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tv   KWWL News at Six  NBC  November 7, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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one day after smoke billowed into the sky in cedar falls -- police are starting to get a very clear picture of the toll the fire took on the building. here's a look at the charred aftermath today -- fire crews say nothing is salvageable from the city-owned building used for police storage. today -- we're learning about the evidence and other police items that were essentially eliminated in the fire -- as much more than a storage building was lost to the flames. kwwl's elizabeth amanieh is live falls. elizabeth. amanda -- a complete loss- that's what cedar falls police tell me. and with that- a number of important items being stored as long term evidence-now long gone. cedar falls firefighters using drone video to get a better look at the extensive damage inside a police storage unit. area where the fire may have started, and just some of the items in the building." the firefighters say they're still
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there's no reason to believe arson was involved." parts of the building a complete loss. "we haven't been able to get inside to some of those areas to determine how much loss there is." police chief olsen saying the items kept inside the building by police are a complete loss. "items typically for long term storage. it could be some evidence from years ago where the case hae something we don't want to dispose of, and we want to keep it for a while. until the court case is over." along with evidence- bicycles the police department found over the years were also kept inside. but now-only these burnt bicycles remain. another big loss- a trailer full of police riot gear. but olsen saying no major concern to daily operation on the department. "yeah, there's nothing really
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cases that have been disposed of but we don't want to get rid of the evidence." . police chief olsen also told me the two cars involved in that deadly car accident over the weekend were also apart of the evidence kept in that building. live in cedar falls, elizabeth amanieh, news 7 kwwl. the state fire marshall is also department in their investigation. another fire happening in eastern iowa today... this camper--parked in a neighborhood on the southeast side--- near mercy hospital--went up in flames-- multiple cedar rapids fire crews responding to the scene. investigators are working to determine what started the blaze-- thankfully--no one was injured. meanwhile -- a waterloo woman is homeless tonight after her house
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here's what the home looks like today -- in the 300 block of california street. the fire started from a toaster -- around eight-30 yesterday morning. police say the home did not have any working smoke detectors -- luckily, no one was hurt. tonight we're getting a look at how a big sinkhole in eastern iowa first formed. check this surveillance video out -- here you see a close call for this car who drives over the weak spot in the road. road starts to give way to that sinkhole. here's a look at that sinkhole today--crews working to repair the damaged storm sewer. they say work should be done thursday. decision 2016 -- as we are just one day away from election day. the big question of who will be the next president will finally be answered -- but two important
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will also have a major impact on washington d-c. kwwl's lauren moss joins us with the very latest on those races between iowans. we are talking about the race between monica vernon and rod blum.. also, patty judge taking on seantor chuck grassley. all candidates busy on the campaign trail today - making sure their final messages are heard loud and clear before tomorrow. candidates are using their final moments to push their messages. in cedar rapids, monica vernon casting her own ballot, encouraging all iowans to follow her lead what it's all's about being an american." her opponent echoeing that same message, saying every vote counts while making a stop in waterloo. "we cannot have a country that just has rich people and poor people..the strength of america has always been and always will be in our middle class." and by his side, "senator grassley nat"..who is up for re-election. some big politcal names joining them in support like rick santorum and senator joni ernst who both encouraged iowans to get out and
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past weekend, trump complimenting ernst saying she was on his v-p list "it wasnt me...she felt she needed more seasoning.." although flattered..senator ernst telling kwwl she declined trump's request because there's still more she wants to accomplish as senator. i truly enjoy what i am doing fo united states senate..i love iowans and i love what i am able to accomplish for them and i work for the best people in the world and that's the people of iowa. as for patty judge, she made a stop in western iowa today. all candidates waiting for those results to come in tomorrow night, in the studio, lauren
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grassley and blum are the incumbents in those races -- while judge and vernon enter tomorrow as challengers hoping to represent iowa in washington. tomorrow's polls are open from seven a-m to nine p-m. if you vote tomorrow, you'll recognize most of the names on the ballot: trump, clinton, grassley, judge... but what about these three: cady, hecht and appel? but few people know who they are because they don't campaign for their jobs. kwwl's jerry gallagher tells us about the supreme court retention vote. there's a lot of noise in an election season. silence is significant. three iowa supreme court justices are up for retention votes. chief justice mark cady along with justices daryl hecht and brent appel need a simple majority to remain on the bench. they're facing voters
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controversial ruling in 2009. that's when the court ruled unanimously to legalize gay marriage. after that, christian conservatives campaigned to get them off the bench. voters removed three -- which marks the only time that's happened since iowa went to a retention system more than 50 years ago. the justices don't campaign because they believe the court should be above politics. "they're just fine, fine, fine individuals, everyone in the john wood and the iowa state bar association tries to infov about judges through a performance review. almost 15-hundred lawyers grade judges on a number of things: "knowledge of the law, punctuality, courtroom decorum, timeliness of decisions, things that matter to iowans." in the most recent review, chief justice cady received a 91% -- which would be similar to an a. justice hecht an 88,
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against the justices this time around. the family leader rejected kwwl's request for an interview, but gave a statement -- saying in part -- they want people to vote them out -- claiming the justices have used their office for political activism. the bar association has a different view. "there is a very concerted effort to come to the right facts of each individual case." come tes out what the voters think. jerry gallagher. news 7 kwwl. if you'd like to read the performance reviews for the justices, there's a link in our web story. just go to kwwl- dot-com. area high school students are participating in a mock election-- it's happening at prairie high school in cedar rapids--
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participating--- kwwl's kristin rogers joins us live from cedar rapids--kristin? not everyone is quite old enough to make their way down here to the auditor's office or to a polling place to vote tomorrow-- students at prairie high school--getting some practice in--to prepare for the future. making posters and announcements to help encourage the voter turnout-- they're goal is 80 percent-- once polls were open-- voting was done through a link online-- students say--although not old enough to vote-- it's important to get in the habit. your profound voice in our government and you need to utilize that absolutely." as for the results of this election--well students are going
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a very cool experience-- students told me they even had some campaign experience-- thinking about things like--how can we encourage our peers to vote. they decided posters and announcements were the best way to get the word out. live in cedar rapids--kristin rogers--news 7 kwwl. students voted on all of the races on the ballot -- from president to local offices. coming up on kwwl -- an iowa officer killed on the - and -- in the wake of the deadly ambush on the two officers -- an iowa organization finds a colorful way to show support for police. and... here's a live look at the storm track 7 live doppler radar.... chief meteorologist mark schnackenberg has a look at your election day forecast for when you head to "this is kwwl news at six. with ron steele, amanda goodman, rick coleman. we've got you
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like a dry election day in eastern iowa. let's go to storm track seven chief meteorologist mark schnackenberg -- he has your full forecast. from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team. see the screen information from the kwwl
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clouds tonight might produce a brief light shower as a cold front pushes through the state. less than 0.10". the overnight clouds clear shortly before sunrise tuesday. election day (tuesday) is cooler and breezy with plenty of sunshine. the in the low to mid 30s. the weather pattern doesn't change through early next week. mostly sunny each day with high temperatures mainly in the 50s and lows in the 30s. low 50s. sunshine again sunday, but a little warmer as front pushes through the state. most locations will be dry. if you do see rait less than 0.10". the overnight (tuesday) is cooler and breezy with plenty of sunshine. the wind diminishes tuesday evening and with a clear sky, the weather pattern doesn't change through early next week. mostly sunny each day with high temperatures mainly in the 50s and lows in the 30s. weekend outlook: mostly sunny saturday with highs in the low 50s. sunshine again sunday, but a little warmer as temperatures climb to near 60. week. mostly sunny each day with high temperatures mainly in the
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sunny saturday with highs in the low 50s. sunshine again sunday, but a little warmer as temperatures climb to near 60. week. mostly sunny each day with high temperatures mainly in the 50s and lows in the 30s. weekend outlook: mostly sunny saturday with highs in the low 50s. sunshine again sunday, but a little warmer as
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in continuing coverage -- one of the two police officers gunned down in last week's ambush is the two police officers gunned down in last week's ambush is being laid to rest today. sergeant anthony beminio was an 11- year-old veteran of the des moines police force.
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leaves behind a wife and three children. today -- officers from across the state coming together for beminio's funeral service in "if god could craft the perfect police officer, inside and out, were just a small part of who he was. he was intelligent, organized, creative and detailed. when tony was at work he always had the advantage, and his level of that tony wasn't just good at this job, he was great at this job." a funeral service for the other slain officer -- 24-year- old justin martin -- will happen tomorrow. blue lights are shining throughout some iowa neighborhoods tonight -- to show support for police. organizers with project 'blue light'
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light bulbs for people to shine on their porches over the weekend. more than three- thousand light bulbs were handed out. coming up in sports -- we'll hear from one iowa state guard who's thrilled to be back in the line-up after missing most of last season -- plus -- mark farley weigh's in on his team's playoff hopes with two big top twenty opponents left on the schedule -- mark woodley joins us next.
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football team -- it's far from a certainty -- but with a schedule ranked the toughest in fcs football -- sneak the panthers in to the post-season -- uni heads in to a tough final two weeks coming off a big 39 to 6 drubbing of indiana state -- transfer colton howell led the panthers to the win in his first career start -- it does get a bit more difficult the final two weeks with a trip to
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south dakota state -- but a chance to get two signature wins to end the season bodes well according to mark farley -- we've got a good schedule as far as what's left on the table to prove a point. we're either going to get it done or not get it done. time is going to tell. uni's game at western illinois kicks off at one on saturday -- iowa state guard naz mitrou-long last night hit the floor in a game for the first time in nearly 11 months -- mitrou-long is back for a 5th season -- having been granted a medical redshirt after playing just 11 games last season due to a hip injury -- and he looks to be in tip-top shape now -- leading the cyclones with 24 points while hitting 6 of 10 three point attempts in isu's 44 point exhibition win over sioux falls -- and he says year -- i just have to come out every night and prove it offensively and defensively. we've done a every day. we're busting our
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so i feel good. iowa state opens up regular season play on friday hosting savannah state -- waterloo black hawk robbie beydoun has been named the ushl's goal-tender of the week -- already for the second time in the early season -- beydoun recorded his third shut-out of the season on saturday -- blanking youngstown while helping to keep waterloo on top of the western division standings -- the 20 year old net-minder is currently tops in the league in goals against average and save percentage this season -- stick around -- we'll be right
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chief meteorologist mark schnackenberg for a last look at your forecast. mark -- what's in store for the brief light shower as a cold will be less than 0.10". the overnight clouds clear shortly before sunrise tuesday. election evening and with a clear sky, morning lows wednesday will be in the low to mid 30s. thank you for joining us for the
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from sony pictures studios, it's america's game. wheel... of... fortune! ladies and gentlemen, here are the stars of our show, pat sajak and vanna white. hey, gang! how you doing? hi, everybody. thank you. what a nice group. -i got to go. -all right. i have veterans to meet. hi. always happy when we have a week saluting america's veterans. they're gonna try to win some money now. our first "toss up" is coming up. vanna's in place. it's worth $1,000, and it's a "phrase." [ bell chimes ] ed. support the troops. nope. [ bell chimes ]


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