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tv   Early Today in Iowa  NBC  February 23, 2016 4:30am-5:00am CST

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a woman is being evicted after she was told she'd never have to leave. i'm jerry gallagher. let's check on your weather now we are still in the low to mid 30s this morning in the kwwl viewing area with light easterly winds that are turning to the south and eventually to the southwest today. we have a mix of clouds and clear skies, but also a few showers tracking through the state with light snow or flurries this morning and some rain showers for the daylight hours. we will have a chance off and on today, but mainly cloudy skies will stick around all day. highs will be nice.. in the 40s with light winds. the winds will pick up tomorrow and
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breezy through thursday with temps cooling a bit. i'll have that forecast for you in a few minutes. we begin with decision 2016. donald trump is hoping to rack up another win today -- this time in nevada. tracie potts tells us some candidates just wrapped up rallies a few hours ago -- before today's republican caucuses. "the men and women in this room have a national bully pulpit." a final late night push to win nevada. "this guy is sick, there's something wrong with this guy." the latest poll shows donald trump with a 16 point lead over ted cruz. "the establishment of the republican is waking up to the fact that within a couple of weeks donald trump could be unstoppable."
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just think he has turned this whole thing into a circus." fresh off his second place finish in south carolina, marco rubio is hoping to score here: "we can't win. if we nominate someone, if we nominate someone that half the republican party hates." "i again don't know what makes anyone believe that donald trump supporters are going to peel off of him and go to someone else." "...kasich has no vision, today i left my kitchen!" john kasich is seeing protests after signing off to defund planned parenthood in ohio. " i found his comments today to be completely deplorable and very offensive." "what those attacks tell me is that someone is listening out there." he and ben carson rounding out the five republicans left in this race. nevada's caucuses start later this evening turnout isn't expected to be huge. four years ago only 33,000 across the state showed up. i'm tracie potts in washington, now back to you.
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calls him the fall guy. rick tyler was the spokesman for cruz. he spread a false story that rubio had criticized the bible. cruz is now looking for a new national spokesman -- as rubio and trump accuse the campaign of playing dirty. the pentagon spells out the plan to shut down guantanamo bay. the price tag won't be cheap. today, the white house will give an outline to congress. the president wants to close the facility -- saying it's used as a recruiting tool by terrorists and is too costly to keep running. the pentagon says it would cost about 500 million to shut it down -- and they're moved. right now, there are 91 people being held there. a high-speed chase comes to a crashing end in a field. officers chased the suspect in oklahoma after he refused to pull over. after about ten minutes -- he goes off the road --barreling
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a fence and crashing into some trees. about a dozen officers surround him. he was arrested. police found a number of weapons in the car. today, opening statements will be made in a murder trial moved to eastern iowa. alexander fazzino is charged with first degree murder in the death of his wife, emily. her body was found in their home in boone in 2012. her grandfather founded the fareway stores grocery chain. fazzino called police -- saying his wife was unresponsive. he told them he believed emily was trying to kill herself, and that she was addicted to prescription drugs. police investigated it as a homicide -- after the autopsy showed she suffered head trauma. the high profile case was moved to winneshiek county and is expected to take up to three weeks. authorities call it a full court press -- as they search for a murder suspect -- who might be in eastern iowa.
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murder of a nine- year-old in chicago last year. police believe edwards and two other men lured tyshawn lee into an alley -- where they shot and killed him. authorities call it a gang-related murder. over the weekend, the search for edwards brought u-s marshals to a home on randall street in waterloo. authorities did not find him there, but they did arrest another man -- ryan ellis -- on an unrelated theft charge. u-s marshals would not confirm if edwards had been at the home on randall street -- but they say it's possible he's been in iowa for some time. they want anyone who sees him to call police right away. still no motive in the murder of six people in michigan. prosecutors continue to call the shootings random. jason dalton was in court on monday. he's charged with six counts of murder. authorities say he admitted being involved. they believe dalton shot eight people at an apartment complex, restaurant, and car dealership in
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dalton was an uber driver. the company says it received complaints about him from several passengers saturday night -- including one about erratic driving. but the company won't say whether it talked to him. the parents of a 14 year old girl shot on saturday night -- say their daughter is fighting for her life. four others with her that night were killed in kalamazoo. at one point her heart stopped beating, but when the teen squeezed her mom's hand... it gave everyone new hope. "everybody needs to get that straight. my daughter is not dead. she is alive and she is fighting for her life. i want everybody to understand that." condition. a gunmaker wants a judge to dismiss a lawsuit filed by sandy hook families. in the 2012 mass shooting at the newtown elementary school. they claim the bushmaster ar-15 rifle used by the gunman should not war, designed for the battlefield, that is sold and marketed to the
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the gunman killed 20 first-graders and six adults. company of the ar-15 says it's protected by a federal law shielding gun manufacturers from most it's company that makes a legal product would do so with any notion that it was somehow acceptable to commit murder with it. today, apple supporters are planning a protest against the f-b-i. a judge has ordered apple to help authorities in the san bernadino terrorism investigation. they want the tech giant to help the f-b-i hack into shooter's locked iphone. so far... apple has resisted. a georgia business owner is now requiring his employees to get a concealed carry handgun permit -- and be armed. the company provides risk management services to aircraft insurers. the owner says recent reports
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decided to require everyone who works for him to carry a weapon. training, commit to becoming an expert on the firearm, and -- also you have to commit to be ready to use it if you have to." the owner says several high- profile business owners with private planes could soon follow his lead and require their employees to carry guns. cedar rapids firefighters rescue a man trapped in an apartment fire. it happened on jacolyn drive south-west monday morning. the only way out for one man was through a second floor window. the city tells us firefighters knocked down flames on the deck and were able to get the man out. he was then taken to the a lifetime deal -- does not last. a 97-year-old woman is being evicted from a home she's lived in for more than six decades. marie has lived in this california house for 63 years. she says her former landlord was a close friend and promised she could stay in the home for the rest of her life.
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"no, i love this old house. look at all this nice stuff." "we're staying optimistic that some accommodation can be reached." the new landlord says they were "unaware" of the lifetime agreement. a farmer's nightmare becomes very real. a sinkhole opens up right in the middle of a field. authorities say beneath the surface in texas -- is a form of rock that can dissolve easily -- so these types of sink holes can happen. in fact -- a similar one popped up six years ago -- which is now about 20 feet wide. if you want a birds-eye view in iowa, you'll have to spend a little time the classroom. iowa is home to more than 400 eagle nests. the dnr says it cannot monitor every one -- so volunteers are outdoors, too many people are sitting in their living rooms get active, stay healthy" to become a monitor, you have to take a three and a half hour
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the next class is in clayton county on march fifth. learn more about that on our website -- kwwl dot com. we have much more to get to this morning: including a lesson for students that took millions of years to come together. now, it's on its way to dubuque. and it's that time of year. some eastern iowa teams are celebrating -- making plans for a road trip to des moines. a few showers will continue to and cooler. i'll have the details coming up. "now your storm track 7
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team. see the screen for your complete
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here is additional forecast information from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team: stray showers will track through today with breezy conditions tomorrow and thursday. stormtrack7 live weather network cameras will show a few of those showers off and on today but will be mainly dry. temperatures are mild... we are still in the low to mid 30s in our viewing area and across the state with light winds. they are
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south and will eventually turn to the southwest today, but will be northerly by tonight and breezy tomorrow. spotty showers continue to track through the state this morning with another round possible later today, although there isn't much moisture and most of us will probably stay dry. the larger storm system to the south will keep most of the energy and the forecast focus... it will bring strong storms from texas through michigan with heavy snows
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great lakes area by thursday... it stays to our east, but we will have some breezy conditions from the low. a few showers may track in, but they look more likely to dry out before they track through our viewing area by thursday. temperatures remain mild... midwest highs will be in the north and start to pick up saturday, but a cold front will breezy conditions tracks in. the battle being winter and spring- like weather has an old iowa bridge in a jam. ice is ramming into the wagon wheel bridge near boone. large pieces of ice stick together on the des moines river -- and like dams -- ice jams keep the water back. but once they break free
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they did over the weekend when the weather warmed up -- they come "you can have several miles of ice backed up that causes a lot of flooding. they're very dangerous -- got a lot of power to them." downstream at ledges state park -- there's a lot of ice building up there -- forcing park rangers to close the lower half of the park. high winds damage a ferris wheel at a park in iowa. the park is home to the river bandits minor league baseball team in davenport. the general manager says the gondola did not fall...but was removed after it was heavily damaged by the winds. wind gusts hit 60 miles an hour on friday. the time is iowa state with another tough matchup on the road. the plus -- a fish -- and hockey fan in troubled waters.
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you're watching kwwl. we've got you covered in manchester, raymond, balltown and all of eastern iowa
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state. the cyclones brutal schedule took them to west virginia last night to face the 14th ranked mountaineers. down eight at the half, but making a run. this is abdel nader with the three. cyclones within three. iowa state would take the lead later -- after a matt thomas three. but the mountaineers and their bench would be too much. west virginia beats the 17th ranked cyclones 97-87. in iowa last night, girls basketball teams hoping to punch their tickets to state. this is a 1-a regional final -- northwood kensett against turkey valley. shelby reicks buries a three-pointer there. she had 21 points. turkey valley celebrates -- winning 67-53. they play mount ayr at state next monday morning. kee high also trying to get to des moines. they took on lynnville-sully.
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kendra cooper with the the pass to mikayla gavin. kee up 41-39. this game would go to overtime with the keehawks winning. they go to state with a 61-58 win. they play burlington notre dame on monday. springville with a big win last night too. they'll play at state on monday as well. sports are full of tradition -- some a bit stranger than others. for the university of new hampshire hockey team -- a fan tosses a large fish onto the ice after the team scores its first goal. so here we go --this fan goes for it -- but clearly has a tough time -- taking several tries to get it over the glass. he even drops it right onto a kid sitting behind him. but with great patience -- he eventually gets it onto the ice -- getting the crowd out of their seats. new tapes reveal an eerie sound on the dark side of the moon -- about 50 years later. "the music sounds outer spacey doesn't it?" "you hear that? that whistling sound? wooooo." this is audio from the apollo
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mission to orbit the moon. there's a high pitched whistling sound. nasa technicians think they were hearing interference from the radios. a new exhibit on its way to eastern iowa takes us back before the time of apollo ten... well before that in fact. the exhibit is all about dinosaurs! the national mississippi river museum and aquarium in dubuque gave us a look at the "dinosaurs unearthed," exhibit. it will feature 15 that actually dinosaur skeleton. the exhibit officially opens may 14th. the time now is using your picture to pay. one company says it's easier and protects you from identity theft. so are selfies the
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selfies are becoming part of
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now mastercard wants to use them to help prevent fraud. mary moloney tells us how. forget a password. mastercard is launching new technology so you can use selfies and fingerprint scans are safer than typed passwords. especially since many of our passwords are easy for scammers to guess. if you want to use your pic to pay -- download the each time you buy something online. your face or fingerprint will be scanned to prove it's you spending the money -- and not a scammer. but you won't be able to use the same picture over and over. mastercard makes you blink -- to show that you are little easier. especially if you have a new iphone with the technology already built in. but it's not just mastercard that's looking for new ways to prevent fraud. if you have an hsbc account -- you will soon be able mastercard is researching ways to use your heartbeat and scans of your eyes to authenticate purchases. this
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of protecting online shoppers from fraud. for consumer watch -- i'm mary moloney. here's a picture of storm track seven live doppler radar. eileen has the forecast for us when today in iowa continues.
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check oforecast. a few showers track through today with breezy conditions tomorrow and thursday. more wind sunday and monday as temperatures cool even more. it's and coming up on today in iowa. state senators are fighting to prove there's no going back on an expensive mistake. plus... a key change to the school calendar for some iowa students. ally crutcher joins us next.
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we've got you covered. this is today in iowa." this morning -- new details emerge in the investigation into the shooting rampage in michigan... plus... an eastern iowa mother is hoping to take care of her newborn after complications during the baby's birth. and her mother never expected her to play sports. but when this iowa teen hits the basketball court...her teammates make sure she's a part of the game good morning, i'm ally crutcher. and i'm jerry gallagher. storm track seven meteorologist
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your storm track seven forecast. we are still in the low to mid winds that are turning to the south and eventually to the southwest today. we have a mix of clouds and clear skies, but also a few showers tracking through the state with light snow or flurries this morning and some rain showers for the daylight hours. we will have a chance off and on today, but mainly cloudy skies will stick around all day. highs will be nice.. in the 40s with light winds. the winds will pick up tomorrow and stay breezy through thursday with temps


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