwwl -- we've got you covered. here's a look at our stormtrack seven live doppler radar. "you're watching kwwl. we've
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forecast on kwwl." from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team. see the screen information from the kwwl kyle kiel. we've got aaittle bit of snow in the forecast and whole lot of wind. there is a blizzard watch in effect for northwestern portions of the kwwl viewing area, iiluding chickasaw, butler, bremmr, grundy and black hawk counties. this is for sundayfternoon through monday evening. i want to stress that this is not for the amount of snow that is going to fall, but because of the wind. here's the definition of a blizzard. remember, it's falling or blowing snow, with sustained winds 355iles per hour or greater creating low visibility. yes, we will see a little bit of snow. here's the forecast snow totals. generally around an inch of snow is possible, with one to two inches of snow possible north of highway 20. it will blow around, along with the snow that is already on
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threat tracker shows a ostly cloudy sky tonight. we are in the yellow for later tomorrow, and especially on monday, mainly for the northwestern porttons of our viewing area where we could see light snow in the afternoon with blowing snow possible causing reduced visibility and travel issues. temperatures right now are cooler to the north, and warmer to the south. the south had a bit more unshine later this afternoon than those of us to the north. that's why there's quite a difference in temperatures. winds right now are relatively light out of the southwest, ut they will be picking up. here is a look at future track wind speeds throughout the next couple days. they really
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sunday afternoon, and that is when those blizzard watches to the northwest will go into effect. future track rain and snow shows no real thret of that tonight. as the front gets closer there may be a chance for an isolated rain or snow shower, but that shouldn't have an effect on travel impact. as we go throughout the day tomorrow, we will have a mostly cloudy to partly cloudy sky. we may be able to sneak in a few peeks of sunshine. then later in the afternoon we will start to destabilize the atmosphere and that is when we see the chance
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scattered snow showers. notice, it isn't anything widespread, but the threat is there for blowing snow. this threat will continue into the day on monday. again, the best chance for travel issues will be to several cars fell through the ice. emergency crews are working to remove the nearly two dozen cars that partially submerged in lake geneva. officials say the cars were rked on the frozen lake as ann overflow lot for the event because regular parking is so scarce. no one was in the vehicles at the time -- and no one was hurt.
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dammge to the vehehles. coming up on kwwl -- how an iowa college student is helping out with
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and nobody in her family expected her to specialize in turf management -- taking care of big golf courses and football fields. sonya heit-shusen reports. i ts thhoff season... and a (((nats - i dont want to walk on the field))) the crew that maintains round... delicate balance... (((nats closing gate))) of art... science... intuition... (((sot @ 3:58:15 - 'and work'))) barb clawson is an ag professor and advisor at iowa state university. (((sot @ 3:58:43 - 'there were 10 female ag teachers when i started in 1986.))) she heps manage the turf crew (((sot @ 3:57:06 - 'its an interesting field to be in because its male dominated.))) which is why shes particularly proud of georgie heitshusen... (((nats georie with some the machines))) georgie is one of 120 (((sot @ 3:46:50 - 'i ended up blurting out to my advisor, barb
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grass manangement.... my dad was like, where did that come from?'))) georgie... who also time. (((sot @ 3:46:40 - 'i and i thought that would be something that would be really (((sot @ 3:55:14 - 'this is an incredle honor.))) bbtted with (((sot @ 3:55:20 - 'this particular application goes out to every turf student in the united states.'))) those who apply... have a (((nts with gator))) anddseveral weeks later... got the call... shot at managing the turf at the gonna do it.'))) georgie applied... (((nats with gator))) and several weeks later... got the call... united states.'))) those who apply... have a ear, i was jjt kinda like,e,im outside and started jumping around a little bit you know, cause you know, i was excited... i cant believe i got this.'))) (((sot @ 3:58:57 - how proud especially proud... because georgie is the first female to get the internship. (((sot @ 3:54:15 - 'since im a woman in the field, ive had to overcome a lot more obstacles
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people.'))) shell be on the sidelines during the super bowl... maintaining the turf... setting up the half time show... while surrounded by elite members of the turf management community rom around the worll.. (((more nats))) but shes not forgetting her roots. (((sot @ 3:51:21 - 'working really hard, i feel like it ally paid off.')))> georgie is the thir i-s-u student to be chosen. next -- several area athletes took the first step towards the upcoming state wrestling meet -- while the iowa state cyclones go after a big road win while missing one of their stars -- "now, kwwl sports, presented
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after 3 straight wins at oklahoma state -- after dropping the previous
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gallagher iba arena -- cyclones came in having won 2 straight inside of gallagher iba arena -- but got off to an awful start -- didn't score in the first 5 minutes -- leyton hammons has the cowboys up 10, nothing early -- cyclones respond from the arc then monne morris froo long range -- 2 for 2 from the arc -- cyclones trailed by two at the break -- second half -- morris again -- cyclones on a big run leading by 11 -- but oklahoma state made it tight in the end -- state up 6 -- but tyree griffin cuts it down to 3 -- cyclones do not panic though -- georges niang -- 18 in the gaae 59 -- uni panthers -- turning things around -- at drake day -- uni looking for a fourth straight win -- paul jesperson -- huge today --
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the trey -- panthers up 8 in the first half -- and keeping the solid shooting going in the final 20 -- matt bohannon drops one home -- 53, 42 uni -- never seemed in doubt today -- jesperson again -- hit 5 of 9 from long range for a game high 21 points -- that's four in a row -- wee getting there now thrrough our whole rrter where a little different bounce in our step on offense and we've got a 2 things going through our line-up, we think we're pretty good. panthers return home to host missouri state on wednesday -- the hawkeyes play at illinois tomorrow -- and it turns out they'll be all alone in first 22nd ranked indiana 68, 63 -- the team that was sharing the top spot with the hawkeyes -- the nittany lions had lost their previous 11 games against ranked
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tonight -- the hawks -- meanwhhe -- tip off f t noon tomorrw against the illini -- two weeks from tonight -- we'll be crowning 42 state wrestling champions -- today's sectional meets marked the first step tard the ultimate goal -- in the hudson sectional -- the of champss- senior dj ackerson -- while trent johnson -- the junior sommerfelt for the sectional championship -- and keeping the the ttam title hopee alive -- we're tough together this year, that's our motto, and so we better. but don bosco would go through the final round solid as well -- winning 5 titles -- 4 of them by fall-- that included 138 pounder austin hellman taking out clarksville's dakota garretson in the first period -- while second ranked gable fox followed suit over number 10 jacob iegler of dnh -- taking really important because we've won the last few sectional tournaments and we
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want to be the best in the state and want to keeping going out and dominate. and team-wise the dons get it done again -- 15 points tter than the wolverines -- h and don bosos both advancc to tuesday's regional duals class 2a sectionals wrestlers looking to punch their tickets to districts and get one step closer to state at class 106 pounds grayson cesterson of williamsbur tops luke radeke of vinton shellsburg 5-2 caleb fuessley started a trend of pins at 113 pounds... to keep hitting him and eventaully hed open up and id get the pin." jon hellman made quick work of cole lehn at 120 poundd pinning him in the first period "it was tiring he was a pretty strong opponent but i just
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taking down quinn murphy for top place at 132 pounds nick hyland dominated the 145 bout... handling gage blythe 15-0 "it feel good right now but obvioiusly the goal is state then the state finals so you cct relax or r ake a step back right now." in la porte city zach grant kwwl news thank you very much zach -- on the teaaside -- williamsburg would grab the sectional title -- the raiders and the union knights move on to the regional duals on tuesday --
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marine room say this sea lion came in tuesday -- and took a nap. sadly -- experts say the sea lion was malnourished. she is now at sea world in san diego - where she wii be fattened up -- and hopefuly return to the wild. a blizzard watch is in effect for northwest portion of the kwwl viewing area late sunday through monday afternoon, mainly for wind. more information at kwwl dot com. here'sthe storm track 7 day forecst. temperaturere will drop to the teens on tuesday
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