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tv   Today in Iowa at 5  NBC  November 14, 2016 5:00am-6:00am CST

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now on today in iowa... burned to the ground. a longtime eastern iowa business destroyed in a fire. plus... a community rallies to help an iowa couple who became victims of vandalism election and safer schools zones. find out about the steps being taken today to make an eastern iowa street safer. good morning, i'm ally crutcher. and i'm jerry gallagher. let's check on your weather now
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good morning. eileen on camera information. here is additional forecast information from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team: are holding mostly in the low to mid 40s and the winds are turning to the west mph. we keep the variably cloudy skies and keep our highs in the mid to upper 50s with those northwesterly winds at 5-15 mph. we stay mild and mainly dry this week, but there is a change as we head toward the weekend. i'll have those details in a few minut new this morning... changes in waterloo after a child is hit by a car. at waterloo's city council meeting.... they may approve
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kwwl's amanda gilbert joins us live in waterloo with more details. at tonight's city council meeting... it's expected they'll aprove adding a speed bump out in front of highland elementary. voiced their concerns when an eight year old was hit while hour... but many drivers are going 33 miles- per- hour in the area. they're hoping the speed bump will slow down traffic. parents petitioned for more flashing school zone signs.. but tongiht, the city is just discussing a speed bump. this addition is expected to cost around 5 hundred 50 live in waterloo... amanda gilbert... news 7 kwwl.
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of the school are yellow crosswalk signs. there's also a crosswalk stoplight. continuing coverage this morning... a popular restaurant destroyed by a fire over the weekend. luigi's resturant has been in oelwein for 57 years. a fire sparked in the kitchen and destroyed the business. lights and the security lights on around there and everything like that it, that's what i am going to miss last night seemed so dark and just you know, unbelievable" nobody was hurt. investigated. in kansas city -- a large building catches fire this weekend. it was so big -- firefighters working to control it were ordered out after part of the building collapsed. no one got hurt -- and no word on what caused it to are being told it's no longer safe for them to stay inside their homes. firefighters are working to
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a wildfire that keeps spreading. it's only 10- percent contained. people living there are hoping for rain -- many have taken shelter in a church so many people have donated -- volunteers say they don't need any more items dropped off. "you know the community's not used to a crisis like this." "it's been really neat to see sort of the outpouring of individuals kind of holding hand across america." starting today, the u-s forest service will be setting up a command center in the area. with at least five people shot -- three of them died. it happened in florida. investigators say a group of people were shot inside a car and drove to a nearby fire station. one of the women died before she could be taken to a hospital. a baby and another woman also died... "we know we have at least one shooter but we're investigating the possibility there is more than one and they may have been evidence lead us to a conclusion we're not going to draw any inferences at this point in
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hospital this morning. no word on their conditions. at least four people have been hurt in what police are calling a "flash mob attack" philadelphia police say a group of teenagers started attacking people for no apparent reason. the victims included an off- duty detective, whose eye socket was fractured. the teenagers took off after the attacks. police later arrested two suspects, who are facing assault charges. it's been one year since terrorists targeted the city of paris. 130 people died in the attacks. the victims with plaques at the attack sites.. members of the california rock band "eagles of death metal" also gathering with the people of paris this weekend. the band was performing at a concert hall when three gunmen stormed in. 90 people were killed. band members went a ceremony for the victims... "you know remembering people us, but we have all of this here to
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colorful balloon release -- to symbolize the victims in all their diversity. it's been five months since a deadly shooting at an orlando nightclub. people came together to celebrate a pride event over the responders, the employees of pulse, and victims. 49 people were killed. "they were young and they were innocent. they died for be killed for." the event ended with a moment of silence along with a reading of the victims names. new york marks 15 years since a deadly american airlines crash. the mayor held a ceremony for the victims of flight 5- 87. the plane hit turbulence and crashed shortly after takeoff, killing 265 people. many were on their way to see families in the dominican republic, where the plane was headed.
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resigns. the west des moines city manager asked police chief shaun ladue to resign. the city is not confirming whether that's connected to the discrimination lawsuit. a lieutenant will serve as interim chief. police need your help catching the person who robbed a dubuque convenience store. this picture showing the suspect -- covering his face -- friday night at oky-doky foods. he demanded money -- and lifted up his shirt, showing what the clerk believes is a handgun. he took some money and left. police. meant to sedate large animals -- the drug is now being sold on the streets. it's called carfentanil. as kwwl's shirley descorbeth tells us -- there are concerns about are warning the public about a deadly drug...making its way times stronger than just plain old heroin...i guess if you can call heroin plain old." it's a drug that's used as an elephant tranquilizer. for for humans. you have to have a
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this." and it's often mixed with fentanyl and heroin...having appeared in the form of a tan or white powder here in dubuque. but it also comes in tablets and as a spray. "this is why the dubuque drug task force is hoping to save lives by getting this information out there. they've even recently put up billboards like this try to get the drugs off the streets." "i think the country has a bad opiod problem...most of our users start out with a prescription opiod addiction, and it just evloves from there." authorities asking the careful when dealing with these deadly drugs. in dubuque, shirley descorbeth, news 7 kwwl. so far this year -- there have been 26
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nine people died. this morning, we're also learning how prisons in a few states are experimenting with a medication to keep inmates off opioids after they get out. it's a one- thousand dollar morning -- right on our kwwl facebook page. from republican national committee chairman -- to white house chief of staff. donald trump taps reince priebus to fill what's considered the highest-ranking white house position. he'll serve as gatekeeper between the oval office and the federal government's top management. he's 44, and a wisconsin native. he became head of the r-n-c in 2011. the next chairman of the democratic national committee could be a muslim- american. representative keith ellison, the first muslim- american elected to congress, is looking to make a run for the post. the congressman from minnesota has not yet commented on the speculation. but he has already been endorsed by some powerful democratic senators, including retiring minority leader harry
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dean expressed his interst in the post. protests against donald trump continued around the country this weekend. in florida -- hundreds of protesters took to the streets. in san francisco, people held a peaceful demonstration in golden gate park. many held signs reading "love trumps hate" and "make america human again." a same-sex couple in iowa became victims of vandalism after the election. the boone couple found their cars keyed from -light to tail-light. hashtag trump scratched into their vehicles. "i don't know how we can look at #trump, i love trump and then homophobic slurs and not correlate them to the election." their community now rallying behind them - raising money to fix the cars -- and offering to provide the labor. the volunteers -- include trump supporters. governor branstad is considering a statewide minimum wage. the govenor says that way -- wages won't vary by county.
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clear path to do this. but supporters of a higher minimum wage worry the wage increase wouldn't be significant -- and would prevent other jurisdictions from approving their own higher wages. nowhere to move. an earthquake leaves 3 cows stranded. take a look at this picture. it looks like they could use a little help. an earthquake in new zealand caused landslides all around them and left them stranded on a small isla it's coming up on today in iowa.... thanksgiving is next week -- which means holiday shopping is about to hit full swing. but retailers and shoppers are split over what's the best time to head to stores. plus... with their father as president-elect -- donald trump's kids are taking over his business ventures. those stories plus the forecast
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and meteorologist eileen loan.
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"now your storm track 7 forecast on kwwl." let'so for your forecast forecast. from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team. see the screen for your complete weather information. here is additional forecast information from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team: stormtrack7 live weather network cameras have a few clouds in them this morning, but should stay dry as a cold front
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skies today and tomorrow with temperatures on the mild side. temperatures this morning are mainly in the low to mid 40s in the viewing area with a few more 30s sprinkled to the west. winds are westerly but turning to the state by early afternoon. this front doesn't have a lot of moisture, but will have some clouds with it. we have another system tracking through tomorrow, but, once again, dry.
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will be in the 40s to 60s over the region today with more 60s and even some 70s in the midwest for tuesday. we will have mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies with highs in the mid 50s to low 60s today and taking over at 5 to 15 mph. lows tonight will be in the mid to upper 30s with light winds... and west winds take over tomorrow with more sun for the afternoon. 50 friday morning. however, a
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wildfires across tennessee. nearly 60 wildfires burning across that state -- with at least five new ones starting over the weekend. they're growing - and threatening homes. the tennessee national guard using helicopters to dump thousands of gallons of water on the fires. it's coming up on today in iowa.... a holiday gift could make a comeback. but whether you want to get it -- is a different question. be yours this week. stay with k-w-w-l, we've got you
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donors is limited. even though much of the g-o-p's big money went to donald trump's opponents in the primaries, he still beat them. on the democratic side, bernie sanders managed to fight hillary clinton far longer than many people expected. that's despite the fact that much of his money came in small donations, compared to clinton. donald trump may have his plate full with ruin all... so the president- elect is planning to leave his business network to his children. a spokesperson says they're in the process of transferring the management to three of his children -- donald junior, ivanka and eric. that's more than any other president in history. the c-e-o of grub-hub is making his view of trump known company- wide. he sent an email to his 1-thousand plus employees suggesting those who agreed with what he called-- trump's "nationalist... anti- immigrant and hateful"
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company would not "tolerate discriminatory activity or hateful commentary in the workplace." facebook is cracking down on advertisers' ability to target users by race. the site plans to disable an option that allows advertisers to target or exclude users based on their "ethnic affinity" -- at least the ads for housing, employment or credit. facebook came under fire late last month after a report found the option could be used to discriminate against users in housing-related ads. that's forbidden under ther the company that makes splenda is suing dunkin donuts. the donut chain used to offer splenda to its customers... but it cut ties with it this year. the lawsuit claims the chain now offers an off- brand... in yellow packets like splenda. dunkin' donuts has not filed a legal response to the case yet. thanksgiving is a week from thursday -- you've probably already made your plans. but as chris clackum tells us - it's what comes after dinner your thanksgiving day menu may be set ...but how do shop on
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"no!!!" obviously, that's not the answer some stores want to hear... target's become the latest of large retailers announcing they'll be open for business at least part of the day...thanksgiving day... ...joining kohl's, sears, macy's...even best buy. "we will be open at 5pm on thanksgiving.. we'll stay open till 1am, then close our doors millions of consumers who want to get a jump ...but understand it's not for everyone. "i just think being home, relaxing and enjoying the family, that's what it's all about" it's not for every retailer either. "as always, nordstrom will be closed thanksgiving day. and this year, they're being joined by a bunch of other retailers." some 40 other other retailers with equally big names...costco...crate & barrel...hh gregg...hobby lobby..r- e-i. ..all saying they'll be closed thanksgiving... figuring that's what most customers want. "you know they'd have to give
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retail experts are still expecting a sizable increase in christmas shopping... with or without shopping thanksgiving day. chris clackum ...nbc news. plan to have their doors closed on thanksgiving this year. is a gift card the right gift? a new study says just 27 percent of people prefer to receive gift cards, yet half of americans plan to give a gift card this holiday season. last year's holiday hit could make a comeback this season. despite many hoverboards being
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year. both walmart and target are including hoverboards in their thanksgiving night "doorbuster" deals... with discounts of more
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friend... ladies, meet your new bestie. the so-called "sky blue diamond" could fetch up to 25- million dollars when it goes under the hammer on wednesday. blue diamonds are hard to find. and this more than eight-carat stone is one of the largest of its kind. the diamond will be auctioned in
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check of your storm track seven forecast. mainly dry much of the week. highs in the mid 50s to low 60s today warm into the low to mid 60s the rest of the week. viewing area. highs will drop
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got you covered. this is today in iowa." now on today in iowa: from elecn in place. plus -- waterloo police need someone to come forward. their investigation continues this morning -- after a 19-year-old was shot and killed. and another confrontation -- this time between pipeline protesters and a truck driver. good morning, i'm ally crutcher. and
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eileen loan is here now with your storm track seven forecast. eileen on camera areas of high clouds over us this morning will stick around most of the day. temperatures are holding mostly in the low to mid 40s and the winds are turning to the west mph. we keep the variably cloudy skies and keep our highs in the mid to upper 50s with those northwesterly winds at 5-15 mph. we stay miln few minutes. we begin with the white house transition. president-elect donald trump takes over in 67 days. tracie potts has the latest on week, but there is a change as we head toward the weekend. i'll have those details in a few minutes. we begin with the white house transition. president-elect donald trump
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the trump transition team -- and she's following up on a few of the trump transition team has announced republican news executive steve bannon - who headed the trump campaign -- will become chief strategist. "they'll both have big roles in mean, it was a very small core senior team." in a wide-ranging interview with 60 minutes, president-elect trump admits he are you going to make sure that people with pre-conditions are still covered? "yes. because it happens to be you're going to keep it? "also, with the children living with their parents for an extended period, we're going to..." you're going to keep that? "very much try and keep that." republicans also say parts of trump's wall with mexico could be a fence... and that millions of immigrants will not be quickly deported. "that is not what we're focused on, we're focused on securing the border." as protests continue, democrats are concerned: "i caution anyone who in their protest becomes the very thing that they're protesting against,
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ideals that are sacred in this country." and more on campaign promises from that interview, appointing pro-life judges, yes, same sex marriage, trump says it's settled law, he's okay with that, appointing a prosecutor to lock up hillary clinton, he says, they're good people, he doesn't want to hurt them. i'm tracie potts in washington, now back to you. asked if he's going to use the certain rhetoric to get people motivated. continuing coverage this morning of a deadly shooting over the weekend. so far, no one's been arrested. police say talasa wright was shot on friday night in waterloo. it happened at the intersection of linn street and gable. the young woman died.
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were involved. police are asking for anyone with information to come forward. police are trying to piece together a tragedy in a different state this morning. an 11-year-old boy shot and killed in colorado. a man has been arrested. police say he's not related to the boy -- but few other details are being released. in the hospital this morning -- a woman -- who was shot by her four- year-old daughter. indianapolis police say a loaded gun was left next to the bed where she was sleeping. the girl grabbed -- and shot herself and her mom by accident. four other kids were in the house -- but they were not hurt. this morning, police are looking for the suspect in a hit-and-run -- accused of killing a man as he celebrated veterans day. the 64-year-old veteran was hit in a crosswalk in detroit. the driver kept on going. police say they didn't realize they had the suspect accused of killing a deputy -- until after he was arrested for something else. california authorites say the suspect shot a sheriff's deputy twice in the head yesterday as
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police say he then carjacked someone -- and tried to steal a purse -- before he was arrested. and we know for a fact that the gun used in this crime was in direct contact with his head when the trigger was pulled, twice. this is an execution." investigators say they don't know what motivated the attack. today, a visitation for an officer who was murdered i the officer was attacked -- along with his partner -- last week as they investigated a domestic case. police don't know why the suspect attacked them -- and then killed his pregnant wife before taking his own life. in iowa -- lawmakers could take a look at tougher penalties for violence against law enforcement -- after two police officers were murdered earlier this month. republican lawmaker ken rizer says tougher penalties are needed. urbandale's police chief also says iowa should consider reinstating the death penalty
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people are coming together to remember the victims of the paris attacks -- which happened one year ago. 130 people were killed. one of the most unforgettable stories we heard at the time was about the terrorists. kelly cobiella follows up on his story, one year later. november 13th 2015...a night of terror. three men armed with rifles and explosives killed 89 people in the bataclan theater. helene muyal-leiris was one of them...her seventeen month old son melvil...home with husband antoine leiris shadows were everywhere in terrorists who killed his wife you stole the life of an exceptional human being, the love of my life, the mother of my son but you will not have my hate.... it went viral on facebook- and is still up today - a symbol of hope and defiance. do you ever regret having written it? every day, yeah. in a book, you will not have my hate... leiris confesses he sometimes doubts he can live up to his
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and he grieves.. people ask me if i have forgotten or forgiven. i forget nothing. i forgive nothing. his story--about how he resisted hate even in heartbreak- has inspired thousands. the words of support still coming in today when you open that door, people just want to open to you and so you don't feel alone after that. a year ago, leiris made this vow: we are just two, my all the armies in the world... for his whole life this little boy will threaten you by being happy out that promise. we have fun together, we go to parks, normal life. the bataclan theater is closed, out of respect to those who died, and those like antoine leiris and his son, bravely living on.
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nine people are still in the hospital this morning -- one year after the attacks. emergency teams are using a helicopter to get a better look at the damage caused by an earthquake. the quake killed two people in new zealand. it also triggered landslides. roads were split open -- and there's a lot of damage. but this one is far less damaging than an earthquakiv that killed almost 200 people. a rock-and-roll hall of famer is being remembered this morning. leon russell has died. russell emerged in the 1970's as one of rock-and-roll's most dynamic performers and songwriters. he recorded hit songs like tight rope and lady blue. he was inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame five years ago. he was 74. demonstrators block a construction yard and a road -- as the pipeline protests continue. the pipeline would cover four states -- including iowa. in north dakota, protesters
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from going down a road. the driver then pulled out a gun. "i'm a little afraid. i sjust aw that man run over the disabled elder with the walker and wave his gun at him." protests against the pipeline have been going on for months. a permit for the final piece of the pipeline is before the army . today in court -- a skywest pilot accused of being drunk. he was arrested at an airport iou the plane he was supposed to fly was heading to utah. the flight was delayed until a new crew showed up. if he's convicted, the pilot could spend up to a year in no verdict in the trial of a police officer -- accused of shooting an unarmed man. ray tensing was charged with murder. he shot a man after pulling him over last year in cincinnati. after deliberating for more than a day... the jury wasn't able to reach a unanimous "we were going to wait tensing walk out of the courtroom with
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tensing says he feared for his life during the traffic stop. l/guilderland, new york :02 new surveillance video shows the chaotic moments when gunfire erupted inside a mall in new york. no one got hurt -- and so far -- no one's been arrested. police beliv saturday night after two people got into an argument. the mall was then locked down for six hours. new this morning... finding a way to keep kids safe. a new speed bump coule be built near a waterloo school. live in waterloo to tell us why this is happening. a new change after a kid is hit by a car. more than 40 parents signed a
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idaho street near highland elementary she's ok... but after the incident... many parents voiced their concerns... they asked the city council for more flashing school zone signs on idaho street. today... the city will likely approve making a change... but it doesnt' involve signs. the city wants to add a speed bump in this area -- the speed limit is cost around 5 hundred 50 dollars. the money would come from the road use tax. people in dubuque are learning about plans for a new community center. steeple square is the former saint mary's parish. after more than 100 years it closed its doors in 20-10. developers wanted to buy and demolish the building -- but it
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organaizers say it's about bringing new life to part of dubuque that's been overlooked. "now this area here is gonna be converted into a vibrant community center, that will be for the community to use for various activites." some of those activites include weddings. the campus will also include a childcare center -- and its former school is being turned into an apartment building. organizers hope it will be done next year. much more to bring you this morning: victory has a sweet taste. a duncan donuts tastn we'll hear from the young man who booted the game- winner. plus -- they're going straight from graduation to the work force. these pooches have an important job to do. "you're watching kwwl, we've got you covered! with jerry gallagher, ally crutcher and meteorologist eileen loan.
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forecast on kwwl." let's go to storm track seven 7 weather team. see the screen for your complete weather information. here is additional forecast information from the kwwl stormtrack 7 weather team: them this morning, but should
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temperatures on the mild side. temperatures this morning are mainly in the low to mid 40s in northwest and will take over the state by early afternoon. this front doesn't have a lot of moisture, but will have some clouds with it. we have another system really cold behind it, but we will be in the 40s to the midwest for tuesday. we will have mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies with highs in the to 15 mph. lows tonight will be in the mid to upper 30s with light the afternoon. highs will be mainly in the upper 50s to mid 60s. we stay in the low 60s bit warmer on thursday) with lows in the mid 30s wednesday morning to around 50 friday morning. however, a fairly potent system will track through on friday bringing
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snowflakes may mix in friday night, especially in the north as temperatures fall. we will be windy and cooler on saturday with cool temps into sunday, too. still to come: for the afternoon. highs will be mainly in the
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the rest of the week (although a bit warmer on thursday) with lows in the mid 30s wednesday morning to around 50 friday morning. however, a fairly potent system will track through on friday bringing wind and rain to the kwwl viewing area. a few two games in -- two impressive performances for the iowa men's basketball team. they set a program record on the court yesterday. plus -- class is dismissed. their training is over. now, these dogs have a bigger
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this kick over and over again. many of you talking about it a saturday night stunner from kinnick stadium. keith duncan with the game winner to upset third-ranked michigan 14-13. few iowa fans felt good about the hawks chances going in. they were blown out at penn state a week ago -- and heavy underdogs to unbeaten michigan. but iowa was ready to go -- and so was kinnick -- which was rocking. michigan up three early and they would add on -- the touchdown
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shift when iowa got a safety -- and then late second quarter -- kirk ferentz rolls the dice. he goes for it on fourth and goal. c-j beathard to akrum wadley. the touchdown. 10-8 michigan at the break. they would trade field goals in the second half -- before the duncan hits a 33- yard field goal -- and just like we saw eight years ago at kinnick -- iowa upsets a number three-ranked team that was 9 and oh coming in. as you can tell i can't really teammates, so just an incredible feeling. we needed this win. we needed this win. we needed this win for us, and we just believe. we were underdogs coming in to this game, definitely underdogs, and it feels good. iowa now goes to illinois on saturday. the kickoff set for 11 a-m. the football game was sandwiched in between two iowa basketball games over the
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yesterday against savannah state. the hawks up 27-18 after the bucket there by brady ellingson. he would have 23 points -- four threes. iowa would hit a school-record 18 three pointers in this game. dubuque wahlert alum cordell pemsl had a terrific game. he was a perfect seven for seven from the floor -- scoring 18 he's just a really skilled big man. he can dribble it, he can in traffic. thursday. iowa state hosts mount saint mary's tonight. how quickly things can turn in the n-f-l. the saints are just an extra point away from taking down
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it's scooped up -- and it's off to the races. the kick goes the other way. that's two points for denver and they win 25-23. here's a jaw- dropping play from hockey. blackhawks star patrick kane shoots the puck as he's being shoved to the ice. that's the game winner for chicago. they win 3-2 over montreal. what a goal -- you do't it's graduation day -- but this ceremony is different. the graduates walk across the stage on four legs. service dogs finish their training -- and now become lifelong partners for veterans. the worked on becoming therapy dogs or skilled home companions. two classes went through this ceremony. a non-profit that provides service dogs to veterans is behind the program. it's you're watching today in iowa on
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tonight. if you look up -- you won't just see the moon. you'll see what's called the super moon. nasa says it will be the closest full moon we've seen since 1948. brighter. it won't be this close again until 2034. eileen loan is back with another check of your storm track seven forecast. mainly dry much of the week. highs in the mid in friday brings rain and wind
5:58 am
the weekend with lows back into the 20s.
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schools zones. the steps being taken today in hopes of making an eastern iowa street safer. plus... a dangerous and deadly drugnow being seen here in eastern iowa. and -- burning memories. a longtime eastern iowa business is destroyed in a fire. here's a live look at our good morning it's 6 a-m -- today is . good morning, i'm ally crutcher. and i'm jerry gallagher. let's take a look at the forecast -- here's eileen areas of high clouds over us


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