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tv   Early Today in Iowa  NBC  February 9, 2016 4:30am-5:00am CST

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tool. but is it strong enough to build a restaurant? just ask one woman called the seafood lady. i'm jerry gallagher. let's check on your weather now with storm track 7 meteorologist eileen loan. good morning. temperatures this morning are running in the teens although there are a few areas in the single digits... and almost all of us have wind chills below zero. winds are still 15 to 25 mph and still gusting to 30 mph and will continue through the day. our roads are showing some drifting, but interstate 35 is closed between ames and clear lake. our visibilities are better, but we still have some blowing snow this morning... and that may continue today with the winds staying strong. we won't warm up much today.. or
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wind chills below zero. winds are still 15 to 25 mph and still gusting to 30 mph and will continue through the day. our roads are showing some drifting, but interstate 35 is closed between ames and clear lake. our visibilities are better, but we still have some blowing snow this morning... and that may continue today with the winds staying strong. we won't warm up much today.. or the rest of the blowing snow is still a problem this morning. several schools are starting two hours late -- as you can tell by the announcements we have running along the bottom of the screen. part of i-35 remains shut down right now because visibilty is so poor. this is video from yesterday. there were several crashes south of clear lake. after that, the state shut down part of the highway. now to decision 2016: a huge day in the race for the white house. after iowa last week, it's now new hampshire's turn.
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week, but new hampshire doesn't have nearly as many evangelical voters. political experts say that means it's unlikely cruz will go two for two in the early states. donald trump's had a big lead in the polls there, but senator marco rubio has been moving up. also, this is a very big day for the governors -- chrisite, bush and kasich. they all need a breakout performance. in the democratic race, hillary clinton's razor thin victory in iowa makes new hampshire all the more interesting. bernie sanders has been leading her in the polls. the voting is already underway in new hampshire. state law says any community with fewer than 100 voters can open their polls at midnight. that's what they did in dixville. there were nine voters. sanders won all four voters for the democrats. kasich got three republican votes. trump earned the other two. former new york city mayor michael bloomberg says he hasn't made up his mind about a run for the white house. for a few weeks, we've been
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he says -- if he gets in as a third- party candidate -- he march. the current president delivers his final budget later today. president obama releases his plan. where it goes from there is anyone's guess. it most likely faces an uphill battle in congress. the waterloo school district has to regroup after a vote last week. a proposed career and technical center was shot down by the voters. last night, the first school board meeting since the vote. "we are exploring different like to sit down at the table and say why did you vote no." the district isn't giving up on the idea of the career center. a committee plans to go back to the drawing board and take a look at the voter data. the time now is a teenager pleads guilty to involuntary manslaughter in the shooting death of his sister.
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diryun coffer with his sister jykeria. he shot and killed her by accident last year. the gun he used was stolen during a burglary earlier that day. the judge says he'll go to the state training school for boys in eldora. when he turns 18, he'll face a charge of trafficking stolen weapons. an iowa man involved in a deadly crash pleads guilty. alexander engling pleading guilty to vehicular homicide and drunk driving. authorities say he lost control of his car and flipped it in holy cross last year his passenger -- john cook -- died. engling will be sentenced in april. three people are recovering this morning after a crash in cedar falls. it happened on university avenue yesterday. five cars were involved and three people were sent to the hopsital with minor injuries. rescue crews say blowing snow could've been a factor. one person was hurt in this crash off highway 20 in dubuque. police say the driver of this semi -- was going too fast getting off 20 onto the bryant street ramp.
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brakes were acting up. a highway 20 intersection in dubuque county could be made safer. the d-o-t plans to improve the area along 20 and swiss valley road. that area has seen many crashes over the years. people living in the area say drivers don't slow down along the curve. "really haven't gotten too much input, some favorable some objections. it's both affects everybody, one way or another." the first phase of the project is set to start in 20-19 and will take about a year to finish. it could cost 26 million dollars. firefighters battle the cold and wind -- and rescue a woman and her two children. we first told you about this fire yesterday on today in iowa. firefighters were called to a home on union road in cedar falls. a five-year-old girl, a three-year- old boy and their mother were rescued. "we had some things that were
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started to freeze up and that type of stuff." we're told the children are in good condition - but their mother, ashley calfee is at the university of iowa hospitals and clinics being treated. she took in a lot of smoke. the home was destroyed. at this point, we don't know what caused the fire. now to another fire. an iowa family loses their home and four pets. it happened in st. charles -- which is south of des moines in madison county. crews also had a tough time battling that fire because of strong winds -- that caused it to spread. a training mission takes a turn for the worse -- for a paratrooper. he ends up stuck on a power pole. check out the video from florida. the man is a paratrooper at fort bragg but was in florida training. he was behind the rest of his squad when he started drifting. a state trooper spotted him and called for help. rescue crews shut off the power
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two workers are very lucky this morning -- after this happened. a gas station canpoy collapsed in california. no one was seriously hurt -- including the people in the cars under the canopy. two workers were on the roof over the gas pumps. as they were getting off the awning -- it collapsed. another close call in california. a small plane crash-lands after losing power taking off. authorities say the engine failed and it started to come down after reaching about three hundred feet. the pilot was able to guide it to a swampy area near the runway. this is quite a splash to start the week. a man loses control of his s-u-v -- drives over a curb, through a fence and into a backyard pool the man out. he was not seriously hurt. it took the tow truck a long time to get the s-u-v out. the n-f-l season is over... which means the off-season is about to heat
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a new policy restricts those convicted of certain crimes from going to the combine. the league will ban athletes from going to the scouting combine if they've been convicted of sexual assault or domestic violence. anyone who refuses a background check will also be kept out. a hot new restaurant is also one of the smallest. this morning, the story of a woman who built her business from the ground up. william joy got a behind the scenes look in kentucky. "can i have um, a crab fry?" a tiny banner on a fence is the only evidence it exists "we're kind of stuck off in a corner and we're a little hard to find." first-timers often miss it "she kept saying, we just went in a circle and i said we did go in a circle." it's called the seafood lady "there's not anything like it here" and that's her ... "it's unique." nichelle thurston is from florida "i never could find awesome, really good tasting seafood." so she took the last of her savings ... "it's a house made sauce... and
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delicious." and she started selling it out of her house. "it was all just on a whim." it worked better than she or her husband expected. "getting off work and see two or 300 people standing on your porch waiting for your wife's seafood. i mean i can't tell you food truck. "it's made for at least two people." four months later, opened up the restaurant. "this is my first time actually running a restaurant. i think i've been doing pretty good at it." her secret weapon is social media. from posting pictures of her food, she's gained more than 20- thousand followers on instagram and more than 15-thousand on facebook. "if it wasn't for social media i don't know if we would be where we are today. between facebook and instagram, that's my customer base." "i kept seeing everybody talk about the seafood lady, the seafood lady and then they posted photos of what they ordered and i was like, oh wow." besides social media, the thurstons thank god "when it started, i prayed that it would turn into what it is now." "she said baby, one day god is
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and we're going to make it baby." she got the recipes from her grandfather who was a chef in the navy. we still have a lot to get to this morning: including a surprise one soldier's family will never forget. he says good-bye -- heading overseas for another tour. what happens next leaves a school cheering -- and others tearing up. plus -- what's next for a super bowl champ? before a parade in denver, peyton manning has to go see mickey and minnie first. wind chills are running below zero in most places this morning. and it looks like they will stay in the headlines for the next
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"now your storm track 7
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from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team. see the screen for your complete weather information. here is additional forecast information from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team: it will stay windy and cold today with some blowing and drifting, but not to the extent we
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viewing area. a few more snow showers track in tomorrow and we will stay cold for the week, too. winds are still 15 to 25 mph from the northwest with gusts to 30 mph.... they will stay strong all day. wind chills are running below zero and we still have some blowing snow around that will reduce visibilities at times. roads are still treacherous in central iowa and we still have many that are dealing
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stormtrack7 live weather network cameras will keep showing that blowing snow much of the day today. temperatures will stay cold for the rest of the week. our temps are mostly in the teens this morning with single digits to the west. the low is hung up in the great lakes as a strong storm system tracks into the north atlantic. eventually it will be able to move and we will see it track away and allow the next disturbance in... that will happen tomorrow and bring some snow
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state...although it shouldn't be the 50s in the region today with manageable level today. tonight to -25 in some areas by morning. late sunday into monday. found a research animal that escaped. plus -- a state trooper's been waiting two years for this day. he's finally back on the job after almost losing his life. the story of his recovery next. you're watching kwwl. we've got you covered in randalia, ridgeway, robins and all of eastern iowa
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year for the hawkeyes are getting first place votes in the new top 25 poll. villanova is the new number one followed by maryland at number two. oklahoma falls from number one to number three. iowa received 11 first place votes. the hawks are ranked fourth and travel to indiana on thursday. iowa state is 14th and plays at texas tech tomorrow night. today, the streets of denver
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super bowl champ. the broncos beat the panthers on sunday night to win super bowl 50. today fans will celebrate with the team at a parade in downtown denver. it wasn't disneyworld, but this is a close second for the super bowl winning quarterback. peyton manning is the center of attention at a parade in disneyland in california. manning told the today show he did not sleep on sunday night... the super bowl win. in a kwwl follow-up: eastern iowa's most wanted animal is off the streets. william the goat escaped a research lab at the university of iowa about 10 days ago. the university says it found the animal on monday afternoon -- near 1st avenue and auburn east lane. that's between coralville and north liberty. the university says william's in good shape. remember lehman brothers? the bank became synonymous with disaster after its bankruptcy helped spark the 2008 financial crisis. now it's back in a whiskey form. a man wants to use the name for his
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he references the lehman disaster in his new brand suggesting one of the whiskies "goes perfect with reckless maneuvers and explosive consequences." now this is dedication. a state trooper is back on the job -- two years after being seriously injured on the job. wisconsin state trooper justin hansen was getting traffic cones out of the trunk of his patrol car when he was hit by another car. his left leg was broken in several places. part of his right leg had to be amputated. "all the work i put in to become a trooper was nothing compared to the work i've had to do to get back doing what i love." he said he wanted to get back work to show his children challenges can be overcome. we've seen soldiers surprise their kids at school before -- but never like this. staff sergeant andrew jenkins came home to indiana to spend the weekend with his family. then, he said goodbye to his kids before they went to school.
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deployed once again. instead, he retired from the army -- and is home for good. "i've missed so many birthdays, so many holidays, and there's can only do so much. and it's now it's time for me to actually be here and support them." after three deployments to iraq and one to afghanistan -- he says he's ready to be home. the time now is getting a bang for their buck. technology gives super bowl advertisers a huge boost -- even after their commercials air during the big game.
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many people have to admit bowl commercial. youtube says most people watch the super bowl commercials a lot -- even in the days after the big game. mary moloney breaks down the biggest ads. "hello i'm helen mirren."
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only see this budweiser super people went on the streaming site during the game to watch the commercials. just to put it in perspective -- the amount of views super bowl commercials got on youtube makes that price of up to 5 million dollars for a 30 second spot worth it. but it's not just while football is being played that ad-watchers tune in. it's after. youtube says more people watch -- rewatch -- and share the super bowl commercials in the days after the game. as of monday -- the commercial with the most youtube views -- the chase from hyundai "that's my cheat day, so i'll just eat around it." followed by pokemon "you can do that." and the mini spot rounds out the top three "this car doesn't care what you call it." google says -- before and after the game -- the super bowl commercials have been watched for more than four million hours so far. there's more opportunity for an ad to go viral -- as more brands release their commercials
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a certain scene out of your head. "ah!" for consumer watch -- i'm mary moloney. we have a commercial break to go to right now... today in iowa returns with the forecast from
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check of your storm trackforecast. windy and cold today with snow highs only in the teens through saturday before we warm into the ally crutcher joins us for today
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governor terry branstad wants massive changes to the health insurance system. iowa's former governor doesn't. that sets up a showdown this week. plus... one person was killed and another was injured after a house fire in iowa over the weekend. today is a big day in new orleans. people from all over the world are there for a party. good morning, i'm ally crutcher. and i'm jerry gallagher. storm track seven meteorologist
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