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tv   Early Today in Iowa  NBC  February 11, 2016 4:30am-5:00am CST

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let's check on your weather now with storm track 7 meteorologist eileen loan. good morning. good morning. it's another cold morning with temperatures in the single digits across most of eastern iowa. wind chills are also below zero, but not too bad with a north wind between zero and ten miles per hour. we will continue with the light wind throughout the day today as high pressure moves through. here's the satellite and radar showing the clouds dissipating over the area. we will have a mostly sunny sky today, but our next system is up in the northern plains this morning, and that will track into our area by later tonighttringing the channe for light snow. here's a check of future track. you can see no snow during the day,
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very cold out there. late this afternoon clouds will be on the increase, with light snow trcking in between 8 and 10, and will continue through the overnight, and out by friday morning commute. here's the storm track 7 forecast for today. we will have temperatures in the teens to near 20. most chances for snow after tonight's snow. we'll talk more about that here in just a few minutes. we'll talk more about that here we begin with decision 2016 -- and a smaller field as the race for the white moves on. two more republicans are out -- as the focus shifts to the south. tracie potts tells us the stakes are about to get even higher for a few more contenders. with chris christie and carly fiorina out - it's a smaller field now in souuh carolina.
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break jeb bush and marco rubio. "the question for people in south carolina is: what kind of person do you want behind the big desk?" john kasich says he'll try not totogo negative: "well i'm not going to let somebody pound me. i have a right to be able to defend myself." ted cruz is counting on the state's evangelical voters. "the men and women of south carolina i beleleve want a consistent conservative.. but donald trump has led every poll here in the last six months. in clemson, he hammered hillary clinton... and her stunning loss in new hampshire. "honestly - women don't like her. men don't llke her - take a look at what's happening to her." black lawmakers are coming to clinton's rescue. the congressional black caucus will endorse her today and send members o states like south carolina with large african- american populations. "the people in south carolina are angry right now and they want a candidate that reflects that." could thh be bernie sanders? "g"g your own way. the revolution is possible!
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fresh off stephen colbert last night... he'll face off with hillary clinton at a debate tonight. sanders' win is paying off. his campaign says he raised five million dollars in small donations overnight after winning new hampshire. i'm tracie potts in washington - back to you. south carolina holds its gop primary on february 20th. then, it's a big one. march first is super tuesday. virginia, georgia, alabama, tennessee, arkansas, oklahoma and texas all have primaries that day. this morning, the standoff at an oregon wildlife refuge could finally end -- more than a monn after it started. the f-b-i surrounded the refuge. the final four activists inside -- say they'll leave their weapons behind and surrender this morning. they're the last of the protesters who took over the refuge in early january -- upset about federal land policies. several activists were arrested weeks ago. one died after being shot by
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more sanctions for north korea. the u-s senate approves legislation designed to derail that country's drive for nuclear weapons. the vote was 96 to zero. it comes after recent missile tests by north korea. this morning, we're also learning -- that country's leader is accused of executing his military chief for corruption. sad news this morning. two sheriff's deputies in california have died. their plane crashed into the side of a mountain. they had just finished helping officers on the ground arrest a suspect. investigators say it's too early to tell what happened. "our community is a strong one and we will come through this community rally around us as an office and that our men and women of this office ralll around each other as we come through this difficult time" one of the deputies started his law enforcement career 27 years ago.
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national guard before being hired by the sheriff's department. another tragedy this morning affecting law enforcement -- but this was no accident. a gunman shot and killed two deputies in maryland. one was shot in the head in a shootout. the suspect -- who was 67 -- was also killed. one of our deputies was a 30- served this agency for the last 16-years and was assigned to the community services division." the suspect had warrants out for his arrest in maryland and florida. totoy, flags willllbe lowered n maryland to honor the victims. the u-s attorney general is now suing ferguson, missouri over civil rights. this week, the ferguson ty counnl rejected an agreement with the department of justice. the deal is designed to improve the way police and the court system treat minorities. that city has been in the spotlight since michael brown
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a justice department report came down hard on police -- and what was called a municipal court system driven by profits. "the city was well aware that deciding not to accept it that they were chchosing litigation, this is their choice." the city council is worried the agreement could cost it almost four million dollars in the first year -- so it voted to make changes. there's a firestorm over a new song by one of the biggest pop stars. many people call her new song formation anti- law enforcement. so now, there ae competing rallies being plannnd. one to protest the song. the other to show support for the singer. the time now is several people are in the hospital this morning after a pile up. it happened on the road east of cleveland. dozens of cars and at least 15 trucks were involved. we kno some people were seriously hurt -- but no deaths have been reported. an agri-business giant will pay a
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allegations. monsanto will pay 80 million dollars. the company was accused of not accounting for millions of dollars paid to distributors are rebates. that distorted the company's earnings reports. the ceo paid back three million even though regulators say he did nothing wrong. social media has a power that can be a problem at times... but it can also be very powerful in a good way. which is exactly what we're homeless man reconnecting with his family. chico's life is about to change. he hasn't seen his sister on a cellphone for the first time in decades. "can you be ready friday or saturday?" she is heard telling her brother. "you going to come down here?" he asked. "yes!" lupe said. he's spent almost 10 adrienne arsht center for food and comfort. it was there that chico met gaby. "there''people out there that give a damn about
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americans like me,""e said. and after she shot this video of chico... gaby then got this message on to his siblings. when asked how it feels to talk to her bother again, lupe replied, "it's awesome. i am so overwhelmed." gaby sobbed as she hugged chico. "thank you very much," he said. "i want you to be there whehe my sister gets here," he added. "i'm going to bring her to you. she's going to come to my house," said gaby. so is he. "they're a g gdsend. they are my heroes now; they are my heroes. they are my people now, my saints," he said. chico's nights on the streets are numbered. "i'm just dumbfounded, you know. i might t be coming back," he said. he's not coming back. he's going home to his
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his sister will be driving to miami from north carolina, starting tomorrow morning. she hopes to be in downtown miami by saturday afternoon. we still have a lot to get to this morning: including another tough roaa trip for the cyclones. iowa state hopes to leave the state of texas with an overtime win. plus -- this is a valentine's day moment -- 70 years in the making. a moving story about a couple reconnecting so many years later. here's the bus stop forecast. sunny and cold today. we'll talk about chances for snow coming up in just a few minutes. "now your storm track 7
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weather information. here is additional forecast information from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team: from the kwwl storrrack 7 weather team. see the screen for your complete weather information. here is additional forecast information from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team: from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team. see the screen for your complete weathehe informationon here is additional forecast information from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team: good morning i'm meteorologist kyle kiel. threat tracker shows a tomorrow as
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spots on the roadways for your friday morning commute after a little bit of snow tonight. we'll talk about that in just a moment. behind that snow will be even more cold air for the day on saturday. we will start you off with the temperatures from our weather trackers thsi morning. another cold morning out there. similar temperatures all across eastern iowa this morning, mainly in the digits. temperatures will only warm into the teens throughoutt he day, but luckily our wind won't be too strong. the wnd is pretty light as well, as you can see right now. here's the storm track 7 live weather network camerasacross eastern iowa. we have a pretty quiet
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will be a pretty calm day. here's the storm track 7 live doppler radar showing pretty quiet conditions righ tnow. no snow on the radar like there was yesterday. here's the satellite and radar from across the region. you can see that the clouds were on the decrease overnight so now we are left with amostly clear sky. thereis an area of high pressure to our north leading to the clear and quiet conditions. this will continue to track southeast as our next clipper system begins to track through later toninit. this will bring us scattered light snow showers, and there could be light accumulations. here's a check of the future track, where we are tracking it all. we've got a mostly sunny sky
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with clouds trrcking in later this afternoon and evening. eventually we will see light snow beginning to track into the area between 8 and 10 o'ccock later tonight, and alsting until 2 or 3 o'clock tomorrow early tomorrow morning. then by tomorrow afternoon, we as far as snowfall amounts? very inches. s s, more of a nnsance digits, these may actually rise a mostly sunny sky during the then we warm up next week. the ballpark known for the green monster now has something else that sticks out. a huge ski ramp. starting today -- the "big air at fenway" event features olympic skiers and snowboarders. the grand prize is 150-thousand dollars. i guess it's a new way to slide
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this didn't look like a good idea from the beginning. thankfully, everyone's ok -- after quite a tumble in the stands. that story on the way -- plus, putting a price tag on all the savings you could save this year because of lower gas prices? we have an idea. you're watching kwwl. we've got you covered in garrison, gilbertville, guttenberg and all of eastern iowa
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iowa state hopes to get on a roll before then. last night, the cyclones head to texas tech -- where they lost a year ago when they were ranked ninth. this time around, iowa state is 14th. the e yclones looking good early. jordan ashton -- from downtown -- iowa state up 8. but the red raiders would not go away in this one. it would go overtime and texas tech comes away with a three-point win -- 85-82.
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lately. hoping to keep it goig against missouri statt the panthers hot early. first two trips down the floor -- paul jesperson -- back to back threes. jesperson wasn't alone -- jeremy morgan from the arc -- morgan led the way with 21. uni wins its fifth in a row -- 83-69. next up for the panthers -- a trip to wichita state on saturday. some excitement off the court -- turns into a scary situation. at kentucky's game last night -- watch a fab -- having a good time... he picks up a girl, but thaa's when things go wrong. he loses his footing and down they go. luckily -- both were ok -- but they might be a little black and blue.
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you... but how much. this morning, we're gettinn an idea. the government says the average household is expected to save 320 dollars this year because gas prices are so low. yesterday, we told you how the average price would stay below two dollars for 2016. that has the attention of the federal reserve. "economic growth could also exceed our projections for several reasons, including the possibility that low oil prices will boost economic growth more than we expect." that's good news, but there are also warning signs about the economy. the federal reserve chair says borrowing costs are up, stock prices are down -- and there are here's a valentine's day treat -- that only took 70 years to reallze. a war two veteran from virginia reunites with his girlfriend from the war. norwood flew to australia to reconnect with his long-lost
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they met in london shortly before d-day. after the war, he returned to the u-s. they wrote to each other, but evenally married other people. his wife passed away and she got ddorced. then last year, one of her sons tracked him down -- and they reconnected through skype. they plan to spend valentine's day together. the time is a big key to being healthier in 2016 is forming good habits. easier said than done, right? coming up next -- how the power of the pen couldbe the answero most people don't stick with
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new year's resolution for the entire year. but we can change that -- if we whether it's eating healthier, getting more exercise or spending less money, it's difficult to form new habits. "you have to kind of look at specific we can be with our breaking old habits isn't always easy. certified profile coach, samantha carlson, says if you want to change yoyo
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"if you can have those small victories in between that builds you've achieved that one 'all right, let's go to that next right away and just wanting to quit altogether." when you set a goal, carlson encourages being realistic aaut the time-liie you give yourself to achieve it. "you kind of have to play around with it a little bit to figure out that right time-line just because everyone is so to take a little more time. " for some, telling yourself to change bad habits is easier said than done. but, there are ways to hold yourself accountable for your goals. "having your goals in writing is something that's awesome to do you have a buddy that has a similar goal, having that buddy system really helps keep you accountable." if you don reach your goal one weee, carlson says to will today be a better day to
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outside for a walk? storm track seven live doppler radar... kyle has the forecast for us in a momen
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cheforecast. here's the storm track 7 day forecast. after a few flurries friday we will see a mostly sunny sky during the afternoon. it will be cold and windy on as we head into valentine's day,
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"you're watcnow on today in iowa... the threat of the zika virus is a hot button issue in washington this morning. it has one professional athlete saying she doesn't want to go to the summer olympics. plus... a couple isn't too happy with u-p-s this morning, after a mess in their front yard. and a young girl stays calm when her brother stops breathing -- good morning, i'm ally crutcher. and
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