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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  October 15, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm CDT

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on this saturday night, attack mode. donald trump with new claims the election is being rigged, hitting back after more allegations of sexual abuse, saying no one has more respect for women than him. transcripts exposed. some of the wall street speeches hillary clinto h release now stolen, and made public. tonight, what she allegedly said about the republican party, business people running for office, and how the hacks have changed her campaign. midwest terror plot. three men arrested for what the government says was a plan to attack an apartment complex and kill muslim immigrants. and doctors at your door. the new medical startups bringing back the old-age
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"nightly news" begins now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with jose diaz balart. >> we begin with a battle for the white house and a growing drumbeat from donald trump that the election is being stolen from them. rigged is the word trump uses. he was using it again today as he responded to all of the say they were sexually abused by the candidate. allegations that trump strongly denied again today. jacob rascon is with the trump campaign and reports on the latest. >> reporter: in the face of mounting sexual assault accusations and evaporated party support, donald trump is pivoting to one clear central claim. >> it looks to me like a rigged election. >> reporter: it's not a new argument for trump. >> it's a rigged system, folks. it's a rigged system.
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the rigged system. >> reporter: but less than four weeks before election day, his claim striking a chord with supporters. >> i think the system is rigged. >> reporter: prompting a strong pushback from speaker paul ryan. our democracy relies on confidence in election results and the speaker is fully confident the states will carry out this election with integrity. a clinton campaign stateman de cries trump's quote shameful attempts to undermine an happens. >> where half the country believes that donald trump was the victim of a rigged game and half the country believes that hillary clinton is the rightfully elected leader. it makes it very difficult to govern, it makes it very difficult to lead going into the future. >> reporter: today trump also lashing out at women who accused him of groping or sexual assault. there are now nine of them. tweeting this afternoon that nothing ever happened with any of these women. totally made-up nonsense to steal the election. nobody has more respect for
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of the allegations. today the campaign pushback hard on one of the latest allegations, former "apprentice" contestant summer servo said trump forced himself on her twice in 2007. the e-mail claims says she praises trump. also today, a new attack on secretary clinton. >> i think she's getting pumped up. >> reporter: trump insinuating she may be taking test prior to the debate. i do. i think we should -- why don't we do that? we should take a drug test prior -- because i don't know what's going on with her. >> reporter: today the trump campaign announced its fund-raising totals for september, $100 million, mostly in small donors. but that is still well behind secretary clinton's totals for the month. also today the trump campaign cut its ties publicly and
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chair in ohio, one of trump's most important must-win states. jose? >> jacob rascon, thank you very much. another release from wikileaks for the clinton campaign tonight. the clinton campaign responded again by blaming russia and faulted donald trump for cheering on the russian attempt to influence our election, quote, through a crime reminiscent of water gait but on nbc's casey hunt with more. >> reporter: the latest twist in a saga offering a behind the scenes glimpse of how the campaign really works. the transcripts bernie sanders kept demanding of the speeches hillary clinton gave to goldman sachs, and she refused. >> you've got to release the transcripts! let everybody see them! >> reporter: now apparently out in the open, stolen by wikileaks. >> the kremlin, meaning putin
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directing the attacks, the hacking on american accounts to influence our election. >> reporter: the clinton complain won't confirm or deny the authenticity of the documents. wikileaks says they're taken from clinton campaign chairman, john podesta's e-mail account. they show clinton rubbing elbows with top executives, warning the republican party is being taken over by extremists. saying she would like to see more successful business people run for office. and complaining the last round of wikilks apology tour while she was secretary of state. >> it sounds like a plot of a bad '80s cold war movie. >> reporter: now changing how they communicate to stay secure. >> changed at all the way it uses e-mail in the week of this of john podesta's e-mail? >> i think it would probably undermine our efforts to protect ourselves from people like the russians, if i talk too much about it.
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income tax's new battleground map shows clinton with an overwhelming advantage. publicly, she's urging supporters not to get complacent. >> i don't want anybody to think this election is over, baulgs it's been so unpredictable up until now that i'm not taking anything for granted. >> reporter: but privately, her top aides more and more confident she's on a glide path to the white house. casey hunt, nbc news, new york. much more on the campaign tomorrow morning on "meet the press." chuck president joe biden and republican vice presidential candidate, mike pence. a developing story. u.s. officials tell nbc news there has been yet another attack on the "uss mason." the navy destroyer is attacked by iranian-backed rebel forces in yemen. once again, the ship was not hit, and deployed counter measures. officials say there will be a u.s. military response to these mission missile attacks.
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missiles inside yemen. america's largest muslim civil rights group calling for more security in mosques after the arrest of three men in kansas. they're charged with plotting to kill muslims in that state after next month's election in what the fbi sails would have been a startling act of domestic terrorism. we get more from justice correspondent, pete williams. >> reporter: the fbi says this was the target, an apartment people, mostly muslim somali refugees with one apartment used as a mosque in garden city, a community of 30,000 in southwestern kansas. prosecutors say three kansas men, all in their late 40s, talked for months about killing muslims, and decided they wanted to attack the apartment complex with car bombs. >> these charges are based on eight months of investigation by the fbi that is alleged to have
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into a hidden culture of hatred and violence. >> reporter: people from somalia and southeast asia who work at a meat packing plant now dominate the area's population. residents of the apartment complex said word of the arrests was frightening. >> now i'm feeling unsafe from what i hear. it's not something good. >> reporter: are court documents say the three men were part of an anti government extremist group called the crusaders. the fbi around yelling absentees at somali women. the southern poverty law center says stein wrote hate-filled screams on facebook and claimed the muslim brotherhood infiltrated the white house. they moved in friday after they acquired weapons and began making the components for bombs. investigators say the men talked about timing their attack for the day after the general election, because they didn't want to affect the voting.
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about hillary clinton on facebook, but they say there's no sign the men were influenced by anti muslim rhetoric in this year's campaigns. jose? >> pete williams, thank you very much. in the west, firefighters engaged in an intense battle tonight against wildfires in nevada and california that have already destroyed dozens of buildings, and still threaten hundreds of homes. nbc's steve patterson with the very latest. >> reporter: a forest of flames. crews in nevada posting cell phone moments on the front lines. the fire raging on all sides. this just one team joining dozens, battling two wind-whipped wildfires, threatening hundreds of homes along the sierra nevada, forcing a state of emergency. >> i want to continue to urge residents to heed the warning of our firefighters. >> reporter: the 3,500 acre out of control little valley fire has so far damaged or destroyed
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structures. 20 hours after the fire sparked overnight, containment remains at just 5%. to the south, the so-called emerald fire forced the mandatory evacuation of 500 homes in lake tahoe. >> we still are in a very serious situation. we have some serious days in front of us with some serious weather. >> reporter: poor conditions fueling the fury of wildfires raging in the west. steve patterson, nbc news. the northwest is getting pounded tonight by severe and daou capable of hitting parts of the region with hurricane-force winds. joe fryer is watching it all from seattle and has our report. >> reporter: it's not a hurricane, but the storm now blowing into the pacific northwest might feel like one. >> it definitely feels like it's going to pick me up and carry me away. >> reporter: powered by the remnants of a typhoon in the pacific, this could be the strongest wind storm to hit this region in a decade. >> regardless of where you live, get ready for this storm.
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restaurant, they still remember the storm of 2003, a moment so legendary, it's depicted in this painting, which shows the rogue waves that suddenly shattered their windows. tonight, they expect a full house. >> it's definitely something we take seriously. we embrace for it, we prepare for it. our staff is ready for it. >> reporter: today's blast is round two of a 1-2 punch. >> dude, that's a straight-up tornado. >> the first storm a weaker yet prelude in oregon. one tore through businesses in this village. >> i saw trees going, and i said, please don't come into the house. >> reporter: the system is stirring violent waves. knocking out power and knocking down trees with at least three people injured by falling branches, including a 4-year-old. >> big limbs come down all of the time. it could be dangerous.
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many riding out the storm before it delivers its most powerful punch. already tonight, new reports of damage and power outages coming in from this latest storm. utility crews are scattered up and down the coast. they're expecting to stay busy through the night. the worst of the wind still to come. jose? >> joe fryer, thank you. for more on this dangerous weather and what's ahead, let's bring in nbc meteorologist, dylan. >> good evening, jose. two very intense storms hitting back-to-back in the pacific northwest. and we are going to still see the threat of very gusty winds as we go through the night tonight. so we have already picked up several inches of rain. winds have already gusted up around 80 to 100 miles per hour within the past two days. and we still could see 7 5-mile-an-hour gusts through the night. so we still have high wind warnings in effect. power outages will be the
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and downed power lines. and the ground is already softer than it would be had we not had any rain. but the rain has been intense, as well. now we do have a secondary cold front that's going to move in as we go into the end of the weekend. so even though the worst of the storm is going to wind down through the night, we're still looking at additional torrential downpours, especially across parts of california, where we could end up seeing as much as an additional 10 inches of rain near crescent city. so even though the wind will die down an issue through the rest. weekend. >> one week after hurricane matthew dumped more than a foot of rain on parts of north carolina, the state is still dealing with the flood emergency tonight. two more flood victims have been found, bringing the death toll to 26. three towns remain under water. some rivers still have not crested. the governor said there are still many difficult days ahead. still ahead, the old
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her. >> reporter: shantel cook is getting ready to make a house call in dallas. >> i should be there in just in about an hour. >> reporter: the nurse practitioner left a successful career in emergency medicine to join a startup called family health oncall. one that sends out doctors on demand. >> hi! >> hi. i'm shantel. >> this is addy. >> patients use an app to order up a provider, just like they may order a taxi ord delivery. a clinician usually arrives within an hour. >> some redness in that ear. i'm going to start her on aamongst sillian. >> her pediatrician is out of town. >> reporter: there are dozens of startups across the u.s. >> we were dubbed uber for doctors and for the older generation, we're bringing the house call back. >> reporter: for patients, it means avoiding lengthy waits in the e.r. >> when i'm sick, i don't want to take time off, necessarily.
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urgent care facility. >> reporter: and for doctors like ed hadley in nashville -- >> hi! >> hey, buddy! >> reporter: a chance to provide personal care on a level not always possible in the competitive and cost-conscious health care industry. >> reporter: not all house calls are covered by insurance and critics say the level of care is not comparable to being treated in a doctor's office. but try telling that to 7-year-old alexander, who just got stitches for very first time. >> what happened there? >> i was on the escalator, and i tripped. it was less scary for her coing to my house than going to the emergency room. >> reporter: and that reason alone -- might be enough for people to try this 21st century version of the house call. tammy leitner, nbc news, dallas. coming up, new immigrants. what it's like for syrian what it's like for syrian refugees in the united states.
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i'd make for myself, right? (riley) hey it's a big bag. just have some of mine. (vo) try new beneful healthy weight with chicken. now with real chicken as the number one ingredient, healthful. flavorful. beneful. we are back with one of the flash points of the presidential election, the issue of refugees coming into this country. almost 40,000 muslim refugees entered the united states in the last year, including 10,000 who escaped the war in syria. so what's it like for them here? nbc's ronan farrow met a few of them, starting a new life in texas. >> reporter: like many families in dallas, they start their days getting the kids ready and taking them to school.
5:52 pm
orientation. >> so before the taxes are taken out. >> reporter: he fled the war in syria four years ago. lived in a refugee camp and arrived in dallas in july. >> translator: everything destroyed. >> reporter: did you lose friends, family? >> translator: my cousin. they bombed his house. >> reporter: daly ryan's group, the international rescue committee, helps resettle refugees. >> they're fleeing violence, persecution. >> reporter: to get here, syrian refugees are screened for 18 to 24 months. according to the white house, only 1% make it past the first round of screening by the u.n. after which they are scrutinized by at least four u.s. government agencies. >> have there been any documented instances of people getting through that vetting process and then turning out to be terrorists? >> there have been no documented instances of any syrian refugees
5:53 pm
>> reporter: something the u.s. government confirms. many texans support the refugees. >> we are all about welcoming the stranger. >> reporter: this pastor's church recently held a reception for the newcomers. but not everyone is as welcoming. >> i don't want people that hate freedom here to destroy the country. >> reporter: you think syrian refugees are going to take away our freedom? >> absolutely. >> reporter: for its part, the state of texas led guy governor greg abbott, has been fighting refugee resettlement, even suing the federal government stop , as the national fight rages. >> we have no idea who they are, where they are from. this is going to be the great trojan horse of all-time. >> reporter: when politicians say people should be afraid of syrian refugees, what is your response to that? >> translator: again, anything hurts people. >> reporter: does it hurt you when you hear those things said about people like you? >> of course. >> reporter: what do you tell
5:54 pm
>> translator: it's a safe life. your future is here. >> reporter: escaping war, but finding themselves in the american political cross fire. ronan farrow nbc news, dallas. ronan farrow nbc news, dallas. next if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis, and you're talking to your doctor about your medication... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. this is humira helping me go further. it targets and helps to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to ra symptoms. humira has been clinically studied for over 18 years. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, as have blood, liver and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb.
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more practical use for that open space in front of their houses. turning their lawns into farms. morgan radford reports on how the movement is taking root in orlando, florida. >> reporter: sweet lettuce growing strong and pumpkin patches. an edible oasis sitting next to, well, a garage. >> why are we growing who acres of lawns when we can make them beautiful and productive. >> reporter: thisro volunteers is trying to change the way we eat. >> we're going to plant one of the seeds. >> reporter: by turning your front yard into a full-fledged farm. >> this is called a what, a farmlette? >> farmlette, yes. micro urban farming. >> reporter: after leaving his day job of orlando's director of sustainability, chris hops on his bike and pedal door to dor, farming neighbors' lawns. >> they said, yeah, we'll plant
5:58 pm
maintain and do all of the work and you enjoy it. >> we do everything for the homeowner and essentially all they have to do is provide the land for us to do it. >> reporter: and the idea is sprouting roots. there's even 300 people waiting to get their lawns farmed. >> we are on the waiting list and have signed the agreement, and ready to go. >> reporter: it's free of charge. owners keep a portion of their produce, and volunteers take the rest to local farmers' markets and restaurants, where it's cut, cooked and delivered to your plate. >> they're delivering us radishes are coming soon. >> reporter: for some, it's about more than just the food. what. >> do you hope your kids take away from this? >> that they can do things themselves. you know, and that they can create things themselves. not just the farm, but a movement. >> reporter: a movement that keeps growing and growing. morgan radford, nbc news, orlando. >> and that's "nbc nightly news" for this saturday.
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from new york. thank you for the privilege of your time. good night. this waterloo mosque upset over vandalism. plus -- what's in store for billy bush -- after he was suspended from the today show? and -- a rescue in dubuque -- as two people were trapped in a cave. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm macleod hageman.
6:00 pm
morning. it happened near the bunker hill golf course in dubuque on north grandview avenue. kw-wl's shirley descorbeth joins us live near the rescue site. shirley? mac -- the rescue happened behind this fence. first responders went into the cave to help a man and a woman. now this is cell phone video it happened saturday morning...just before one thirty on north grandview avee and a woman, both from minnesota...wanted to go exploring. but during their adventure...they became trapped...a couple hundred feet signal. they called a friend who then called 911." firefighters strapped into harnesses and helmets for the rescue. they got into the cave through this storm drain. and not too far caution tape surrounds this manhole. it's an area just steps away from the city's dog park. dubuquers there expressing their thoughts about


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